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Hoping for A Heartbeat by lindslo2012
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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 I knew I fancied Harry James Potter from the first time I laid eyes on him. I knew then that it would always be  him, only him. 

I can never forget the day I first saw him at King’s Cross Station. I was ten years of age and his green eyes and messy jet black hair had me mesmerized. 

Mum would catch me drawing pictures of my imaginary future with him which contained at least three children, a beautiful home, and a happily ever after like the many witches and wizards in the children's books my mother read to me every single night. 

She would ask me who that was and I would giggle and run away to my room to stash the hundredth stick figure picture of him in my box chest at the edge of my twin sized bed where she never would find out. But I think she knew all along. 

Since I was her only girl, she  tried to spoil me with all girl stuff but the funny thing was that I was not girly at all. While other little girls would play with dolls, I was one to play Quidditch out in the yard with my six brothers, getting scrapes and bruises on my knees and not making a fuss about it. 

I would push mum’s hand away when she tried to put makeup on me and she would get angry when we had parties or huge Weasley weddings and I wouldn’t let her touch me. But I would let her put a little makeup on me whenever I knew Harry was about to come over and that made her suspicions escalate further.

When Harry saved me from the arms of death  in the Chamber of Secrets during my first year at Hogwarts, I thought he was my hero; my knight in shining armor; my prince charming  who had come to sweep me off my feet. My obsession with him kept growing and I spent the first years of my preteen life silently watching him. Every time he would come over to the Burrow, I would blush and hide. But gradually I started to come out and get to know who he was. 

Mum started to ask then what was going on with me by the time the Yule Ball came around when I hoped he would ask me to the dance. But Neville beat him to it.

I finally mustered up the courage to tell mum in a letter about my feelings for Harry, which were much more than just a crush. 

Mum understood completely. She said that dad had felt the exact same way about her all throughout their school days. He never gave up on her until she finally noticed him.

I remember putting a smile on my face while dancing with Neville at the Yule Ball but watching for any indication Harry wanted to dance... he never asked me, instead I ended up dancing with a boy named Michael Corner who was in my year but in Ravenclaw. When Neville continued to dance with someone else, I ended up starting to fancy Michael a little for his good looks. After the rest of that night of flirting and getting to know one another we agreed to start dating. I wasn't about to ever ask Harry Potter to dance anyway, he was too busy getting ready for the TriWizard Cup and I was too scared to because I was afraid of rejection.

My heart was broken in the next year, my fourth year, when Harry started courting Cho Chang. I started to despise her even though I was currently still 'dating' Michael Corner. 

I vaguely remember my little fourteen year old self running off to Hogsmeade to spy on Cho and Harry only to see them kiss for the first time on one of their dates and I ran back to Hogwarts to my dorm to cry into my pillow despite the fact that I had a boyfriend myself.

I finally broke up with Michael after he kept constantly sulking that Gryffindor won the match against Ravenclaw after a game. He even went so far as to blame me for almost catching the snitch because I was seeker. He was completely immature and I didn't have time for that. 


Soon after Michael and I broke up, Harry and Cho broke up because she had been jealous apparently when Harry planned to meet Hermione in Hogsmeade on the same day they planned one of their dates. It also didn’t help that her friend Marietta was the one who betrayed us and told Umbridge about our DA meetings and that didn’t upset me by any means. 

Ever since my break up with Michael I tried to get over Harry because generally I felt there was no hope that the "Chosen One" would date a plain Weasley girl like myself. Red hair, too many freckles, too tom boyish, and too slender for any famous wizard to look at. Not to mention I am his best friend's only little sister so the thought of Harry even trying to date me was impossible. But I still hoped and continued to at least be friends with him.  

Between my classes I would spend many afternoons complaining to Luna by the Black Lake about how Harry didn't know I existed. I think even Luna of all people got a little annoyed... but she was the only one I ever told besides mum and she was a good listener, never judging. 

I thought a few times he might have looked at me, but you could never tell because he was so distracted with finding Voldemort back then. Even Cho and Harry got together my fourth year because of Voldemort who killed Cho's boyfriend Cedric! 

Harry was so connected to Voldemort then that it scared me sometimes after what happened to me in my first year. Sometimes in his eyes it looked like he was in a trance too like I was back then. Maybe I didn't really want to be with the Chosen One anymore?

Though when I saw how brave he was in the Department of Mysteries I fell in love all over again. And he had been impressed when he saw me defending with those spells against the Death Eaters that he had taught me. But another summer after that of endless longing passed and nothing proved to show for it... 

Dean Thomas asked me out in my fifth year on the day of my sixteenth birthday and I whole heartedly agreed.

  I was finally tired of treading behind famous Harry Potter hoping he would just look at me. I was tired of crying into my pillow at night over a stupid boy with beautiful green eyes and perfect personality. 

And that is when Harry finally looked at me... 


While in the Three Broomsticks one day in Hogsmeade with Dean I noticed Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk in. 

Ron was going mad of course over me even being with a boy no matter who it was, Hermione was defending me as usual, and when I glanced up at Harry his eyes tore into mine like he was hurt. Did it hurt him seeing me with Dean? Was he seeing me for the first time after all these years? I of course pretended the exchange of eye contact didn't even happen and so did he. He probably forgot about it all anyway that day with the necklace Malfoy cursed Katie Bell with when she picked it up on the way back to Hogwarts. 

  Harry was always trying to solve something- always trying to save all of us. And I loved him for that but now I am currently with Dean Thomas whom I didn't even really like that much because he was always kind of rude to me. In fact sometimes his attitude reminded me of Draco Malfoy's. And also I just didn't quite like him because he wasn't Harry. 

To my surprise I could tell by the way Harry looked at me on Christmas break my fifth year that seeing me with Dean finally made him see me. I wondered why now of all times? 

I took the chance and started flirting with him... and that was the best thing I have ever done because then he started to notice me even more. I think he finally might have started to like me! 

I was terrified his life would be taken that night he ran after the Death Eaters in our pasture so I ran after him. I was not about to lose him because he finally noticed me that night! I was so terrified to face Bellatrix again and that disgusting werewolf Greyback but I had to do something to show Harry I was here, strong, and ready to help him. 

Later that same year after another Quidditch victory, Harry surprised me out of nowhere by kissing me in front of the whole Gryffindor Common Room- including my brother. Ron was a little upset for a while but got over it and finally Harry and I agreed to be some sort of a couple!

Being with Harry all the time as a couple didn't happen for long and soon he was telling me next year he wouldn't be here, that we couldn't be together anymore right now because it was unsafe for me. He had to go save the wizarding world as usual and I couldn't be in the way apparently. 

I can't even begin to explain how scared I was when he left for this 'mission' Dumbledore gave him. The worst part about it was that he couldn't tell me where he was going and neither could my own brother or Hermione. I hated them all for it for a little while, but then I realized the importance of Harry needing to kill that horrible snake-faced monster. Otherwise, Voldemort would kill us all with just a few waves of his wand or through one of his Death Eater puppets. 

I was mostly furious because right when I finally got my Harry he was taken away from me and I screamed and cried almost every night again because I swore he would die on this mission. I started being depressed and although I faithfully went back to school and continued on with my daily life I started to secretly hate Dumbledore although I told no one. I was a very secretive person about my internal feelings anyway about people. 

But eventually Harry came home... we won the second wizarding war. 

We took a little while to get back together due to him dealing with his problems after all the death and destruction he witnessed and me and my family dealing with the death of my brother, Fred. 

We gave each other a little time after the war and it was worth it- we got back together six months later and after a happy year of dating he proposed to me in my favorite restaurant in downtown London after asking my father. We then got married a year afterwards. 

Everything was amazing with Harry.

But when we got pregnant with our first child, a lot of heartbreak happened... things got difficult again and I almost went into a horrible depression where I would talk to no one. I couldn't produce children for Harry and my huge family- I was useless. 

And we are still there now... with no baby in our arms. 

-Ginevra Potter



A/N: Hello everyone! 
This story is very personal to me because my husband and I have experienced multiple miscarriages. While it is very heartbreaking I do believe everything happens for a reason...
in this story I am going to make you feel the way I somewhat feel through Ginny. But it of course it is their story as well so it will be a little different too. :)
I really hope you enjoy it. This is my first Ginny/Harry and I hope I do a good job. Thank you for even opening the link to read it ;)
& A special thanks to my beta, InfinityX!


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Hoping for A Heartbeat : Prologue


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