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One More Chance by potterhead07
Chapter 2 : Teardrops
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73 days. 73 days full of sorrow, shame, and mainly regret. But those 73 days were filled with very little tears. Draco Malfoy did not cry. He had let a tear slip the first few days, but after a few weeks, he had just turned as cold as ice. Heartless, because he knew that he would never be able to love again. But even though he did not cry anymore, he still thought about her. But there's no point. He thought. I've lost her. She's gone. Forever.

He apparated to his office at exactly 8:15 and was greeted by his assistant Lisa. “Hello, Draco,” she batted her eyelashes flirtatiously “Fancy going out to dinner with me tonight?”

“For the fourth time, Lisa, n-”

He stopped short. Maybe it was time to move on. He pushed aside Hermione’s face in his mind with difficulty and nodded slowly. “Alright Lisa, I’ll pick you up tonight at seven. We’ll go to a restaurant close by. Le Papillon.”

Draco knocked on Lisa’s door. Before she answered it, he promised to himself, I will not think of Hermione tonight. Of course, that promise was broken as soon as the door swung open. His first thought was, Hermione would never dress like that. And it was true. Lisa was dressed in a skanky pink dress that literally covered up only four inches of her thighs. It was strapless and showed much more skin than Draco would have preferred. He looked at her in disgust. Hermione had never, ever dressed like Lisa. The only times she would wear dresses was if, and only if, they were at least knee length. And she would never even consider wearing the six inch heels that Lisa was wearing. Flats were fine with her. But Draco shook these thoughts from his head and said,” Shall we apparate now?”

“No!” she shrieked rather loudly.

He raised an eyebrow. “And why not?”

“It’ll ruin my hair and my makeup! I spent hours on the makeup! And oh, think of the effect it’ll have on my dress, and my…”

She kept expounding on the atrocities that apparating could do. He rolled his eyes but nevertheless offered an arm to Lisa. She clutched on to it like a leech. They walked on for about twenty minutes, Draco silent while Lisa blabbering on like an idiot. Thankfully, they made it to the restaurant without Draco going crazy. He said to the waiter at the cashier, “Reservation for Malfoy, party of two.”

The waiter nodded and replied,” Right this way.”

They were seated at a small table in a corner of the restaurant. A short, fat man waddled his way over to Draco and said with a strong French accent,” Ah, Draco, how nice it is to see you again!”

“Monsieur Éric!” he exclaimed, his mood brightening up considerably. “How have you been?”

“Me?” the stout man roared. “ I ‘ave never been better!”

“But,” he lowered his voice. “I ‘ave heard the news. How 'ave you been? I am sorry for your loss.”

Draco closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. “I’m..I’m doing better than I was before.”

A great sadness took over Éric’s eyes. That was one of Draco’s favorite things about him. They shared the same emotions. Éric was like a father to him. He opened his mouth to say something, but Lisa chose this time to introduce herself. She marched in front of Éric and announced,” I’m Lisa. Draco’s girlfriend.”

Éric narrowed his eyes at her and glanced at Draco. “ May I speak with you, Draco? Alone?” he glared at Lisa distastefully.

He led Draco to the hallways beside the restrooms. “What is the meaning of ‘zis, Draco?”

“The meaning of what?”

“Your girlfriend passed away two and a ‘alf months ago, and you are already onto a girl like that?”

“What?” Draco spluttered. “I am not ‘already onto a girl like that’! She is not my girlfriend! I’m just taking her out to dinner.”

They both looked over at her. She was waving frantically at Draco and motioning for him to come back.

“Well ‘zen, I pity you.”

Draco forced a dry laugh from his mouth, and then replied,” I should probably get back to her, or else she might come here and drag me herself.”

Éric did not smile. He looked at Draco squarely in the eye and said,” Draco, you know ‘zat Hermione vas irreplaceable, right?”

He was startled. “Of course, Éric. I’ve always known that.”

He sighed and looked at Draco with sympathy. “But you did not realize it until after she vas gone.”

A shiver ran down his spine. Could Éric possibly have known what had happened between them just before she died? “I have to go now.” he said hurriedly. “Lisa’s waiting.”

He turned away, and headed back to where the arrogant and ever-so-annoying Lisa was.

“Draco, why were you gone for so long?” she whined. “I was waiting out here for hours.”

“It hardly took a minute or two.” he said irritably.

On and on the dinner went. The time dragged on and Draco found himself checking his watch every minute. Finally, after much whining and batted eyelashes, he stumbled back into his flat and flopped onto his bed.

His heart panged as he remembered his last date with Hermione.


They sat under the tree on a blanket, eating strawberries. It was a beautiful day;clear skies, no clouds. “Draco!” her musical voice said. “You ate all of my strawberries!”

“I didn’t eat all of them.” he plucked her last strawberry out of her hands and popped it into his own mouth. “Now I have.”

She smacked him on top of his head. “Ouch, woman.” he complained. “Was that necessary? I’m a boy. Of course I’m going to eat your food.”

She glared at him and raised her hand to hit him again, but at the last second, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down on top of him. “I really hate you sometimes.” she muttered.

He gave her a hurt look. “Did you just say you hated me?”

“Who, me?” she said innocently.

He laughed and stood up, pulling her up with him. “Would you like to dance, m’lady?”

“Of course, kind sir.” she smiled as she took his hand.

They danced for hours, it seemed. Gliding and twirling in each other’s arms. They never stopped for even a second.

Her heart still beating fast from their dance, she laid her head on his lap, her eyelids growing heavier each passing second, Draco playing with her hair. After a minute, she became aware of his silence. She opened her eyes, only to see Draco’s magnificent grey eyes staring back at hers. “There’s something on my face, isn’t there?”

“No, of course not.” he assured her. “Everything is perfect.”

She grinned at him and started drifting off to sleep. But just as he thought she was asleep, her sleepy voice murmured,” Draco?”

“Yes, Hermione?”

“Please don’t leave me. Even after this. Just hold me forever.”

He stared at her closed eyes with love and repeated,” Forever.”


“I promise.”

Éric was right. Hermione was irreplaceable. He had been a fool for neglecting her, for treating her like trash. He had been a fool to think that another girl could make his life complete again. And after remembering the flashback, Draco found himself longing for Hermione even more, if that were possible.

And for the first time since she had died, he finally let all his tears spill out.


Hello, my lovely readers! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I loved writing it, even though it was a sad chapter to write. But anyways, huge thanks to my AMAZING reviewers, Chrissy, Stunned, awesomepotter, and bookworm530 for all the helpful reviews. And for the rest of ya'll out there, thank you all so much for just reading the story, because I know that sometimes I'm a crappy writer and my stories can be hard to understand. Thank you! :)


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One More Chance: Teardrops


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