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Bizarre by Spaz
Chapter 2 : The Baby Bomb
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Nik just stared at me. "Spencer, you're...p-pregnant...?"

I sighed. "Yeah..."


"Well, Nik when two people love each other very much or are very sexually attracted to each other, or are even really drunk, they decide to-"

"I know how. I just-how did this happen to us?" He said.

"Well, we weren't exactly being careful or anything."

"I guess you're right." He ran his fingers through his hair.

"You don't seem very excited about this, Nik." I pointed out.

"No, I'm just shocked. I'm happy, I'm excited, Spencer, I just can't believe!"

I laughed. "Yeah. I was freaked when I first found out."

"Um, when did you find out?" He asked.

I looked down. "Three weeks ago."


"I know, I'm sorry, I just didn't know how to tell you." I said.

Nik sighed. "It's okay, I get it. I mean I am freaking out, so it does make sense why you waited." He looked down at my stomache and touched it softly. "So there's a little person in there huh?"

I smiled. "Yeah, I guess there is."

"What do you think it is? When can we find out? Have you been to the doctor yet?" Nik voice was suddenly filled with excitement and it made me happy.

I giggled. "Slow down, there. I'm only two and a half months pregnant. I'm not even showing yet."

"I know, but this is so exciting! We're having a baby, Spencer. We're gonna have the chance to raise it and-"

"Royally screw up it's life?" I finished for him, grinning.

Nik laughed. "Exactly. Let's screw this baby up." I laughed loudly.

"Hey, are you guys okay?" I heard Leanne yell.

"Yeah." I called back.

Nik had a giddy look on his face. "Can we tell them now?" He asked.

I smiled. "Well, I don't see why not."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the living room. "Spencer and I have some news." Nik announced.

"Are you guys getting a divorce?" Jeff asked.

"Oh, are you moving away?" Ana asked

"Are you finally quitting your job, Spencer?" Lance questioned.

"No!" Nik and I answered together. "Now shut up, and listen." I finished.

Nik looked at me and I nodded. He grinned widely. "Guys, um, Spencer is pregnant!"

"WHAT?!" Pansy screamed. "Are you serious?!"

I laughed. "Yes. Two and half months."

"And we're just now finding out?" Draco asked.

"I just found out myself, actually." Nik answered.

Everyone looked at me. "I wasn't ready to tell anyone yet." I said defensively.

"I can't believe you're pregnant, Spencer. You just don't seem like the mother type." Leanne said.

"I know, I didn't think I was either, but I'm actually really excited about it. Is that crazy?"

"Yes!" Ana exclaimed. "But so amazing. We're happy for you guys."

I smiled for the rest of the night.

"Guys, we need to talk." I said the next day in the locker room. All the guys gathered around me.

"What for?" Donovan asked. "We didn't even get into any trouble last night."

"Yeah, we were good little boys." Vince grinned.

"This isn't about you guys, it's about me."

"But it's always about us." Scott said.

"Not this time." I said. "I have some news that might shake things up a bit."

"Are you and Nik getting a divorce?" Tucker asked.

"No, why does everyone think that?!" I exclaimed. "I'm...pregnant."

"What?!" Tyson yelled.


"Like there's a child growing inside of you right now?" Tom asked looking at my stomache with a sort of grimace on his face.

"Yes, Tom there is."

"Holy shit, Spencer, how did that happen?!" Greg asked.

"Well, when a married couple love each other very much they decide to-"

"We don't want hear all the details!" Tom exclaimed, covering his ears.

"I do!" Vince said smirking.

"Well, you're not getting them, you perv!" I said throwing him a disgusted look.

"How many months are you, then? You can't be that far along." Donovan asked looking at my stomache.

"Yeah, you don't even look fat." Tyson added in.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm two and a half months pregnant." I answered.

"So when you do get too fat to work, who's gonna take over for you?" Scott asked.

"Pansy will. She's the only other person who can keep you guys in line."

"Cause she's pure evil. She scares the shit out of us!" Tucker said, looking genuinely scared.

"Good." I said. "You guys need to be scared straight."

"Well how long is that gonna last?" Vince asked. "She's not taking over permanently, is she? This kid isn't gonna make you quit, right?"

"Of course not." I answered. "It'll only be temporary. I might show up some days with my child. Nik and I haven't really figured anything out yet. But I suppose he or she could stay with my parents during the day, you know, once they find out I'm pregnant."

"Spencer, you haven't told your parents yet?!" Greg asked. "Why are we finding out before they are?"

"Because you guys are more supportive of my marriage, than they are." I said simply. "We're telling them tomorrow, though. Nik's parents too."

"Well, that should be fun." Donovan said suddenly grinning.

"This is gonna be worse than telling them when we were getting married." I groaned.

"Well, good luck with that Spencer." Tom winked.

When exactly during dinner is the right time to drop the baby bomb? After the appetizers, before the actual meal? No, I don't want anyone to lose their appetite.

After dinner, but before dessert? Nah, who can enjoy dessert with that kind of news?

After dessert? No, everyone is completely full, they might puke.

"I'm pregnant!" I shout in the middle of dinner, while everyone is forcing a polite conversation.

"Excuse me. You're what?!" My mother asked.

I suddenly felt like a sixteen year old girl getting in trouble. "Pregnant." I squeaked.

"With whose child?" Mrs. Mewes questioned.

"Your son's." I said in an obvious tone.

"Nikolas, are you completely sure it's yours?" She asked.

"Are you questioning my faithfulness to Nik?!"

"No, I merely want to be sure that it actually belongs to Nik before he starts caring for it like it's his own."

"Mother please!" Nik said in exasperation. "The child is mine, I know it."

"How?" Steven, my obnoxious brother questioned.

"Because I haven't had sex with anyone other than Nik for the last ten years!" I confirmed.

"Well how do we know that's true?" Rebecca, Nik's sister asked glaring at me. I really thought we were friends after the wedding. Guess not.

"Yeah, didn't you used to have a thing with that Blaise Zabini. Did you hook up with him again on a drunken night out with those troublemakers you manage?" Mrs. Mewes asked with disdain.

"Are you accusing my daughter of cheating?" Mother asks raising her voice.

"Maybe." Mrs. Mewes shrugged.

"That's rich, coming from you, when your son was the one who cheated on my daughter!"

"With the girl he should be married to now!"

"That doesn't make what he did okay!" Mother shouted.

"Sarah, enough!" My Father suddenly yelled. "You of all people are in no place to be talking about this." He whispered.

"What does that mean?" I asked looking between them.

"Nothing, dear." Mother shook her head. "Your father is right."

"None of us have a place to talk about this." Mr. Mewes piped in. "This isn't about us. This is about our children who are married and in love and are going to have a baby. We should be supporting them. Not arguing."

"But, Nathaniel-"

"No buts, Jessica. Nikolas is our son. If he's happy, we should be happy."

"As should we." Dad said smiling at me.

Mum gently grabbed his hand, but he pulled away. That's odd. Mum and Dad were usually so affectionate with each other. Something was definitely wrong.

And I was going to find out what.

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