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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 12 : The Ball
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Authors Note: So here it is! Chapter 12! the one you've been waiting for! I really hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it. Please don't forget to let me know what you think!!

A kiss csn ast all nig
You'll have to seduce me,
Nibble and bite.

Sexy Silk - Jessica Cornish

Sydney awoke on Saturday morning with a dawning realisation. The ball was tonight. She had yet to find a presentable dress nor had she yet made any progress with a certain Sirius Black. She knew that she had gotten to him, but she wasn’t nearly where she needed to be with him. She knew it was childish of her to play ‘the game’; she never had done so before. However, she was unable to deny it. It was thrilling. She swung her legs out of her bed and stood up, the sunlight peeking through the curtains and momentarily blinding her. She regained her eyesight and peered around herself at her roommates. She could partially see four figures lying down in their beds. The occasional snore coming from Diana’s bed. Sydney took this as a small triumph, never before had she had the pleasure of getting ready for the day without her dorm mates derisive looks and scornful scoffs.

She smiled to herself in anticipation for tonight. She was determined to let the night start with a bang. Perhaps literally if she got carried away with Sirius. She cackled internally at her pun, allowing her lips to curl up into a smirk as she applied mascara to her eyelashes.

She hadn’t even thought of the ball until last night when Lily mentioned it to her and even then she hadn’t thought of getting a dress. There was no Hogsmeade trip today either, so it was safe to say that she was well and truly fucked. She would have to liaise with Lily and see whether she had a spare dress. She sighed as she stood back up and walked over towards her wardrobe. She always left things until the last minute, and it always came back to bite her in the arse. She opened up her wardrobe and scanned her ‘evening wear’. She did have maybe what could pass as a backup; however they were rather scanty for a ball. She sighed, closing her wardrobe again and slipped her slippers on, not bothering to change out of her pyjamas. She moved down the stairs quickly, hopping from one step to another.

She stepped into the common room and noticed the fire that was roaring last night, still had a few embers that were only just dying. She looked at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room which told her that it was six o’clock. She furrowed her brow in confusion and looked around the room curiously. There asleep on the sofa, eyes puffy and red from what Sydney can only assume to be the result of crying was Farah Bishop, still in school uniform.

Sydney looked at the skinny girl, her blonde matted hair stuck to her face, mascara smudged under her eyes. She debated whether or not to leave her there and to let Farah deal with it herself. Farah certainly wouldn’t have woken Sydney. Sydney didn’t know whether she felt sorry for the girl or maybe just wanted to see her squirm for a little bit, but she made her decision.

Sydney cleared her throat loudly however received no response from the girl. She kicked the sofa at the base near to Farah’s head but still nothing. A sudden thought went through Sydney’s head that worried her slightly.

Maybe she’s dead.

Sydney bent down to Farah’s level and shook her shoulder slight. “Bishop!” she hissed.

Farah suddenly jolted up, wide eyed and accidentally smacked Sydney in the face.

“Ow.” Sydney groaned rubbing her cheek.

“Why are you staring at me you creep? Farah snapped defensively.

Sydney narrowed her eyes at her opponent. “I thought that you wouldn’t want to be seen down here at this time in the morning,” Sydney said curtly “Especially with mascara under those puffy eyes of yours.”

Farah looked as though she had swallowed a bludger. Her hard gaze on Sydney softened. “Thanks.” She mumbled as she rolled off the sofa and then attempted to wipe the mascara from under her eyes.

Sydney looked at this strange version of Farah, the calm and vulnerable version with curiosity. She knew that her arch enemy was due to throw her defences up again at any point, so she decided not to bother her.

“Why were you crying?”

So much for that theory. Sydney couldn’t help but let her nosiness get the better of her.

“As if it’s any of your business.” Farah retorted flicking her hair.

“Well I don’t see any of your friends here to help you out.” Sydney stated.

Farah gave Sydney a repugnant look and continued to attempt to brush her hair through with her fingers.

“Well, whatever.” Sydney said rolling her eyes, pushing herself off of the armchair she had sat in. “Have fun in your misery.”

Sydney headed towards the portrait hole, unsure of where to go as she knew breakfast wouldn’t be ready at this time on a Saturday. She just wanted to get away from Farah.

“Maura, wait!”

Sydney stopped in her tracks, slightly worried that she might suddenly be attacked by a wild animal, or Farah, there wouldn’t be much difference.

“You’re roaming the school like that?” Farah asked, a hint of laughter in her voice.

“Yes.” Sydney said, turning to face her.

Farah sighed and looked down at the ground “You wouldn’t tell anyone would you.” Farah stated. “It’s not like you’ve got anyone to tell anyway, apart from Evans, but no one would believe you anyway.” She reasoned aloud.

“Gee, thanks.” Sydney said sarcastically, folding her arms.

“James finished it with me last night.” Farah blurted.

Sydney was rather stunned at this bit of new information and was suddenly thinking to herself what Lily’s reaction to it would be.

“It’s so stupid,” she said sitting back down on the sofa, her head in her hands, rubbing her temples. “But I actually thought he was a nice guy.”

Sydney snorted “That’s the marauders for you.”

“Why did he have to do it the night before the Halloween Ball?” she said miserably.

Sydney could help but feel sorry for the teary girl in front of her. Even though Farah may have had no soul, it seemed like she at least had feelings. And right now they were hurting her. James had hurt her.

“James can be a bit of a knob.” Sydney said, sitting down besides Farah. “But he’s a boy, he doesn’t realise how much these things mean to girls.”

“Now I have to go alone and look like a loser.” Farah said, eyes watering again.

“Don’t worry, I’m going alone.” Sydney said with a small smile.

“Exactly!” Farah cried “I’ll look like you!”

Sydney’s eyes narrowed at Farah, however she decided to shake that comment off. “If you don’t go, then you’ll regret it.” Sydney said firmly. “Go on your own, have fun with your friends and dance your skinny arse off.”

Farah looked uncomfortable. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Sydney asked, standing up.

“For calling me skinny.” Farah said stubbornly, not mentioning Sydney’s help.

Sydney nodded at Farah and headed towards the door once more. “Where are you going to go?”

Sydney thought for a second “I’m going to see my friend in Ravenclaw,” she lied “To see if she’s got a spare dress.”

“You’ve not got your dress?!” Farah asked incredulously

“Well,” Sydney blushed at not being a conventional girl. “I sort of forgot.”

Farah looked Sydney up and down. “I might have some dresses that are too big for me from when I was younger that you could have.”

Sydney didn’t know whether she should have been offended or not by Farah’s proposition. She weighed up her options and realised quickly that she had no others. “I suppose that might be easier.” Sydney said bashfully.

Farah nodded and walked towards the stairs, whilst Sydney stood. Not knowing whether to follow or wait there. Farah looked around and rolled her eyes. “Are you coming?”

Sydney began to follow Farah up to her dorm and when they stepped inside they were welcomed by a familiar smell of perfume and deodorant which hung in their air of her own dorm. Farah walked over to a big mahogany wardrobe and began rummaging through it hastily, pulling out three dresses. “If you’re going for a party look, there’s this one.” Farah held up a hot pink, tight, short boob-tube dress that clung all the way around the body.

Even Sydney looked frightened at the hot pink mess in front of her. “Err,” Sydney said hesitating “Pink’s not my colour.”

Farah stared at Sydney with a bored look “If you don’t like it, just say.”

“No thank you.” Sydney said simply.

“Okay.” Farah threw the dress back into her wardrobe. “There’s this one,” she said, holding onto a rather long black, simple dress. It was nice enough, but looked slightly like she would be going to a funeral.

“Right,” Sydney said looking at it.

“We’ll put that in the maybe pile then, shall we?” Farah said as she tossed the dress onto her bed. “If you want my personal opinion, go with this one.”

She held up a long, strapless, powder blue dress with a sweetheart neckline, was tight around the torso, like a corset and was embellished with what looked like small diamonds, clustered on the right side of the waist and then spreading across the rest of the torso, reaching the bosom. The bottom half of the dress fell downwards elegantly, the material was light, silky and airy. The back of the dress dipped low and fell to about half way down the back.

Sydney reached out towards the dress and felt the material with her index finger and her thumb. It was smooth and addictive to the touch.

“It would match your eyes.”

Sydney looked up to see Farah thrusting the dress in Sydney’s direction. The hardened look was back and unforgiving. “Now consider us even.”

Sydney nodded once at Farah, rather miffed at her attitude and walked out of the dorm without another word.

Sydney walked from Farah’s dorm to her own. Once again, as she stepped into the dorm she was greeted by four girls’ reproachful glances and scornful sneers. She managed to get the dress in unseen and hide it in her wardrobe. Not to be unveiled until tonight.

She threw on some casual clothes and made her way, yet again into the common room, where she was welcomed by the familiar redhead.

“Morning Sydney!” Lily beamed. “You’re not normally up this early!”

They both began to make their way down to breakfast and Sydney smiled happily at Lily as she wondered what could have possibly put her friend in such a good mood.

Yes, I wonder what..

Sydney smirked to herself as she noticed Lily had a little bounce in her step today. She could’ve just been excited for the ball but Sydney knew probably as well as Lily, that that wasn’t why she was so happy. Sydney chose to leave Lily in her good mood and not to question it.

“Well well,” Came a cold and cruel voice. “What’s red, white and brown all over?”

Sydney spun around to see a few familiar faces standing behind herself and Lily.

“The Head Girl covered in her own blood.”

The Slytherins surrounding Regulus Black laughed and sniggered at the terrible joke just made by the Black brother, himself. Sydney noticed Lily stiffen beside her and cast her eyes downwards.

“What an incredibly funny joke!” Sydney growled sarcastically. “Why don’t we go and tell it to McGonagall, I’m sure she’ll find it a hoot and a half!”

“Trust a Gryffindor to go running to a teacher.” Commented one of the burly boys standing besides Regulus.

“Trust a bunch of Slytherins to pick on two girls.” Snapped Sydney.

The boy stepped forward in an attempt to threaten the girls, causing Lily and Sydney to take a step backwards. Sydney whipped out her wand, her eyes narrowed.

“Looks like Blondie wants to play!” said another one of the Slytherin boys.

“Go back to your common room, snake.” Sydney spat “Or I will do something that will get me a lot of detentions.”

“Sydney no!” Lily hissed, tugging on her sleeve “Let’s just walk away.” They began to turn their backs on the five Slytherin boys.

“Yes Sydney, love, just walk away.” Cooed Regulus Black. “And what happened to the last person in the Maura family who walked away from a fight?” Sydney turned her head to see Regulus Black smirk cruelly at her as he raised his wand. “They died, didn’t they?”

Sydney flew around, pushing Lily to the ground as she narrowly missed a hex. She felt like something had exploded from within her and that her skin was on fire, she wasn’t even thinking, just flicking her wand at them again and again without uttering a single word. Slytherin boys were flying across the corridor as she whipped her wand arm back and forth, a series of red, white and blue sparks and bolts coming from the tip. She stopped only as she came nose to nose with Regulus Black, her wand pointed at his neck. He looked nearly bored. She glared at him with the utmost hatred.

“Never,” she breathed heavily “Talk about my mother again

He smirked at her, making him look almost exactly like his brother, making her falter only slightly.

“My apologies, sweetheart,” he said condescendingly, “I never realised it was a –“ his eyes glanced down to her inner thigh. “—Sore subject.”

She pushed him backwards and looked at him with disgust as her mind flicked to the scrawled, scar on her inner thigh.

Half-blood Whore

“Go practise your dark arts or something Black,” she spat “Stop wasting my time.”

He merely smirked at her. “As you wish.”

He left their conversation and kicked a few of his comrades to get off of the floor. The majority of the group turned around to glower at Sydney before making off down the hallway.

Sydney walked over to Lily and helped her off the floor, smiling at her as best a as she could. “Sorry,” Sydney said regrettably “You get used to attention of this sort when you’re someone like me.”

Lily looked worriedly over to Sydney “Have you ever tried –“ Lily thought about her words carefully “—not attracting so much attention.”

Sydney smiled sadly at Lily “If you’re talking about stop sleeping with people, then my dear, I’m afraid you’re too late.”

Lily gave Sydney a questioning glance.

“I haven’t slept with anyone since Remus.” Sydney explained.

“You had sex with Remus?!” Lily practically screetched.

“Oh,” Sydney said, mentally smacking herself “I didn’t tell you that, did I?”

“No!” Lily hissed. “When was this?”

Sydney shrugged “Over a year ago.”

“I didn’t think you were his type.” Lily mused.

“Gee, thanks Lil.” Sydney said pan faced.

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Lily panicked “It’s just someone with your reputation, doesn’t normally attract guys like Remus.”

“Well, to be honest, the majority of people that I’ve ‘slept with’,” Said Sydney with quotation marks “Is made up.”

“So,” said Lily, fiddling with her sleeves. “Who have you slept with?”

Sydney tapped her nose. “Stop beings so nosey Ms Evans.”

As they reached the great hall, they sat at the Gryffindor table and Sydney had decided to keep away from her usual meaty breakfast and poured herself some cereal. Lily had pulled two strawberry pancakes onto her plate.

“—And I’ll tell you,” boomed a voice from across the hall, Sydney and Lily both looked up to see James and Sirius both standing over by the Slytherin table, nose to nose with what looked like Avery, Mulciber and Regulus Black. Sirius looked around the hall noticing how much his voice had carried, he caught Sydney’s eye and then looked away quickly, continuing to bicker with his brother in hushed tones.

“Mother wouldn’t be happy about this, even if you are no longer a relative of ours.” Laughed Regulus, his tone was mocking and offhand, however Sydney noticed the hatred in his eyes and slight annoyance in his words. “Is she your girlfriend?” The majority of the Slytherins laughed along with Regulus. Only the ones that saw Sirius’ face knew the smart thing to do was to keep their heads down.

Sirius suddenly grabbed Regulus by the collar and muttered something in a low growl to him. Regulus’ eyes looked worried for a second, then he quickly returned to his cavalier manner and brushed Sirius off, shaking his head.

“Walk away Gryffindor,” Regulus said uninterestedly looking around the hall. “Before you gain yourself anymore disrespect.”

As Sirius and James walked away from the dispute, Sydney began tucking back into her breakfast. She felt a plonk on the seat besides her and looked up.

“People need to lighten up,” said Ashley, as she flicked her long, black hair behind her. “After all it is the Halloween Ball tonight.”

Sydney grinned. “My thoughts exactly.” Sydney looked between Ashley and Lily nervously “I believe you two haven’t properly been introduced,” Sydney said, her eyes on Ashley.

Ashley looked up at Lily shyly and smiled, holding out her hand “Ashley Phillips,” she said, a crimson blush on her face, for which Sydney shot her a questioning glance.

“Lily Evans.” Lily said, smiling brilliantly whilst shaking Ashley’s hand.

“Speaking of the ball,” Ashley said turning her attention to Sydney “I was wondering if you wanted to get ready in my dorm, Sydney?” Ashley said “I know how much it would pain you to be away from your current roommates,” She said with a slight smirk.

“Heaven forbid.” Commented Sydney sarcastically, smiling at the two girls. “I’d love to,” she turned to Lily “Lily, fancy joining us?”

Lily smiled sadly “I’d love to, but I promised Alice that I’d get ready with her,” she looked down the hall where Farah and her minions were sitting gossiping “I can’t leave her alone with the terrible threesome.” She laughed.

Sydney looked towards Farah and noticed that she wasn’t taking part so animatedly today in their daily girl bashing session. She was merely picking at her lumpy porridge with a crestfallen look upon her face.

Sydney smiled back at Lily and Ashley, pushing the sympathy she felt for her nemesis away from her with force.

The day had gone by without the drama Sydney had experienced that morning. She felt quite excited for the ball and thought back to her plans of humiliating James, maybe now in front of Lily, seeing as he had ditched Farah.

She didn’t know whether she would make him squawk like a goose for a week allow him to violently lose control of his bowels or simply punch him in the crotch, but one of those three sounded like feasibly good alternatives.

Sydney opened up her wardrobe and took the dress from it’s hanger and folded it on her bed, ready to take to Ashley’s dorm. She grabbed her makeup from her bedside table and placed it in a little bag. She removed the makeup currently on her face, ready to start fresh once she got into the Ravenclaw dormitories.

“I think tonight is going to sort things out for me and Sirius.” Sydney could hear Amelia gloating to her friends. “He was acting quite strange last night,” she mused “But I’ll give him a night he won’t forget in a hurry.”

Something in Sydney stirred; she felt a little pang in her stomach as she moodily grabbed a bag to place her dress in.

“By tonight he’s going to be head over heels for your Amelia!” Sydney heard Nadia squeal. “What are you going to wear?”

Sydney stuck her head out from the curtains surrounding her bed and saw Amelia flick her hair importantly.

“Well,” Amelia began, “I think either this black one,” Amelia held up a short, black dress with a halter neck that showed a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg. And Sydney thought that she was the supposed tart. “Or there’s this one,” Amelia held up a purple dress with purple flower straps that probably only just covered her vagina.

Sydney eyed the dresses and smirked to herself. She pulled her head back behind the curtains and continued to pack her items into her bag.

Sydney peeked her head out of the curtains from the bottom of her bed and pointed the tip of her wand at Amelia, whilst said girl began talking about how she should do her hair with the four other squealing girls in the room “Furnunculus” she whispered.

Quickly, Sydney leapt off of her bed, her bags in hand and stalked from the room, happily being ignored by the four other occupants of the room. It wasn’t until she closed the door behind her she heard Amelia’s voice moan “Oh no! I’ve got a spot!” Sydney sniggered to herself as she imagined that girl’s face in about ten minutes time.

Sydney happily bounced down the stairs and into the common room, she flounced through the room and headed towards the portrait hole.

“What are you so happy about?”

Sydney turned around, still grinning like a maniac, to see a brooding Sirius sitting on the sofa. “Well, it’s a good day, the Halloween Ball is in two hours, annoying people are getting their comeuppance,” she said sweetly “You know, the usual.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow at him to which she smirked and then left the Gryffindor Tower and headed towards the Ravenclaw common room. When Sydney arrived at her destination, she realised that there was little to no way she was actually getting inside as the door knocker came to life.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,” the heavenly voice said “who’s the fairest of them all?”

“Uhmm,” Sydney mused “Cassandra Vablatzky?”

The door knocker froze once more and the door did not open.

“Ugh,” said Sydney, She knocked on the door a few times, however no one came. She decided to make camp outside of the door until somebody came by. It must have been about 15 minutes, which of course, Sydney only guessed as she had been counting the bricks on the stone wall of the castle, until somebody came along.

“Can I help you?”

Sydney’s neck snapped up to see Dan Franklin towering above her. He held his hand out to help her up. Sydney clasped his hand and smiled gratefully.

“Thanks,” she said “I’m trying to see my friend,” She explained “Ashley.”

“Oh, okay,” he said eying her curiously “I thought you two weren’t friends.”

Sydney shrugged “I assume we are now.”

Dan walked over to the door, where once again the door knocker sprung to life. The smooth, silky voice came again.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.”

Dan looked at Sydney with his eyebrow raised, as though he was questioning her intelligence. “That’s an unanswerable question, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Well reasoned.” The door knocker said satisfactorily.

The two walked through the portrait hole and Sydney smiled. “Thanks,” she said disappearing up the stairs. “Have fun tonight with Lily!”

Sydney stared at her reflection in the mirror, biting her lip self-consciously. She turned around to face Ashley, who was sitting on her bed.

“What do you think?”

Ashley had her eyebrows raised and her mouth open ajar. “You look so –” Ashley seemed to struggle to think of a word “Different!”

Sydney pulled her ball gown up at the cleavage and shifted around in it. “Is it that bad?” she asked, feeling insecure.

“Sydney, you look stunning” Ashley smiled at her. “It’s just such a change from how you normally are.” She explained “You almost look like a different person.”

Sydney embarrassedly turned to face the mirror again and touched her hair that was in an elegant updo, a few strands of curly hair fell down by her face. It had only taken Ashley the better half of an hour to get perfect. On her left wrist she wore a thin, silver bracelet and wore her mother’s engagement ring on her right hand.

“Thanks.” She said blushing. “Aren’t you going to be late for your date?” She asked, turning back to face her friend.

“Oh, shit!” Ashley said jumping up from her bed and smoothing out her long, black dress. She grabbed her bag and hurried towards the door. She looked towards Sydney. “Are you coming?” She asked.

“No,” said Sydney “I think I need a minute or two.”

Ashley seemed to hesitate.

“Go,” Sydney said with a smile “I’ll see you down there.”

Ashley smiled uncertainly at Sydney but left Sydney alone in the Ravenclaw dorm. Sydney felt her stomach flip over a few times as she looked at herself in the mirror. Ashley was right, she did look completely different. She felt as though it was too much. She sat on Ashley’s bed, gradually regretting more and more agreeing to go to this stupid ball. She fanned her face as she increasingly grew hotter and hotter. It wasn’t like Sydney not wanting to mix it up and get nervous at something like this. But she just couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of walking into the Great Hall, copious amounts of people dressed up to the nines and having fun with their dates. Sydney groaned as she stood up. She hadn’t thought about the drawbacks of not having a date. She was so busy trying to think positively about her situation that she hadn’t even considered who she could spend the night at the ball with. Lily was off with Dan Franklin, Ashley had her date. Then bam – She was out of friends. How sad.

She gave herself one last glare in the mirror before she walked out of the room and down the stairs towards the common room. It was empty. She presumed everyone must’ve already been there. She looked around the blue and silver common room and noted to herself how much she could have blended into the room. She seriously considered for a couple of minutes not going to the ball and pretending to be a piece of furniture in the Ravenclaw common room instead. Sydney sighed and made her way out of the common room. As she exited through the portrait hole she noticed that she could hear lots of voices and music echoing throughout the walls of Hogwarts. It made her stomach flip flop once more.

She made her way down the moving staircase, her uncomfortable heels clicking as her feet made impact with the floor. She lifted her dress as she moved carefully down the stairs, being careful not to lose her balance. As she stood outside of the Great Hall she peered in, just to examine the scene in front of her.

The hall looked glorious, there were lit pumpkin lanterns floating just above peoples heads, streamers of black bats and fake blood dripped over the newly tattered curtains. The enchanted ceiling was stormy and filled with streaks of lightening, however it was soundless compared to the blaring music that was being pumped out by the DJ. Sydney had realised that all of this gaping had caused her feet to have a life of their own as she began to walk into the sea of people. She saw a huge buffet filled with sweets and chocolate, toffee apples and all kinds of Halloween treats. Next to the buffet was a drink stand, an extremely large punch bowel was placed in the middle and behind it stood Peter Pettigrew. As Sydney approached it she gave Peter a questioning glance.

“Peter?” she said as though she thought she might have been mistaken.

Peter looked confused for a second but then a look of realisation seemed to dawn on him. He immediately gave Sydney a grin “Hullo Sydney.” He said happily. “Want to try some punch?” he held out the ladle.

“That depends,” Sydney said eyeing the punch warily.

“Depends on what?” Peter asked, trying and failing to sound innocent.

“On what you’ve done to it.”

Peter grinned guiltily “Only a dash of Fire Whisky.”

“No thanks.” Sydney said looking around the room, she saw Sirius standing there, near to the seats where he was talking animatedly and laughing with Remus. Whilst their dates gossiped and gabbed besides them.

“On second thoughts.” Sydney said turning back to Peter, holding out her cup “Make it a big one please.”

Peter smirked “That’s more like it.” He filled her cup up fully.

Sydney took a mouthful of her orange coloured drink and quickly started spluttering. She looked at Peter accusingly. “Only a dash?” she asked incredulously as the large amount of Fire Whisky she had just ingested burned her throat.

“Well,” Peter said with a smirk “Maybe a smidgen more than that.”

Sydney continued to knock back her drink as quickly as possible. “So,” she said in between gulps “What are you doing behind here anyway?”

“They needed someone to hand out the drinks at the beginning of the night.” He explained taking a sip of his own drink “Afterwards, they’ll just get a teacher to look after it.”

Sydney drained her cup of all remaining dregs and thrust it back at Peter for him to refill. “And they chose you?” Sydney asked, a disbelieving tone in her voice.

“They didn’t have many applicants,” Peter shrugged as filled Sydney’s cup once more. “So I thought I could have some fun!”

“By getting everyone drunk?” Sydney asked, a small, humorous smile on her lips.

Peter handed Sydney her beverage and pointed where Miles Davies was making a fool out of himself falling over his date and stepping on her toes whilst dancing.

“You can’t deny that that fun.” He said laughing.

Sydney let out a small laugh “I suppose I can’t disagree with you there.” She said taking another sip.

She looked around the room and saw Lily standing with Dan Franklin, laughing and dancing. He held his arm around her protectively as she sipped on her drink. She looked further around the room in an attempt to spot Ashley. She realised as she gazed at the crowds that many of them were gazing back at her and whispering to one another. She touched her cheek and looked at Peter.

“Do I have shit on my face?” she asked him, confusedly.

Peter laughed with her and handed her another drink, without her requesting it. He looked at her whilst she had two drinks in her hands.

“No,” he laughed “You just surprised everyone, I think.”

“How?” she asked, taking a sip out of one of her drinks and then the other.

“Well, people may have expected you to dress less classy, shall we say?” he grinned as Sydney rolled her eyes. “But I am pleased to inform you that you scrub up very well Ms Marua!”

Sydney chuckled, enjoying the company of the half-pissed Peter. “As do you, Peter.” She smiled at him in his tuxedo; he looked like a younger (albeit tubby) James Bond.

She continued looking for her friend and decided to ignore the stares from the seventh year students. However, she caught the eye of someone unexpected, his grey eyes piercing through hers. She quickly broke eye contact and continued searching through the crowd. She finally found Ashley, standing with her date, looking rather bored as he talked at her.

She excused herself to Peter and made her way over to her Ravenclaw friend, who looked more than happy to see her friend.

“Hello,” Sydney said smiling at the pair.

Ashley’s date was a rather butch boy; she recognised him from the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Perhaps one of the beaters. He had light brown hair and a rather gormless look on his face. Sydney stuck her hand out towards him.

“Sydney Maura, lovely to meet you.” she said with a polite smile.

“Zachary Taylor.” He said, shaking her hand with an iron vice grip. “I’m on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.”

Sydney flicked her eyes over to Ashley, who now had looked away boredly.

“How lovely.” Sydney said rather sardonically, however this went amiss by Zachary. “May I steal your date for a moment?”

“Go ahead.”

Sydney pulled Ashley aside and stood nearer to the Great Hall doors. She raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"So your date seems to be going well." Sydney commented sarcastically. "What's wrong?" she asked "Why are you so mopey?"

"You spoke to him!" Ashley exclaimed, obviously frustrated. "All the boy is interested in is Quidditch!"

"I think that's what you get for trying to date a Quidditch player." said Sydney sympathetically.

"Lily doesn’t seem to be having a terrible time." Ashley said disheartenedly.

Sydney looked back over to where Lily and Dan were now sitting down, both talking animatedly to one another. Sydney looked at her unhappy friends and grabbed onto her hand.

"I know what you need." Sydney said dragging her through the dance floor and towards Peter Pettigrew. "Once strong drink please, Peter!" Sydney said with a smile. She looked at her empty cup. "On second thoughts," she said sliding her cup across the table towards him. "Make that two."

Peter filled their cups to the brim and handed them both to Sydney who handed one to Ashley. "Here." Sydney said smiling at Ashley. "Bottoms up." They clinked their plastic cups together and then proceeded to drink large gulps of their drinks. Ashley stopped halfway through her second gulp and began to choke on the large amounts of Firewhisky curdling in her drink. Sydney patted her on the back and laughed heartily, snorting slightly as she did so.

"Better?" Sydney asked as Ashley began to regain her poise.

"Much." Ashley replied, grinning at Sydney.

"Right," Ashley said as Peter filled her cup again. "I should probably get back to -- umm --"

"Zachary?" Sydney helped, a small smirk appearing on her face.

Ashley clicked her fingers and smiled at Sydney "That's the one!" She then swerved between the dancing people and made her way back to her date.

"Well, my time is up!" said Peter from behind Sydney, his happy face red. "I'll see you soon!"

Sydney smiled at him as he happily trotted off towards his friends. Sydney eyed the marauders warily as Remus and Sirius welcomed Peter with a glass of punch, thinking something was amiss. One of them was missing. And that person was James Potter. Sydney narrowed her eyes and turned back to the punch bowel filling up her half empty cup. She needed all the liquid courage she could have tonight. She took a sip out of her drink, feeling the last three drinks go to her head slightly and jumped as she heard a voice hiss into her ear.

"What were you looking at, Maura?"

Sydney turned so quickly that she spilt quite a lot of her drink on her hand and forearm. She scowled at her arm before looking up to scowl into those piercing grey eyes.

"Not a lot, it would seem." she snapped angrily as the liquid began to dry on her arm and had become sticky.

Sirius smirked at her and raised an eyebrow "Are you quite sure?"

Sydney was a little taken back by the question, however she quickly regained her snappy attitude. "Quite sure." she lied.

Sirius , in all honesty, looked stunning. Half of the girls in the great hall were gawping at him to much is their dates' dismay. He was wearing a full black suit, however he had taken his jacket off so he was just wearing a shirt and waistcoat and his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showing off the bulging muscles under his tan skin. He leant forward towards her, putting both his hands on the punch table behind her. Her eyes bulged and she was pretty sure he could have felt the heat from her chest due to their close proximity. His smirk grew larger as she held her breath.

"What are you doing?" she hissed viciously.

Sirius suddenly leant back with a cup of punch in his hand. His smirk was becoming more and more smug by the second and it was infuriatingly gorgeous. "Getting a drink."

Sydney rolled her narrowed eyes at him and downed the rest of her drink in an attempt to cool herself down and to make sure that the Firewhisky was taking effect. She brushed past him coolly, putting her hand on his chest as to make him move. As she did so she felt how hard his muscles were under his shirt and how each of them individually were so defined and toned, it made her momentarily lose her concentration and her legs ceased to function. She stood there in the great hall, her hand holding onto Sirius Black's torso and her eyes fixated upon it like some sort of animal.

"They're really hard." she whispered almost inaudiably.

"Can I help you?" asked an amused voice. Syndey was suddenly snapped out of it to see Sirius looking down at her with his trademark smirk plastered across his face.

"No you can't." said Sydney pulling herself away from Sirius' wonderful chest. She suddenly remembered something. "On second thoughts," she said as she spun around and whipped the cup from his hand and walked away with it triumphantly. She looked back at Sirius' confused face with amusement and gave him a sultry wink.

She looked over towards where Remus and Peter were cheerfully talking with one another and their dates and noticed that James was still missing. Sydney scowled to herself realising that James was ruining her plans. She looked the hall once over but her eye never found the scruffy head of James Potter.

She found herself walking towards Remus and Peter a bright albeit false smile on her face. She sipped at Sirius' drink and stopped infront of them.

"Hello boys," she said "You both look wonderful tonight."

"Hi Sydney!" said Remus happily. "You look gorgeous."

Sydney felt herself blush slightly, however she quickly shook it off. "Thanks." she said embarrassedly "Do you have any idea where I might find Mr Potter?"

"James?" said Peter suddenly "Oh, he's on the Quidditch Pitch sulking."

"Uhh-" said Remus shooting Peter a stern look "I don't think that James wants to be disturbed, Sydney."

A dark look swept over Sydney's features. "Well he shouldn’t have meddled in my business then, should he?" She snapped rather abruptly before turning on her heel and heading for the front entrance to the school, which lead her out onto the school grounds.

The weather that night was horrendous. The rain hit her face hard and every blow was like a thousand tiny blades made of ice were cutting into her skin. The gale-force winds were whipping the loose pieces of hair around her face to and fro, also causing a few more strands of hair to become loose. She felt her heels start to sink into the ground as she abandoned the gravel pathway and travelled along the grass.

As she got closer to the Quidditch pitch she could see a small figure up in the in the air flying about. She hurried over to the Quidditch pitch as quickly as possible, deciding on taking off her heels and carrying them instead. She could feel her teeth chattering and goose bumps appearing on her arms. Any heat she felt from hers and Sirius' experience was long gone.

She entered the stadium and looked up at the sky; raindrops fell on her face thick and fast. She called out James' name but there was no reply. She called out his name again, louder over the howling wind but it was to no avail. She looked around her for a broom to go and speak with him, but there was nothing but there was nothing but a chest which was most likely filled with the regulatory necessary equipment for a Quidditch match. She opened it and found that the bludgers and quaffle were in there, however the snitch was missing. Sydney looked up towards James and now realised that he was chasing the snitch. She narrowed her eyes at him as to not let the raindrops get into them. She looked back at the chest and picked up the quaffle. She held it in front of her eye line for a while in order to aim. She then brought back her arm and lobbed the quaffle in James’ direction. She followed the quaffle and saw that she hit James on the back of the head. She felt a little warm flurry of satisfaction course through her stomach as it collided with him. He turned around quickly. Sydney wasn’t able to see his face at such a distance but she assumed that he would be a little annoyed. He started coming into focus as he flew nearer and nearer to her.

He touched the ground and looked at her with no expression on his face. “What?” he asked.

Sydney looked at him thoughtfully. “What are you doing out here?” Sydney asked “You do realise that the ball was tonight, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” He snapped “I saw everyone in there having a good time,” he grumbled “I saw Lily in there having a great time with Franklin.” He spat.

Sydney narrowed her eyes at James angrily. “Get over it.” she bit back. James looked rather confounded, as if no one had ever spoken to him like that before. “You think you can complain about your problems when you so blatantly go around making them for everyone else?”

James looked lost. “What are you talking about?” he said scowling.

“You know fully well what I’m talking about!” Sydney roared over the wind. “You just couldn’t leave it!”

“Sydney,” James said a sad look in his eyes. “If this is about the Quidditch thing--”

“You are not allowed to talk to me about that!” Sydney bellowed “How dare you!” she shouted. “How dare you speak to me like I am nothing!” She pointed her finger at James menacingly “We were supposed to be friends!”

“Sydney I’m so sorry!” James said trying to get a hold of her shoulders. “I made a mistake, a horrible mistake!”

Sydney wrenched herself away from James’ grasp “You’ve seemed so broken up about it!” Sydney spat sarcastically.

“I wanted to make it up to you,” James implored “I tried to get you on the team but the best I could do was--” James looked over towards the bench situated next to the Gryffindor stands.

“A Reserve?” Sydney said glaring at him. “You think I’m going to settle for a reserve?!”

“Sydney, I can’t just kick someone off the team if they not done anything wrong!”

“Well you’ve done plenty wrong.” Sydney glowered.

“Sydney, there’s nothing I can do about Quidditch--”

“Everything’s not about Quidditch, Potter” Sydney snarled. “You just can’t help making my life hell!” Sydney yelled. “You’re selfish, arrogant, pig-headed and disrespectful.”

“I haven’t done anything els--!”

“Oh please,” Sydney said angrily “Davies?” She prompted. There was a dawning look of realisation on James’ face. “You couldn’t help but play the big man, could you?” she snapped “Or was it just to try and impress Lily?” at this point James looked thoroughly confused. “It was probably killing two birds with one stone,” Sydney pushed James backwards angrily. “Impress one girl and humiliate another.” Sydney continued to advance on him. “Or maybe it was for yours and your mates’ entertainment, a girl’s pain--”

“Sydney it wasn’t--”

“Don’t tell me it wasn’t what it seemed.” Sydney yelled “As it all seems pretty simple to--”

“It was Sirius!” James yelled over the top of Sydney.

There was silence between the two of them apart from the howling wind and the thud of each rain drop hitting the already sodden ground. It took Sydney a couple of moments before she could even process what James had said, let alone think of a response. She looked up at him, still feeling betrayed by her ex friend.

“Not once have I ever felt bad about myself for what I do, not for one second” she said, her voice cracking. “And then I met you.”

She turned on her heel and made her way up towards the castle.

Once she stepped inside she slid her heels on and cursed herself for not bringing her wand so that she could dry herself off. She stepped inside of the great hall, walked halfway in and leant against a wall, trying to catch her breath from the information just given to her and trying to stop her head from spinning with all the alcohol she had consumed.

She looked up to see people shooting her curious glances, most likely as to why she was drenched, however she couldn’t care less. As she looked around the hall she saw a certain Sirius Black retreating from the Great Hall and moving towards one of the corridors. Her eyes narrowed at him and she pushed herself from the wall and began marching determinedly towards him. She found herself panting as she attempted to reach him. She was just shot of the Great Hall when she called out.

“Hey!” She yelled after him, her eyes flashing dangerously.

Sirius turned around and looked momentarily surprised. He raised his eyebrow at her as she stormed towards him.

Sydney breathed heavily, putting one foot in front of the other getting closer and closer to Sirius getting ready to give him the yelling of a lifetime. The alcohol in her system spurred her on, giving her an unknown confidence. However, as she got within talking distance she didn’t stop there, her legs and the alcohol willed her on. She came chest to chest with the boy and grabbed his head full of hair and slammed her lips against his with full force.

As soon as the kiss came about it stopped. Sydney pulled herself back from the shocked Sirius. His face quickly turned into the most downright infuriating smirk ever. She glared viciously at him. He opened his mouth to say something no doubt arrogant and smug; however he never got the chance. She pulled her hand back quickly and slapped him hard across the face with a deafening blow for the entire Great Hall to hear.

Authors Note: SO .... What do you think?? Was it a cliffy for you or did you clever readers kind of expect it? Let me know what you think as your reviews make my day! Constructive criticism is, of course, welcome!

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