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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 41 : Chapter Forty-One
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Stunning CI by aigue-marine @ TDA!


A/N Part of this chapter is some of the first that I wrote/typed up so enjoy :)

I was still in shock, why the hell was she here?

I wasn't the only person who had noticed her, nana and Ria had as well. I was closer to my family than her so I got there first, Tessa hugged me whilst Ria gave me a small smile but her eyes were still looking over dad's shoulder to where mum was.

Acting as though everything was normal the first thing she said and did when she joined our group was, "I'm so proud of you honey," and gave me a hug.

I stayed completely still, not making any attempt to put my arms around her. Why is she here and why now?

Dad and nana were staring at her open mouthed, unsure of what to say. In fact none of us said anything, she let me go and bent down to look at Oscar who was stood close to dad.

As mum hugged him she said, "Look how much you've grown my baby boy."

Both myself and Ria could see that our brother was confused, wriggling out of the hug Oscar came to me and Tessa. I picked him up not caring that he was getting to old or heavy for that matter and hugged him. Ozzy hugged me back, burying his face into my neck and shoulders hiding from view.

"Why are you here?" I asked breaking the silence that had come over us. "Why now? It's been seven years since we last seen you," I asked her trying to keep my voice as calm as possible when all I wanted to do was yell at her.

Dad put his hand my arm. "Fliss, I'm with you on this but not here, let's go inside."

I said nothing as put Oscar down after whispering it was okay, he took my hand and I headed straight for the castle marching through the crowds along with Tessa. I knew that Al had most probably seen, as well as Dom.

I honestly don't get it, she left us seven years ago. Seven years ago she left and now she turns up at my graduation as though nothing ever happen.

I felt Oscar tug at my hand and I looked down at him as we walked. "Flick," he asked in an innocent voice. "Who was that lady?"

I looked at my baby brother and the confused expression on his face before I could answer Tessa spoke.

"That lady was mum, do you remember her?" Oscar shook his head and Tessa sighed. "That's okay but promise us if she leaves you won't get upset."

Frowning Oscar looked concerned but then he nodded. "I promise, Tessa."

"Evil cow," I muttered under my breath just as Tessa caught my eye and raised one of her eyebrows, in reply I just shrugged.

We went into the empty classroom that I had been in earlier this morning and as I sat down I squeezed Ozzy's hand, in turn he squeezed Tessa's as well. Tessa sat down, with Oscar on her lap but I couldn't sit still so I paced.

It wasn't long until Ria came in with the twins in their buggy, I guess she knew that I was agitated and pissed off because the second she was by me she pulled me into a hug to steady me.

"Fliss, calm down."

"But why now? Everything was fine," I mumbled into her shoulder.

Ria held me at arms length and replied, "I have no idea, Flick, but I have a feeling we're going to find out soon."

As if summoned dad and nana Marge entered closely followed by our so called mother. I took her in, she was still tall with dirty blonde hair but she looked very tanned. I turned away not wanting to see her and went and knelt in front of the buggy hoping my babies would soothe me.

Aubri threw her pink bunny and yelled, "Uh-oh."

Which made me laugh, I went to reach for it but a pair of heels on the stone floor told me otherwise and as I looked up into her bluey-green eyes she smiled at me.

Handing the bunny back to Aubri, mum started to coo at her and Bentley in stupid baby talk, something I don't do now they're starting to speak. Before I could tell her off for it she spoke looking at Ria who was sat on one of the desks.

"Oh, Rhianon, they're gorgeous, this little one," she pointed at Aubri. "Definitely looks like you," Mum announced.

That pissed me off big time and I shot Ria a look and raised my eyebrows.

"They're not mine, mum," Ria said loudly.

Needless to say she looked shocked. "Well they must be, they're certainly not your father's and they are definitely not Tessa or Felicity's."

I was so close to ripping my hair out, she infuriated me that much, I looked over at Tessa.

"Tess, take them outside please, find Lily and Dom," I instructed her calmly as I gave Bentley and Aubri a kiss. "And Oscar."

Tessa happily obliged and although her eyes were wide and worried she smiled and left us alone. Once the door shut behind her I saw Ria cast muffliato because I was sure no one wanted to hear our family drama and I let rip.

"What makes you so bloody certain that the twins are Ria's?"

Mum looked at me as if I was still a little girl, she spoke to me as if I was one as well. "Well they are not yours or Tessa's because you're both far too young."

I scoffed. "Well Ria doesn't have kids because they are mine. I am their mother," I told her as my tone of voice became louder and all the anger and hate that had built up over the years came spewing out.

Mum took a step back look outraged. "How could you have been so stupid, you got pregnant at what fourteen?" she questioned.

I glared at her. "I was Sixteen," I growled. "And anyway if my darling mother was there to teach me sex education instead of a really awkward conversation with my big sister who was fourteen at the time, then maybe I would have know more!"

"That's still too young." Mum cried ignoring what I said about her.

"Um pot, kettle, black," I pointed out.

"You're not making sense, Felicity?"

"You're a bloody hypocrite mum, how old were you when you got pregnant with Ria?" I yelled at her as Tessa came back in. "Oh yeah sixteen and you were seventeen when you had her. You do not have the right to lecture me about being a young mum. Ria's been a better mother to me than you ever have been. Where were you when I found out I was pregnant? Were were you when I gave birth or when I really needed my mum? You were god knows where, half way around the world!" I screamed.

I was about to take another dig at her when Ria spoke  which totally surprised me because I thought she wasn't as mad at mum as I was, yet I could hear it in her voice that she was pissed.

"You just upped and left one night, you left your husband and four children. One of them only having just turned one year old."

"And now he doesn't have a clue who you are." Tessa chimed in as she strolled over.

"Did you know Tessa cried for a whole week after you left and she hated leaving the house just in case you came back to us. Do you know how horrible it is to watch your little sister have to go through that, let alone help explain that you might not ever be back?" Ria questioned mum as she started to choke up on her words, pausing only so that she could wipe away her tears. "I have had to grow up and so has Flick, we both became mothers when it could have been avoided. I'm not saying Flick shouldn't have had the twins, I'm saying we've been through so much and you're partly the reason."

"Your own father is dead," I said as I looked directly at her despite dad trying to tell me to shut up, it was a low blow and I shouldn't have done it but it was like I had verbal diarrhoea I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. "Yeah you would have know if you had been here. It was shortly after you left."

As if she thought I would lie about something like that she turned to her mother who was quietly crying. "Is it true mum? Is dad really dead?"

Nana Marge nodded. "Yes, he just couldn't fight any more."

I went to nana and hugged her. "I'm sorry," I whispered because I knew I was in the wrong. "But she had to know."

Nana squeezed me tight. "I know my dear. Why are you here Kathrynn?"  Still holding onto me nana eyed her daughter suspiciously.

I swear mum rolled her eyes, "I'm here for my daughter's graduation of course."

"I didn't see you here for mine," Ria snapped.

Dad moved as far as way from mum has he could so that was by Tessa and Ria, as if sensing Ria might do something stupid.

"I didn't know when it was, I only knew of today because I saw Felicity in the papers. You've been causing quite a stir haven't you, dating that Potter boy. I still get The Daily Prophet you know, where ever I am. There was an announcement about the graduation with a list of all the people in the year and I spotted our daughter's name. Of course there was another article alongside about the the love lives at Hogwarts and Felicity was mentioned once again." Mum explained, glancing at me and then dad.

"Do you know what, I'm not buying any of this crap. You left us and yes things were awfully crappy for a while but we managed and we got by. Nana moved to be closer to us after bampa died, along with her and dad Ria helped bring us up despite still only being a kid herself. You might regret getting pregnant so young which is why you left but I don't and I never will. I love my kids more than anything in the world which is why I would never, ever leave them like you left us. You're just a reminder of someone that I never want to be like."

I paused before continuing, ignoring the tears that were running down my cheeks. "Did you really expect that when you turned up everything would be like it was before you left? Well it's not, we've managed fine since you left. So why don't you just go back to whatever tropical paradise you came from because clearly that was much more important than us!" I screamed at mum before crossing the room, opening the door and running out into the chaos of teachers, parents and seventh years.

I cursed to myself as I crossed the entrance hall escaping through the crowds that were off to get drinks and nibbles, ignoring the shouts of 'Flick!'.

I hate her, I hate her for coming back, I hate her for leaving us. But do you know what, I'm glad she did. Ria's been a better mother to me in the past seven years that she has my whole life time.

I didn't stop until I was in the common room away from my stupid pain in the ass, globe trotting mother. I yelled at the kids who were sat chatting on the sofa and they scampered off to the dorms without a backwards glance, I kicked my silver heels off and curled up on the sofa.

Why is my life such a huge freakin' mess? My mother thinks it's okay to turn up after seven bloody years, my best friend is just about speaking to her one cousin, Scorpius has turned into an idiot and of course not forgetting that I have twins by the youngest son of Harry Potter.

And to top it all off Al still doesn't know and I have to tell him by the end of the night.

"Arghh!" I screamed in frustration as I picked up the book one of the kids had left and threw it hard at the stone fireplace.

"Flick, are you okay?" Came Al's voice as he entered with his hands up in surrender. "You're not going to throw anything at me are you?"

I looked at him through my tears soaked lashes, his graduation robe was slung over his arm and to me he looked perfect with his messy hair and green eyes.  And because of that all I could think of was Bentley and Aubri and I burst out crying again, covering my face with my hands.

I knew Al had come over as the sofa sagged slightly when he sat down and pulled me into his arms. "Shh, Flick, it's okay." he muttered soothingly as he stroked my hair.

"It's not, Al, it's far from okay," I sobbed into his shirt.

"It is, I saw your mum. Guessing you aren't happy she's back?"

Oh Al, you might know lots of things about me but one thing is that I will never be glad to see my mother, I thought. I shook my head as I hiccuped.

"Are Lily and Dom looking after Oscar and the twins?" I asked through hiccups.

"Yeah, I think they're okay I didn't really stick around when I saw you come out the classroom crying."

I snuggled closer to Al inhaling his scent as I tried to calm myself down, it was no use even just thinking of my mother made my blood boil. She may have carried me for nine months, given birth to me and looked after and loved me until I was eleven but she is no longer my mother. She hasn't been for years.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Al offered as I moved my head so I could look at him.

In a quiet voice I said, "Not yet, you don't need to know anything more than she's a horrid selfish person and I hate her."

Wrapping his strong arms around me, even more Al didn't question anything and he didn't speak except to soothe me and tell me that he loved me.

I felt nothing but safe and happy in his arms, and at this moment I wanted nothing more to feel safe and happy which is why I shut my eyes wishing that today was a very bad dream.


I eventually untangled myself from Albus, despite the hot kissing we had going on. I had stopped crying and I felt semi normal again as well as calm.

"I'll be back now."

I picked up my shoes and ran up to the dorms leaving him looking bemused. Looking in the mirror I sorted out my face which was slightly flushed as well as the mascara steaks. Once I looked presentable again I chucked my shoes in my trunk and searched until I found my silvers flats, yes my heels had looked good but they had been killing me.

I slid them on and took one finally look in the bathroom mirror, you could probably tell I had been crying but then again so had some of the others so maybe it wouldn't look too odd. Spotting the bottle of bubbly Rory had earlier I shook it carefully and found there was still some left in the bottom, I drank what was left hoping it would give me the courage I never thought I had.

I ran down the stairs to the common room feeling a bit happier, Al was still sprawled on the sofa so I went over and attempted to pull him up.

"Come on," I moaned, then I saw his watch and my eyes widened as it was just gone four. "Shit we're going to be late for the meal," I muttered.

"There's plenty of time and anyway we can always got to the kitchens later on."

I shook my head at him and proceeded to pull on his arm until he stood up, and when he did I started to drag him out the common room. Once in the entrance hall which was now fairly empty, I stopped and Al welcomed me into his arms. I nuzzled his neck and then kissed him.

"Thank you," I whispered as I held my hand out which he took.

"Anything for you, Fliss, anything. I'll always love you.

"I'll always love you too, Potter," I added and smiled.

Laughing hand in hand, we entered the great hall which was decorated similarly to the marque except there were loads of round tables with chairs surrounding them all ready for the three course meal which was due to start at half four.

I spotted most of the Weasley-Potter family at tables near to where dad and nana were with Ria and mum. Tessa and Oscar however were sat with Dom, James, Rose, Rory, the boys and Fred; one of Al's many cousins.

I smiled when I saw my babies, thinking that it was incredibly weird having most of their family here in this room when Lily mouthed something to me, "Have you told him?"

"Tonight," I mouthed back and she nodded as she passed Aubri back her pink bunny after she dropped it again.

"Hey, Al, guess what?" Fred teased as he started to laugh after looking at James and then Al.

"What?" Al replied rolling his eyes.

"You see that kid by there," Fred said pointing at Bentley who was stood on Tessa's lap. "He looks freakishly like you did when you were a baby. It's like I found your double," he laughed again and I saw Tessa, Dom and Lily's eyes all go wide as they realised what he had said.

Al looked from Bentley on Tessa's lap to Aubri in the buggy and then to me as he mouthed something inaudible. "They're not Ria's are they?" he whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

I opened my mouth to say of course they were hers, but as Al looked at me I could tell that somehow in the space of a few seconds he had worked it out. I shook my head and Al then said the four words that I expected myself to be saying.

"We need to talk."

A/N  Dun, dun, dun!!! Mwhahahaha, I'm evil aren't I :D

Just writing the end of this chapter gave me chills, and this chapter just gave me all the emotions, I had to stop writing at one point because even I was annoyed at Flick's mum.

Flick says her mother was sixteen when getting pregnant with Ria and she was seventeen when she had her. Flick's dad was seventeen and whilst Kathrynn decided to drop out of Hogwarts she told Lewis to stay to finish his education. So in a way it's a bit like history repeating itself with Flick and Al, (although Al didn't know).

Flick left school because she knew it was for the best and she wanted Al to still get his education, but unlike her mother Flick got home schooled and of course went back for her seventh year. This is one of the reason Flick's hates her mum so much as she knows she could never do that to Bentley and Aubri so Flick doesn't understand why her mother did it.

Edited - 04.10.2014

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Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Forty-One


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