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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 17 : Safe
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Gorgeous CI from Hobbit' @TDA :)

AN: I am so so so so sorry for the horrible wait for this chapter... I really have no great excuse, just life! Please enjoy this chapter and read and review! :)


Hermione could hear the footsteps coming closer as they echoed off the cold stone floor. She could feel the blood from her wounds seeping onto the marble, but didn't have the energy to even move her hand to staunch them. She lay stretched out on the floor, her arm stretched as if to escape. The footsteps were almost to the bottom of the stairs now, Hermione struggled to push herself onto her knees, but collapsed again as she felt the full extent of her injuries. She could now see out of the corner of her eyes a pair of black dress shoes stepping off of the stairs, then heard a her name cried out as the feet came rushing toward her. Suddenly she was grasped in a pair of strong arms. The pain of her injuries was just too much as she screamed at the top of her lungs and promptly lost consciousness.


The seats outside of Hermione Malfoy's hospital room were completely filled. A sea of red hair was interrupted by one of shining blonde, Draco Malfoy sat with his head in his hands.


A nurse came down the hallway, her feet slapping against the tiled floor in foreboding succession. She made her way slowly to stop in front of the gathered people. “Mr. Malfoy? Your wife has been cleared for visitors now, one at a time”.


Draco surged to his feet, a wild look in his eyes as he strode quickly to the door on the other side of the hallway, yanking it open he walked into the room. Hermione laid on the hospital bed, her pale skin almost matching the stark white of the hospital sheets. Bruises blossomed over her delicate skin and even from feet away, Draco could see her split lip. Draco drew a sharp intake of breath as he slowly walked towards her. Sitting on the edge of the bed he hesitantly moved his hand toward her face, stroking the side of it lightly.


Hermione's eyes drifted open blearily, slowly adjusting to the harsh fluorescent light. Draco grasped her hand, leaning towards her. “Hermione, love can you hear me?”


“Yes” Hermione croaked, her voice raw and pained.


Draco grabbed a glass of water off of the bedside table and thrust it into her hand. Hermione drank greedily, draining the glass in an instant.


“Hermione... Do you... Remember me?” Draco asked, movingly slightly away from her.


Hermione frowned “Of course, why wouldn't I?”


“I.. I thought that when I found you, you had perhaps been obliviated.” Draco replied, moving back to his original spot.


“No, no I remember everything, I wasn't screaming because I didn't know you, I was screaming in pain”Hermione motioned to her multiple injuries.


“Oh Merlin, I'm so sorry my love, this is all my fault” Draco cried, his head pressed to the mattress.


“No, no Draco, darling it isn't.” Hermione replied, grabbing Draco's hand and kissing the palm.


“Hermione I was supposed to keep you safe, that was my mission. I failed. I failed you.” Draco said through gritted teeth.


Hermione leaned forward, ignoring the pain and gripped Draco's face tightly. “Don't you ever, ever say that again. We can make it through anything, this is not your fault”.

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