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In Your Hands by laughingfornow
Chapter 1 : James Potter the second and Kitty Meow Meow
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credit to aconite at TDA for the amazing chapter image!

A/N:  It's my first story up here and I really hope you like it. Thanks a bunch!











I have a large family and two best friends. I live in England and I go to boarding school in Scotland. Really, it seems average.


There’s just that one thing.


 I’m a witch.


 My family’s magical, my friends are magical, I live in a magical village and my boarding school is named Hogwarts. It trains witches and wizards from ages eleven to seventeen various magical spells and skills to prepare them for the magical world.


 It’s pretty fantastic, really.


 Every September 1st, everyone boards the school train (The ‘Hogwarts Express’) and it takes us to the school.


 In my family, I am the only girl of six kids and the second youngest child. So, you can say that I grow up with being pranked, teased and beaten which actually didn’t make me very reclusive (at least, I hope not). It just made me a tad violent.


 My best friends I mentioned earlier? Their names are Sansa and Bennett. I’ve really been hoping they… you know… get together or spontaneously begin snogging in the nearest broom closet.


 Ahem. Point is, I’ve really been hoping they become a couple.


 I think I’m done with talking just about my life. Let’s talk about someone else.


 James Potter. The second.




 I really hadn’t planned on hating him but he started it. I won’t go into details but I don’t trust him anymore than I trust Kitty Meow Meow alone with a bag of cat treats.


 I’m being judged, aren’t I? I was eleven, for Agrippa’s sake. I’d inherited the cat from my eldest brother who is just horrid at picking names. Poor Kitty Meow Meow (or for short, Kitty) has to endure all other cats making fun of him. Isn’t that just sad?


 I went off topic again.


 The topic was James Potter. The second.


 ‘The second’ is very important to add in there. It adds to the drama.


 You would think there is no reason for us to ever cross paths and we could go on living our lives never seeing each other.




 It’s never like that in stories like these. Never. There’s always a complication.


 One of mine happens to be that we both live in Godric’s Hollow (magical village, remember?) and whenever I open the blinds to my window, I am not greeted to the view of mountains or a pleasant little village with nine year olds blowing balloons or flying kites.


 Nope. Fate doesn’t like me so this isn’t what I deserve, apparently.


 Let me give you an image.


 There I am, laid on my bed, just barely waking up. My brown hair is in the biggest possible mess and there’s dried drool (gross, right?) on the side of my mouth. I still have sleep dust in the corner of my eyes and my arms feel limp and antsy.


 I tried to do the traditional movie wake-up. The one where arms wave above the head and the protagonist gives a little yawn and then jumps out of the bed.


 It wouldn’t work because my arm would hit my head and when I try jump out of bed, I roll. I actually roll out of bed. If that doesn’t say I’m not a loon, I don’t know what will.


 The room isn’t that dark because sunlight is filtering out the edges of the blinds so I can see where I’m walking.


 Every morning, it’s the same thing. I just keep forgetting he’s there.


 Anyways, let’s get back on track.


 I opened the blinds and he’s there.


 If you haven’t realized by now, James Potter the second is doing pull-ups on a bar hanging in his room which is right in front of mine.


 He’s completely flaunting his strength while he did the pull ups with one arm and read a textbook in the other.


 Like every other morning that we don’t spend at boarding school, he just lifted his eyes to mine and I began to glower at him. His eyes widened and he jumped down to take a good look at me.


 I don’t sleep in a lot of clothes. I mean, I’m in my own room. My nudity should be encouraged. But, do not worry, I’m not nude.


 You seem to forget I have four older brothers and a younger one. While my nudity should be encouraged, pictures of it going around the Wiz-Net are not a good idea.


 I just sleep in jogging shorts and a sports bra. That’s really just because it’s some of what I wear to go out running.


 My body isn’t perfect. It really isn’t. I don’t have a six pack, four pack, or even a two pack, which should be expected with all I do, but I just eat a lot. I don’t actually have a lot of weight on me and I’m generally not ashamed of my body.


 Do you remember the nudity rant? Yeah.


 But the way James Potter the second looks at me just gives me goosebumps.


 He’s still laughing as he bent down, scribbles something down and lifts a notebook to show me what he wrote.



Looking good, Wood.



I stopped glowering at him to roll my eyes. I leant down to my desk which was positioned just under The Window and I wrote something in return.


 I picked it up and showed it to him.


 In the reflection of the window, I could see the message.


 Go back to kicking puppies.



 I had then drawn a foot kicking something that could barely resemble a puppy.


 After putting the notebook down, I flipped him off and stalked off to the bathroom.



 Now, let’s go back to the present.


 It's October 26th and I’m just trying to pass time on a Saturday late afternoon with my two best friends in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room.


 “…doesn’t it make sense, Finn?” Pause. “Finn.”


 I jolted back to attention and my eyes snapped to Ben’s.


 “Sorry, Ben. I’m just tired. Sansa’s fault.”


 Sansa gasped in mock outrage. “I am offended, Finn. I just didn’t know what to exfoliate my skin with. One made it shiny and smooth but the other smelled like roses. It was a very hard decision.”


 “Of course it was, Sansa. Do you find it in your golden heart to forgive a poor lass like me?”


 Ben groaned.


 "Well,” Sansa sniffed, “I might.”


 I laughed loudly and then tried to smuggle my chuckles with the fluffy red pillow.


 “I’ve changed my mind. You’re not forgiven. Off with your head. Sir Bennett, take her to the dragon dungeons.”


 Ben just groaned again and rested his head in his hands.


 “Keep it down over there, I’m actually trying to do my homework,” a voice called angrily and I peered over the couch to see James Potter the second sitting at one of the tables on the opposite side of the common room.


 “Is it really happening? Somebody pinch me. I think I’m dreaming,” I said dramatically.


 James Potter the second rolled his eyes.


 “Stop checking for a brain, you haven’t got one.”


 James Potter the second rose from his chair and crossed the room in five menacing strides. He stood, towering over me (only because I was sitting down), and his ears where turning red with anger.


 I just sat there, comparing James Potter the second to an angry bull. His nose was flaring, he was breathing in pants and he seemed to be sizing me up.


 “You don’t want to fight me, James Potter,” I said calmly, checking my cuticles.


 James Potter the second snorted. “Oh? And why is that? Afraid I might kill you or something?”


 “Psst. Sansa.” Bennett whispered to Sansa. They had both backed away and were sitting a couple meters from the Danger Zone.


 “What is it, Ben?” She replied.


 Bennett asked, “why did he get so mad because she said he has no brain?”


 “I don’t know, Ben. Just watch.”


 In the meanwhile, I was just feeling James Potter the second burn holes into my head.


 “No. You wouldn’t be able to kill me, James Potter. Besides, don’t men have a code not to hurt girls or something?”


 James Potter the second snorted. “I’ll make an exception. And you don’t do any physical exercise except for a jog in the mornings. You have no power to beat me with.”


 I just found that very funny. You see, after this very threatening exchange that should have me terrified for my life, I just began laughing hysterically. I got up and stumbled to the girls’ dorm, laughing the entire way.


 I’m psychotic. There is no other explanation for it. That’s it. I’m going to be sent to St Mungo’s. I should say goodbye to everyone. Really. So, the only thing to do is flop down on my bed like a pregnant flobberworm (which I’m not. I hope. Oh Merlin, it would explain so much) and read a book.


 A meow brought my mind back to the present (it really does tend to drift off) and I glanced down to see Kitty Meow Meow wrapping his gray tail around one of the pole’s of the bed.


 “Aw. Come here, Kitty.”


 He lifted his head and slowly made his way across my bed to jump on my chest and curl up there. He gave a throaty purr and I giggled. Like a bleeding four year old… wow. Does anyone even giggle anymore? Well…aside from me.


 Putting the thought of giggling out of my mind, I picked up a book that had probably been thrown on my bed by Louise Mellows (muggleborn, absolutely adorable, finds me a little scary) and I began reading.


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In Your Hands: James Potter the second and Kitty Meow Meow


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