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Deadly Affairs by DracosSexxiSlytherins
Chapter 6 : Broken Glass
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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the themes or characters referenced in this story that are the wonderful J.K. Rowling's, such as Hermione, Draco, Astoria, and of course the magical world.






Well this is awkward... I thought as I sat in the fancy restaurant that Astoria had just insisted on coming too. Personally I just thought it was far too open. All the walls were window, which showed the lovely layout of London.  Even the chairs were floating glass, which formed to your butt when you sat down. So weird… I thought, picking at my chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I had lost all of my appetite when I just saw Draco and Astoria snogging it out.



“Sooo…How are you Draco?” I said, trying to diffuse the tension surrounding our table.



Draco looked up startled that I would talk to him, “I’m…fine. How about you?”



“Well things have been pretty hectic ever since graduating Hogwarts…kinda boring if you ask me.” I sad with a melancholy smile.



Draco nodded in agreement and went back to looking at his food.  My gaze lingered on his tousled blond hair. I imagined running my hands through them over and over and over again.



THUNK! Astoria’s stiletto heeled foot stomped on me toes. Tears threatened to spill over as I gave her the What The Fuck?!! look. She glared at me with a look to kill. I rolled my eyes trying to not cry at the pain. Astoria’s right. I was staring and shouldn’t have been. He is her husband for God’s sake! Think good thoughts Hermione…good thoughts.



I distracted myself by looking out on the streets below, filled with people, and wishing that I could be one of them, walking in the dreary weather that I loved so much. Anything to get me out of there… I should go shopping with Luna later... I thought, my mind filling with the idea of all of those books that I could buy.



“So, Hermione, how do you like working under Mr. Hooty McOwlface?” Draco said, laughter filling his lovely grey eyes.



“Oh it’s just grand!” sarcasm dripping from my voice, “Filling out the paperwork that he is supposed to be doing is so much fun!”



Draco laughed, “Well maybe you should have come and worked in my department! You wouldn’t be stuck under anyone, we have…”



But I didn’t hear a word he said. I couldn’t get over the sound of his deep, gorgeous laugh. Can a laugh be gorgeous? Oh, how I wanted to drown in that laugh. It was a wonderful, tangible thing that I just wanted to wrap myself up in.



“…Hermione...Hermiiiiiiione! Wake up!” Astoria’s sharp voice sliced through my not-so-clean thoughts involving Draco and his laugh, “What’s wrong with you? You keep spacing out and it’s really beginning to annoy me.” She said with contempt.



I cut her a glare, and then something inside me just snapped. I was tired of the way she was treating me and she was going to get a piece of my mind, “Well excuse me! I wouldn’t want to be annoying you now would I? You know what, Astoria? Your attitude is annoying me!” I was on a rant and couldn’t stop, “Your face annoys me, your voice annoys me, and your clothes annoy me, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU ANNOYS ME!”



Astoria stood up, her chair scraping across the linoleum floor, “You take that back Hermione Granger! Or I’ll make you regret it!” The windows started rattling and my utensils clattered to the floor. There was something in her eyes that made me think she was serious. A kind of monstrous gaze that took over her usually immaculate face.



“Astoria, my dear, why don’t you calm down. You were being somewhat rude to Hermione. Now, Hermione may have overreacted, but meant nothing by what she said.” Draco said lightly putting a hand on Astoria’s arm.



She jerked out of his touch growling at him. Growled at him. Who does that?!  Thought Hermione, so uncivilized. “No Draco! I will not calm down! I have had it up to here with how Hermione’s been acting! Have you seen the way she looks at you?!” she turned her gaze on Hermione, “You slut! I’m married to him! Not you.  I’m the one he fell in love with! Not. You. Got that?” she snapped.



I felt the blush creeping up the back of my neck. Was I that obvious? I tried to steady my voice, “Astoria. Be logical. I was doing no such thing. I have not even seen Draco today!  I have hardly said one word to him. Stop jumping to conclusions and sit back down. People are beginning to stare!” I said looking around embarrassedly at the scene my friend was making. Again, Astoria must have all eyes on her, I thought sulkily.



Draco nodded fervently, his worried eyes on his wife. “Hermione’s right, Astoria. Please, sit down.”



Astoria shook her head, and with it her long blonde waves swung back and forth. “No…no…no.” she murmured. Hermione saw her lip tremble, “Astoria, what’s wrong?” Hermione watched her friend squeeze her eyes shut and her face scrunch up into a grimace.



“Astor-“, Draco started.



“ENOUGH!” Astoria screamed. Then all of the clear glass in the restaurant exploded into billions of shards.



As I looked at Hermione pick at her food all I could feel was contempt. The way she had gazed at Draco earlier still bugged me. Look at her, trying to seem all innocent. She knows what she did, you know what she did. Doesn’t that make you want to scream at her? The voice was right. She did look at him. But was that any way to act towards a friend? Even if they did something wrong?



While continuing along with the tiring mini argument between the voices in my head I faintly heard Draco try carry on a conversation with Hermione. Mentally I sighed to myself, Guess I should at least try to talk to them.



When bringing myself back to reality I glanced over and saw Hermione gaze at Draco. What the hell? A feeling of possessiveness washed through me, what kind of friend does that? Does she have no respect for me anymore? Is this her way of getting back at me for not telling her about the wedding? She is not your friend anymore Astoria. She is trying to steal your husband away from you! Hermione would never do that to me! Are you sure? Oh why don’t you just shut up! I told the voice. Thankfully I heard no more.



“…is just so much fun!” I heard Hermione exclaim with a twinkle in her eyes as they raped my husband. Literally, raped him. It looked as if she would like nothing more than to lay Draco down on the table and do him right there. My lips curled at the thought.



Do you like being shown up? C’mon let’s correct her vulgar attitude. My black stilettoed foot shot out and stomped on Hermione’s small foot. Oh my, was that me? , I thought fretfully. I just hurt my best friend, how could I do that? Hermione’s head quickly swiveled towards me with pain brimming in her brown eyes.



See what happens when you let me take charge? People will finally see past all of our beauty, to the leader within. We are Slytherins, are we not? I gently shook my head, as if to get free of the recurring voice. ‘We’ are nothing! Nothing I tell you. You made me hurt my best friend! Get out of my head you evil demon.



I heard laughter in my head, actual laughter. It was not the laughter of my sweet Draco, it was the laughter of a maniac. Oh my dear Astoria. Don’t you understand? We are the same person… Together. For life.



I rolled my eyes coolly and brought my attention back to my best friend. She had the doll-eyed look back on her face as she stared at Draco. She just can’t take a hint can she?  



“…Hermione...Hermiiiiiiione! Wake up!” I told her loudly and with an edge to my voice, “What is wrong with you? You keep zoning out and it’s really beginning to annoy me.” I said, thinking that she would let me have my say.



Keeping my gaze expressionless I calculated Hermione’s reaction. For some reason I wanted her to snap, all those nice thoughts about her being my friend were gone. I wanted her to snap. Her face went from a deep blush to purely angry in a manner of seconds. She started yelling at me but I didn’t care. I had already gotten the reaction wanted out of her.



I just sat there, not hearing a sound. It was eloquent bliss, to sit and hear nothing. Until some of her words started to sink in. It was like I was being doused in glacial water. That’s when I lost all of my common sense. Have you ever been so deep in anger that afterword you don’t remember what you had said or done? It was an anger that had been built up inside me for far too long, and was about to be released.



Do it now! Pull out your wand and hex her right here! The voice said to me with malice covering its every syllable, lose all control and let your deepest desires rise.



Now I’ve been scared before, I was scared during the battle of Hogwarts, and scared while falling in love with Draco, but losing control of your brain is to be the most feared out of all them.



All the voices were crowding my head. All piling up like brooms in a traffic jam. “Astoria do this!” they said, “Astoria do that!” Oh what I would only give for some peace and quiet! There was a tremor on the inside of my body, begging for release. It was powerful and strong. Maybe, the tremor would stop the voices if I let it lose.



“ENOUGH! “I shouted.



Only then, did the tiny logical part of my brain begin to function once again. Just in time for the glass shards of the windows to cut into my skin and shred me to pieces. 


(a/n) We hope you liked it! Sorry for the long wait, we had finals, and all of that lovely school stuff. Please Please Pleeeeease R&R <3



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