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Remember Me by writeramandamarie
Chapter 1 : Remember Me
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Disclaimer: Song belongs to Bo Bice and its writers. Everything else, JKR

Darkness comes
And sheds its light on me
It makes me feel like
What we had was really nothing at all

Hermione rolled over and stared out of the black window. It was the tenth sleepless night she had spent in the Head Girl’s room, and her eyes burned. She wanted to scream, but her voice had left her.

His face was fresh in his mind. It had only been a few days since he left her, but to her it had been an eternity. She had nothing left but to cry and remember how it used to be.

Now do you care
Or am I in this alone?
Well maybe I am

Hermione sat sluggishly between her two best friends. She stared at the breakfast feast in front of her and sighed.

“You know, Hermione,” Harry placed his arm around her, “it’s really not the end of the world.”

Ron nodded, his red hair bouncing across his face. “Yeah. You’re much better off without him.”

Hermione burst into tears and ran out of the Great Hall. “What a way to be supportive, mate.” Harry glared at him, but Ron just shrugged.

So this is love?
It feels like agony
I want you here ‘cause
The thought you with someone else
Is hell on Earth

The sun glistened off of the lake. Hermione sighed and stared off into the distance. She had never felt so empty; so alone. She felt as if she’d never love again. Her whole world was crashing down around her.

“Hey, Hermione.” Harry and Ron stood behind her, carrying their bags of gold. Hermione nodded to acknowledge them, but said nothing.

Ron cleared his throat. “Uh, we just wanted to see if you wanted to go into Hogsmeade with us.” It was his way of apologizing to her.

She shook her head. “No thanks, Ron.”

“Do you want us to pick you up anything?”

She shook her head again. “No thanks, Harry.” They left her and silence overtook her, until she heard a familiar laugh. She looked behind her and there he was, holding his hands with Pansy Parkinson. Tears burst from her eyes and she fell to the ground.

I can’t breathe
Knowing that you don’t believe
In all that we had
So all that I ask is
Remember me
Remember all that times
All those endless nights
We didn’t want to sleep
Oh remember me
And how I made you laugh
Until I made you cry
We had everything
And don’t you ever forget

Draco shut the common room door behind him and yawned. It was nice not to have all the childish Slytherins around all the time. “One of the perks to being Head Boy.”

He flopped onto the couch and his eyes fell on an unusual looking book. “What is this?” He picked it up and read the title. “Remember Me.” He opened the cover. It was a scrapbook full of pictures. They were pictures of him during the summer.

He had gone to visit his aunt. No one knew about his Aunt Josephine. It would be devastating to his reputation if anyone knew about his squib aunt. This visit was different. He had met her there. Many nights they snuck out to spend nights together. They talked, they laughed. He had fallen in love with her, but he couldn’t let anyone know about it. What would they think of him? A Slytherin and a Mudblood Gryffindor?

His feelings changed the moment he opened the last page. They had shared their first kiss under the moonlight. He closed his eyes, remembering the feelings that had come to him that moment, and he smiled.

All of the memories
Are leaving me empty
Oh how I want you here right now
It gets so lonely
I need you to hold me
Everything else just brings me back
Remember me

“Hermione!” Draco had finally found her sitting under the old oak tree at the edge of the lake. He fell to his knees beside her and cried. “Hermione, I’m sorry. I’ve been so stupid! I love you! Please forgive me.”

Hermione was frozen. Had he just said that? She cried and fell into his arms. She had missed him more than she knew. “Hold me.”

Draco squeezed her. “I will. Always.”

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