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A Not So Normal Life (After All) by newgenerationlover
Chapter 1 : An Introduction
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Thank you so much to calico @tda for this AH-mazing chapter image of G! 


 My foot jiggled against one of the legs of my desk, shaking it slightly.  I glanced at the clock for what seemed like the thousandth time in the hour- 20 more minutes.  

I began to twist my hair around my fingers, creating long curls before letting it go and spring right back to its slight wavy-ness.  

My foot jiggled faster.  Harriet, the girl who sits in front of me in this class, turned around and shot me a look that clearly said- ‘Stop the jiggling or I will rip your head off faster than you can say quidditch.’  However, she probably wouldn’t say ‘quidditch’ per say, more like soccer or football. Sigh.  No one understands my Harry Potter references.  

19 more minutes.  I swear, this clock is ten times slower than normal clocks.   

I began to count the tiles on the ceiling.  Anything would be more interesting than hearing Mr. Butler drone on and on about the Scarlet Letter.  I bet none of the classes would be this boring at Hogwarts.  I mean, you are studying about freaking magic!  I still don’t understand why Harry and Ron always complained about all their homework.  I mean, if I went to Hogwarts, I would happily do my magical homework about the magical world in the magical library in the most magical school.  However, I’m stuck here in a muggle school, surrounded by people who have “better things to do” than obsess over Harry Potter.  Sigh.  

15 more minutes.  Ok,  only 15 more minutes before class ends and I can go home and read more about Albus Potter and Alicia Wood.  I started the story last night and I am already seven chapters in and already enthralled.  

My life completely changed when I found out about HPFF.  I had always been a fan of Harry Potter, buying the books, reading them countless times, going to the last couple midnight premieres of the movies, going to Harry Potter World a couple times, and even getting my own wand.  Then, everything started to drift away from me.  Something that was so dear to me was slipping through my hands like sand.  It started after the last movie came out.  It seemed like everything was coming to a close.  Like I lost a part of myself and my childhood.  Then, I found fanfiction.  The world suddenly opened itself right back up to me because, as long as someone was loyal to Harry Potter and would keep telling his story, then it would never leave me.  

See, I am so obsessed I even fit in a Dumbledore quote into my own inner monologue.  I don’t know if that is sad or awesome... I’m going to go with awesome.

But anyway, back to my story.  I found a world that I could live in and beyond the books.  I was in love.  I am in love.  It is the place that I go to take me away from this dreary world I live in.  A place where anything is possible and the Potter children keep finding love, along with Draco and Hermione, Victiore and Teddy, and even countless completions of the love saga of Harry and Ginny.

Right now I am currently reading through the site’s archives of Humor stories placed in the new generation, and I am completely hooked.  And now, the only thing that I really want to do is for the damned school to end so I can go home and read more about Albus Potter and Alicia Wood.  Right now they are currently being stupid with each other, constantly flirting and being perfect for the other but not yet realizing how in love they are.  I really want to know what will happen.  Will the author pull along their story, never letting them get together before the last chapter?  Will she/he get them together very soon and just have some bumps along the ride in their relationship?  I need to know!  


I jumped slightly and look at the clock.  My inner monologue took up a lot of time because it is now 3:00 and you know what that means: school has ended and it istime to finish the story!  

I leap, not so gracefully, out of my seat and threw my backpack over my shoulder, making it out of the classroom door before anyone else.  I speed walked to my locker, pushing my way through people walking out of their classrooms and talking with their friends.  

Talking with friends after school.  Pfffhhtt.  I have better things to do that that.  Muahhaha...  I think I have officially gone crazy from the lack of a life.  

I reached my locker and spun the right numbers into the lock.  I opened my locker, threw the books from my last class into it and took the couple books I would need for my homework out.  

I smiled.  I was homefree.


Or not.  I turned around to see my best friend Paige walking toward me.

“Sup, gurlfryand.”

She grimaced. “Please don’t ever say that again.”

“Sorry, can’t make any promises.”

She shook her head and rolled her eyes but there was a smile playing on her lips.  “Do you want to grab some food?”

I grimaced exaggeratedly. “Sorry, I can’t today, I have a bunch of homework.”  I actually don’t but I really wanted to go read, and that did not include her and food.  

“Oh, ok, well I’ll see you tomorrow!”  She turned and waved.  I waved back even though she couldn’t see me.

I shifted my books into a more comfortable position and headed out to the parking lot.  I felt bad for lying to Paige, I really did, but she didn’t, nor did anyone else, need to know why I was in such a big hurry to get back home.  That’s right. You heard me.  I haven’t told anyone about my habits of rushing home to a laptop that held all my desires. I’m not really sure why I haven’t except that the moment I tell someone they will probably start laughing in my face and never take me seriously again.  But nothing drastic or anything.

I drove home listening to some upbeat pop songs that I had heard twenty two thousand times, only going slightly over the speed limit to get home faster.  I pulled into the driveway and parked my car in the garage.  I noticed that neither of my parents’ cars were here on one of their surprise breaks from work, so I was officially home alone.  That doesn’t mean much to me except for the fact that I can skip the ‘how was your day’ talk for the moment and just go into my room.  

On my way to my room I went through the kitchen and grabbed the food of the gods- aka Goldfish. I took the stairs two at a time and in almost no time I had reached my room, my safe haven. I grabbed the laptop off my desk, jumped onto my bed, arranged my pillows, and began to read.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, HPFF, Goldfish, The Scarlet Letter (which is owned by Nathaniel Hawthorne), or anything else you recognise.  


Hi guys.  So I decided to start a new story.  Is anybody interested in reading it?  Please review!


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A Not So Normal Life (After All): An Introduction


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