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Albus Potter and the Sapphire of Slytherin by missatron
Chapter 10 : Familiar
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“I have no clue!” said Albus.

Rose sighed.

“We need to think,” she said

“I know,” said Albus “do you think that when she said the stone she meant the Sapphire of Slytherin?”

“Well what other stone could it be? Not the Philosophers – that has been destroyed. Not the Resurrection Stone because Voldemort never had that – it was always Dumbledore’s then Harry’s and I can’t think of any more stones,” said Rose “so I think yes, it probably is.”

“Yeah me too,” said Albus “Do you think that Voldemort ever got that letter?”

“I doubt it,” replied Rose “It wouldn’t be at Hogwarts other wise.”

Albus shrugged.

“Well what should we do about it?”

“I can’t think. All the things that I do think of are breaking the rules,” said Rose.

“Breaking the rules? I can’t believe that you just said that Rose. Breaking the rules?”

“You’ve got to have the rules in mind,” contradicted Rose.

“No, that’s not important. The Sapphire of Slytherin could be some really deadly weapon,” said Albus.

“But we don’t know what it is!” said Rose.

“So that’s why we have to find out,” said Albus.

“I suppose,” sighed Rose.

“So what are we going to do?”

“Well my first idea was to ask Professor Binns, the History of Magic teacher,” said Rose “but then I thought he might be a bit suspicious so I thought that we could look through his ‘out of bounds’ History of the Dark Arts book beacuse it’s likely to be in there. The only thing is well, I dont know how to get in. I mean I know that you have got your invisibility cloak, but at night they lock the doors. Do you know where  the keys are kept?”

“Yeah, in the caretakers office. I could probably get them now if you want,” suggested Albus.

“No, we have got flying now!”

Now? With Professor Slano?!” gasped Albus.

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh nothing,” muttered Albus, quickly grabbing his crimson Quidditch robes.

The lesson was with the Slytherins again and it was in the very same place. Although Albus had done nothing wrong, he was still feeling a little apprehensive about meeting Professor Slano once again since their detention. He was determined not to cross her path again.

There is something unusual about her, Albus thought as he walked to his flying lesson, I just dont know what!

Unlike last time, when Albus arrived at his lesson, Slano was already there.

“Late!” she barked as Albus approached “Two points points from Gryffindor.”

Albus stood there, holding his broom like a statue.

“Go and get a broom,” she demanded “from that bag over there!”

“I have got one miss,” mumbled Albus.

“No, I won’t accept Bullets. Too good, it is not fair on the others,” said Slano sharply.

“But it is fair. My mum and dad bought this!” protested Albus.

“Now, now Albus, you don’t want to get into trouble again,” said Slano.

Albus said nothing and traipsed over to the bag.

“Ahem! I think I’ll take that,” she said indicating to the Bullet.

Albus reluctantly obeyed her and handed her the Bullet.

“Go there,” she said and Albus went there.

“Now,” said Slano “we can carry on with our lesson after our rude interuption. Put up you hand if you have ever ridden a broomstick before.”

Half the class raised their hands and Slano counted them.

“Only nineteen out of a class of thirty?” she exclaimed “I’m appalled. Now people who can fly and have flown before well, just, well fly! Those who can’t, come with me.”

Although only nineteen of the class could actually fly, Slano was suprised to find that only ten people were in her group. She had made a bad impression on the class and they weren’t going to forget it.


Albus gingerly sat on Slanos’s Comet Two Twenty and slowly flew in to the sky. After riding on a Bullet, the Comet Two Twenty was pretty lame. Very lame. In fact it was so lame that it felt unusual. Unsafe. Not right. After a while of hovering in the air, he swooped down to swap his broom for another one. He picked up a RocketPower 100 and flew up in to the air. This time, in stead of being really slow and lame, it was jittery and un ruly. Something has been done to these brooms, I’m sure of it, thought Albus, she is doing something behind my back.

“Get down NOW!” Albus over heard Slano shout “STOP MAKING A FOOL OF YOUR SELF ON THAT BROOM. Are you taking the mickey?”

“No miss,” said James.

Albus flew over to see what was going on.

“Stop!” Albus hissed in James’ ear “You don’t want to cross her.”

But James ignored him.

“What are you doing here?!” she roared at Albus.

“Oh...... I was just er....... admiring the view,” he stammered.

“Excuses, excuses,” she tutted “See me after the lesson. Go!”

Albus flew away, shaking with anger. He had got him self in to trouble, again. And now he couldn’t go to get the keys with Rose. He had to tell her. The problem was: she was in Professor Slano’s group. How was he going to let her know? There was simply nothing that he could do to attract her attention without Professor Slano noticing. Albus sensed that something wasn’t as it seemed with Slano. His instinct was to escape but then the others would have to face trouble and besides, he had already left Hogwarts without permission.

His thoughts were interrupted by Slano sharply blowing her whistle.

“Everyone down now!” I have something to say to you!” she bellowed impatiently.

The class nervously swooped down, landing at her feet. She was acting perculiarly and her hair was growing weirldly fast, her short brown curls getting sleeker and blacker by the second. She quickly turned around and the class to go.

“But miss you wanted me-“ said Albus.

“I said go,” she snapped furiously.

Albus was in a way relieved. Every time he looked at her he had a weird feeling like he’d seen her before, but only her eyes. Her eyes. They had some kind of familiarness. But not good. Bad.

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Albus Potter and the Sapphire of Slytherin: Familiar


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