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Purebloods Don't Cry by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4- Polyjuice Conundrum
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Normal POV
I had finished my Charms homework and decided to go for a walk I was in a reflective mood; and I was also feeling quite upset so if I began crying I wanted to be far away from anyone. I decided against walking onto the grounds because it was rather cold at midnight in November at Hogwarts even the bigger rooms of the castle were cooler during the winter. I had been just wandering for several hours and I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten myself hopelessly lost. I was walking down a corridor when I heard my name and spun around wondering how anyone had found me in this immense castle.

“Tristan?” I asked staring at the silhouette coming towards me.

He smiled as he came into the light under the torch and I jumped on him hugging him. He hesitated for a split second before hugging me like we had been apart for years.

“Wanna go to the room of requirement?” I asked and he nodded, “Good you can lead the way since you found me you are obviously not as lost as I am.”

He chuckled and took my hand intertwining his fingers with mine and we walked to the ROR and I walked back and forth until the door appeared and we both went in. The room was the same as always and I didn’t even look around I just began stripping wanting the entire day to fall away the same way my clothes did. I jumped quickly into the king sized canopy bed and cuddled under the plush comforter instantly feeling calmer. Tristan climbed into bed and pulled me to him and I felt more secure than I ever had before. Maybe I did love him I was so confused but I was happy and comfortable so I would take some confusion in stride. He was kissing slowly down my neck and back so I rolled over to face him and he just stared at me for a good minute so I grabbed him and kissed him and he kissed me desperately and pulled me closer to him. He kissed down my jaw to my neck and along my collarbone and back up the other side to my lips. Then he suddenly stopped and just pulled me close and held me. I thought it was strange but I shrugged it off and cuddled as close to him as I possibly could.

As I was laying there drifting off to sleep Tristan brought his lips to my ear and whispered, “I love you.”

I rolled over and looked him in the eyes and it was very clear to me, “I’m sorry Tristan but I don’t love you yet.”

I didn’t know why but it hit me I didn’t love him not yet but I knew after tonight I could and that filled me with happiness and hope. He smiled and kissed me gently laying my head down onto his chest.

“That’s okay love.”

I wanted to ask questions about why he was taking this so well but I was exhausted and I let sleep take me over.
I woke up at nearly noon and Tristan was gone. I guess he had somewhere to be, maybe plans with his friends and didn’t worry too much about it. I smiled thinking about the night before as I pulled on my clothes and made my way back to my common room. Once inside I ran into a frantic looking Jade and my entire world got turned upside down.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Oh thank merlin you are okay!” Jade screeched and hugged me, “You have been missing for I don’t know how long.”

“Missing?” I arched my eyebrow at her.

“Yeah Tristan was here looking for you at like 9am and you weren’t with him and you weren’t in our dorm so you were missing,” Jade explained, “Where were you?”

I must’ve had a very confused look on my face because Jade waved her hand in front of my face.

“Uh Earth to Lina where were you?”

“Uh I was in the room of requirement with Tristan,” I replied.

“Very funny Lina but Tristan is out frantically looking for you.

“I’m serious Jade.”

She must’ve either believed my tone or the look on my face, “What kind of fucked up joke is Tristan playing then?”

“I don’t know let’s go find him and ask,” I replied.

It didn’t take us long to find Tristan, who had just come in from checking the grounds, and Jade immediately laid into him.

“What is wrong with you making me think my best friend was missing!” she snapped.

“Woah woah,” Tristan backed up, “Why are you mad at me?”

“You lied to her and freaked her out!” I snapped at him.

“I didn’t lie to her what are you talking about?”

“I was with you last night!” my voice was getting louder.
“You were not I was at Quidditch practice until 10 I showered then wrote my Transfiguration essay and then went to bed in my dorm. You can ask my team and my dorm mates.”

“Stop it Tristan this is not funny,” I hissed.

“Wait,” he scrutinized my face, “You really do think you were with me last night. Uh what happened?”

I shooed Jade and then went into detail of my night after leaving the common room, I didn’t think mentioning mine and Draco’s heart to heart mattered. Tristan listened and tried to line up times but no matter what it just wasn’t working and then suddenly his face got bright red and I could tell he was livid.

“That slimy, lowlife, pond scum, son of bitch, ferret.” Tristan yelled before storming off towards the dungeons.

For once in my life I was left wondering what Malfoy had done to piss someone off so I just followed him I basically had to run to keep up with Tristan’s walk. He stopped agitated at having to wait for the portrait to open and then he was in our common room screaming for Malfoy. Malfoy emerged from the boys’ dorm steps half-awake until he saw Tristan and me standing there; Tristan looking angry and me looking well confused for the umpteenth time that morning.

“What do you want Rhodes?” Malfoy snapped suddenly wide awake.

“I want you stay as far away from my girlfriend as possible for well ever,” Tristan yelled.

“I haven’t been anywhere near her, I’m too afraid I’d catch something she got off you,” Malfoy smirked, “Why? Was she moaning my name last night?”

I was getting angry at the entire situation from my confusion to Malfoy being a smartass.

“What the bloody hell is going on!” I screamed above the bickering boys.

Tristan turned around his face softening, “This git used polyjuice potion and pretended to be me last night!”

“You did what!” I screeched rounding on Malfoy.

“Hey now,” Malfoy said holding up his hands, “Rhodes is making wild accusations where is the proof?”

“Where were you last night Malfoy?” Tristan
snapped, “Because I was at Quidditch practice and then in bed.”

“I was in my own damn dorm thank you very much,” Malfoy replied.

“Anyone see you there?”

Malfoy paused, “Well no.”

“There’s my proof, and I bet there is a cauldron in your private bathroom that you used to brew it,” Tristan snapped.
“That’s complete bullshit Rhodes.”

“Well then can we go up and see?”

“I don’t want you in my room I’d hafta hire someone to disinfect it!”

Tristan just turned back to me, “You know he did it.”

I looked down at my feet thinking back to the night before and it made sense he never really spoke, we didn’t have sex, he randomly found me after Malfoy and I had had that awkward conversation; it made complete sense. Suddenly I was wondering how I felt because I wasn’t actually mad.
“I uh I need to be alone,” I muttered and rushed off out of the common room and headed straight back to the ROR knowing I could barricade myself in for as long as I needed.

The room was different than when I was here with Tristan or with who I thought was Tristan. There was no large bed just a full size bed in the corner a large brown suede sofa in front of a fireplace which had a large fire going as if it knew I was going to be up for a while. I flopped quite unceremoniously onto the sofa and stretched out staring into the flames.

I should be beyond pissed with Malfoy he tricked his way nearly into my pants. I would’ve slept with him in a heartbeat last night thinking he was Tristan and he was all over me. But he stopped why did he stop? And why did he say he loved me?

As I sat questioning I suddenly had an epiphany. That slimy little jerk was trying to see if I would say ‘I love you’ to Tristan because of the argument we had gotten into before I gave him some of my memories! I wanted to march right back to the common room and slap him but I also didn’t. I was angry at his motive but I wasn’t angry I had spent the night with him. There it was raging inside me again my feelings for him and I knew that was why I had realized I didn’t love Tristan the night before. I still loved Malfoy very much and being with him even as Tristan had given me the same feelings of warmth and security that I had felt in the few moments of happiness I had been able to share with Malfoy. I shook my head and let out a deep sigh my entire pureblood façade of strength was falling apart.

Draco’s POV

Rhodes was still bitching but I wasn’t paying attention I had watched Lina rush out and she had seemed pretty upset. I motioned to Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle who grabbed Rhodes and drug him out of the common room and I went back to my dorm.

I went into my bathroom and cleaned the cauldron out before shrinking it so I could return it to the Potions stock room later. I was pleased with how the shorter version of the polyjuice potion worked. While it only last for two hours it also only took two days to brew. I was hoping Snape would blame the stupid trio for the missing ingredients just like the last time but even if he found out it was me it was worth it. Knowing she didn’t love Rhodes had elated me and being able to have her so close again was indescribable. However, I now had to talk myself out of this mess and try and get her back without looking like it really mattered to me. It’s not like I could get on my hands and knees and beg I’m a Malfoy and my father would certainly Crucio me at the very least if he knew I actually cared about someone.

That’s when it hit me; my father he could actually be the resolution to my entire problem. I grabbed parchment and quill and quickly penned him a letter and then rushed off to send it.

Normal POV

I stayed in the ROR all night working through my heart and my mind to figure out where to go from here. By the next morning I was ready to go back to the common room with my head held high and I knew I had a decision. I would not speak to Malfoy at all and I would continue my relationship with Tristan and work on loving him and not loving Malfoy. I would get over him and move on and be all the better for it. Whatever happened the other night it didn’t matter because Malfoy was just a controlling and sneaky arse. I went to the common room and then up into my dorm to shower and change.

I pulled on some jeans that had holes at the knees, a green long sleeved tee, and slipped on my brown suede boots before going into the common room to a sight I wasn’t expecting. Cassandra was in tears, crying so loud I was originally sure Moaning Myrtle had found her way into the Slytherin common room, and Malfoy was just shrugging pointing at a letter in his hand. I hung back at the bottom of the stairs hoping one or both of them would leave soon.
Cassandra saw me and opened her mouth but closed it as he grabbed her arm and basically dragged her from the common room. I saw Jade sitting in an armchair in the corner she had been pretending to read but by the look on her face it was obvious she had been listening. When she saw me her face suddenly got somber but she motioned for me to come over.

“What’s up?” I said perching myself on the arm of the chair she was in.

“I don’t know how to tell you this but-“

She was cut off by Malfoy, “Lina we need to talk has your owl arrived yet?”

I looked from Jade to Malfoy and she just shook her hand.
This cannot be good.

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