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Gone by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 1 : I'll Love You Long After You're Gone, Gone, Gone
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 When life leaves you high and dry

I'll be at your door tonight

If you need help, if you need help.

I'll shut down the city lights,

I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe

To make you well, to make you well.


Blaise looked at the blonde haired girl who sat inform of him in potions. Five years had gone by in Hogwarts and she barely gave him the time of day. Why would the girl with her nose stuck in a book look at anything, let alone the Slytherin boy?  It didn't help that he wasn't exactly approachable to most. She was hunched ever so slightly over her desk, her right elbow slowly and unnoticeably pushing her book to the edge of the table until it finally hit the floor with a thud.

Blaise was already bent to retrieve the book for her when she bent to do the same. Her light grey eyes locked with his  for a second, time almost stood still suspended between the two of them like a single thread.

"Thank you." She said with a blush softly rising in her cheeks. Blaise tried to internally convince himself it was just the cold.

"No problem," He choked out after a second.

"My name is Charlotte," she said finally introducing herself.

"Blaise." was all he could reply with.

She looked up at him before her eyes wandered onto his table, the papers edged with doodles.

"Did you do those?" She asked.

He hesitated for a second before nodding.

She gave him a small smile, "They're lovely," she said before turning back around.

When enemies are at your door

I'll carry you away from war

If you need help, if you need help.

Your hope dangling by a string

I'll share in your suffering

To make you well, to make you well.


Blaise was walking through the hallway when he felt a body bump past his own roughly. He turned and saw a familiar flash of blonde hair. He sighed and quickly followed after the girl. She went down the hall and into the girls lavatory. He followed her inside.

"Charlotte?" He called out.

She shook her head refusing to face him. His friends already gave her enough to deal with, saying they were watching her. Any unordinary behavior from her and her parents would be out of their ministry jobs. He could guess that much by the way she carried herself the past couple of weeks.

"Charlotte- look at me." He asked her softly.

She shook her head again. Blaise walked over and gently turned her around pulling her into a hug. Charlotte cried quietly on his chest, her sobs heart breaking. He gently lifted her chin up and kissed her forehead.

"Talk to me."

She shook her head, "Why?"

"So I can fix it."

"But you can't."

He sighed, "Then I'll share in your suffering."

She shook her head again, "You Mr. Zabini are the last person I want to suffer."

He looked into her eyes, swearing to himself he could hear their hearts beating in the otherwise silent room. He took a rare jump of courage and kissed her.

When you fall like a statue

I'm gon' be there to catch you

Put you on your feet, you on your feet.

And if your well is empty

Not a thing will prevent me.

Tell me what you need, what do you need?

Blaise looked at the woman who's blonde hair was sharply pulled back, in exchange for her soft hair being out of her eyes he could see the daggers that were aimed at him. He felt a physical ache, she was out to break everything as it had broken her.

"I am not doing this anymore." She told him.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean us- we're done. I'm done." She told him.

"What do you mean you're done?"

"You really don't care." She snapped.

"You know you're lying."

"No I'm not." She said a slight growl in her words.

"I don't even know what I did!"

"How about you beating Theodore to a pulp for now good reason!?"

"Trust me- there were several."

"Then share them."

"No. It's private."

She rolled her eyes and started to walk off.

"Dang it Charlotte- what do you want?!"

She looked at him, "I want you- or I did until you pushed me away."

He sighed, " I was protecting you. Nott told Draco his plans- sending you to Draco would have been more humane. look I really don't want you to-" he was cut off by her gentle lips against his own.


You're my back bone.

You're my cornerstone.

You're my crutch when my legs stop moving.

You're my head start.

You're my rugged heart.

You're the pulse that I've always needed.

Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.


Blaise looked around running a hand through his hair, his fingers nearly catching in his messy curls. He would have to remind himself to get his hair cut eventually. It took him a minute before he bothered to get out of bed. He stretched his arms out slightly, his tense muscles protesting the motion slightly. He sighed before getting in the steaming shower. He was trying to clear his head but the fog that blocked his concentration remained like condensation on the bathroom mirror. He shaved the stubble from his face before dressing for the day. He looked in the mirror his hardened gaze looking anywhere but back at his distant eyes and confirmed his suspicion, he needed a hair cut. He combed the mop on his head and left the bedroom behind.

He walked down the hallway avoiding looking at the walls. Charlotte insisted that was where most of the pictures belonged. He wouldn't disappoint her now,  and he couldn't deal with seeing them everyday- so he simply stopped looking. He got to the room near the end of the hallway with the pink plaque and silver cursive he wrote for the little girl when she was a baby. Gabriella was sleeping soundly in the pink sheer canopy bed as the stars he painted on her walls twinkled softly against the darker blue and purple swirls in the walls. Blaise watched her for a minute, her eyelashes against the her cheeks and the soft pure blonde hair spread out against her pillow. It was her hair. Blaise shook his  head rubbing his eyes, blaming the cloudiness on the fact he wasn't fully awake. He gently woke the girl before turning her light on.

“Mornin’ Dadde…” She said tiredly.

“Good morning to you too Bella,” He said with a soft smile pulling her into a hug when she extended her arms out.

She let him dress her in a purple pair of pants and her favorite rainbow jumper. She giggled when the long neck covered half her face. The toddler’s laugh was contagious, making Blaise chuckle as he folded the neck for her.

“There you are.” He teased.

“Dad I d-din’t goes no where,” she said with a childishly angry pout.

“Oh you didn’t? Thank goodness.” He said with fake relief making her smile.

Gabriella giggled, “Yous is silly.”

“I know I am. Come on let’s get you some breakfast.” Blaise said lifting her into his arms.

He carried the small girl into the kitchen setting her on the counter, “What would you like?”

She looked at him before quickly shrugging, she even shrugged like her mother.

He started going over her options, “Cereal?”


“Toast?” He asked.






His patience was wearing thin, “Yogurt?”

“No.” She said eyes narrowing in a way that he only ever saw in one other person.

“For the love of Godric what do you want then?” He asked exasperated, not expecting the words or tears that followed.

“I want Mummy,” she said with a sniffle.

Blaise felt his own eyes glaze over slightly, “Me too,” he said softly hugging her.


And I would do it for you, for you.

Baby, I'm not moving on

I love you long after you're gone.

For you, for you.

You will never sleep alone.

I love you long after you're gone

And long after you're gone, gone, gone.

Soooo- this was my first Song-Fic if you couldn't tell.... Sorry if I muffed it up. Thoughts on it would be lovely!






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Gone: I'll Love You Long After You're Gone, Gone, Gone


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