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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 7 : A Mistake
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 Roxanne opened her eyes slowly as she pulled the blanket towards her and let out a small yawn. Blinking around her, she noticed that she was still in Jason’s front room and was lying on his sofa, she also noticed that she was holding onto a blanket that she had definitely not put on herself before, which meant one of two things, either Winston was extremely clever and had put the cover over her himself, or Jason had come back and had done it. This thought made Roxanne wake up and caused her to sit up, she looked around the room and noticed that she was alone in it.

She looked over at the clock that was on a shelf not that far from her, noticing that it said that it was six o’clock at night, how was it six already? She felt like she had only just gone to sleep, when in fact she had been asleep for hours without even meaning to.

She didn’t have long to dwell on this fact when she heard a door opening and Jason’s voice saying, “Bloody hell, Winston, just wait a minute.”

Roxanne wrapped the blanket around herself as she looked over to the front room door as it opened and Winston ran into the room, before bounding over to Roxanne and jumping onto the sofa next to where she was sitting.

Jason came into the room as he hissed, “Winston, stop it, she’s… not asleep anymore.” He faltered as he noticed that she was awake.

Roxanne stroked Winston behind the ears as she looked down at the dog, who was still wearing his dog lead, not sure what she was going to say to Jason.

“I hope we didn’t wake you,” Jason said as he walked over to place something on the coffee table in front of her, when she finally looked up she noticed that it was a pizza box.

“No, I was already awake.” She told him, looking up at him with a small smile. She noticed that his hair was wet and he was in a different set of clothes than what he had left wearing, he had obviously showered and changed since his practice. “How was practice?”

Jason shrugged, “it was practice, I’m feeling pretty tired,” he told her as he stood away from her and was watching her, he seemed almost hesitant about something.

“I’ll just go and get my things and then I’ll be gone.” Roxanne told Jason, as she stopped scratching Winston behind the ears and standing up. Winston let out a small whimper as she began to walk away from him.

“You don’t have to,” Jason said taking hold of her arm gently and stopping her from walking out of the room. “You can stay if you want? I’ve got us some pizza, I wasn’t sure if you had eaten anything today.”

Roxanne looked up at him, feeling the warmth that his hand brought filling her body. She knew that she should say no, that she should leave whilst she could, she shouldn’t be here with him, she shouldn’t have drunk with him yesterday, if anyone found out it could cause a lot of trouble for them both, there was a reason their teams weren’t allowed to be alone together.

“I mean… if you go Winston will be sad, he’s really warmed up to you and he doesn’t tend to like anyone.”

“Really?” Roxanne asked him in surprise.

“Well, he likes everyone, he’s quite loving actually. But he’s never slept on a sofa with anyone but you.”

“Do you have many people sleeping on your sofa?”

“Just Sydney if we’ve had a few too many drinks.” Jason told her, “Winston won’t sleep on the sofa with him.”

“I feel honoured,” Roxanne said with a laugh, noticing that Jason still had hold of her arm and that he was absent-mindedly rubbing his thumb across her skin.

“You should, Winston seems to really want you to be around. He rushed in here to see you before I could even get his lead off of him.”

As if on cue, Winston jumped off of the sofa and walked over to Roxanne, sitting at her feet and nudging her leg with his head as he looked up at her. Roxanne looked down at him and smiled as she patted him on the head, causing Jason to let go of her arm.

“Well, if it’s what Winston wants I can stay for a while,” Roxanne told him as she took the lead off of Winston and handed it to Jason. “But I can’t stay for long; I’ve got to get home tonight.”
Maybe see if the papers are doing any damage yet, she added in her head, knowing that if the papers got any hint of this then it would be splashed all across their gossip pages. But she could ignore the potential damage that may be out there for a while, after all Jason hadn’t said anything about papers so maybe nothing was in there? She knew that either way she would need to be very careful when leaving this building.

“Winston would love that,” Jason said as he began to move towards the front room door, the lead still in his hand, “Did you want a drink?”

“Yeah, I’ll have some soda if you’ve got any?” Roxanne asked as she began to walk back over to the sofa and sat back down on it, pulling the blanket over her legs, Winston followed her quickly.

“I should have some somewhere?” he told her before he left the room. It wasn’t long until he came back into the room; the lead was gone and in his hands was two glasses of red liquid.

“It’s strawberry, I hope you don’t mind.” he told her as he handed her the drink and took a seat on the sofa, Winston was laying between the two of them, his head resting on Roxanne’s lap.

“I like strawberry,” Roxanne told him with a smile as she took a sip of the drink and placed the glass down on the coffee table in front of her.

“Pizza?” Jason asked as he grabbed for the pizza box and opened the lid, offering her some, she took it with a “thank you,” before taking a bite. She withheld the groan from the taste of the food, It felt like heaven, the best part of a hangover was stuffing yourself with food the next day in her opinion and this pizza was going down a treat.

“Last night was really fun; we should do it again some time.” Jason said after a few moments of silence. Roxanne turned to look at him as she continued chewing her food, she swallowed before answering him.

“Drinking is always fun,” Roxanne told him, “Although I could definitely drink both you and Sydney under the table.”

“Didn’t seem that way last night,” Jason said with a smirk at her, “In fact, it seemed like I was winning.”

“And if by winning you mean losing horribly, then I’ll agree with you.”

“Oh, I can definitely say that I won and not just at the club.”

Roxanne knew what he was talking about, it was all that her thoughts kept going to, the feel of his lips on her, the way his hair felt when she ran her hands through it. As she looked at him she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on hers again and as Jason inched closer to her she knew that he felt the same way.

“I need to go,” Roxanne told him as she moved away from him and stood up. Jason seemed confused as he turned to look at her, before he nodded and stood up so that he could help her get her things.

“I would say that we should do this again, but I’m not sure what that’s implying.” Jason stated simply, seeming a bit shy and unsure what to do.

Roxanne smiled at him as she grabbed for her things, unsure what she even had here and wondering if she should get changed into her clothes from the night before.

“Don’t worry about getting changed again; just send back the clothes you’re wearing whenever you get the chance.” Jason told her with a small shrug. Roxanne nodded before she walked over to the front door and opening it, she turned back around to give Jason an awkward nod of her head before walking down the corridor, not caring that she didn’t have shoes on.

She didn’t know what was wrong with her, she had been happy to be around Jason, but suddenly she felt like she needed to run, that it was getting too much. She put it down to the guilt she was feeling at going behind her teams back and seeing a ‘rival’ and the guilt that if found out she would be in serious trouble.

But why was it becoming difficult to keep herself moving and not go rushing back to Jasons’s flat.

Roxanne looked around the deserted staircase, it had taken her a few attempts at pushing locked doors to find the right one that lead to the stairs, before waving her wand and disapparating.

When she arrived home, she threw the clothes she was carrying into the clothes hamper in the bathroom and her high heels in front of it, telling herself that she would deal with it later on. Before walking into her front room and over to the kitchen area that was attached to it and making herself a drink as she tried not to think of Jason.

He hated how much he had begun invading her thoughts, hated that she had stayed drinking with him last night instead of going home with Violet and Shawn. But that kiss had been good, that kiss had made it all worthwhile, but she knew it couldn’t happen again. Jason was obviously playing some kind of game with her, he had been pursuing her and using cheesy lines on her and she had fallen for his trap even though she had told herself she wouldn’t. Roxanne let out another groan at her own stupidity for letting Jason begin getting under her skin before walking back into her front room.

With a glass of juice in her hand, she walked over to her sofa and took a seat on it. She placed her drink down on the coffee table in front of her before slouching back on her sofa and running a hand over her tired face as she debated whether or not to have a bath now or later on, she needed to use a different shampoo and conditioner on her hair, not liking the way it had dried from using Jasons. If she was going to be there more often he would need to get a different one, one that was more suited for her hair type.

Roxanne stilled at her thoughts, why was she thinking of going back to Jasons? She couldn’t – shouldn’t- be thinking like that, she couldn’t see Jason. She had to stop whatever this was now.


“Roxanne, thank god you’re here.” Violet stated as she made her way over to Roxanne who had just walked into the room with a bag slung over her shoulder.

Roxanne gave her friend and teammate a smile before dropping the bag in front of her locker and opening it so that she could put her things into it. She had changed into comfortable clothes before she left her home ready for the start of her training, Roxanne dug into her bag to grab her bottle of water before closing the door of the locker and turning to face her friend, who seemed a bit on edge.

“What’s up, Violet?” Roxanne asked in concern.

Violet grabbed for Roxannes free hand before pulling her through the changing room and over to the other side of it and towards the gym area, where Roxanne needed to go anyway to begin her training. They entered the room and Roxanne noted that it was empty, others must be on the pitch already or not here yet. Roxanne began to do her usual stretches as Violet began to tell her what had gotten her so worked up.

“Do you remember that weird guy at the club other night?” She asked her, “the one that caused me to leave because I was feeling uncomfortable?”

“Yeah,” Roxanne stated with a small frown.

“Well, coach called me into his office this morning to say that I’d had a large bouquet of flowers delivered here yesterday. They are huge Roxanne, it looks like it must have cost a lot of money, when I read the card I realised that it was from the creepy guy yesterday. Do you think that I should be worried?”

“I’m not sure. I suppose it’s easy to send flowers to you as we’re known in the papers, so it’s not hard to find out what Quidditch team we play for. If he does more than that I would be worried, I think maybe you should keep an eye out and make sure that he’s not hanging around the club.” Roxanne told her, still stretching her arms.

“You’re right, if he managed to get the flowers here he could hang around. I would send the flowers back to him with a note to say to leave me alone, in a nice way, of course, but the guy didn’t leave an address or anything and I’m not going to go searching for him. He really creeped me out last night and if I never have to see him again that’ll be fine by me.”

“What are you going to do with the flowers?” Roxanne asked as she got down on the floor and in the position to begin her push ups, Violet took a seat on the floor next to where Roxanne was exercising.

“I asked coach if he could get someone to anonymously donate them to St Mungos to cheer up some of the patients. Seriously, what was I meant to do with those flowers?”

“Just be glad that they were sent here and that they weren’t sent to your home, let’s hope that if you ignore him that he’ll just go away.”

“That’s what I was thankful for as well, I don’t know what I would do if he found out where I lived. But you’re right, if I ignore him, he’ll hopefully go away.” Violet stated as she pushed her hands through her hair and looked back at Roxanne, who was still doing press ups.

“I think that’s a good idea, I would have a word with Coach as well, so that he’s aware of the guy and can get people to keep an eye out for him.”

Violet nodded, “I’ll have words with him after training. Now we’ll talk about you, what happened the other night after I left with Shawn?”

Roxanne stopped mid press up and looked at her before glancing around the room quickly, she waited a few seconds before answering.

“A drunken mistake.”

Violet let out a gasp at her words, “Roxanne, you didn’t sleep with him did you?” She asked in a whisper.

Roxanne shook her head, “No, he stopped it before it could get to that.”

“He stopped it?” Violet asked in shock,

“Yep, we ended up just kissing and I woke up the next morning in his bed. I honestly thought that I was at home, I can’t believe I let myself get drunk enough to let that happen.” Roxanne stated to her, before she stopped doing push ups and instead rested on her elbows and toes and kept her body straight.

“How was it?” Violet asked before she could stop herself. Roxanne turned to face her with a smirk on her face.

“The kiss? Amazing.” She told her honestly.

Violet let out a small laugh, “You’re going to be in trouble if anyone finds out.”

“I know,” Roxanne admitted, still glad that they were both the only two in the room. “I’m so glad that nothing was mentioned in the Prophet, I dread to think what would happen if someone got wind of this? I can’t believe I was stupid enough to stay drinking with him and to go back home with him.” Roxanne shook her head as she let herself drop to the floor so that she was lying with her head on her arms as she rested for a moment.

“He seems like the kind of guy that gets what he wants when he sets his mind to it.” Violet admitted.

“Tell me about it, I just wish that I didn’t let it affect me this much.”

“You want it to happen?”

“I don’t know what I want?” Roxanne admitted as she pushed herself up off of the floor and began to stretch. “I know I’m stupid for even thinking of the possibility of seeing him again, mainly because there’s a very high chance that he’s just after one thing and the added fact that it would have big consequences here if I pursued anything.”

“That is right. Maybe it’s best to avoid him from now on?”

“That’s what I’m going to try and do. I need to take him back his things that he lent me so that I could get home, but after I’ve dropped them off I’m going to make it clear that that’s it, nothing more will be going on.”

Violet nodded at her words as she stood up, watching as Roxanne picked up some weights off of the side and began to lift them. “Do you think that he’ll let you go that easily?”

“I hope so, I can resist him, as long as there’s no alcohol around to impair my judgement of course.” Roxanne stated with a smile.

“And as long as he doesn’t kiss you.” Violet stated with a laugh herself as she began to walk towards the door that would lead back into the changing room. “I’ll see you out on the pitch, if I don’t go now someone will come in and find me.”

Roxanne said goodbye to her as she continued to lift the weights, it was a usual part of her training to be in here working on her upper body strength, it enabled her to hit the Bludgers harder and further. Most, if not all of the professional Beaters would incorporate weight lifting into their training and the result was some very impressive arms.

Her thoughts flickered to Jason’s arms, remembering the feel of them under her fingers when she was kissing him. This thought caused her to drop the weights that were in her hands, sending them crashing to the floor and causing her to jump at the noise and the fear of them falling onto her toes. Thankfully, her toes were safe from being crushed.

She needed to get Jason out of her mind, she was beginning to not be able to concentrate on anything else when the kiss they shared was constantly running through her mind. She needed to give Jason his things back and tell him that yesterday was the end of everything. That he needed to stop pursuing her, it all needed to stop.

She just wished that she believed those words herself.

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