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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 11 : The Game
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Authors Note: Hello my wonderful readers! I'm SO sorry it's taken me so long to sort this out, I've found a system of how I can upload my stories onto the website (as my laptop is FUCKED) via a public computer. SO I give you chapter 11!

Hold me and love me
Just wanna touch you for a minute
Maybe three seconds is enough
For my heart to quit it

Lady Gaga - Love Game

“Hi dad.” Sydney breathed, her voice hushed and frightened.

“My beautiful Sydney,” murmured her father, stroking his frail, bony finger against her cheek.

She looked at him, taking in his physical appearance, showing the pain of what she saw on her face. He was thin, thinner than she had ever seen anyone ever. He looked like the grim reaper, shrouded in thin black material and his skeletal physique. His eyes were sunken in and cheekbones prominent. He opened his arms to her, the black material swaying with his every movement. She stepped into his arms and closed her eyes shut. It was like being welcomed by death.

Stepping back she smiled sadly at her father, who returned it half-heartedly. He paced slowly in the confined space. Continuing to glance up at her every so often. He looked as though there was a battle going on in his mind.

“Are you enjoying school?” he asked very casually.

Sydney laughed for a moment in disbelief, the lump in her throat growing “Really?” she questioned. “You’re asking me about school?”

There was a pause between the two.

“Sydney,” he whispered as he finally came to a halt. “You cannot come here anymore.”

Sydney’s facial expression turned defensive and opened her mouth to speak.

“Do not interrupt.” He hissed at her. “It is too dangerous for you to be coming here,” he looked pained in saying these words. “I should have stopped you from the first time you arrived.” He walked towards her and placed both his hands on her shoulders. “Something is going to happen.” Sydney again went to speak but she was shushed quickly by her father. “I cannot tell you what,” he said in an undertone “but you must trust me that I know what I’m doing and that it’s for the better.”

“But father I—“ Sydney began but she could not get a word in edgeways.

“No, you must go now,” he said gripping tighter onto her shoulders as if he never wanted to let go. “You must not tell anyone about this, understand?”

Sydney looked at him through watery eyes and nodded once.

“Good girl,” he slowly let her go. “Now go.”

Sydney awoke in a foul mood. She may have normally woken up in a foul mood. But this morning was especially foul. Foul with a big, fat capital F. Not only had she just awoken from another sultry sex dream about Sirius, making her confused and annoyed with herself, but she also knew that James Potter had crossed her one to many times and humiliated her yet again. However, Sydney was a patient girl. She was going to wait for the perfect opportunity to humiliate James, just like he had humiliated her. Remus had probably already told his friend about what she had found out. She had to throw him off. Lead him to another conclusion. She was going to act sweet and kind, as if nothing had happened and then she will get him, very publicly too, call him out about it.

The Ball

A smirk broke out onto Sydney’s face. She wasn’t dreading this ball so much anymore.

She happily swung her legs out from her bed and began to get ready; ignoring the shocked looks from her dorm mates due to her being up so early. She knew that a bright and chipper Sydney would annoy her enemies (mainly Sirius) greatly.

She did herself up like one of her dense dorm mates just because she knew she had the time, not because she was trying to impress anyone; there was hardly anyone in Hogwarts to want to impress. But she mainly did it to make herself feel nice. For once. She straightened her hair magically and did her makeup fully, making it look natural though. She changed into her uniform and made sure she put on a matching thong and bra, because one, the thong made her arse look good, ergo she would feel good and two, she always thought that if she wore matching underwear; that day would usually be a pan out well.

Once she was finished she made her way out of the dorm, whilst the four girls around her were still caking on their makeup, and made her way down towards the great hall. However, whilst passing through the common room, she spotted the marauders, who instantaneously noticed her as well. Their conversation ceased as she made her way over to them, a sweet smile on her face.

The marauders looked a little bit frightened as Sydney approached their group, all apart from Sirius, who looked at her with annoyance but then swiftly looked annoyed with himself more than anything.

“Morning boys!” she said happily, she turned to face Remus “Remus, I’d just like to apologize about my behaviour last night.” James, Peter and Remus all looked slightly dumbstruck. Sirius had a wary look over his handsome features. His chiselled jaw firm and tense, whilst his eyes, his gorgeous, grey, stormy eyes searched her. She felt a little thrill course through her as she noticed him doing so and did something unexpected to all of the marauders and herself. She turned her head in his direction and smiled at him. Sirius himself looked confused and shocked, he never did return the smile, but the look on his face alone was enough to satisfy Sydney.

“Uhh—” Said Remus, looking between Sydney and Sirius, who had not broken his eye view on Sydney. Sydney was now however locking eye contact with Remus. “That’s ok.” He said lamely.

Sydney didn’t know why she smiled at Sirius, but the way he looked at her just caused her thighs to burn and her neck to enflame. She could still feel his gaze on her, now curiously looking at her. She smiled to herself involuntarily and she felt another little chill go through her.

“Good,” she said happily. “Goodbye boys,” she addressed them smiling, she looked at Sirius mischievously and winked. “Goodbye Sirius!” she added coyly, before walking away. She could feel the stunned silence behind her, she wasn’t too sure whether they were more shocked about her attitude towards them all, especially Sirius, or whether for the first time, she had actually addressed her arch enemy by his first name.

She didn’t even know herself what she was doing. She felt so confident but at the same time shy! She was acting like a pathetic schoolgirl with a crush! Which she would never be. Not for Sirius anyway. She had accepted to herself that she found Sirius aesthetically appealing, however everything under his handsome exterior was tremendously ugly. Ugly like a fat, demented mountain troll. So why did she keep feeling a warm little flutter throughout her when he looked at her? Why did she keep impulsively try to flirt with him? She couldn’t be so shallow as to fancy him, could she? Well she would never pursue Sirius Black anyway. The people she chased had to have some sort or moral fibre in their being and a personality that wouldn’t chase away a dragon. She needed to find a way to get rid of these silly sensations and fast!

She sat down at the great hall table, feeling rather conflicted. She scowled at herself into her meat-tastic breakfast. She kept getting major mood swings. Perhaps it was her time of the month? She had no idea, but it couldn’t have been normal, could it? She looked up to see Lily Evans plonk down on the bench next to her, a moody look on her face. Lily today looked slightly more made up than usual; her skirt was a little bit higher and her hair a little more perfect. Her cheeks her pink and sweet, her lips peach and plump and her eyes huge surrounded by long, black lashes.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lily asked grumpily.

Sydney let out a little laugh and muttered “Quite a lot.” She sighed and took a big bite of her pink sausage. “Are you still mopey about yesterday?”

“I was not moping about James Potter!” snapped Lily rather loudly, causing a few heads to turn. Her cheeks quickly became rather pink. She turned back to her pancakes and buried her flushed cheeks behind her flaming hair.

“Well I was talking about the fact you got an E in Care of Magical Creatures.” Sydney smirked as Lily glared at her.

“Shut up.”

“Just remember what happened to me the last time I dressed like a tart.” Said Sydney jokingly.

A dark look swept over Lily “Don’t joke about that.”

Sydney smiled kindly at Lily. “Sorry,” she said guilty “I’m not used to other people’s ways of dealing with stuff.”

Lily smiled sadly at Sydney. “He doesn’t even notice me anymore.” Sydney raised her eyebrows at the saddened girl in front of her and tilted her head. Lily quickly looked up at Sydney with a panicked look. “I don’t fancy him or anything!”

Sydney shrugged and gave the majority of her attention to her breakfast once more. “I never said you did.”

Lily blushed. “It sounds juvenile,” she took a sip of her pumpkin juice. “but I miss the attention from him.”

Sydney nodded and gulped down the remainder of her food. “Mmm,” she said swallowing her last bite. “when me and James were friends, we knew you would get annoyed if we pretended we were dating so—” Sydney’s eyes became wide, realising what she had just brought up.

“What?” Lily said, her brow furrowed.


“You weren’t actually dating?” Lily asked.

Sydney smiled anxiously at her, waiting for an explosion, or tears or to be hexed into oblivion.

However, Lily visibly relaxed and sighed happily. “Good.” Was all she said before she got up and walked towards the great hall doors.

Sydney looked at the happy red head with an extremely confused look on her face as she practically skipped away. As she looked after Lily she saw long, black hair sweep past her, the owner wearing Ravenclaw robes.

“Ashley!” Sydney found herself calling after her best friend. Ashley didn’t stop. In fact, she quickened her pace. “Ashley!” she cried out again.

Suddenly, without warning, Ashley stopped and turned around causing Sydney to collide with her. “What?” Ashley spat coldly as she rubbed her forehead after the collision.

“I don’t understand why you’re being so—” she hesitated “I just want you to be my friend again.”

“It looks like you’ve got plenty of friends without me.” Ashley said cruelly before turning around and continuing.

“Actually I don’t.” Sydney said after her friend.

Ashley stopped again, pausing for a seconding and then turning around to face Sydney, her eyes sad. “I want to be your friend again.” Ashley said “I’ve just got so much happening.” Her eyes met Sydney’s “I’m so confused.”

“Confused about what?” asked Sydney, seemingly at wits end. “I can’t survive in this place without you!” Sydney took a step forward towards Ashley “You’re my best friend and you’ve not been there for me!” She knew she sounded like a snotty, spoilt brat, but she was upset and bewildered at her recent actions and mind-set.

Ashley suddenly looked angry. “I’m sure Maura that I’ve been going through worse than you.”

Sydney looked visibly hurt at the mention of her last name, which cased Ashley to falter.

“I just need some space from people right now – get my head straight, you know?” Ashley said softly.

“Can’t you just tell me and we can work it out together?” Sydney asked, rather desperately.

Ashley smiled sadly and put her hand on Sydney’s shoulder. “Not yet.” She then turned and presumably headed towards her next lesson.

Sydney stood in the middle of the bustling corridor, looking at where her old best friend just stood.

“N’awww,” came a condescending petty voice. “Is ickle Maura upset?”

Sydney saw blonde hair fly past her and a shrill giggle.

“Oh shut up, Bishop.” Sydney snapped before flicking her wand at the narcissistic girl, causing her to begin screeching in a panic. Sydney noticed both Samantha Lawrence and Janice Fowler began flapping and screaming at Farah, attempting to get an answer from her as to what was wrong. Little did they know that Sydney had glued Farah’s tongue to the roof of her mouth. Sydney smirked at the three shrieking girls and walked directly past them towards her Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

As she walked into class she noticed the marauders were already seated, however completely separated from one another. She overheard Sirius at talking with professor Pennyworth at her desk heatedly.

“Professor there must be someone else you can partner me with.” Sirius pleaded. Odd, she’d never heard Sirius Black plead with anyone before.

“Mr Black, do please sit in your assigned seat.” The professor snapped.

Sirius angrily sat in his seat in the middle row of the class. Sydney looked around and wondered why the marauders weren’t sitting with one another. She then noticed something on the desks.









Their names were on their desks, they had been assigned seats and furthermore partners. Sydney saw Sirius hunched over on the desk right next to hers.

“The reason I have paired you, Mr Black with Miss Maura,” she said looking over at him sternly. “Is because your weaknesses are each other’s strengths, where you may not excel at the writing and non-verbal spells, Miss Maura does and vice versa with your strengths.”

Sydney leant down, pressing her hand down onto the desk in front of Sirius, allowing her hair to fall in front of her, tickling his neck. She pressed her lips against his ear. “And we get along so sweetly.” She whispered smoothly in his ear, causing him to jolt slightly. She smirked at him as she sat in the seat next to him. He looked at her as if she was up to something. His eyes narrowed at her as she put one of her feet up on her desk and pushed herself backwards slightly.

“Miss Maura,” Professor Pennyworth said strictly “Both feet on the ground, please.”

Sydney obliged and slid her foot off the desk, allowing her chair to fall forward, jolting her body as the front legs of the chair hit the ground with a thud. She bit her lip and attempted to bite back her smile, failing miserably.

“What are you smiling about?” Sirius questioned moodily.

Sydney shrugged and continued to bite her lip. Sydney saw Sirius’ eyes slip down to her lips, pausing there for a bit, then pulling his eyes back up towards her eyes. She raised her eyebrows at him knowingly and couldn’t help but smirk. Knowing he had been caught, he turned from her and started scribbling something on his parchment.

As soon as he turned away, the smile fell from her face and she scowled. It had never been this hard to get a guy to notice her. She began to think up other ways during the lesson to get his attention. She mentally kicked herself for wanting Sirius Black’s attention.

It’s purely physical she admitted to herself. All she needed was one night perhaps. Just one night with him to get him out of her system.

She shook her head, attempting to lose the crazy thoughts that floated about in her mind, tempting her. She turned to the person to her right. She read the name on the desk.


“Hi there,” she said, a vibrant smile on her face.

The boy turned around, he had light brunette hair and dark brown eyes. Nothing striking, nothing special, but he’d do.

“Sydney Maura,” she said holding out her hand “Nice to meet you – Wilkins, right?”

“Andy Wilkins,” he said shaking her hand, smiling.

“Nice to know I’ve got at least one friendly face on this row!” Sydney said sweetly. This dig however, was not missed by Sirius.

“Hi,” Sirius said, roughly pushing Sydney back into her seat so he could see the opposing boy. “Andy, is it?” he stared through the boy “Don’t bother with her; you’ll get nothing but a pain in the arse.”

Sydney laughed and touched Andy’s arm “Don’t listen to Sirius, he’s just cranky because I wouldn’t snog him.”

She heard Sirius splutter behind her.

Andy chuckled, smiling at her “So, have you got a partner for this class?”

“Well, I’m supposed to be teamed up with Black,” she said jerking her thumb towards Sirius, “but it doesn’t seem like he really wants—”

“She’s got a partner, Wilkins.” Sirius snapped from behind Sydney. Andy was quick to turn back to the person on the other side of him. Sydney was however rather slow to face her partner. A surprised look plastered across her face.

“What?” Sirius snapped. “I don’t want to end up with a complete airhead for a partner.” He said, obviously talking about her roommate, Nadia, who was currently sitting on the other side of him, hanging off his every word.

“So..” she hesitated “You don’t think I’m a complete airhead.”

Sirius paused, obviously realising he had been caught out. “Not completely…”

“Uh huh,” Sydney said smirking.

“Don’t get cocky, Maura, don’t think I still don’t find you the biggest pain my arse ever.” Sirius muttered.

“Sure, whatever.” Sydney said, the most obnoxious smirk coating her face.

“So who are you going to the ball with then?”

Sydney looked up to see Lily standing next to her in the common room, looking at the current display of marauder tomfoolery. Peter Pettigrew had managed to get his clock hood stuck to his head, by courtesy of Remus’ spell, and James was attempting to help him get it off.

“Me?” Sydney shrugged. “No one.”

Lily turned to look at the small blonde incredulously. “But it’s tomorrow!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, Head Girl, I realise that.” Sydney said rolling her eyes. “I don’t particularly want a date.”

“Why not?” Lily pried.

“It would be better going on my own,” Sydney reasoned. “I’m going to have a good time, dance with my friends, dance with other people’s dates.” Sydney thought for a moment. “So really everyone else’s dates are my dates.”

Lily looked at her in disbelief. “I hate to say this Sydney,” Lily blushed “but you sound like a bit of a slag.”

Sydney began roaring with laughter, causing the majority of the common room, including James and Sirius to look at the pair. Sydney almost crying with laughter and Lily with a crimson face.

After a while, Sydney managed to sober up and verbalise a feasible sentence. “Well who are you going with then?”

Lily, once again, blushed furiously. “Well, I had to weigh up my options as to who would annoy Jame—“

Sydney gave her a nudge and raised her eyebrows.

“Uhh—I mean, who would annoy me the least!” Lily covered badly for herself.

“Of course,” Sydney said sarcastically “so who is it?”

“You know Dan Franklin?” Lily said with a small smile.

“Dan Franklin?!” Sydney said slightly too loudly causing people to turn their heads at them again. “As in Dan Franklin the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain?!” Sydney let out a low whistle. “He does have a great bod.”

Lily hit Sydney in the stomach lightly with the back of her hand and giggled nervously.

“Well I think you’ve found someone who would ‘annoy you the least’.” Sydney said with an over exaggerated wink.

Sirius sat during his free period in the common room on the armchair next to the warm, crackling fire; Amelia Aarons sat on his lap and was running her fingers through his hair whilst James and Peter attempted to distract Remus from his homework by stealing his quill every so often and chucking it around. He sat idly staring into space, completely unfazed by the seventh year brunette. He was rather put out by the fact that she suddenly no longer excited him. She had gotten clingy and boring. She was not going to last as long as Farah. God forbid she did, he couldn’t go through something like that again. He was rather frustrated also by a certain blonde who was consuming his thoughts and boggling him to no end. This girl was not Farah. She was the devil. She was always argumentative and aggressive, cold and hateful. But recently she was smiling at him, having relatively civil conversations and those looks she gave him made goose bumps appear on his neck and back. These kinds of interactions were very odd to Sirius when Sydney was involved. The way she moved around him as well made him almost malfunction around her. When she first smiled at him he froze up rather than saying something cocky or quick as usual, when she whispered in his ear he jolted from her like an idiot and when she bit her lip, he stared at them for what seemed a life time and almost lost his mind. What was she doing to him? This was Sydney Maura. He knew that she had a way with the male population, but he had often thought that he was immune to this due to her bitchy attitude. How he was wrong.

He sighed unhappily, however Amelia never noticed. He looked towards his three mates and saw that Remus had charmed Peter’s hood to become stuck to his head. He heard a loud laugh and looked up towards where Lily Evans was standing with a bright red face, a small smile covering it, whilst Sydney was doubled over, snorting with laughter. The corners of his lips turned upwards at the sound of her laughter, but he quickly wiped that look off of his face.

“What are you thinking about Siri?” asked Amelia, snapping Sirius out of his thoughts. She smiled at him. She was an attractive girl, gorgeous in fact, but she wasn’t the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She wasn’t feisty or passionate. She was actually rather boring.

It took Sirius a couple of seconds to even comprehend what Amelia had even said. “About you,” he murmured, kissing her deeply when she sighed happily.

He moved his hand up her left leg and she groaned in pleasure. Her legs were bronzed and thin, he noted that Sydney had rather the opposite. Creamy skin and curvy legs. Curvy body, in fact. Wait, why was he thinking about Sydney’s legs. He was kissing the gorgeous, exotic Amelia. He deepened their kiss and ran his tongue along her bottom lip. He pulled away as she let out a little sigh and nodded towards the dorms to which Amelia nodded fervently.

He managed to mutter a “Later.” to his friends as he gripped a hold of her hand and dragged her upstairs. As the door clicked behind them, his lips were on hers. He was desperately trying to regain some of the interest he had in her not two days ago, although it felt like a lost cause. He manoeuvred her towards his bed and pushed her down. She groaned as he kissed her neck, her olive skin warm and smooth. He undid a few of her shirt buttons and began to trail kisses along her collar bone and down her chest, her gorgeous, milky chest – wait.

He sat up suddenly, looking at her. She looked up at him with a questioning look, her skin back to her normal olive colour. He shook his head and began to kiss her again, she undid his shirt, her kisses much more urgent and desperate than his. He tried to get himself going and pushed his hips down onto hers and grabbed a handful of her hair. Her hair felt thicker to him and curlier. He opened his eyes momentarily and saw his hand tangled in a curly blonde web of hair. He recoiled suddenly and jumped off of Amelia completely, his shirt and trousers undone. Amelia now sat there on his bed in her bra and school skirt. Her hair was back to its normal dark shade of brown and her skin was tanned. He stared at her blinking a few times, before his face turned into a scowl.

“Siri?” The words came out of her mouth, but it wasn’t her voice.

He glared at her, making her face look worried. “Get out.” He growled. “I’m not in the mood.”

Amelia stood up moodily, looking rather upset. “But you were so up for it a minute ago!” she cried.

“Well I’m not now.” He snapped. He picked up her top and thrust it into her hands and rapidly ushered her out of his dorm before slamming the door behind her.

He walked over to his bed and flopped back into it. He was dying. That was the only explanation. He was dying and now hallucinating. She must have done this to him. She’s always wanted to kill him and now she’s finally gone and done it. He would never think about her whilst doing that. She was a complete maniac. An utter bitch. Sure she had nice hair and quite nice skin. But she never even wanted to touch him with a pole. So why would she make him think about her in that way.

It is her fault. She’s been acting weird for days. Who does she think she is? Smiling at him, being nice to him and flaunting herself about in front of him. She’s the one that’s fizzled out the spark between him and Amelia, she’s the one who has made him think of her.

And She’s the one who’s going to undo it all.

A/N: So who liked hearing Sirius' POV??? What do you think is going to happen? What do you think about the Lily/James situation? Let me know!

Next Chapter of Trashy:

James can be a bit of a knob.” Sydney said, sitting down besides Farah. “But he’s a boy, he doesn’t realise how much these things mean to girls.”

“Now I have to go alone and look like a loser.” Farah said, eyes watering again.

“Don’t worry, I’m going alone.” Sydney said with a small smile.

“Exactly!” Farah cried “I’ll look like you!”

Sydney’s eyes narrowed at Farah, however she decided to shake that comment off. “If you don’t go, then you’ll regret it.” Sydney said firmly. “Go on your own, have fun with your friends and dance your skinny arse off.”

Farah looked uncomfortable. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Sydney asked, standing up.

“For calling me skinny.” Farah said stubbornly, not mentioning Sydney’s help.

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