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It's Lonely at the Top by xTimexTurnerx
Chapter 6 : Say you'll be my darlin'.
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Chapter Five: Say you’ll be my darlin’.


“I have to tell you something,” Scorpius said, finding my table spread with work in the common room. That sentence never ended well.


“I’m in the middle of an essay, Scorpius!” I whined, not looking up from my parchment.


“Two minutes,” he said, grabbing my non-quill hand.


I sighed melodramatically. “What?”


“I went to Slughorn about Higgs,” he said, looking around to see if anyone was listening.


“You did what?” I said surprised. At the one Quidditch practice we had since the incident, Terence had ignored my existence. Which was fine by me.


“Who is Slughorn’s favorite student?” he asked.


“Me,” I admitted.


“Exactly. I told him Higgs harassed you, made you feel uncomfortable and I had to step in before he got physical,” Malfoy said lightly.


I snorted, “More like you stepped in and made it physical.”


“Same thing. It’s just, his nose was right as rain by lunch that day and he’s been saying smarmy things to me about it ever since. I needed some justice,” he explained.


“Using your Prefect power to fulfill personal vendettas, I like it.”


“So… he’s been stripped of Captain. And suspended for a match. He only gets to come back if he apologizes to you,” Scorpius said.


“Wow, steep. Slughorn must really like me, eh?”


“Yeah. And I doubt he’d want your next letter home to mum and dad to include what happened and the school doing nothing about it. Your mum is a bloody terrifying lawyer.” Scorpius pointed out.


“I think she’d take that as a compliment.”


“One more thing.”


“You’re pregnant?” I said deadpan.


“He made me the new Captain,” he said wincing, looking for my reaction.


“That’s brilliant!” I exclaimed for several reasons. Number one, I actually did think Scorpius would make a good Captain. Number two, with Prefect duties and Captain duties, his grades were bound to slip.


“You’re not mad?” he asked. “I didn’t ask for it, you know? He just decided it there on the spot.”


“No I’m not mad. I think you’ll be great. I’m busy enough anyway,” I said honestly. That encompassed enough of the truth. “Who’s going to replace him?”


“Try-outs for a temporary Seeker Saturday morning. I’ll see you tomorrow night?”


“Yes you will,” I said. Date two. The date where Rose Weasley would make Scorpius Malfoy so desperate he broke his rule and kissed her. And where Rose Weasley would stop talking in third person. Sorry about that.


“I can plan it,” I offered innocently.


“Nope, it’s a…” he paused dramatically, “surprise.”


I groaned and put my forehead against the desk. He just laughed before releasing my hand and walking back over to his mates by the fire.




This time, I let Vivian have her way with my look and gold eye shadow was making an appearance.


I pulled on a turquoise sweater to contrast my hair and pull out the blue in my bluish-green eyes. I put on tighter jeans this time, hugging my curves. Vivian straightened my long red hair rather than letting it hang in its natural waves. When all was said and done, I looked good.


I was confident Scorpius would be snogging me senseless by the end of the night. Which really, I could use about now. Nothing relieves stress like a good snogging session.


“How do I look?” I asked Vivian, to fulfill the female requirement of seeking approval from her friends.


“Amazing, you’re going to have such a good time.” She said knowingly.


“Wait, you know what we’re doing?!”


“He ran some ideas past me,” Vivian said simply. Resourceful.


“I hate surprises,” I mumbled.


“Yes, well, have a good time!” Vivian said, pushing me to the stairs.


Scorpius was waiting at the edge of the stairs this time for me.


“You look fantastic,” he complimented. So he didn’t mind makeup and doing my hair when it was for him.


“Thanks. You clean up pretty well yourself, Malfoy,” I nodded. He was wearing a green button down shirt rolled up to reveal his toned forearms. The color would look stupid on some people, but with his light hair and skin, the green looked dramatic and called attention to his eyes.


“Shall we?” he bowed, offering me his arm.


“Oh we shall, my good sir.” I said, daintily placing my hand over his.


I expected to sneak out of the castle again, but we started climbing staircases. We avoided the moving ones and made it to the sixth floor. I opened my mouth to ask where we were going, but didn’t want to give Scorpius the satisfaction so I promptly shut it.


We finally stopped in front of a classroom I had never set foot in. “Wait here,” Scorpius said before disappearing behind the door and leaving me on the other side.


Two minutes later he came back out.


“I could have run away, you know.”


“But you hate not knowing,” he said smirking. Stop learning things about me. That’s my job.


He took my hand and pulled me into the room. There were small candles enchanted to float around the room. There was a large white tapestry stuck up on the wall and desks were pushed to the side to make way for a large, plush couch.


“You really thought fire was a good idea, again?” I joked as I analyzed the skill level it would take to pull all this off. The floating candles were pretty basic, but more difficult to keep consistent over a period of time. The couch was impressive looking, but I could see the little metal ends of a desk holding it up on the bottom; decent transfiguration but didn’t see the entire thing through. Good for me.


“So we’re going to stare at each other and a white sheet all night?” I asked cheekily.


“Not exactly,” he said, walking over to the back of the room and tapping a metal device. A picture instantly started to form on the white sheet I now understood to be a screen.


“I know your mum was muggle born, I figured you might have seen some muggle movies before.” I smiled. Every Saturday before I went to Hogwarts, mum and I would visit the local muggle movie theater and watch something together. I loved films.


“You just figured that, huh?” I asked suspiciously.


“Or Vivian might have told me,” he said sheepishly. Gives credit to others. If I were in his place I would have just said the whole thing was my own idea. So far I’ve deduced Scorpius is a much nicer, less cunning person than I am.


“How do you know about muggle movies?” I asked suddenly. His father was a Death Eater back in the day; no way he was taking his son on play dates to the muggle theater.


“I dated a muggle girl over the summer,” he shrugged. Honest. Knowledge of muggle culture.


“Ah, got bored with her too?” I teased.


“Exactly. It was fun for a month,” he smiled. The picture on the screen had come into focus, Dirty Dancing.


“Ever seen this one?” he asked. As I was eleven and younger when I visited the movies predominately, if it wasn’t animated there was a slim chance I had seen it. I still popped in during the summers, but this movie didn’t seem recent.


“It’s from the 1980s,” Scorpius explained. “One of the only ones I liked that I saw.” He tapped the machine and it started rolling as he easily sat on the couch, expectantly patting the spot next to him.


I took a seat and whispered, “This one better be good. Or I’ll mock you for eternity,” I half joked.


“Just see,” he said. He then reached over to the side of the couch and pulled up two butterbeers. After distributing those, he pulled up a bag of popcorn.


“Was that in that bloody black basket?” I hissed.


“Try saying that five times fast,” he challenged lightly. I rolled my eyes.


Much to my chagrin, the movie was great. I loved it. I pretty much melted when he stormed in and said, “No one puts Baby in a corner!” If Scorpius looked like the muggle actor, he would have a shot of me actually falling for him.


Over the course of the movie Scorpius and I had moved closer together. We had long since finished our butterbeers and popcorn and he had placed his arm around my shoulder, pulling me to his side. I let him.


When the main couple started to dance and the music filled the room I got an idea. I needed to work on making myself irresistible; I had played innocent so far.


“Dance with me,” I said suddenly, pulling him to his feet. Scorpius laughed, “they’re going to be better at it!”


“Yeah well, I can’t sit still anymore,” I reasoned, pressing my body against his. He easily found my waist and clasped my hand in his. We moved in mock-salsa steps, alternating forward-back and side-side. He occasionally spun me out and I would laugh when he pulled me back too roughly. When the male in the movie lifted the girl under her arms, Scorpius did the same.


For our climactic ending, he dipped me low and bowed his head, which meant his lips were at my throat. He pulled me back up slowly, panting a bit from the last few minutes of physical exertion. The fun beat of “Time of my Life” mellowed into a slower song with an old-time sounding female voice.


I kept my eyes locked with his and wrapped both of my arms around his neck, pulling our bodies flush against one another. His grip tightened on my hips as I put more sway into my steps so I would rub against him.


The words of the chorus seemed to amplify as we moved slower…


So won’t you, please, be my little baby.

Say you’ll be my darlin’, be my baby now.


Any other girl would be a puddle on the floor. Inside I felt sexually aware and excited, but otherwise emotionless. I knew Scorpius had to believe otherwise.


“Scorpius…” I whispered, taking my head off his shoulder and tilting my lips to be mere millimeters from his. His heat was fanning my mouth.


“I can’t kiss you yet,” he whispered, shutting his eyes, like someone trying to block out the sun.


“That’s okay,” I said. In my head I was smiling wickedly. “You don’t have to kiss me, but I’m going to kiss you,” I said slowly and his eyes shot open.


I kept eye contact as I moved slowly to close the gap between us. And then I pressed my lips against his and they were nice. Not dry.


He kissed back immediately, moving in a familiar motion against my mouth. I moved my hand from his shoulder to the nape of his neck, knotting my fingers in his hair. Small amounts of pain released endorphins, making people enjoy pleasure more.


As expected, he pushed against my mouth harder and I met him with equal force. He pulled back for a moment and let his tongue run the length of my lower lip, the unexpected move sent shivers down my spine and I smiled into the kiss.


Finally, someone who equaled my snogging skill. This was making the experience much more enjoyable.


After another moment of physical engagement, he softened. He pulled back, letting me breathe before planting one sweet kiss on my lips. Good snogger, experienced.


“For the record,” he said, his voice lower than usual. “You kissed me,” he smiled. This voice was much better than his fake husky voice. He actually sounded like a passionate man rather than someone who couldn’t kick the pack-a-day habit.


“Absolutely,” I said winking. Step Three: Be aggressive. Take control of the situation.


“We should get back,” he said and I nodded. With a few swipes of his wand, the room was back in order and we walked down to the dungeons.


Pausing in front of the common room entrance again, Scorpius looked nervous. Gracious, he was going to make this a habit. Him being nervous was a turn-off for me. I preferred people who matched my boldness.


“Rose, I really like you,” he said, taking my hands. Ugh, if he dropped the ‘I love you’ bomb I don’t care, I was cutting and running.


“I feel like this is going to work out.” He said decidedly. “Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked hopefully and my eyebrows rose in surprise. While boyfriends were my deal, Scorpius rarely committed to any one girl.


Did I think Scorpius and I would eventually attach the label boyfriend/girlfriend to our ‘thing’? Yes. If I gave it to him right now, he would be happy. But if I acted wounded, and unable to commit and then LATER gave him the label he would be besotted.


“I like you too,” I choked out, trying to sound emotional. “But I’ve just been in so many failed relationships… It’s hard to trust that something can work out.” Just listening to that come out of my own mouth made me nauseous.


His eyes turned soft and protective. “I know, Rose.” He pulled me in and hugged me. He was a good hugger too. So far he got an ‘O’ in the physical category.


“I’m not ready,” I muffled into his shoulder. He stroked my long hair before pulling me back just enough to look in my eyes. Protective, valiant.


“That’s okay. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait for you, Rose.” This whole scene was activating my gag reflex.


I kissed his cheek and whispered, “Thank you.”


“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” I smiled at him before walking up to my dorm and rolling my eyes.


I needed to do something heartless, like kick a puppy or something to make me feel better. Except not kick a puppy, because I loved puppies. I could settle for kicking Cynthia.


“How did it go?” Vivian demanded when I walked in.


I put my smile back on, “amazing.”


“I knew it. This is going to work out, Rose,” she said, grinning.


“I think so too,” for me, I added in my thoughts before climbing into bed and extinguishing my light. 

A/N: Hello! I hope you enjoyed this! The name of the chapter and the lyrics are from the song "Be My Baby" by: The Ronettes, which really does play during the credits of Dirty Dancing! Also, I do not own Dirty Dancing. I just love it. 

ALSO for any of those interested, the thing Rose and I shared about a first date with a guy is I went in for a kiss and he said no, not until the third date! And our third date was a year and half after our first, so there was a lot more waiting than Rose had to do! 

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