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full moon murder by Diezal325
Chapter 3 : kicked out
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Hey. Chapter 3!! Thanks to Ano123 for reviewing J and thx to every1 else 4 reading! But next time could you please spare a few seconds to review? It means a lot to me!


That night, we’re down by the common room fire, in the comfy armchairs, chatting.

“We should make the most of this year.” I say. “It’s the year between our O.W.L.’s and N.E.W.T.’s.”

“Yeah, and try to get on with the Marauders.” Marlene nods.

“And Frank.” Alice adds with a blush.

Everyone knows they’ve got a huge crush on each other, they just won’t admit it.

“I get on with them anyway!” I point out. “It’s just you lot who have a problem with them!”

“True. Then the rest of us should try to get on with them better.” Mary smiles, propping her oval reading glasses on top of her wavy hair.

“Deal?” I ask, looking at Lily.

She sighs, considering it.


We do our routine handshake, going into a circle and joining hands like you pull crackers at Christmas, and shake. We have never broken a promise like this. Ever.


I wake up the next morning early, and sit up in bed, yawning. Bleary eyed, I pull on my uniform; short grey socks, pleated grey skirt, white long sleeved shirt, black jumper with red trimmings on the cuffs and collar with the Gryffindor tie. I then tie my shoelaces, pick up my wand and go down the girls’ staircase.

I look at the clock on the mantelpiece above the dying embers of the fire. 7:24 am. An hour and a half before first lesson starts. I decide to go and get breakfast. I manage to get stuck on one of the staircases for a few minutes, as it randomly decides to change to go up to the Astronomy Tower.

I get to the Great Hall at just after quarter to, having to go across the upper walkway bridge between the two towers. Just because of one staircase. I swear they do it deliberately!

I sit there, bored for a few minutes, eating a piece of toast and feeling like a loner (the only other person is a ghost that keeps on wailing and going through the far wall…). Then I have the sudden bright idea to visit my pet owl, Blitzen. Yes, I know I named him after a flying reindeer that belongs to Santa. But he does fly very quickly! He’s pure white, with bright eyes which look like molten fire.


I walk down to the owlery, then up the steps. About one hundred. Inside smells, but it’s nice to be alone with just the company of the owls. Except I’m not quite alone. A black haired boy is sitting on the floor with his back to me. At first I think it’s Sirius, but then I notice the green and silver uniform. It’s his younger brother who’s in fifth year.


He turns around sharply. “Vicky! Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in…”

“What’s the matter?” I frown, concerned.

Regulus shrugs, “Mother kicked Sirius out and blasted them off the tree.”


“We’ve got a family tree in our house, and when Mum disowns someone, she blasts them off.”

“Oh.” I say shorty, unsure of what to say. I'm really crap at conversations like this… “What do you mean by ‘them’?”

“Uncle Alphard gave Sirius a small amount of Galleons to help him.”

“Where’s Sirius living now, then?”

“I’m not sure. Mother threatened him to not come back home.”

I put a hand on his shoulder. “Reg, it’ll be ok, don’t worry.”

“Thanks, Vicky. Really.” He smiles, but he’s still got a pained look in his eyes.


 Well. Screw going to see Blitz.


Thank you so much for reading!! Any reviews would be very welcome! The usual y’know… Good? Bad? Improvements? Cool. I’ll update as soon as possible because they queues aren’t very long. Vicky xxx

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full moon murder: kicked out


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