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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 40 : Chapter Forty
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Stunning CI by aigue-marine @ TDA!


A/N I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all  of you who have reviewed and favourited as well as for sticking with me and Flick this far. Forty chapters, I actually can't believe it!!

It's been a crazy past two weeks, first off my NEWT's are over and I am so unbelievably glad. In between them I took my apparition test which I passed, another thing I'm glad about because it's made my life so much easier when I've visited Bentley and Aubri.

Between Dom drinking herself stupid, Scorpius finding out that he knocked her up and then Dom telling Rose everything leading to her dumping him and sort of disowning Dom it has certainly been crazy.

Rose may not have been happy about what she had found out but at least her and Dom are being civil to each other and not ripping each other apart, well at least for now. They agreed that Scorpius had played them both and they're only speaking when they have to and you can tell that they're certainly not close any more.

"Here wear that," Rory said to me as she past me a purple dress which I caught.

Dom was too busy painting her nails to pay attention to us nor was Didge who was sulking on her bed not joining in with us and our banter.

"Thanks," I told her as I held it at arms length to look at before heading into the bathroom to get changed. I pulled it on surprised that it fitted.

"Can you do it up please?" I asked no one in particular. I came out the bathroom just as Rose came into the dorm wearing her graduation outfit which comprised of a navy skater skirt,  gold blouse and gold shoes. Her red hair was in it's natural curly state and she looked amazing considering the rough week she's had.

"I'll do it," Rose offered as she came over and zipped the dress up for me.

I smiled at her as I went to trunk to search through the mess to find my make-up bag. Once I had found it under some shoes I re-entered the bathroom to make myself look less sleep deprived and more pretty for today.

After finishing my mascara I looked in the big mirror behind the door and I smiled to myself, today I'm not just making dad and nana proud, I'm going to make Bentley and Aubri proud too!

The dress Rory had given me was perfect, strapless with a bow around the middle and I was sure that if I turned the skirt would spin with me. I walked out the bathroom with a big grin on my face just as Rory produced a bottle of alcohol from within her trunk.

"Ror!" I exclaimed as she popped the cork from the bottle. "Where an earth did you get that?"

"My sister; Jasmine. She gave it to me last night when I met her and the parents," she replied with a smirk. "She said we should go out with a bang!"

I eyed Dom nervously as though I expected her to snap and take the bottle. As if reading my thoughts Dom looked at me and shrugged before gathering her clothes and going to the bathroom to get dressed.

"You look great, Flick, keep it!" Rory told me before taking a swig out of the bottle and then offering it to me.

I accepted hoping that it would calm my nerves and then passed it to Rose who was sat on the end of my bed, her foot tapping away on the wooden floor. Dom came out in a red dress which had a lace pattern on it,  in her terms it was pretty modest as it wasn't low cut at all surprising really as she likes to likes to show off boobs.

"You look good, Dommie," I complemented her and she really did, she had a glow about her and she looked happy which in turn made me happy.

Maybe these counselling session were doing the trick and are helping her deal with everything. But I don't think the fact she's been hiding up here in the dorm has helped, but if it's what she has to do to help cope with stuff they so be it.

Didge eyed us suspiciously before stalking out the room muttering something as she went. We all pulled a face at her and then laughed when the door closed behind her.

"Suppose I better get dressed then," Rory giggled as she took another sip from the bottle and made to pass it to Dom who declined.

"I'm off," I told them. "I said I'd meet my sisters so I'll see you guys in the entrance hall."

Dom nodded in response as she set about taking the muggle curlers she had used on her hair to make it curl.

I slipped my shoes on, looking at the clock and seeing it was just after eleven. I waved my hand as a goodbye and left, hoping that Dom and Rose wouldn't do something silly but I'm pretty sure I heard Rose behind me at one point. I headed up to the entrance hall where I supposed to meet Tessa. Even though I was used to my shoes, walking up some of the steps hurt like hell and I winced slightly, despite having put plasters on my heels to stop them rubbing.

"Flick!" Tessa's voice echoed across the hall as I came up from around the one side of the grand staircase.

"Hey," I said giving her a hug like I hadn't seen her forever when really I had only seen her yesterday.

She was wearing what I thought looked like the same blue dress with the puff ball skirt, she had on at New Year's and I admit it still looked as short as it did then. I didn't question it this time because for one I really couldn't be bothered to argue and two either dad or nana (most probably nana though) would probably scold her for the length.

After threading her hand through my own she pulled me off into one of the disused classrooms and before I could ask her what or why I instantly smiled when I saw them.

Ria was sat at one of the desks along, the double buggy was next to her and my two favourite people in the world were here.

"Bentley! Aubri!" I gushed as I headed straight to them and kissing their foreheads.

"Mama!" Bentley cried.

"It is so unbelievably nice to see you both," I said as I unstrapped him from the buggy and picked him up, hugging him close. "You look more and more like your daddy every time I see you," I murmured as I looked at him taking in his jeans, complete with little shirt and tie.

I sat on one of the chairs playing with my babies feeling so incredibly happy, everything was going right so far today. It was the end that I was dreading, the fact I was going to tell Al later on scared me shit less. For now I focused on the good and smiled as Aubri and Bentley toddled around the room playing with the ball Ria had given them.

The knock on the door surprised me because I hadn't expected anyone to know we were here, but as I looked around I noticed Tessa was missing.

Strange how I hadn't noticed it, I thought as Ria called, "Come in."

As if she had been listening to my thoughts Tessa came in followed by Dom whose face lit up when she saw the twins and she smiled.

"Oh my god, this is seriously spooky," Dom whispered to me as she hurried over and sat by me. "They look so much like you and Al. Just a mini version."

I laughed. "Tell me about it."

Dom's face practically lit up when Aubri came over and held out her pink rabbit, Dom went to take it but then Aubri pulled it back and laughed which in turn made Dom laugh.

"You're such a tease," I told Aubri. "Are you going to say hi to your auntie Dom?"

Dom's face lit up as I said that. "Really?"

I nodded."Really."

Aubri looked from me to Dom and then scrunched up her face and smiled her toothy grin, making her look like such a crazy child.


My heart jumped when the door opened and I looked up to see red hair and then Lily's face.

"Minnie's calling for you, something about going down already. Hi, Dom," she added before going again leaving Dom confused from the look on her face.

I picked Bentley up because he was still a bit wary of Dom whilst she got Aubri and then strapped them back in the buggy, because it wasn't a good idea to let them loose on Hogwarts just yet. I'm pretty sure they'll cause their fair share of havoc when they get to seventh year.

Kissing the tops of their heads I muttered to Ria, "See you after the ceremony." She gave me a hug and wished me luck.

The entrance hall was much busier now with students and some parents or relatives. "Sevenths years," Minnie's voice echoed around the hall as myself and Dom pushed our way through the younger student and went over to stand in front of her. "All the seventh years over here please."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ria come out of the classroom and in an instant James joined her and put his arm around her. I frowned as I turned back to Minnie wondering why there hadn't been anything in the papers about James dating someone who supposedly 'had two kids'. I shook the thought from my head as more of our year gathered around, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Al stood behind me along with Scorpius who was looking sheepish, Frankie who was flirting with Dom, as well as Nolan, Alex and Joe.

My heart did a little excited leap at the sight of him looking so smart in black trousers and a purple shirt. Wondering whether he was physic or not I turned my attention back to Minnie who had started speaking, "Seventh years, I will now lead you down so that you can get ready. Parents and relative if you would like to come down next and then lastly students, Professor Longbottom will escort you down. Follow me please."

The great doors opened revealing the bright sunlight and the warm summer day, Minnie walked out followed by Professor's Blackthorn, Scamander and Edgecomb who were all chatting away to one another.

Rory popped up beside me looking great in a yellow skirt which matched the sun and a white blouse. "Nervous?" she whispered.

I nodded. "And excited."

In reply Rory squeezed my hand but didn't let go, on her other side I noticed Rose whose hand she was also holding. I turned to Dom and took her hand, giving it a squeeze as well and together we walked down to the marque where we would graduate.


As we lined up to get ready to go on the stage, the three Professor's who had walked down with us were handing out black gowns. I slipped mine on easily on top of my dress as the others did the same.  Both Professor Weasley's were stood near the steps at the edge of the stage, directing students to the chairs which were placed in rows.

Both of them smiled at our little group and Hermione wished her daughter good luck before telling us to head on up and sit in the second from from row on the right. The chairs were in groups of five so Rory sat on the end, then Dom, myself, Al was on my left and then Rose on the other end. The others were sat behind us and neither Didge nor Hattie was in sight, which pleased me.

It was a bit daunting sitting this high up compared to the other chairs which were set up in rows throughout the marque. Although I had to admit the place looked really nice, there were balloons, flowers, fairy lights and banners with the word 'congratulations' printed on them decorating the whole place as well as a giant Hogwarts crest tapestry behind us.

My hands were resting in my lap but Al slipped his own hand through one of mine and squeezed it tight. The stage filled up pretty quick and after peeking at Al's watch at exactly twelve o'clock Minnie took the  stage, her voice projecting all around the room.

"Welcome everyone to Hogwarts. As you know, we are all here to celebrate this special day in which we bid goodbye to our seventh years." Turning to us she beamed. "I wish you all the best of luck in your NEWT results which you will get over the summer, you've all done yourselves proud as well the OWL students."

With that she clapped her hands together and Professor Longbottom joined her near the table that held lots of scrolls, he was also carrying a large scroll of parchment. "Let the ceremony begin. Katie Albert."

A tall slim, dark haired girl sashayed across the stage looking slightly nervous.

"Congratulations, Miss Albert," Minnie greeted her and shook her hand, after shaking Neville's hand as well she headed back to her seat whilst we clapped.

Dom and I exchanged looks as if to say 'this is going to be a long afternoon' and she was right.


I had no idea how boring graduation could be, I was getting warm because it was stuffy here in the marque and there was god knows how many of us sat on the stage. Out of our row both Rory and Albus had gotten their scrolls which were sealed with red wax and stamped with the Hogwarts crest.

I was tempted to take a little nap wondering whether I shut my eyes people in the audience would notice or not. I had shut them for just a  little bit when I heard it; my name.

"Felicity Saunders."

The second I heard my name I let go of Al's hand and I strolled confidently across the stage to where Minnie and Professor Longbottom were stood hoping that I wouldn't trip head over heels. Literally in this case.

"Congratulations, Miss Saunders," Minnie said.
I shook her hand and then Neville's, in an undertone so that only I could hear he murmured, "They'll be proud of you. Don't you worry."

I smiled even more as I walked back to my seat as everyone clapped, and I even looked out into the crowd looking for my family, but it wasn't until I sat back down did I see Ria and James sat at the end of a row. I could just about make the mop of black hair belonging to Bentley, who must have been stood on her lap and I caught sight of nana next to her with Aubri. I smiled even more and blinked to stop any of the tears which were building up from falling.

I had given up paying attention now I had gotten my scroll, I was twirling it in my hands trying to keep myself awake as we had been sat here now for just over two hours.  I was hungry, tired and more than anything I wanted to see my babies.


As the last person in our year: Joseph Zabini was called and then sat back down, I almost let out a really loud sigh of relief that it was over.

"We did it," I whispered to Dom as Neville hushed all the cheers and clapping.

"Our sevenths year have now all flown from under our wing, on behalf of all the teaching staff here at Hogwarts we wish you all the best for the future. Those of you in fourth year and below, you will return to the school unless you have a member of family graduating. Fifth and sixth years you are welcome to join in the celebrations tonight as I'm sure most of you are glad to see this year end but for now you will also return to the school. As for the rest of you there will be drinks and nibbles outside if you care to join us."

The silence that had come over the marque turned noisy again as the Professors headed to sort out the students. As if we had been under a spell for the past three hours we all started to move on the stage, hugging one another, crying and laughing.

I must have been hugged at least a hundred times, okay I'm exaggerating but that's what it felt like. We were told to stay on the stage until the younger years had been sorted out and were back at the school until they let our parents and families loose on us.

Our group had moved through the crowd easily, the whole Potter-Weasley family were there and Al, Rose and Dom went over, with me heading towards where I could see Ria with the buggy not that far away.

As I got closer, Oscar spotted me and was about to run to me when I noticed that I wasn't the only person heading towards my family. A tall blonde woman in a knee length green dress was walking straight for them. She caught my eye and smiled proudly, I froze in shock.

What on earth was my mother doing here?

A/N Dun dun dun..... Oh I'm mean for leaving it there aren't I. And on a sad note there's only ten chapters left :(

Up next - A lot of talking and a realisation.

Edited - 28.07.2014

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