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The Fight of the Fallen by SiriusAura92
Chapter 3 : 3- The Gift of a God-Son
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3- The Gift of a God-Son

Morning sunlight beamed through his eyelids as Harry Potter slid into consciousness. He was lying in a comfortably soft single bed and when he opened his eyes, though he recognised the flower patterned bedroom, he could not place how.
He heard deep breathing coming from the side of him. Turning over he saw a young, green haired boy fast asleep in a lounge chair, a Puddlemere United blanket covering him. The sight of Teddy Lupin immediately reminded him of where he was. The spare bedroom of Andromeda Tonks’ house.

He sat up in the bed. His body was stiff and his head felt dazed though the longer he sat up for, the more he remembered. Azkaban, the Ministry, Selwyn, the Malfoy’s, Narcissa. She had stunned him. But what had happened at the Ministry. He looked around. His glasses, his wand, the wand of Selwyn, his Mokeskin pouch and Invisibility Cloak were all on the bedside table. He placed his glasses on and replaced the wands and cloak back into his dust covered robes and placed the pouch back around his neck. Careful not to wake Teddy, he crept out of the room.

He could hear voices from downstairs and, without making a sound he climbed down the stairs and recognised the voices talking.

“How are we going to tell him?” Said Andromeda Tonks in an anguished voice. “He’ll be up soon and he’ll want an explanation.”

“We tell him we pretty much saved his life.” Narcissa Malfoy replied. “If he’d of gone back to the Ministry, he’d be dead with the rest of them.” Harry’s heart sank and he slumped against the wall as he heard this. They had lost.
“The important thing is that he’s alive.” Narcissa continued but Harry couldn’t take it anymore. He walked around the corner and revealed himself to them.
“Harry.” Andromeda said as she stood up.

“Who’s dead?” Harry asked, and both Andromeda and Narcissa glanced at each other. “Andromeda, who’s dead?” Harry repeated, fear beginning to rise in him. Andromeda picked up the Daily Prophet that was lying on the table and handed it to him. The moment he saw the front page, he felt sick. The large moving picture on the front of the paper showed Derrick Kidman the Head of the Law Enforcers, Lucy Barns the Head of Magical Transportation and three other Heads of other Departments, all battle worn, on their knees in front of Mosby Elfrin and, Harry’s heart hammered at the sight of them, Marietta Edgecombe and Dolores Umbridge. One by one, Mosby aimed his wand at the prisoners before a flash of light struck them dead to the ground.

Harry didn’t even read the caption before opening the paper. Every column was about the new and extreme changes that were already being made to the Ministry including the lifting of the ban on all illegal hexes, jinxes and curses and the punishments for those who act against the new regime. A list of the new Heads of Departments was also featured in the paper, a small mug shot of each Head beside their names. Mosby was at the top of the list under the title ‘Minister for Magic’. He felt his heart skip a beat as the title ‘Head of the Auror Office’ resided over Cade Bowton who Harry recognised as being one of the wizards responsible for the Enfer Vann breakout.

As Harry scrolled down the list, he noticed more names that he recognised including Bailey Miller, who had been made Head of the Department of Experimental Charms, and the names of those he knew had been left to burn when Azkaban became engulfed in the flames of Fiendfyre. He flipped the paper to show the front page and pointed to Umbridge and Marietta.

“How are they alive?” He asked and both Narcissa and Andromeda looked at the picture of the executions.

“What do you mean?” Andromeda asked. “They released and recruited all the prisoners before Azkaban was demolished.”

“Azkaban was under threat of being burned by Fiendfyre when we were told the Dark Wizards were targeting it.” Harry explained quickly. “The fire was enchanted to burn through magic, so it burned through the protective enchantments around the prison, so how are they... they...” But Harry’s sentence tailed away as a new theory crept into his mind and made his heart sink. “It was enchanted to burn magic.” He said, throwing the paper onto the table in frustration. “When it had burned away all the enchantments it had nothing left to feed off.”

Harry sank into the chair closest to him and placed his forehead into his hand and the images of everything else the fire had burned popped into mind. The newspaper Naomi had dropped had been enchanted into a Portkey and the Security Troll that had charged at the fire itself was a magical creature covered in Goblin made armour.
The small room remained silent as Harry ran through his thoughts though images of the battle at the Ministry kept flashing in his mind, interrupting him.
“Have you heard from anyone?” He asked quietly, looking up at Andromeda but she shook her head sadly.

“No one. They’re keeping watch on all forms of magical communication and transportation.” Harry stared at her for a moment before pulling out his Mokeskin Pouch.

“Not this one.” He said to himself and he pulled from the pouch his small rectangular Two-Way-Mirror. “Ron Weasley,” He said to it. Nothing happened. “Ronald Weasley!” He said louder, his heart thundering. Nothing but his own reflection was visible in the mirror. Tossing the mirror back into the Pouch, he pulled out his D.A medallion and tapped it with his wand. ‘Does anyone receive this message?’ Harry worded out on the coin and his thoughts turned to Ginny. Minutes passed without a reply making his heartbeat accelerate. Feeling the desperation pressing in his chest, he then pulled out his Auror I.D card. His thundering heart sank. His once life-like picture looked as though it had aged a hundred years. Still, black and white and lifeless.

“Pass me the paper again.” He ordered, trying to ignore the feeling of panic spreading through him as he placed the coin and card on the table and Narcissa threw it to him. He flicked through the pages, hoping to find some sort of list of the dead or even wanted posters for those who fought against the Dark Wizards. None of his friends or colleagues were even mentioned though whether this was a good sign, he couldn’t decipher. He also saw that the Dark Wizards were ordering all those who wanted to continue working for the Ministry to register with them at the Ministry. As he continued to scan through he noticed another heart-wrenching story. “The Supreme Mugwump is dead.” He said aloud though it appeared that they were both aware of this piece of news.

“What does this mean for the Confederation?” Andromeda asked and Harry rubbed his eyes as the full details of what this meant slid into mind.

“It means they’ve got no one to Head their meetings, make a final decision on what they’re going to do and make their plans official or even legal. McGonagall headed the last meeting but all the decisions they actually made was signed by Aaron Kirke. But it also means the Confederation is about to spend about six months deciding on who should be the new one.” Harry answered in frustration. “Normally, when the Supreme Mugwump retires, he or she has control on who their replacement should be. But when one dies, unless they passed on the title before they died, the Confederation vote on who should lead them. But every Ministry ends up nominating about a dozen candidates each and then spend ages making their choice.” Harry’s mind then froze momentarily.

“Especially if they’ve got...” But before either Narcissa or Andromeda could ask, Harry hid back behind the paper and continued to scan it for more news on what else the Dark Wizards had done. “Wait.” He said, stopping mid-sentence on an article on the plan to reinstate Dementors as security. “You said Azkaban was demolished.”

Andromeda nodded. “It was in one of their many articles on how they’ve improved the Wizarding world already.”

“So where are they keeping their prisoners?” Harry asked but Andromeda shrugged.

“I don’t know, it didn’t say.”
Harry pondered this for a while and thought of an answer. Where else would be the most secure place to hold prisoners?

“What are you thinking?” Narcissa asked suspiciously.
“That there’s still a chance.” Harry replied, deep in planning.

“Now you listen to me, Potter.” Narcissa ordered, rising from her chair. “This isn’t like last time. This isn’t a ‘kill one man and the others fall too’ type of organization. It doesn’t matter that Selwyn’s dead anymore, he succeeded in his job of uniting them all and putting them in power. And it doesn’t matter if you remove Mosby or Felicia or any one of them from the picture. Dark Wizards have control now but this lot aren’t sneaking in shadows and manipulating fear, they’re using well publicised terror and power.” And she indicated the front of the paper. “They have an army big enough to sustain an entire Ministry by itself and they’re openly advertising for more to join them. Even you can’t do this single handed.”
Harry had slumped in his chair as she was saying this. She was explaining everything he already knew but couldn’t bear the thought of.

“I still need to go, Narcissa.” Harry said decisively and she seemed to fall back into her chair.
“It’s a fine line between bravery and foolishness, Potter.”
“I’m not being either, I’m doing what I have to do.”

“But not before you have at least eaten something.” Andromeda intervened and she quickly bustled into the kitchen leaving Harry and Narcissa to glare at each other.

“I think I’ve cracked it.” Draco Malfoy announced as he walked in. He froze momentarily as he caught Harry’s eye. Although he looked fresher then he did when Harry had rescued his family from the Death Eaters, he still looked paler then he normally did and he still had heavy bags under his grey eyes. He was holding the thin, dark-green book that Harry had taken from Selwyn. “It’s bound in Dragon skin so that only those with the password could read it.” He explained quickly as he handed the book to Harry. “It’s Magic is Might. It didn’t take long to figure out.”

“Thanks.” Harry said with a slight amount of surprise at Draco’s manner. Harry opened the book and tapped it with his wand as Andromeda came in with a hot plate containing Harry’s breakfast.
He quickly wolfed down the egg on toast, only just realising how hungry he was, whilst tapping the book with his wand. After murmuring the password, and feeling a small amount of disgust as he did so, he watched as messages, both sent and received by Selwyn appeared on the paper in a combination of handwritings.

Harry read the messages as they continued to appear as though they were being written by an invisible hand, slowing down in his eating as he watched as name after name crept onto the pages.
Memorising the names of who he suspected to be the leaders of the groups and guessing their countries of origin, he counted forty-three different contacts in total.
Both Narcissa and Draco silently watched him and Harry knew they were waiting for him to make a decision on what to do or where to go next.

“I need to get into the Ministry.” Harry said, after the last message that was announcing their plan to attack the Ministry faded away. Narcissa gave off a loud sigh and Draco turned, if possible, even paler.

“You know your friends might not even be there.” Narcissa remarked as she stared into Harry’s eyes.
“Where else would they keep enemies they want alive?” Harry retorted. Narcissa didn’t answer though she continued to glower at him. “And from what it says in the paper, they’re registering and hiring Ministry workers today so I think I’d be right in saying they’re going to busy.” Narcissa’s eyes flickered to both Andromeda and Draco as though hoping one of them would help convince Harry otherwise as he began plotting his next move. Harry stood up and pocketed the Dragon-skin bound book, the now useless I.D card and his D.A Medallion that had still not heated up as it normally did when receiving a message.
“Have you got any sort of potions supply?” Harry asked Andromeda. She nodded and, with one last glance at the paper reporting the execution of his mentor’s best friend, he followed her out of the kitchen.

Harry sat at the small desk of the basement where, he was uncomfortably told, Ted Tonks, the late husband of Andromeda and Teddy’s namesake, had once worked at.
Closing the small brown case of potions ingredients beside him, he swirled the small vial he held in his hand and watched as the liquid within continued to bubble and fizz as it changed to a pale-violet colour.

“Is there anything I can help with?” Said an eager young voice from behind him. Harry turned to see his God-son at the door carrying a bulging bag that looked close to bursting.

“Not this time I’m afraid, Teds.” Harry said, carefully pocketing the small corked vial. Teddy dragged the bag to Harry and plunged his hand deep into it.

“What about this?” Teddy said with a grin as he pulled out a lump of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. “Gran took me to Wizard Wheezes for my birthday and Uncle George gave me loads of really cool stuff.” Harry smiled as he took the shimmering black lump from the outstretched hand.

“Very cool.” Harry said as he admired the Dark Arts device and Teddy opened the bag to reveal more products. “I don’t suppose you know how the Malfoy’s are getting on?” Harry asked as Teddy pulled out a brand new Sneakoscope.

“I know the older one is still in bed.” Teddy answered as examined the spinning top.

“Lucius? Yeh, well, I think he’ll be in bed for a while.”

“And Draco has been put in charge of Scorpius while his wife and mum look after him.” Harry’s mind was side-tracked for a moment as Teddy said this. Scorpius. So that was his name. “And this is really cool.” Teddy said as he pulled out a small silver box. “Ricocheting Rubble.” He said as he opened the box revealing what looked like dozens of dusty pebbles. “George gave me the first ever box. They’re supposed to bounce all over the place and destroy as much as possible without hitting the holder of the box.”

Teddy handed the box over to Harry as he gave into a laugh. “You know, I think you’re going to make this a lot more fun than it should be.”

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