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Dramione Lust by Iellwen
Chapter 1 : In The Library
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Hermione Jean Granger, bown-haired Gryffindor bookworm and proud of it, was wandering between some of the shelves in the Library.
She was alone, but not lonely as the leather-bound paper goodies had been her very first friends and had, since she could decipher words, never let her down.

Ron, Harry and Ginny were rehearsing for the next Quidditch match and, breaking her habit, Hermione had decided to not sit in the freezing winter cold on an empty and icy bench to cheer on her friends.

Instead, she decided to use her free time wisely to finish the extra curriculum assignment she had managed to get from Professor Sprout – the dedicated bookworm had realized she had difficulties with the subject they were working on in Herbology at the moment and had managed, after enough begging, to get the teacher to promise she would read through the essay she was planning on writing.
She wouldn't score any points since it was voluntary work but would at least learn a thing or two.
And that was the whole point of homework anyway.
As she was reaching the Reference Section of the Library, Hermione felt like whistling a happy song – but knew Madam Pince was always listening like the crazy silence-loving shrew she was.

Still, the young Gryffindor couldn't help but sing one of her homework songs quietly: "Gonna get me a book, gonna get me some info oh how fab' it will look... Ah-oh-ohmmmm..." and she managed to refrain herself from skipping as she flipped through pages, standing.
Just as she was gleefully humming something about potions (“piercing the roots to recover the pus, dum-dee-dum and the delicate but distinct smell of rotten plums, pom-polrom”), she heard a sound and looked up, her finger marking the page.
"You sing while you read." Came after a few seconds of silence during which brown had met grey.
Overcoming her first shock, Hermione's brain clicked back to work and her cheeks reddened slightly.
"You creep up on people." Was her answer. As if to prove she could state the obvious facts pretty well herself.
The two students stood there in awkward silence. 
His face seemed expressionless but she could see his nervously twitching finger.
She thought of these old westerns she would watch with her parents and those gun fights were the two guys waited until the last minute possible to pull out their guns really quickly and shoot.
Was he thinking of hexing her out of the blue?
Why was he still standing here like an idiot, staring at her?
Couldn't he see she was busy reading?
"Your hair looks nice today."
Hermione blinked.
Was this a trap?
Was he going to add "for a Mudblood"?
Make fun of her if she thanked him?
"What do you want, Malfoy?"
Surely he was trying to be nice because he needed her for something.
Most likely homework, and no matter how little she cared about someone, she would never let a fellow student down.
Well, there were a few but she found she could deal with the childishly cold and petty name-calling rather easily now.
"Your first name is Hermione." Malfoy spoke softly.
Again, she blinked.
Her heart had gone through loops and fluttering at the sound of her first-name being said by none other than Draco Malfoy..
Not that she didn't know her own name. Duh.
But coming from him, with his deep, deep voice...

"I know that. Don't you know yours?" she said in a tone she hoped stayed casual but heavy with irony.

He took a step towards her.
Instinctively, she took a step back.
Her back softly hit a bookshelf.
She was starting to panic a little.
"Do you know it?" He had whispered with a mischievous grin.
Hermione forgot she was regretting not staying with her friends as she realized she had been asked a question.
And she knew the answer.
"It's Draco... Right?"
She knew it was, of course.
But the Slytherin was behaving so weirdly she distantly wondered if, maybe, he had hit his head painfully somewhere on the way here.
He smiled.
It creeped her out.
He looked like a predator.
And she felt like the bleating and bleeding prey.
"Say it again." He said, his deep voice husky.
"Okay. Time to leave." Squealed the girl as she hurriedly put the book back on its shelf.
Her inner voice was telling her to flee faster than the wind.
Her shoulders were suddenly pinned to said shelf by two big and warm hands.

"Say my name again, Hermione."
Again, that thing with her heart!
Maybe she needed to go to the Hospital Wing as soon as she freed herself?

The girl was torn between curiosity (What? Why? And what?!) and that warm, fuzzy feeling that made her want to smile.
It spread from her stomach and rose to her racing heart – she was uncomfortably hot, starting to sweat.
It shuddered and tickled in her legs and arms.
Her throat was dry.

"Say it." he whispered again, taking another step towards her.

They were dangerously close now.
She couldn't look away from his gaze anymore.
It burned with passionate hope.
He was really waiting for her to say his name.

Maybe he had been cursed by somebody and needed someone to say his name?
And she just happened to be the first one he had seen?
So in the predicament that he was in, he had tried a nicer approach than the one he had used her too?
It is, indeed, easier to catch flies with honey rather than with vinegar...
"No. Play your games with one of your pals, Malfoy. Now let me go."
She tried to break free.
She was no prey – she was a lion!

He took the last step he could take and pressed his entire body against hers.
His hands slid down her arms to her hand, his finger entwined with hers.
She was immobilized.
And almost completely overwhelmed.

"Malfoy I swear I'll scream bloody murder if you don't let me go this ---"

His mouth came crashing upon hers – she let out a muffle squeal and tried to break free.
She stared at him in horror as he pressed his strong lips against her tightly shut mouth.
He re-opened his eyes when she stayed motionless.
He looked disappointed, almost hurt.

Why was beyond all logical explanations she could ever provide.
She stood there, let out the air she realized she had been holding and stared.

“Say my name again.”

An order, almost begged.

Hermione shifted her eyes to meet his.
She had experienced something so new it had almost completely turned off her brain.
But she managed to whisper in a small voice:

He let go of her hands.
His face was expressionless again.

She realized she was free.
Kind of.
She could slide away; the warm pressure from his chest on hers was only minimal.

Curiosity killed the cat. Right?
Ah, damn it.


He took a step back, surprised.
Now that he got what he wanted, would things go back to normal?
Would he walk away, satisfied, and leave her alone?
And never, ever try to kiss her again?
They stared at each other again.
She couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed – though she quickly tried to repress the thought of wanting to snog him.

He smiled and she lost touch with reality.

His hands were on her again, one on her neck, the other on her hip, pulling her close to his strong, warm body.
His mouth, soft yet strong, was on hers again.
This time more demanding, (almost) forcing her lips open.
As she reciprocated his passion, he moaned and brought his hands to her face.
He nibbled on her lower lip and deepened the kiss, as she grabbed his shirt, melting into his arms.
Her knees felt weak, her heart was beating dangerously fast, and as she felt her entrails twist and tingle, she smiled.
Even brighter as she felt his grin, too.
He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her somewhere to the left, alternating from deep to volatile kisses.
She felt something hard press against her buttocks – a table.
Draco pulled her knees up and sat her down on it.

They broke the kiss and stared at each other, breathing heavily.
Hermione felt incredibly wild and a bit naughty...
But oh so very free, staring into those steely eyes clouded with lust looking at her and only her.

It was not love.
Nor was it logical.
But it felt almost right.
Then she remembered it wasn't.
“Stop.” She ordered as he was bringing her close and leaning in to kiss her again.  

She didn't want him to but he did.
She wanted him to ravish her here and there, but he looked at her, waiting for her to speak again.
The warmth of his hands on her hips through the fabric of her robe seemed to burn.
She suddenly felt angry and ashamed.
“Get off of me.” Hermione croaked.
He looked at her, surprised.
He slowly backed away, withdrawing his hands.
She felt cold.
The fog in her mind lifted.
“I don't know what kind of games you're playing but I certainly won't let you make a fool of me any--”

“I'm not playing anything.”
He looked angry.
Then he sighed.

“I don't know, I just felt...”
Hermione slid down from the table and straightened her robes, trying to look dignified.
She felt cheap.
Some bloke kissed her and what, she let him? Just like that?
Well not just some bloke – Draco Malfoy.
“Felt horny and grabbed the first Mudblood you laid your eyes on? Is that some kind of Pureblood logic? Hate them all but squeeze in a quick shag from time to time, why not they're all sluts anyway, right?” She spat.

She was taken aback by his first reaction – he looked hurt and sad.
Then angry.

“Well you didn't seem to mind, did you now?”

That icy tone and his disdainful eyes.
How well she knew them.
A wave of sadness washed over her and she felt tears welling up.
She completely forgot herself and let her emotions take over for a bit.
Her eyes burned and her vision blurred.
“I didn't mean-- I'm so s-- Hermione!”
She ran off between the shelves, hating and cursing herself.
And him.
Her throat burned and she felt the tears fall freely down her cheeks.
She wasn't sobbing.
Hermione was afraid.
Of what she had done, of what it implied.

Then she realized she had run deeper into the maze of the Library and had arrived at a dead end.
She stopped just in time before smashing into the wall.
She turned around, catching her breath and wiping her already drying tears with her sleeve.
And saw him walking quickly towards her.
That bastard still managed to stalk her and look elegant doing it.
She saw a niche between two bookshelves on her right and immediately went for it – there were tons of those, he'd never find her there!
She hid in the shadows, being the smallest she could be.

The kissing, crying and running had gotten her entirely out of shape.
Now she was on the floor, hugging her knees and trying not to wheeze.
She did not hear him creep up on her but still, there he stood and laughed:
“You did not seriously believe you were hidden, right?”
Hermione got up and scoffed.
Not that it was any of his business but yes, she had.
She stood and looked quickly around, wondering why she had in the first place.
“I'm sorry I snapped back, you had every right to be angry...”
She looked at him properly, surprised.
Draco did, indeed, look sorry.

“What do you want with me, Malfoy? Why are you doing this to me?”

It baffled her to see such heart-breaking beaten-puppy eyes on Draco Malfoy.
“I... I just couldn't resist any longer... It's just the way the light caught your hair and your face and... Well I just...”
He sighed.
He looked annoyed.
“I don't know what kind of girl you think I am and frankly I don't---”
“I think you're incredibly gorgeous, smart, funny and feisty. And proud and adorable.”
“What?! No. You think I'm inferior to you because I was born with magic but with Muggle parents. I believe you think me a... Oh, wait, how did it go again?”

“Hermione I--”

“Ah, yes. Mudblood was the word, wasn't it? You think me and “my kind” should be eradicated or enslaved while inbred arrogant jerks with deep-seeded issues rule and destroy the world. And I think this conversation is over and that nothing ever happened and we go back to our wonderfully appropriate routine of disdain and---”
“I think you are a woman and I am a man – attraction follows no such fickle thing as blood. Apparently. I mean--” he added precipitately as her eyebrows rose in horrified fury. “I mean that I was as surprised as you were, alright? Do you have any idea how hard it's been for me to watch you walk around and laugh and smile while all I wanted was to hold you tight, kiss your lips and caress your skin... It's been eating me alive for months...”
Hermione just stood there as she processed what she had she heard.
He reached for her and as she didn't back away, Draco pulled her to him in a tender hug.
She let him hold her closer and she closed her eyes as he nuzzled against her neck.
She heard him inhale longingly and felt him hold her tighter.

Her hands raised to his shoulders as her arms rested on his back.
Her heart was pounding.
Or was it his?
“Do you need me to take you to the Hospital Wing?” She asked, foolishly yet honestly thinking something was wrong with him.
He sighed again.

“I know it's selfish of me to act on it like that. I wish I could say I was sorry but being able to touch you like that...” he caressed her cheek – she blushed. “It's more than I could ever have wished for lately. When you said my name like that I just... I lost control, I'm sorry...”
Why did she give in?
Was it because she had been sneaking looks at him herself recently, noticing how handsome he was as all the girls gossiped about? His strong jaw, his blond hair, his sometimes-blues sometimes-grey sometimes-both eyes, his big hands and his slender fingers, his long legs and that freaking elegance of his. Was she that vain?
It surely wasn't for all those years of name-calling and petty bullying and she knew for a fact that a compliment and a kiss were all she needed to become pudding in a man's arms.

So why had it worked with him?
Because he had never complimented her before and it came as a shock?
Or was it because he was just such a darn good kisser?

He cupped her chin between his thumb and his index, raised her head a bit and leaned in to kiss her.
Merlin's beard, he was a good kisser.
The kiss started tender, almost shy.
He pressed his lips softly against hers until she slightly opened her mouth.
Then he nibbled on her upper lip and kissed once, twice – then kissed her cheek, then behind her right ear.
His breath tickled her and she shivered happily – he kissed her neck.
She grabbed his robe as her knees weakened again – he strengthened his hold on her waist, caressing her through her robe with his thumb as his other hand caressed her back upwards to rest on the back of her head, cupping it.

Draco led her back against the wall of the niche and she moaned as he left a trail of light kisses on her collarbone, pulling at her clothes to reveal more skin.

Yearning to hold him closer, Hermione snaked an arm to his neck while he kissed her cheekbone, pecked the side of her lips then went back to her mouth – he moaned as she nibbled on his lower lip and his hand shot from her hip to her leg, trying to pull it up to his side.
The fabric of her robe got in the way so she pulled it up to mid-thighs – why not? She was wearing jeans underneath after all.

One leg wrapped around his waist, Hermione realized she had just enabled them to become much more intimate.
His right hand rested on her thigh – he groaned in mid-kiss as he grabbed and pulled himself closer to her.
She could feel his arm between her and the wall, his hand protecting her head from the stone, the heat on her thigh...
His tongue caressed her lip – it felt electrifying and she inhaled sharply before kissing him some more.

Never in her entire life had she ever been kissed that way before.
Not that she had ever been kissed more than twice.

But she hadn't even heard of kisses that melted your brain, had your heart hysterically pump butterflies through your veins until they all flew around in your stomach – and that warm, tickling feeling between her legs was also entirely new to her.

This was so wonderfully overwhelming she didn't care about who and where they were anymore.
She just wanted more.

Hermione pulled his robe high enough to place her hand on his arse, surprised just as him by her audacity – then almost purred as she gave a light squeeze to the firm cheeks under her palm.

She had never grabbed a boy or a man's butt before.
It felt liberating.
“Well it's only fair...” he stated and, in a swift move, he brought his right up her leg to her waist then back down to her buttocks. “Oh, Merlin...” he whispered and squeezed almost painfully as he pressed himself even closer to her and let out a tortured moan. He managed just in time to refrain from ripping her and his clothes of and have her right here and there.
She felt more flattered by his reactions to her body than any compliment she had ever been told before.
“More.” he croaked after kissing her passionately. “I want to touch more of you. Please.”
Hermione and Draco lost themselves in each other's eyes for a few seconds.
They were breathing rather heavily for having done so little and their faces were flushed.
She brought her hand up his back to between his shoulder blades and smiled at him.
He understood immediately and though he was well-mannered enough to stay over the fabric of her shirt, his hand found its way to her chest and her left breast.
Draco groaned, ecstatic, and caressed her gently with his thumb.
She was amazed at how nice it felt – she was surprised as she arched her back.

He kissed her almost forcefully and sucked and nibbled at her lips while he gave her soft knockers a shy squeeze – she strengthened her leg's hold on his waist, bringing him closer.

Her body seemed to know what it wanted and Hermione followed an instinct as she flicked her tongue to his lips – they parted and allowed her in his mouth.
His right hand left her chest to secure hold on her buttocks while his left disappeared in her hair – their tongues tussled.
“Hermione!” a voice called – they jumped apart in silent panic.
As neither of them wanted to be seen, Hermione and Draco stood quietly between the bookshelves, out of their niche and back to reality, alert.
They heard angry whispers.
They looked at each other – he straightened his robes, ran a hand through his hair and though his cheeks were still a bit flushed, he looked his usual self again.
As she still stood there, staring, he pulled out his wand from a pocket and flicked it – her robes and even her shirt underneath them were pulled and straightened.
“Hermione!”, this time whispered loudly. But they heard it properly; it was coming from close by.
Draco took a few steps back – Hermione flinched at his cold eyes and his arrogant sneer.
She had almost forgotten how hateful he usually looked when he laid eyes on her.
She heard steps coming closer, hurrying.
They both looked away from each other.
It was Ron.
With Ginny.
And Harry.
They looked at her, smiled, then saw Draco.
“I knew you were here!” Harry spat – he was holding a piece of parchment in his hand, his wand in the other. He pointed the latter at the Slytherin, immediately imitated by Ron and Ginny.
“Step away from her or we'll be forced to report a passed-out student to Madam Pince.” Ron threatened slowly.
Draco chuckled coldly and droned lazily : “Always a pleasure, Mudblood.”
Then he walked away arrogantly, elegant.

Ginny was immediately by her side.

“Are you okay? Did he do anything to you? We were looking for you and saw his name on the Marauder's Map – we've been running around calling for you for at least ten minutes.”
“Yeah, I'm surprised the old wench didn't catch us and hex us out.” Muttered Ron – his cheeks were still burning red with anger.
“The map didn't show all the bookcases so we got lost for a bit. We would've been here sooner otherwise – Hermione, are you okay?” Harry leaned in to look at her closely then exclaimed: “You're crying! What happened, are you alright – Ron! Come on! If we can hurry we can still catch him and crucio the cra--”

“Harry!” Hermione laughed between her tears. “Don't be an idiot, I'm just crying because he called me a...”
“You can't let it get to you!” Ron almost screamed. “You're the best witch ever, you're a great human no matter what your blood and, er-- Malfoy's a stupid git, he's not worth your tears.”
Hermione managed to smile through her drying tears, getting over the first shock of reality.
Ginny was holding her arm and she shook her a little:

“Here's right, you know. Let him rot in his close-minded illusion of purity. As long as he didn't--”
“I was reading here and he was just looking for a book. We didn't talk and ignored each other until you guys came.”
The matter was settled quickly and the four friends merrily made their way out of the Library.
One of them was secretly dealing with the shocking sides of her personality.
So what if she randomly made out with her “arch-enemy” and even let him reach second base in the holy sanctuary of knowledge, such as the Library was?
At least she lied through a smile with ease and deceived her closest friends without a second of hesitation so, yay, right?

She still couldn't believe she had let herself go in such a scandalous way if it hadn't been for her slightly numb lips and her still pounding heart.

It terrified her to think about what might have happened if her friends had not showed up when they had. How far would she have gone with a boy that had been nothing but mean to her during all the years she had known him?
She mentally tortured herself until she decided that the only thing that mattered out of the whole hormonal deal was that it would never happen again.

It was all that mattered.
Never again.


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Dramione Lust: In The Library


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