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Purebloods Don't Cry by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2-Testosterone Fueled Stupidity
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I had taken out all of my frustrations about Draco on Tristan. When we woke up in the ROR the next morning before class I felt bad he had scratches down his back and his collarbone was mildly bruised. He rolled over at me and smiled though his medium length chestnut hair falling over his green eyes.

“Last night was amazing, Malfoy should piss you off more often,” he chuckled.

I threw a pillow at him, “Get up we slept through half of breakfast.”

He yawned and stretched before getting out of bed and I admired his tan, toned physique for a moment before getting dressed. I had no school robes though so I kissed Tristan on the cheek before rushing off to the dungeons.

“Late night?”

I nearly ran face first into a column near the bottom of the stairs when I heard his voice.

“I don’t have time for you!” I yelled back as I ran up the stairs to my dorm.

I changed into my school uniform in record time and was pulling my blonde highlight, dark brown hair into a pony tail as I rushed back through the common room hoping to pick up at least some toast before my first class, Transfiguration. As I exited the common room I felt a hand on my arm and whipped around finding myself face-to-face
with Draco.

“What do you want?”

“Have fun last night?”

“I always have fun when you’re not involved.” I pulled my arm from his grip and continued towards the Great Hall.

“What is your problem Lina?”

“Really Malfoy you have to ask?” I paused, “My problem is you and the fact that you will not go away we are not together anymore. We were never really together to begin with neither of us gave a shit about the other and we were just using one another for appearances. It got old let’s just go on with our lives.”

These interactions with him were getting tedious and I was worried one time that my emotions would betray me as I looked at him and told him how much I never cared. I was worried he would see it in my eyes that I loved him and I just wanted him away from me. He didn’t get the hint though he followed me in silence until we ran into Tristan in the Entrance Hall. Well rather I ran into Tristan, like right into him and fell backwards into Draco’s arms. I cursed myself as I pulled away from him and adjusted my clothes.

“You all right doll?” Tristan asked.

“I’m fine,” I replied hoping Tristan’s presence would make Draco go away.

Suddenly Tristan’s sister came up and jumped on his back causing him to wince and I saw my entire morning go up in flames rather quickly.

“Aww you hurt Rhodes?” Draco said in a baby voice.

I saw Tristan smirk and I begged him mentally to keep his mouth shut but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Instead Tristan unbuttoned his collar a bit revealing the large love bites and then untucked his shirt and pulled it up revealing some of the scratches on his back.

Well technically he did keep his mouth shut. His sister made a face and walked off but Draco was livid I could tell but he tried to keep cool.

As he stormed off Tristan finally opened his mouth only to make me wish he had suddenly gone mute.

“Piss her off more often before I come to get her it made things interesting,” Tristan yelled.

Draco turned on his heel and had punched Tristan in the face so fast I wasn’t exactly sure it had happened until I realized Tristan was up and they were in an all-out muggle brawl. (Which I never understood why wizards did that when they have wands but it never seems to fail that wizards would rather physically beat the crap outta each other than use their wands.)

A small crowd had gathered as people exited the Great Hall and I now knew all hope of having some toast was lost. I took a few steps back and blended myself into the crowd so I wasn’t standing inside the circle they were making just staring dumb struck looking like an instigator and an idiot. Suddenly Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle were pulling them apart it would figure the mindless drones would come to Draco’s rescue but it was too late because Snape was half way through the students that had gathered and was pointing out both Draco and Tristan to go to his office. I blended the best I could into the crowd as both boys followed the professor down into the dungeons.

Draco’s POV

I was seething as I followed that idiot Rhodes who still seemed pleased with himself as we followed Snape to his office. I rolled my shoulders I was also pissed at myself for letting him get to me. I wasn’t jealous I didn’t care what Lina did so why did I get so angry about Rhodes shagging her. I shook the thoughts out of my head but more crept in, if Lina was nothing than why was I always trying to be near her? I shook my head again forget it, forget her, she can screw whoever she wants and I just needed to find a new trophy girlfriend. Yeah that would send Lina right over the edge.

Then I remembered Lina saying she didn’t care about me and it stung I felt a tear began to form but quickly blotted it and sucked it up. Of course she didn’t care and that is fine because I didn’t either.

Rhodes turned his head and smirked at me over his shoulder; it took all my self-control not to hit him again. When we entered Snape’s office Rhodes immediately took the seat across the desk from Snape leaving me to stand which was fine I could get to the door quicker when Snape dismissed us.

“Mr. Rhodes 25 points from Ravenclaw,” Snape showed no emotion he wasn’t even looking at either of us he was making notes on parchment on his desk.

“But professor-“ Rhodes tried to protest.

“No excuses,” Snape paused finally glancing up, “Detention for you Mr. Rhodes tonight and for you Mr. Malfoy tomorrow night.”

I simply nodded and glanced at the door hoping we could leave.

“Why doesn’t he get points deducted?”

“Because he did not provoke the fight Mr. Rhodes,” Snape replied casually.

“But he hit me first.”

“I didn’t say who hit who first I simply said that you provoked it,” Snape replied matter-of-factly as he handed each of us a note, “Now you are both dismissed unless you Mr. Rhodes would like further detentions to discuss the unfairness of this matter?”

I was out the door as Rhodes was shaking his head and standing up. I walked as fast as I could without running trying to put as much distance as possible between myself and that prick. I heard him try to say something but he was too far back down the hallway for me to make it out; that was probably better for the both of us.

Normal POV

Draco stormed into Transfiguration and handed a note to Professor McGonagall before dropping into a seat in the far back of the class room. I didn’t turn around to look at him but I could feel his eyes burning holes into the back of my head. The class room door opened again a few minutes later and Tristan walked past me on his way to hand in his note before turning around winking at me and slipping into the seat in front of me. I’m sure Draco had seen all of that and it hadn’t helped this situation. I had been fielding questions from everyone about which one I was dating and I could hear those who wouldn’t ask me whispering and I hated it.

I wasn’t at all focused on class and instead of transfiguring a lizard into a pillow I turned him in a pill bug and someone else’s lizard that had run off promptly ate mine. I rolled my eyes only me I knew no one else who could have this kind of morning. Just than a paper airplane crashed into my arm so I quickly picked it up.

Good going this morning love and I saw your lizard get eaten. Do you need some Felix Felicis?

I turned around to her and mouthed ‘I hate you,’ but she just laughed and shook her head and then picked up her pillow and gave me a wide smile.

“Uh that still has a tail,” I told her.

“What?!” she asked shocked flipping her pillow over and frowning at the green tail that was sticking out of it.

She stopped bothering me and went about trying to make her pillow tailless. I sat until the end of class hiding behind other students so McGonagall wouldn’t see my lizard had disappeared. She dismissed the class right on time and I rushed out before she started counting lizards/pillows since not everyone had managed to turn their lizard at all or to turn it back. I waited outside in the hall for Jade and was relieved when she exited before Draco.

“I thought you hated me,” Jade joked and poked me in the arm.

“I do but you’re still my only friend,” I smirked at her and she pretended to pout, “Oh merlin please don’t whine.”

She giggled, “Fine, fine.”

We continued on our way to Potions chatting about this morning as I tried to explain to Jade that I really had nothing to do with their fight.

“Right,” she rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t it was just testosterone fueled rage,” I replied innocently.

“Mhmm because I heard you mauled Tristan and he felt it necessary to show off his battle scars so Draco decked him,” Jade cocked her eyebrows at me.

“Well when you put it like that yeah uh that sounds pretty accurate,” I mumbled.

She giggled, “So should I leave you partner less in Potions so they can start another scuffle?”

I gave her a don’t-you-dare-look knowing full well she was going to do it anyway for her own enjoyment.

“You know what now I do hate you,” I snuck my nose in the air and walked away from her listening to her laugh the entire time.

I took a seat near the back of the Potions room and Jade sat at the table in front of me grinning as she did so. The rest of the class slowly filtered in and it was only a matter of who got there first and if whoever got their second was going to be a gracious loser. Although I was sure that Snape would be putting up with no more nonsense from those two today.

Of course with my luck on this fine day Draco shows up first and smirking slips into the seat next to me.

“I hate you,” I hissed at him.

“Rhodes will get over one class.” He turned his smirk to a smile for a split second before beginning to pull stuff out his messenger bag.

When Tristan walked in he wrinkled his nose but sat in the seat in front of me next to Jade without saying a word. I let out a sigh of relief which was cut short by Snape entering and going straight into a monotone mantra about some Potion that cured memory loss caused by some hex I had never heard of. It probably would’ve benefited me to pay more attention but I was more interested in the back of Tristan’s head and avoiding Draco’s stare.

“Do you want to get the ingredients?” Draco snapped me out of my fixation on Tristan.

“Yeah sure,” I mumbled and looked down at his book since mine wasn’t even open.

“You weren’t paying attention at all,” he huffed getting up, “I’ll get them light the cauldron.”

I ignored his attitude as I walked over and pointed my wand at the pile of kindling and wood beneath the large, black cast iron cauldron; flames immediately began licking up from the logs and tinder kissing around the cauldron. I went back to my seat and skimmed over Draco’s open book again so I would know what we were doing. He came back and handed me half the ingredients and we silently went to work.

By the end of the class I hadn’t heard a word from him and I was relieved it was awkward enough being this close to him it was making the butterflies stir in my stomach and I wanted to vomit them up on him. I hated feeling likes this and hated it was him who made the feelings come out like this. I was elated when our potion turned a bluish lilac and we were dismissed. But before I could really get away from him he opened his mouth.

“So are you his girlfriend?”



I laughed, “That’s none of your business.”

I walked away leaving him in the dungeon hallway with a scowl on his face that almost made me believe he would actually care and be jealous if I told him I was involved with someone else.

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