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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 23 : Finite Incantatem
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 "Finite Incantatem," Greyson rose his wand to Sophia, freeing her of the body bind, "This is not going as planned, I didn't think this would go this poorly."

"Thank you," she stretched as she regained movement in her limbs. "Did you think it would go well?" Sarcasm dripped from her question.




"No, of course not..."




"Think he believed you were on his side?"




"I'm sure of it, before I removed that vile pig from your holding room Chet tried to talk to me more seriously about stepping up in the business. There's a girl getting molested in a room a short distance away and he wants to talk about business plans." Greyson shook his head, disgusted with his family. 








"What were you doing with Lorelei?" He accused. Talking to her wasn't part of the plan at all. He had planned on distracting her but when he went to do that she was missing, so he settled on Garrit instead. Turns out that was the better option anyway. 




"She was trying to help me escape."




Narrowing his eyes he questioned her, "Are you sure?" He couldn't believe that someone so loyal as Lorelei would go against Chet. She lived to please him.




Sophia wasn't sure until she had saw Lorelei stand up to her father. It had probably been for more selfish reasons than it came off as, but it still meant a lot. "Positive."




"Why would she help?"




"She was afraid of what Garrit was going to do to me," she answered him half honestly. There was more to the story, but it wasn't her story to tell.




"Well you don't have to worry about him," his eyes darkened, still not sure about Lorelei's true intentions. 




Knowingly she asked, "Why? What'd you do?"




"It's best you don't ask questions to things you really don't want to know the answers to." His mind flashed to the Sectumsempra spell he had used. Sophia's own father had accidentally introduced him to the spell. They were talking about "battle wounds" - where Draco didn't know at the time that Greyson had earned his in real battles just as Draco had - and he spoke of the time Harry Potter had caught him with a spell very few knew of. Greyson didn't know exactly what the spell did but he was pretty pleased when it left large gashes across Garrit's back. It scared him a little that he could do something like that without mercy, without any guilt. It's been hasty but he wouldn't allow him to hurt Sophia, or anyone else for that matter. 




She flinched at the terrifying look that played on his face, his eyes clouded. "I can't believe I ever trusted him."




He was serious when he spoke again, "That's your problem Sophia, you're too trusting. Your heart is too big. You want to fix everyone. Well you can't! Some people are unfixable." 




"No one is unfixable!" She tried to believe there was at least some good in everyone, even people as evil as the ones she was dealing with.




"They are if they don't want to be fixed."




She stiffened, "Do you?"




He turned to her, silent. A million different emotions seemed to be playing across his face before he settled on an angered look, "It doesn't look like I have a choice. You won't stop until I give in."




Despite the dire situation Sophia smiled, she had gotten to him. 




The smile didn't last long, because Chet came into the room followed by his trusty ever present two men and Draco. 




The smile she has was replaced with shock and worry, when they had mentioned her father she thought he was just trying to scare her. How did he get her father? And how had he managed to have his arms bound behind him. 








Chet laughed maniacally, "ready to watch me torture your daughter? I won't kill her just yet, I hear her mother is on her way. That's just too good of an opportunity to pass up. I'll be able to get ride of all three remaining Malfoys." He stopped laughing when he saw Sophia was no longer bound. "How did she-" 




Greyson watched as realization dawned on his uncle, "that's right." 




"You double crossed me by pretending to double cross her?" He was shocked but his shock turned into a grin, "maybe you're more like me than I thought."




"I'm nothing like you!"




"You're right, you may have your moments but you're just not up to par. You just can't do anything right, can you?"




"I made one mistake, I was a child! Will you never let that go?"




"No! You don't get redos in life, Greyson!" He glared, " you're the cause of all the problems that happen around here."




"You're the reason for all my problems, uncle! Not the other way around."




No one accounted for Draco being able to use wantless magic, but as the uncle and nephew duo glared at each other he managed to free himself and grab his wand from one of the useless drones of men. Gaining each of their own wands quickly as well. 




He walked backwards towards Sophia, never once letting his guard down. When he reached her he braced one arm around her as he pulled her into him. His other arm held his wand out, daring anyone to move.  




Chet watched him but his real anger was on his nephew still. He figured he would just deal with the Malfoy prats after he laid down the law. Once he did the others would realize how serious he was. "You knew the rules, Greyson. You knew what you agreed to."




"You won't touch my sister. I won't let you." He stood tall, fearless against his uncle. No longer would he cower away. He would stand up and fight for the ones he loved. 




A sly grin appeared on Chet's face, "that's not the deal I was talking about."




Greyson's eyes rolled, "we make too many deals. They're all the same, if I don't do what you want you'll hurt someone I care about. But not this time."




"This deal had nothing to do with someone else getting hurt. This one has everything to do with you. Sophia was the one who failed us, you followed after her."




His mind went back to a conversation Sophia and he had at the very beginning of this ordeal. 




"There's a catch." 



 "There always is." 



"If one of us fails…the other dies."




"See Greyson, you spent your entire life protecting others. Everything you ever did was to make sure no one else got hurt. You risked the same thing for Sophia, but she couldn't handle the risk. She wasn't as stupid as you to rely on other people. She allowed herself to fail while knowing what it meant for you."




Greyson's eyes flicked to the girl in question. 




"No!" Sophia screamed from where she was held back by her father. "That's not what I was doing. I-I just was trying to protect my family." 




"But not you. No one cares about you Greyson." He laughed at his nephews his wand raised. 




"That's not true," Sophia thrashed against her father's unrelenting grip on her.




"Oh but it is," he smiled, "and now I'll show everyone just how worthless you are."




Everyone watched as his mouth opened but whatever horrid spell he would cast was cut short when one of the large doors was blown off its tracks. Hermione and a team of aurors stood in place of where the door has once been. 




It had taken longer than expected for them to arrive. Ron had tried to keep Hermione from going. He didn't want her to get hurt, but she absolutely refused to listen to him. She was going to save her daughter.




Panic swept over Chet's face. He knew he was in trouble, there were more aurors here than he ever could have imagined the ministry sending. His eyes narrowed at Hermione. Ah, they will do anything for that little mudblood. He knew he had to act fast, he wouldn't just be caught. No, that wasn't his style. 




"I warned you!" 




As aurors crashed into the room his wand went up and pointed at his nephew. The killing curse was rushed, but effectively cast. Green light lit up the room, temporarily blinding everyone in it. 




At the same time Sophia finally broke free from Draco's grip, as it had slackened slightly in relief when he saw his wife and the aurors. She sprinted to Greyson just as the curse was cast.




It was silent as the body fell back from the blow, falling ungracefully to the dirty floor. 









The thing about Avada Kedavra was that it was painless. The recipient of the killing curse felt nothing, they're entire body stopping instantly. There was no time delay, often the recipient wouldn't even have time to register that attack had actually happened. The bright green light would just hit their eyes before it was over. 




The pain that was absent to the recipient was thus given to everyone else. Figuratively of course, but that may have been ever worse than if literally pain was caused. Literal pain ends, you can count on that. But the pain that lives inside your mind? That may never leave you. 




This much was obvious as Sophia sank to her knees in front of Greyson's lifeless body. "Finite Incantatem," she muttered helplessly, "Finite Incantatem!" She knew it wouldn't work. Once life was taken away it couldn't be brought back to life. Only two people had ever survived a killing curse, each having extremely rare circumstances. There was nothing she could do, nothing that anyone could do. He was gone. 




The rest of what happened around her was a blur, she didn't hear the sounds of battle. The screeching of people as someone would get hit with a spell, the yelling of orders amongst both sides, the running feet. Instead she heard the rush of blood to her head, hearing her own heartbeat as she looked down onto a body that would never again have one. 




She wasn't aware that Hermione had placed a protection spell around her, she couldn't feel the familiar magical hum that she should have from it. 




She didn't see as the second in command auror sent a curse of his own, making Chet's body crumple and go limp. He wasn't dead, the aurors would leave him to the dementors of Azkaban. She didn't see her own father take out multiple guards of Chet's. She didn't know that most of Chet's loyal servants fled the scene the second the door was broken down. 




Aurors spread out in the building, capturing anyone they found and taking notes for evidence. They knew this would be one of the biggest busts they had in a while. The fact that Chet had evaded them for so long was not lost on a single man. And the idea that children where used as pawns made them want to do more damage to the man, most of them being fathers themselves.




Garrit was carried out by one, having almost died himself from blood loss. The aurors had found a muggle recording device in the holding cell Sophia was once in. A quick listen to it was all the evidence needed to convict the accused. 




She wasn't aware when Lorelei's bound body was found either, or when she was released from the bind and stood behind her. Didn't hear Lorelei's soft cries of her own. Or when she was taken away to have her own wounds treated. 




She refused to budge when her mother tried to pull her away and she fought violently against her father as he forcefully moved her away from Greyson as a sheet was placed over the body. 




And then everything was back again, all the colors of the world, the blaring sounds, and the sights all swirled around her. Her own body couldn't handle it. In order to cope with the sensory overloud it did the same thing that Sophia had stupidly done all those months ago, blacking out, it went into the dark.





-Author's Note-
So do you hate me?
I always knew Greyson was going to die... though there were a few times were I almost decided against it.  
One more chapter, it'll be a short one most likely. Just a little wrap up. It's been fun guys, hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. 

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