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Too Lost in You by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 4 : Jealousy
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The article Dom was trying to finish was the most boring thing he had ever been given and he found his mind wandering throughout the day; sometimes he would think about his wedding, other times it would jump to Lorcan. Little things pushed through to the front of his mind from time to time, but those two were his biggest problems.

The fact that he considered them both problems scared him the most; his wedding should be a happy part of his life and it felt wrong to say that about one of his his best friends. He wished he didn't feel the way he did about everything, he wished he was excited about his wedding day and that Lorcan wasn't so against his fiancée. It would certainly make his life a bit easier, though not completely - he still had his own issues to sort out.

Sighing, Dom dropped his quill onto his desk and let his head fall onto his arms; his deadline wasn't until Friday, he had all week to finish it. For now, he just wanted to hide from the world and pretend he wasn't in it, that he wasn't having problems and going through things he didn't want to go through. It was tiring.

The knock on the door echoed in the silent room, but he was too numb to move; he didn't jump or call for them to enter, he just sat behind his desk, continued to hide his head and ignored them. It was better than yelling at them.

The knocking stopped of its own accord and for a brief, hopeful second, Dom thought that they had either decided he wasn't in or had gotten the message and left. Neither was true; the soft click of the lock told him that someone was opening his door and inviting themselves in. He jumped up, just in case it was his boss - he was always making sure Dom had what he needed; Witch Weekly was not like the Daily Prophet, they liked to have at least some truth in their stories before publishing, especially if they were writing about a celebrity, which was Dom's main job, or his aunt Ginny, who wrote about Quidditch at the magazine - she liked to check on him from time to time. He was grateful when it turned out to be neither, standing to welcome his other best friend, Kieron Nott, with a hug.

"When did you get back?"

"Just last night," his friend replied, running a hand through his hair, which reminded them that they both needed to get a haircut. "I would have come straight over, but I thought it would be safer to talk to you at work."

Safer? Dom frowned, wondering why that would be, and the two men made themselves comfortable while he waited for an explanation.

"Before I left for my business trip, I told you to cut the bitch out of your life for good," Kieron reminded him sternly. "I come back and I hear you've set a date for your wedding. Which I get to hear from my idiot half brother and an invite I don't want."

Groaning, Dom sat back in his chair and prayed that at least one of his friends would come and reassure him that he was on the right path in life. Because so far, everything and everyone was working against what he thought he should do and he couldn't just not listen to his own head, not when he'd been with Amanda for as long as he had and not when she was so happy.

But you're not.

He ignored the little voice in the back of his mind, one that sounded too much like Lorcan's for his liking.

"Not you, too," he muttered out loud. "I've already had this from Lorcan."

"Well, Lorcan is a smart kid sometimes," Kieron pointed out with a smirk. "Marry him. At least I like him."

"Well, as long as you like him," Dom snapped sarcastically, though his heart wasn't truly in it. Marry Lorcan? The very idea was absurd; he couldn't ever see a date happening between him and the boy he'd known forever, let alone a commitment such as marriage. It was too weird.

Kieron grinned and winked at Dom's weak attempt at sarcasm and Dom thought for a moment that his friend was going to drop the subject and move on to something else, he prayed for it, only he didn't. The man quickly became serious and, if Dom guessed correctly, a little sad, which worried him.

"Look, who you want to be with is completely up to you; I will give you my opinions and I will hope you take my advice, but I will never stop you from living your life," Kieron promised him, turning Dom's head to make sure that he was listening. "If you want to be with Amanda, then you obviously see something I don't and I won't stop you. But be sure about her."

"We've been together since we were eighteen and you think I'm not sure?"

Kieron shrugged, suddenly looking nervous about what he wanted to say.

"You're never together, you either stick with family and friends or you stay in mine. You didn't move in together until last year and I can't remember the last time you actually stayed there for more than a week. She's manipulative and moody and she makes you boring as hell. And your relationship has been on and off more than Lucy and AJ's, which I didn't think could ever happen. So, yeah, I think you're not sure about her."

Kieron shrugged again, a halfhearted apology for saying what he thought only because he knew Dom didn't want to hear it. A part of him wondered if he had to hear it, if this was the wake up call he needed to stop and acknowledge why he was dreading this so much. But he didn't have an answer as to why; he wasn't going to give up his whole life on something he didn't even know.

"I'm fine, Kieron, I promise," he answered with a smile he hoped was reassuring and squeezed his friend's shoulder. "I know what I'm doing."

Fortunately, Kieron didn't seem to know that he was lying. Dom shook off his relief, as well as the guilt that came with lying to his best friend since he was eleven, and finally changed the subject - a little.

"So, Lorcan has big plans for my bachelor party," Dom said with a smile. "He was very disappointed when I told him you were on a business trip; he needed you there to help with details I apparently can't know."

Kieron winked again, playing with a business card that read Nick Delacour: Journalist. "Like I said, he's a smart kid."


Dom was very glad he had decided to put off his article for the day because Kieron didn't leave his side until after they had gotten lunch.

Still playing with a business card, Kieron told him all about his trip and how much he hated people who tried to mess with his deals. He paid for their food, which Dom was secretly glad for, even though he told Kieron he didn't have to, because he'd forgotten his wallet and couldn't pay. He suspected Kieron knew that; he had been sure that his friend hadn't seen him check his pockets but then his friend started smirking when they got to the till.

"So what has Nick Delacour got planned for tonight?"

Dom laughed at the fact that his friend was still considering his birth name and his work name as two separate people. "Well, Nick Delacour is coming out with Dom Weasley, Louis Weasley, Lorcan Scamander and maybe Xavier Sinclair. Would Kieron Nott like to come?"

Kieron pulled a face. "I don't know. I just got back from a trip; I have people to see, others to sleep with. Though I could probably do that second one while out."

Dom agreed with him.

"Okay," he said after a few minutes. "I'll go out with you all. I meant what I said about liking Lorcan, he's a funny drunk. And he actually drinks with me."


After deciding to meet outside Kieron's apartment at eight, they hugged once more and departed, each going to their own homes. If Dom's boss called, he'd say he was doing research.


Lorcan had to rush home to make make sure he was showered and ready to go before it was time to meet Dom outside of Kieron Nott's apartment; his day had mostly consisted of paperwork and he was usually conscious of the time because he wanted to leave as soon as he possibly could, but a more senior employee asked him to help sort through case files about an hour before he was due to leave and time had chosen to fly by once he'd stopped watching his watch.

His shower was quick, just a scrub with the soap, so he dried off fast and his hair was barely wet. He ran a hand through his dark hair to style it a little and grabbed his cleanest jeans and best shirt. Cursing when the doorbell rang, he had no idea who it could be since his family knew he was going out, Lorcan bypassed his underwear and just pulled his jeans on, jogging to the door when the person started knocking.

"Dom," he said surprised, confused as to why the man was there when he'd been told to meet them. He forgot that he had left his shirt in his room until Dom glanced down at his bare chest. Embarrassed over the fact that his cheeks were tinged with red, he noticed too late that Dom was also blushing - his friend turned away and held up the bag in his hand.

"I need to get changed here," he said as an explanation. "Do you mind?"

"No," Lorcan said quickly, opening the door wider to let him through. "I'm just going to finish getting dressed."

The eyes staring into Lorcan's back filled him with a hope he wished would go away; Dom didn't want him, his mind was just playing tricks.

He didn't bother with underwear at all now that his jeans were already on, he pulled on his socks and slipped on his shoes, then he grabbed his shirt and stepped back into the living room.

Let Dom see what he's missing out on, Lorcan thought, a little vindictively.

Dom had started fastening the buttons of his shirt when Lorcan came out, his eyes going straight back to the younger man's chest and this time Lorcan saw the red in his cheeks properly. It made him smile, knowing he could effect the man he wanted in some way at least.

"Twenty four years and you're still willing to parade around with nothing on. At least some things don't change," Dom said with a laugh. "Bath time was always fun."

"I was four, all you did was run the tap and sarcasm is not appreciated," Lorcan warned him, no malice heard in his voice. He put on his shirt and fastened the buttons, leaving the top two open to show a bit of skin; even if he couldn't have Dom, someone would take him home. "Why are you here? I thought I was meeting you at Kieron's."

"I couldn't get changed at home; I told Amanda I was working. She knows I'm going out, but she doesn't know I'm going out."

Lorcan nodded in understanding. "You used the research excuse again."

"Hey, that excuse gets you lot in the best clubs and knowing the celebrities gets you in the VIP sections," Dom reminded him.

"I'm not complaining, it also gets me in celebrity beds," Lorcan shared with a wink. "Let's go."

He turned just as Dom frowned, a crease in his brow showing when his eyes darkened and narrowed; he could have sworn the man was mad, but that was probably because he didn't approve of Lorcan's lifestyle. It wasn't because he was jealous.


Lorcan wished and hoped and prayed that he was. Just for one night, Dom could be jealous of him.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this new chapter. Please let me know what you think. :)


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Too Lost in You: Jealousy


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