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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 24 : Chapter 24
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“We’ve got to win.” Kelly cried as she sat down next to Amelia in the Hufflepuff stands, Amelia nodded along her agreement at her friend's words, feeling the excitement filling her as she sat with her fellow housemates, all cheering loudly for their Quidditch team.

It was the final Quidditch match of the season and Hufflepuff was facing Gryffindor, Amelia was of course cheering for Hufflepuff, much to the chagrin of James and Adam earlier at breakfast, who believed that she should be cheering for them. She scoffed at them before yelling loudly in their faces, “Go Hufflepuff!” immature she knew, but it was fun to do.

“I wouldn’t be able to face Adam and James if we lost,” Amelia admitted as she shook her head, waving a Hufflepuff flag around in the air as the players of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team were introduced and flew onto the pitch. She cheered loudly with her fellow students around her, feeling her throat hurt by how loud she was yelling, not at all caring about the strain on her voice.

The Gryffindor team were introduced next and Amelia cheered just a loud as Adam and James’s names were called out, Amelia saw a bittersweet smile filling Adam and James’s faces as they looked around the pitch, this was the last ever game that they would be playing for their house and she could tell that it was upsetting them slightly, but it wasn’t for long as they replaced their sadness with big grins on their faces, giving each other high fives and cheering loudly along with the rest of the Gryffindor supporters, pumping their fists in the air and trying to get everyone to cheer louder. Amelia and Kelly let out laughs at their behaviour and felt themselves cheering along with everyone else, stamping their feet loudly before jumping around from the excitement they were feeling.

“Let’s get the game underway,” came the loud voice of the commentator Lenny Sheen, who although was trying to remain unbiased was clearly cheering on the Hufflepuff team, he was completely decked out in the house colours and his face had been painted yellow and black. “This is my last time commentating, and I would like to just thank each and every one of you for the chance to do this, it’s been an honour and a great pleasure, and maybe next year you’ll be hearing my voice at professional Quidditch matches?”

The stadium erupted in cheers for Lenny and he stood up and gave a bow to everyone, a humble look on his face as he looked out at the crowd around him, all of the Quidditch players were facing him and clapping loudly, James was whistling loudly as Adam cheered. Lenny sat back down before he spoke again. “Now come on Hufflepuff! You don’t want to let me down on my last day now, do you? Let’s get this started!”

The Quidditch players all turned to face each other and the two Captains shook hands cheerful looks on their faces before they let go of each other and waited for Madam Hooch to let go of the Quaffle in her hands, she blew her whistle loudly before throwing it into the air, Roxanne Weasley was quick to fly over her Captain Sarah’s head and grab the ball before Jason McVay had time to grab it for him and pass to his fellow Chasers.

Adam had flown high into the air and his eyes began searching around the pitch for a sign of gold, and James was shouting eagerly from his place in front of the Gryffindor goals.

Amelia couldn’t help but keep her gaze going back to James, who was yelling himself roar, but seemed to still be having a wonderful time, telling the Chasers what moves to make and how to get the Quaffle off of the Hufflepuff Chaser Kevin Plummer, who was zooming towards him. He threw the Quaffle towards the goal and James was quick to punch it away with his fist, smiling smugly at Kevin, who just rolled his eyes at James, before turning and speeding away after Aidan Cook, a sixth year Gryffindor Chaser, who had caught the deflected Quaffle with ease.

“James Potter deflected the Quaffle with a nice save -”

Amelia couldn’t help but beam proudly as she stared at James, who was still yelling and laughing; Adam had decided to sit above the Gryffindor goals whilst searching for the tiny golden snitch and was throwing bits of food at James from his pocket, Amelia realised that it must have been from breakfast that morning. James could only attempt to hit Adam without looking behind him as Kayla Miller, a fifth year Hufflepuff Chaser, was flying towards him with the Quaffle.

“ - And Adam Campbell-Price needs to stop throwing food at James Potter so that he can concentrate on not letting the Quaffle in, but it seems that he’s distracted too much as the Quaffle manages to get through the middle goal. Ten points to Hufflepuff -”

Amelia cheered loudly as cheers erupted around her, groans were heard from Gryffindor supporters, but James either didn’t hear them or didn’t care about them as he was laughing loudly, flying over to Adam and attempting to punch him in the arm. Adam quickly zoomed away before throwing an apple at him, James dodged out of the way of it and it went through the goal hoops, James just shook his head at Adam, as Adam pointed wildly at the goal before cheering loudly with both of his arms thrown up above his head.

“- And it seems that Adam Campbell Price has managed to get an apple passed James Potter, excellent throwing skills, there from the Gryffindor seeker -” Lenny said into the microphone with a laugh as Adam seemed to do honorary laps around the goals, heckling James each time he passed him. “-Ten for Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindors Apple, I’m not sure Hufflepuff can come back from such a difference -”

Adam pointed at Lenny before laughing and yelling that he was a legend, Lenny bowed at Adam’s words before Adam decided to get back to the game in hand.

“This has got to be the weirdest game I’ve seen played,” Kelly admitted to Amelia, who was laughing along with everyone else at James and Adam’s antics. “They’re really enjoying their last game together.” Kelly said, her eyes sparkling with tears of mirth as James attempted to stop the Hufflepuff beater from hitting a Bludger by flashing her, his legs.

Kelly spat the drink she had been drinking out at this, covering a poor fifth year in front of her, she apologised quickly before spelling the drink off of him with her wand. She placed her drink down next to her, deciding it wasn’t safe to drink anymore of it whilst watching this match take place.

The Beater couldn’t help but laugh at James and completely missing the Bludger, shaking her head at James and threatening him with a lot of physical violence if he didn’t stop making jokes, but he didn’t take her seriously as she was laughing the whole time she scolded him.

“They’re having such fun, I’m a little jealous,” Amelia admitted, “It’s going to be so strange to come back next year and not have them on the Gryffindor team, or in the school.”

“It’s going to be different, that’s all I’m saying,” Kelly said as she watched Roxanne Weasley, the Gryffindor Chaser, score a goal, bringing the score up to even if you didn’t include the apple.

Twenty minutes into the game Hufflepuff was leading by ten points, Gryffindor was at seventy and Hufflepuff had just scored their eighth goal, bringing them up to eighty. The players were beginning to act a lot more serious now that the game was really heating up, but no fouls were made against the other players in their quest for victory. If it was Slytherin playing, then there would have been quite a few casualties by now, most, if not all of them having something to do with either Mariah or Albus or both of them. But this was a nice and friendly game considering it was the final, no one was trying to hurt each other to get more points.

“And Hufflepuff takes possession of the Quaffle again and flies towards the goal posts, I hope James Potter isn’t distracted by any more clumps of food from Adam Campbell Price, who seems to still be searching for that ever elusive golden snitch. Come on, James, keep focused. And he saves the throw from Kevin Plummer, tough luck Kevin better luck next time. Brian Corbert from Gryffindor has possession of the Quaffle and Adam has finally spotted something! Yes, that is the Snitch; Mia Hart has also spotted it and is speeding towards it as well, Seeker against Seeker, who will be victorious?”

The crowd waited with baited breath as they watched the two seekers battle it out for the Golden Snitch which was dancing around in front of them just more than an arm’s length away from both Mia and Adam, who were neck and neck, both practically laying flat on their brooms to get it to go faster. The rest of the game had stopped as everyone watched the two Seekers, they both flew downwards into the bottom of the stands, disappearing from view for what was no more than a few seconds, but felt like minutes, they burst back through and Mia was holding her hand up high the Golden Snitch fluttering in her palm.

Amelia, Kelly and the Hufflepuff’s shrieked loudly in excitement, it was an almost deafening yell as they jumped around hugging each other and giving each other pats on the backs in congratulations. Amelia’s throat was hurting a lot more, and she knew that she had more than likely lost her voice, but she didn’t care, still continuing to cheer even though her voice was breaking from all of the excursion and the stress that was put upon it. She left the stands and headed down to the pitch, wanting to console Adam and James, as well as rub the victory in their faces.

When she arrived on the grass she saw that Adam was collapsed on the floor on his back, looking up at the sky and stands high above him, James had caught up to him and was laying down with him.
They were both laughing at each other before shoving each other and getting each other in headlocks, bundling each other and hitting each other on the arms and legs, making them go dead.

Even though they had lost the match to Hufflepuff, they enjoyed their last ever match at Hogwarts, not being able to think of a better way to celebrate leaving the school, apart from the obviousness of going out in a blaze of glory by winning the Quidditch cup, but coming second was just as good.

Amelia joined them, after they had given each other enough dead arms and noogies that they were collapsed on their backs breathing heavily, ignoring the people who were all leaving the pitch and field. Kelly had walked off with Scorpius who was trying to get away from Mariah and Albus who were both still attached at the lips, she looked down at them and smiled.

“I guess you’re here to rub it in, are you?” Adam asked looking up at his sister. Amelia beamed before she began dancing on the spot before singing loudly.

“Hufflepuff is the best, better than all the rest! Gryffindor suck...” she didn’t get to finish her song or dance as Adam and James had each reached up and grabbed her, causing her to fall down onto the grass with a loud laugh, she reaches other and shoved them both roughly before she crawled over and laid down between them both, staring up at the sky as they were doing.

“So, what are we doing now?” Amelia asked them, turning her head to look at them both, they were staring at the sky intently with smiles on their faces, Adam was the one who answered her as James continued staring up above him, searching for something.

“We’re looking for shapes,” Adam told her seriously before pointing up at the sky with his free hand, “You see that one? It looks like a sock.”

Amelia looked up at the cloud that looked more like a saucepan, then a sock and thought back to how often she, James and Adam had done this back at home, they had spent a lot of time just staring up at the sky and talking about their futures after Hogwarts. Now, for Adam and James, that was becoming a reality sooner than they seemed to have wanted it too, none of them wanted to let go of their childhood and leave the school that had shaped them into the people that they had become. Amelia reached down and grabbed for both Adam and James’s hands, holding onto them tightly as she searched the clouds, they squeezed her hands with theirs.

“That one looks like Hagrid,” Amelia said, causing James and Adam to let out a laugh.

They didn’t know how long they had stayed out here for, each clutching hold of each other as though hoping to hold on to everything they knew, but that couldn’t last forever and soon they had to leave the pitch, knowing that just the next day Adam and James were to begin finishing taking the exams that would change their lives for either the better or worse, and they would more than likely have to leave behind who they used to be in search of something new.

A/N: This chapter seems a bit sad at the end for James and Adam, everything is going to be changing for them as their school career ends. But this isn't the end of the story, it's not even the beginning of the end! I plan to cover a lot of story between now and the start of Illusions of a perfect marriage. So that's lots of  chapters still to come! :D You're all in for the long haul, right? :P

Let me know what you think :D

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The Year You Stole My Heart: Chapter 24


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