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Making Memories by Maelody
Chapter 3 : The Ending of the Book
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Edit/Awkard paragraph spacing after I sent it in for validation. Hope this looks better! :)


Chapter Three:
The End of the Book


A few days went by and before the odd little family knew it, the time for Teddy to come home was tomorrow. After a bit of conversation on her days off, they decided selling the flat sooner than later was their best option in order to have more income. They would spend as much time home before leaving for Paris, even though that didn't give Victoire much time considering she would still be working until they moved. At the moment, she was enjoying an evening off with both her daughter and brother. Louis wasn't thrilled about the move because it meant he would have to come visit more. Of course, visiting them would lead to visiting Dominique, and visiting her meant visiting their parents.


If there was something to be understood by the French Weasley family, or the Delacour-Weasley side as Victoire's cousin James always put them, they really did love their parents. In fact, they loved their entire, larger than necessary, family. Victoire had more cousins, second cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents than she had hairs on her head. If she hadn't convinced herself that Teddy wasn't blood related when she was fourteen, their lives would be completely different now. Most of their family was shocked at the thought of the pair when they came out as a couple at seventeen because Teddy was just as much as the family as anybody else. That was one of her mother's many problems as well.

For the longest time Fleur thought Victoire was dating her cousin. When Bill finally got it through to her that they weren't blood relatives, she started pushing for marriage instead. Victoire's mother required a lot of drama and flare. She always had something to talk about, and she would critisise her children's lives to no end. By children, that only referred to Louis and Victoire. Dominique, their sister, is the good child who is always on their mother's good graces. Bill convinced Fleur to move to England when the children were small so they could go to Hogwarts and be with their extended family. It was agreed that as soon as Louis graduated the family would move back to France. Dominique was the only family member that made it back, thus resulting in her being the favorite child. So said Louis' and Victoire's logic anyway.

Their father was a lot more easy going. He put up with their mother and her crazy ideas, and everyday he looks at his wife the same way Teddy looks at Victoire. It was that exact look her father recognised that made him forgive their accidental pregnancy. In his eyes, he could see just as easily as the two of them that they practically already were married. Explaining that to Fleur was a different story however.

Victoire was currently reading another one of her mother's letters. It went on about how excited everyone was that Teddy, Victoire, and Emmaline were all coming up. She invited them to stay in their home for as long as they needed, and there was the never ending comment on getting married.

Maybe we can have a wedding here at the Villa! Her mother wrote. Victoire didn't have the patience to reply. Instead she started surfing the web for potential buyers of the flat. Since they lived in a more Muggle friendly community, and didn't find it necessary to put concealment charms on the place, Teddy insisted they get Muggle contraptions in order to keep up the appearance. Victoire didn't know most of her neighbors so she took to the the computer pretty well. None of her wizarding friends were looking for a place to live so that left her to advertise online. There were no takers as of yet, but it had only been posted for three days.

The computer hummed and she felt obligated to turn it off before she was sucked into some of its more addictive qualities. She was, after all, a mother. A mother who needed to start making dinner.

Emmaline was content with stuffing crumbs into the cracks of the floorboards again. Where she got the crumbs from and why this pastime thoroughly entertained her was a mystery to Victoire, but she left her daughter to her strange hobby. Louis was there, too. He wasn't working, not at the moment anyway, but Mary was at work and he didn't want to be alone. So, naturally, he bummed off of the company of his niece and sister to watch the telly. Victoire felt slightly guilty for not making him look for jobs to make Mary happy. Especially since she would be leaving soon and she wouldn't need him to watch over Emmaline. All she could think was how wonderfully convenient he was as a babysitter and she didn't want him having any conflicts if she really needed him. So what if she was selfish? She didn't like Mary all that much anyway. Still, there was the principle of the thing.

"Hey you two," she called to both children in the room, making a mental note to have a serious talk about work with her brother later. "What do you want for dinner?"

"Crisps!" Emmalne chirped.

"You can't have just crisps for dinner, Emmaline. Your teeth will fall out," Victoire sighed at the familiar conversation. Besides, she was sure those crisps would find their way into her floorboards in no time.

"Crisps sound really good, actually," Louis decided to entertain his niece's suggestion.

"You'll also get fat like Uncle Lewie if that's all you eat." She jabbed at her brother and celebrated her success at making Louis looked at his gut for confirmation.

"I can't help it if all of your cooking is rubbish!" Louis grinned, knowing exactly how to get back at his older sister. Victoire Florence Weasley was a damn good cook and she would not accept a comment of lesser value than that.

"Hee hee! Rubbish, Mummy! Mummy's cooking is rubbish!" Emmaline managed to fit her words into a little song and she continuously sang it over and over again.

Victoire bit her lip in order to keep herself from snapping at the pair of them. She did not just work a twelve hour shift to come home to this.

"A word, Louis." She said and he knew full well it was a demand and not a question. If Louis learned anything from growing up with three part Veela women, an aunt, and practically whole Veela grandmother, it was to never anger one.

He left the door cracked open like before when they last talked in the kitchen. Victoire turned on him and snapped a finger right onto his chest.

"You taught my five year old to use the word 'rubbish'!" She hissed, hoping Emmaline wouldn't hear her use the word herself. It didn't matter. The little girl was still singing, "Mummy cooks rubbish!"

Louis tried to earn himself some dignity after cowering in his sister's presence, but there was none. "Come on, Vic! 'Rubbish' isn't that bad of a word!"

"It is when you use it to describe my cooking!" she barked. There was a little bit of her Grandmama Weasley in her after all. "Would you like to cook for us, Louis? Is your cooking less rubbish than my own?"

"I was only teasing," he defended, and she seemed so lost for words she just sighed and resigned her position. She was beginning to get a headache and she blamed it on the computer screen. There was also a shortage of potions supplies since Louis kindly used them all up to attempt at, and fail at, making Felix Felicis for a job interview. So she couldn't get rid of it that easily. Knowing he wouldn't pay her back, Victoire decided to keep a day of his earnings to buy more ingredients. With the stress of packing, extra shifts at work, and the excitement of Teddy coming home, going to Diagon Alley escaped her mind. In fact, any type of shopping was left unattended and she didn't have much in the way of groceries either.

The kitchen felt hot all of the sudden and Victoire was tired of standing. The feeling had been going on and off again all day at the hospital, and she took a pepperup potion to help herself get through the day. Then a wave of nausea hit her and she had to sit down. She knew she felt a little warm while sitting at the computer, but she thought that was just from the brightness of the screen. "Are you OK?" Louis asked, concern draped over his face. He had both arms extended and he followed her to the chair until he was sure she was able to sit down without falling.

"Are Mary's students sick?" Victoire asked her brother, already deducting her symptoms as a stomache flu.

"Oh yeah!" Louis confirmed and she could tell he forgot to warn her about it before by the look on his face. Mary was a teacher for small kids who needed assisted learning, so Victoire knew immediately that the woman had come home, infected Louis, and now she had the crud, too. 'Damn Mary and her Muggle ways!' Victoire cursed inwardly, knowing full well that her detest for Mary made no sense. "I was sick a couple days ago. I took some pepperup potion though and I was right as rain!"

"I think I have a bottle of that upstairs in the bathroom. Would you be a dear?" Victoire managed to ask politely enough through all of her foggy thoughts.

"Erm..." her brother hesitated and already Victoire knew what he was going to say.

"What?" She somewhat snapped this time, but she was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt by humoring herself with his answer.

"Your potion," he cringed, "was the potion I took. It was the last one." There was a pause due to another wave of nausea and Victoire debated what to do to him. She could hex him in a way that he'd be speaking through his arsehole for a week. "I didn't know you'd get sick, too! I thought I caught it in time!" He admitted after the uncomfortable silence. But it wasn't her she was worried about, but Emmaline. Victoire loved her daughter more than anything in the world, but when she got sick, the little girl was an absolute nightmare. In all the ways a child can be a nightmare, that is. She would cry, throw up through the night, never be happy with what Victoire tried to feed her, and have the worse time sleeping. Victoire would be there to take care of her every step of the way, but when Emmaline was sick, it was like she never left the hospital.

Pepperup potion would help any sickness for a few hours, and even get rid of the sickness completely if caught soon enough. There wasn't much in the way of getting rid of the symptoms all in one if they already spread, and making the actual potion would take a few days of simmering to be safe to drink. Victoire could go to the hospital and allow the Healers there to diagnose her and give her a few potions, but being a Healer herself, she hated being waited upon.

"Alright, Louis, I have a job for you," she said with great difficulty. She hated how sudden this had come. Getting sick always happened to her like this, though, so she should have done something about it as soon as she felt the symptoms trickling in at work. It was all her fault really. She had to close her eyes and rub her temples in order to ease the headache slightly. "I'm going to give you some money and you're going to go to Diagon Alley to pick up a few potions and dinner."

"But, Vic, I don't know how many of the shops will be open this late and-" He stopped short at the sight of his sister's death glare. "But I sure will try and I'll come back as soon as I can." With that, there was a little pop just a few seconds later and she was left alone in her kitchen. Since she hadn't technically seen Emmaline for most of the day, she decided to check on her and see if she caught the same bug.

She peeked through the crack of the door to make sure her daughter was still in the room and then stopped when she heard whispering. Now that Emmaline was completely alone, she had taken to talking to the cracks of the floorboard. It was odd, and Victoire couldn't make out everything she was saying, but it did not sound innocent.

"Emmaline, sweetie," Victoire opened the door the rest of the way and watched as the little girl jumped, turned around, and there was a moment of fear in her blue eyes before she calmed down and tried to act innocent with an all too guilty grin. "Emmaline, who are you talking to?"

"I'm just playing, Mummy!" She said with her sweet little voice that Victoire had come to know as not all that sweet.

"Yeah, but with who?" Victoire pressed, looking around the room to make sure they were completely alone.

"Um... My friend." Emmaline diverted, and Victoire smiled as her little one's eyes darted to the side of the room and she bit her lip. There was absolutely no doubt in Victoire's mind that Emmaline was her daughter.

"What's your friend's name?"

"It's, um... My friend's name is Robert."

Now everything was starting to make sense. Emmaline had an imaginary friend. It was perfectly normal for children to have imaginary friends, so Victoire decided to take the information her daughter was willing to give her and made her way to lie down on the sofa next to her daughter.

"Alright," she said with a bit of a burp, trying to hold back the never ending nausea feeling. "You and Robert have fun. Mummy's going to take a bit of a nap. Uncle Lewie will be here in just a few minutes, so if you and Robert could just be quiet for Mummy," she yawned and covered up with a blanket draped over the back of the sofa, "that'd be great." She wasn't even awake long enough to hear Emmaline agree to her terms. She must have though, because Victoire slept soundly, as soundly as one can when they're sick, for the next two hours. She didn't expect to be out for so long, but when she woke up to the sound of some shuffling in the kitchen and something smashing against the tile floor, she sat straight up and regretted ever sleeping in the first place.

A quick look around told her that Emmaline was still playing with the floorboards and Robert. Or, she had been until she heard the same commotion in the kitchen and leaped to her mother's side for protection. Whoever was in the kitchen, she could deduct Louis out as a possible suspect since he would shout a slew of curse words for breaking something. Though she was beginning to wonder why he hadn't shown up yet. Before she had a chance to really suspect who else it could be, the kitchen door started to open and she had her wand extended and Emmaline behind her in no time.

"Who's there?" She asked as strongly as her sore throat would allow her to.

"Down, girl. It's just me," came the familiar ring of Teddy's voice. Immediately Victoire's guard went down, she practically tossed her wand behind her, and she ran up to embrace the human surprise she was not expecting until tomorrow. She wrapped her arms around his neck and, without thinking about her health, kissed him right on the lips. He welcomed it though, but he could tell something was wrong right away. Probably by the fever in her lips. "Are you alright? Are you sick?"

"How could you tell?" she asked, rolling her eyes and making her way back to the couch so Emmaline could have a turn to hug and kiss her daddy.

"You look like hell," he teased and she glared at him from under her blanket.

"I wasn't even expecting you until tomorrow. What happened?" She asked when the both of them came and sat across from her in a big chair that did not match the rest of the room with its turquoise upholstery. Teddy had to have it because he "related" to it. Victoire thought it was ridiculous and a bit of an eyesore, but it was his chair and he paid for it himself.

"Flitwick said he didn't need all of the professors there tomorrow since the students are just going home. So here I am. Disappointed?" He let Emmaline go, who immediately ran to the floorboards again. He looked at Victoire quizzically, and she mouthed the word "Later" at him. "So why haven't you fixed yourself up yet? You being a Healer and all."

To save her from answering, there was a pop, followed by another smashing sound, in the other room, and once again he understood her non-verbally.

"Bloody teacup! Can't go a day without breaking a damn thing around here! Reparo!" came the voice of Louis in the kitchen. Victoire sighed at his foul mouth and only hoped Emmaline wouldn't go singing his words around the house again.

"In here, Lewie," Teddy called the other man into the room and a moment later Louis came in with an arm full of bags. Apparently he had gone the extra yard to buy potion ingredients as well so they wouldn't be in the same spot they were in now. "You done breaking our dishes? They're not much, but it's all we have, mate."

"Hey, Ted," Louis gretted with a nod of his blonde head.
"What took you so long?" Victoire rasped.

"You sent me to an apothecary when I know absolutely nothing about potions." Defended Louis. This was true. Louis failed every potions related class he ever had. It was one of the reasons he had a difficult time finding a job. That, and Mary doesn't know he is a wizard and he doesn't want an average Muggle job. Victoire didn't think of that, but she figured the clerk would have helped him out a little bit. Eyeing the bags, she figured he bought the whole apothecary in hopes that the ingredients he chose would create something. "I did get a few vials of pepperup potion, though, and a few other potions you needed. The ingredients are to replace the ones I used."

"Uncle Lewie, Mummy is sick," Emmaline felt the need to inform her uncle of her mother's predicament.

"I s'pose you're right, young lady. How about we leave Mummy and Daddy alone so she can get better, eh?" He suggested, placing the bags down and picking up his niece. They went upstairs, presumably to get her ready for bed, and it was just Teddy and Victoire.

Teddy started unpacking the bags, handed her a pepperup potion vial, and kissed her forehead while she laid there on the couch. He turned the telly off and crawled onto the couch behind her. It took a bit of adjusting, but they finally found a comfortable position to lie down next to one another. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the back of the head this time.

"Aren't you worried you'll get sick?" She asked with a sad attempt at a laugh.

"Nah," he replied without thought. "You'll be better by tomorrow anyway. When do you work next?"

"What, if they don't call me in?" The idea of being called in any moment now worried her. The pepperup potion was already doing its job at making her feel much better for the time being, but she didn't want to leave Teddy when she just got him back for good for the next several weeks. "I work from eight to eight tomorrow."

"Hmmmm," he hummed and she could feel the vibrations on the back of her neck and his breathing made her hairs tickle her ears. She could tell he was already starting to fall asleep. Most likely he was exhausted from such a hectic last week at Hogwarts. The students must not have taken it easy on him. "We'll have to talk to Emmaline about moving tomorrow. Do you think she'll take it well?"

Victoire thought about that for a moment. They waited to officially tell Emmaline about the move until they were together so she would feel more comfortable and understand what was going on better. Since they already had her in school here, it would be a little hard to explain that she most likely wouldn't get to see her friends anymore.

"I think so," Victoire came to terms. "If she misses her friends, she'll always have Robert."

"Who in the hell is Robert?" Teddy asked, and she could feel the tension in his body. She laughed inwardly at his fatherly protectiveness and swatted one of the arms wrapped around her.

"Robert is her imaginary friend, Ted. I think it's cute."

"Cute? My daughter is already having imaginary boyfriends. I'm going to have to have a talk with this Robert fellow. I don't like the sounds of him." Teddy grumbled. "Just because he's invisible doesn't make him good enough for my daughter."

"Our daughter," Victoire corrected.

"No," Teddy yawned, "she's only your daughter when she's naughty."

Victoire, by her natural surroundings, yawned as well and snorted at the same time. It wasn't a very pleasant sound, but she felt Teddy's lips form a smile against her ear. She was losing him to the depths of sleep and she couldn't blame him. Before she knew it, she was asleep again, and so was he.

Upstairs Louis finally managed to read Emmaline to sleep, though he worried about what he would do because that was the end of her book, and he feared she wouldn't need him anymore. He kissed the little sleeping girl's forehead, whispered an "I love you" and then turned out the lights and shut the door. Everyone in the house was sleeping, and he apparated one last time with a final, sad little pop.

Hey guys! So not a lot actually happened in this chapter either, but I'm still sort of introducing you to the characters, and what is the very beginning of this plot. I'd say this story will really start picking up after the next two chapters. I hope it's not too dull or boring to keep reading and to bare with me. If you think so, please let me know! I'll try and spice it up just a little more for you guys ;). Thank you to all of the lovely reviews so far! They really make me super happy, and I can't wait to finish this story with you guys! However, I have come up with an idea that I'm going to ask a question every fic. This chapter's question is:

Were you guys worried that Victoire may have been pregnant when she first started talking about being sick? Or do you guys think she might be pregnant?


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