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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 22 : Fixed Ending.
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 In the end none of this had really been about him anyway. None of these past few months had been about Greyson. He was what lead her here, but this was about herself. She was finally learning what the consequences of her actions really were. She had lived a plush and comfortable life. Her parents had provided the safety she knew. To her past self horrors like this just didn't exist. But here she was, thrown into a holding room where someone she had once considered a friend had tried to do unmentionable things to her.



She found herself gasping for breath as she leaned her back against one of the cold concrete walls. 

Garrit was one of them. The thought just couldn't make sense in her mind. He was one of them.  How many times she had told Greyson that he was harmless, that he meant no threat. That it didn't matter if he liked her because she didn't return the feelings and a normal guy would take the hint and back off. Clearly Garrit wasn't the normal guy she thought he was.




Sophia cringed when she saw the door open slightly.  She didn't know whether to be relieved or even more frightened when an auburn haired head popped around the corner. Lorelei. 




The girl snuck into the room, acting as if she shouldn't be there, and quickly closed the door behind her. She had her wand drawn and spoke in a quiet voice. "Come with me."




"No." Sophia thought Lorelei must be crazy to try and trick her like this.




"Listen, I'm here to help you, not hurt you. I know it seems unlikely but I'm helping. I know what Garrit has planned for you when he's done talking to Chet. He wasn't exactly being quiet about it as he talked to Greyson." 




Sophia flinched, knowing what he must be telling everyone and how Greyson must be listening to him.




"Why would you help me?" Sophia asked, she didn't exactly trust her companion. 




"I have my reasons."




"Which are?"




"They're personal," Lorelei snapped. 




Sophia didn't back down, "what are they?" She didn't trust her and refused to continue if this was just a trap. 




"Fine! I overheard some of my father's plans. He wants to marry me off to some old guy…as a business deal. I mean old as in ancient. He went as far as saying he would happily allow my husband to Imperio me so I wouldn't put up a fight. Somehow they have managed to keep all their unforgivables under the radar of the ministry. I also know something similar may happen to you as well. I can't sit by and watch that."




Sophia was shocked. How could a father do that to their own daughter? "That's horrible…"




"Yeah, we can't all come from loving homes like you, princess," she bit back. When Sophia didn't give a response she continued, "Sorry…I've just had enough. And now that his precious Greyson has 'grown up' so much I'm no longer needed, or wanted."




Sophia nodded in response, unsure of how to react.  The pain in the other girl's voice was obvious.




"You should have never stuck your nose in here. You damned yourself, I really shouldn't be helping you." Sophia knew that Lorelei wasn't actually that bad of a person, Greyson had told her of all the times his cousin had helped him. She was brainwashed growing up, but maybe she was finally seeing the light. "I still can't believe Greyson turned on you. I really thought you would be his downfall if anything…no offense."




Sophia looked at the floor, "none taken. I was shocked as well." 




"You can't trust anyone in this business." She snuck out the door of the room with Sophia close behind.




"So I shouldn't trust you?"




Lorelei turned around and looked her dead in eyes, "No. Normally you shouldn't."




"Should I now?" 




"Yes, just this once."









"Ron, I need you to take us there," Hermione spoke from the doorway. 




"Hermione…" It was the first thing he'd said to her in years, first time he's been this close. Her named sounded foreign on his lips, he had tried to avoid saying it for so long. He shook himself, trying to keep the task at hand on his mind. 




She was crying silent tears, "Please…please." 




Ron heard a clearing of a throat from behind him, turning slightly he asked Hermione, "Does he want my help?"




Before his wife could speak up he answered the question."I told you at the hospital all those years ago that I wouldn't ask you for anymore favors…but here we are. I'm asking you for another favor Weasley, I'm truly sorry I have to go back on my word. Like last time it's for my daughter though, and I will not let my pride stand in the way of her safety. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated greatly."




"I would help anyway. Chet is a terrible person and must be stopped."




"Chet?" Draco's eyes widened, knowledge clouding them.








"Chet as in…"




"The very same." Ron had known that Lucious Malfoy had done business with the fiend. It wasn't surprising that Draco would know of him. 

Draco had known Chet growing up. He was a wicked man who was even more terrifying them Lucious Malfy himself. Hell, he was ranked up there with you-know-who.




"Take me there, there's no time to lose. Hermione go get help from the ministry." 




She looked furious, "No! I'm going with you."




"We need backup, you have no idea what Chet is capable of," he tried to reason. 




"They have no idea what I'm capable of," she glared at the two men standing in front of her. 




Ron turned toward her, "No, but I do. I know very well what both sides are capable of. You need backup."




"And what does that mean exactly? How do you know their side so well?" She narrowed her eyes further at Ron. 




He sighed, knowing that when this was all over he would tell her everything. It wouldn't change anything, but he still felt like he needed to tell her why he was the man that he was. "It's a long story…just trust me. I don't deserve it…but trust me."




"I need to go with you." Hermione wasn't backing down. Her mind went to when Harry and Ron had tried to leave to hunt horcruxes without her. No, she wouldn't back down.




"Someone needs to get help."




"You can do it Ron!"




He shook his head, "I need to take Malfoy there. Hermione… this is what's best."




She puffed up, like an angered feline, "Don't you dare come in here and tell me what's best for my life. You have no idea who I even am anymore."  




"I hate to say this, but he's right. Please we don't have time to argue about this. Even if Ron went do you think they would believe him? Not right away. I'm not going to tell you not to come, I know you're too headstrong for that. I'm just asking you to make a detour." 




Her demeanor faltered slightly, "I never thought I'd see a day where you two of all people ganged up against me." Her shoulders fell. "But…I'll get them. I'll be quick and I'll be there before you can miss me." 




Draco let go of a breath he didn't know he was holding. He knew fighting with Hermione about something like this was dangerous, he was shocked he won this easy. "Thank you."




She turned to Ron, "You're going to have to come to the Ministry to show us the way."




"I'll be there right after I show Malfoy." 




"Good luck, both of you."




Draco crossed the room and took his wife into his arms, "I'll see you soon, we'll get her out of this. I promise." 




Ron felt out of place watching the tender embrace full of emotion, but to this day he knew he would do anything for Hermione.





The two girls had found their way into a huge empty room, the room looked like it was used to bring shipments in. Two of the four walls were large garage doors that trucks could fit into. Sophia ran to one and tried the door, but was thrown back from it much like she had in the holding room. 




"Don't touch that!" Lorelei yelled, but it was too late. A screeching siren went off. 




Before either girl could react there were men in the room. One cast Petrificus Totalus on Sophia, rendering her unable to move. He spoke to Lorelei, "Caught this one trying to escape, huh? Your father would be proud." 








As if he was called her father came practically stomping into the room. He took one look at the situation that was enfolding in front of him and narrowed his eyes. 




"What's going on here?"




"Nothing!" She sounded to anxious, giving herself away.


"Lorelei, if I didn't know better I would think you were helping her. I know my own daughter wouldn't be disobeying me." Chet was clearly furious, baiting her.




"Of course not!"




"I think you're lying."




"No!" She tried but it was obviously a lie. "I just…I don't want to be married off."




He gave her a look of complete disbelief, "So you want something from me and your way of asking is to try to let a prisoner of mine escape."




"I wasn't allowing her to escape, just trying to keep her away from Garrit." She lied again.




"What does it matter what Garrit does to her? She's just a pawn, a useless girl."




"No one deserves that," she spat out through gritted teeth. It was obvious that this was hard for her. She had spent her entire life trying to be the perfect daughter for him. Yet no matter what she did nothing was good enough, she was never going to be what he wanted. She completely abandoned the innate moral code she had. She deluded herself into believing that what her family did was okay. But when she heard her father talking about her as if she was a business deal something inside of her snapped. This was not normal. That's not how she should be treated. For once in her life she needed to stand up against this delusional family and do what she felt was right. 




"She betrayed us, Lorelei." The way he looked at her just made her more angry. He was giving her that "you're just a stupid little girl" look that she hated so much. 




"You sucked her in. Just like you do to everyone. No one wants to work here!" 




He raised his voice again, "She deserves whatever she gets!"




"No one deserves this, no one deserves to have scum like Garrit touch them!" She screamed back at him. She was done. She no longer cared about what he thought. She finally understood why so many people wanted out. At face value it seemed like she truly just cared for Sophia's cause, but she was really fighting for herself. She was going to be treated like Sophia had. Her father would allow whatever the old man wanted. 




"Shut up, Lorelei. If you know what's good for you you will shut up and walk away." 




"No," she challenged. And in that moment the tension was tangible. 




"I'm warning you."




"I'm not afraid of you anymore." She was terrified actually.




He looked his daughter in the eye as he raised his wand, "You should be. Stupefy!"




Sophia looked on as a jet of red light erupted from the tip of Chet's wand. Within seconds Lorelei had collapsed to the floor. Chet called for one of his imbeciles that followed his every command to take her away. He watched as they carelessly dragged his daughter's body away. 




When they were out of sight he turned to Sophia, wandless and in a body bind she was helpless. "And you, you've certainly caused more than enough trouble here. I should just kill you now."




She gulped in fear. Would he really kill her? 




"But no, I have more plans that involve you staying alive. Once those are finished I will enjoy killing you." He meant the words, she knew it. She was going to die. 




A throat cleared from the doorway, "The father is here."




Chet turned to the owner of the voice, "Oh goody, but not the mother?"








"What a shame, I would have loved to have the little mudblood present when I kill her daughter. We'll have to work fast. There's no doubt that she's out getting help. Greyson you can watch this one for me right?"




Greyson nodded, "Go. I'll be fine here". He locked eyes with Sophia, "she's not going to be any trouble." 




Chet found Draco quickly, figuring out his plan of action easily. He knew a Malfoy's temper and knew he had to act quickly. Nothing of this meeting would be civil, which was fine by him. Civil was rather boring, or so he thought. 








Draco was knocked back, falling against a wall. Two of Chet's men were there and grabbed the struggling man before pushing him into Chet's office. In the same chair that his daughter sat just a short while ago Draco was bound. 




With a scowl on his face he spoke, "I have your money."




"All of it?"




"Yes, it's knocked my fortune down quite a bit…but it's worth it when you love someone."




"I wouldn't know," Chet shrugged. "Anyway I don't really care about the money."




"I figured. What is this, some unsettled debt from my father? He's dead, he's been dead for a long time. And I'm sure you've heard I'm nothing like him, so whatever he owes you surely I don't have anything to do with it." 




"Oh Malfoy! You act like you're so different than your father. Hah! " Chet laughed in Draco's face,watching his jaw clench and his teeth grind. "You think everything is about you! The only difference is that he was a good man under The Dark Lord, while you were a coward."




"What is this about then, huh? If I'm so wrong?" Draco yelled, red color flooding his normally pale face. They had his daughter. Chet was dead wrong if he thought they would stop him from getting to her. 




"I don't give a fuck about you Draco. You are a filthy traitor, a disgrace to the Malfoy name. But I don't dirty my hands with pathetic cases like you. No, this has nothing to do with you."




"You have my daughter! It has everything to do with me! " Draco yelled again. 




A sneer smile spread over Chet's face. "Ah yes. We do have the little witch. She really is a doll. Pretty little thing too." He watched Draco flinch at him talking about Sophia. "But no, she means nothing to me either. That's why it will be so easy to dispose of her. Although I might have to have my fun with her first." The man winked at Draco, who was fighting as hard as he possible could against his binds. Chet was toying with his mind, and it was working.




"She's sixteen, you pervert!" He screamed, "Don't you dare touch her!" 




"All the more fun." Chet sneered. He watched Draco continue to fight against the spells Chet had placed on him. "So you want to know why she's here?" He didn't wait for Draco's response. "She was simply too easy. She's a real sweetheart. I think my nephew took a real liking to her. But he knows better than to betray me. She tried fixing the problems that kid had, those problems were born in, they weren't going anywhere. She was easy to use for my dirty work. She thought she was just helping my nephew. Then she became too knowing, she figured out things that could cost me greatly. This was overlooked when she started doing a fantastic job. Oh, you didn't know that she worked for me? Well she did." 




Chet was loving this, he watched as he drove the figurative knife deeper into the father's chest. "Then after winter break, after seeing her beloved parents she changed her mind. Unfortunately for her I don't take too kindly to that. Don't you see, I must get rid of her. Though the money I got from you was nice, this story never really had a different ending." 



-Author's note-
Heyya lovelies! Alright, two more chapters left. They are pretty much written so they should hopefully be up soon! 
The last line of this is kinda funny because that's how this story was. I knew the ending before I even knew the story. It has changed a little bit after I developed a fondness over a character, but it's basically the same. 



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