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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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 James walked back to his desk and tried to hide the ecstatic smile that was beginning to cross his face, hoping that he could contain it and appear professional, when all he wanted was to jump around in excitement.

As he neared his desk he noticed that Brent was waiting for him, an expectant look on his face as he stood up from James’s usual seat.

“Well? What did he want?” he asked, as James walked over to him, the office was practically empty save from a few people, so James thought it would be safe to tell Brent before the announcement became official.

“Just to let me know that my promotion is effective from Monday,” James told him quietly.

“You got the job?” Brent asked in shock, James nodded at him.

“Congratulation, James.” Brent cried, as he pulled James into a hug and beamed with pride. James let out a laugh as he hugged him back. “I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this,”

They pulled away from each other and Brent threw an arm around James’s shoulder as they walked out of the office, James was looking forward to having the weekend off so that he could spend some time with Amelia and perhaps go out and celebrate the news of his promotion.

“You deserved this more then me,” James admitted as they joined the crowds that were making their way out of the Ministry after finishing their shifts and not being able to wait to get home.

“Maybe,” Brent said with a smile as they entered the almost crowded lift, each being squashed next to each other; they were used to this and carried on their conversation. “But I’ll go for the next one,”

“It’s good that we’re still remaining partners, though,” James said with a smile, as the lift stopped and a few people and parchment airplanes got out, even more got into the lift, it was good that magic held it all together and kept it from breaking or all of this weight would have been too much for it to handle.

“Only because no one would put up with you,” Brent joked, causing James to roll his eyes. “No, seriously I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.” Brent admitted as the lift stopped at the bottom and they all piled out, ignoring the voice of the woman who was telling them all what floor they were on. They heard the lift close behind them as they continued walking across the vast hall, the sounds of people’s conversations echoing around them as well as their footsteps.

“James, wait up.”

James and Brent stopped and looked around the crowd; he saw his father walking towards him. People in the crowd parted for him and Harry thanked them all. Even though it had been a very long time since his dad had defeated Voldemort, people still stared at Harry, although not as much as they had done according to Harry when he first starting at the Ministry. Harry still found it embarrassing and chose to ignore it happening.

Harry clapped a hand on his sons shoulder as he caught up to him, giving a greeting to Brent who said ‘hi’ back.

“How have you been?” Harry asked, as they joined the queue to use the floo network out of the building.

“Oh, he’s been very good,” Brent said with a smile and nudging James who grinned.

“What have you done?” Harry asked, looking at his son who was looking away a nervous smile on his face as he ruffled the hair on the back of his head, shuffling from foot to foot.

“I’ve got the promotion,” James told him, Harry let out a yell of happiness before bring his son into a big hug, people staring at them as they walked passed.

“That’s great, James.” Harry exclaimed as they got to the front of the queue, each took their turn to step into the flames and be transferred to a secluded street just near the entrance of the ministry.

“How about I treat us all to a drink at the Leaky Cauldron to celebrate,” Harry suggested, Brent and James agreed.

“Only one, I’ve got to get home to Amelia,” James said.

Amelia was trying to balance her bowl of ice cream on her ever expanding stomach, although she wasn’t having much luck as she didn’t have enough room at the top to rest the bowl. After a few failed attempts she gave up trying, she didn’t want to waste the ice cream, and decided to sit down for a while, kicking off her slippers as she rolled her feet around. They had been aching all day at work, her first day back after her week off, and she couldn’t wait for James to come home and give her a foot rub.

She gave a smile as she heard James’s key in the door and his footsteps enter the flat.

“Daddy’s here,” Amelia said to her bump, the twins had been moving around quite a bit today and she was still awed by it all, it felt so weird and alien to her. James had been excited to feel them kicking his hand when he placed it onto her belly the night before; in fact she had fallen asleep with James running a hand over her bump, it was like they knew that he was there.

“Amelia?” James called as Amelia heard the door close behind him.

“I’m in the kitchen,” Amelia yelled back, taking another bite out of the ice cream. James entered the room and let out a small gasp at seeing her eating ice cream, his ice cream, which he noticed by the empty carton on the side that she had finished the last of.

Amelia gave him a sheepish smile, “The babies ate your ice cream.”

James let out a laugh as he walked into the room and gave Amelia a kiss; she tasted like strawberry ice cream. “I wonder who the real suspect was?” he took hold of the spoon and ate some of the ice cream in the bowl before it would all be demolished by Amelia, she had gone from craving carrots to wanting strawberry everything, strawberry milk, ice cream, jam, biscuits, cakes, juice, actual strawberries. It was the most strawberry the flat had ever seen.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” James said handing Amelia the spoon before he walked over to the counter and clicked the kettle on, grabbing for a mug off of the draining board and drying it with his wand as he turned to face Amelia. He placed the mug down before he continued. “I got the promotion.”

Amelia let out a scream as she put the bowl down and got up to hug James, “Congratulations, James. I’m so happy for you,” she said, giving him a kiss.

“Thank you,” he said beaming at her, “I was so sure that someone else would get it,”

“This just proves how wonderful you are, James,” Amelia told him as she began making James’s coffee for him, making a strawberry juice for herself, she wondered what it would taste like hot.

“It starts Monday when I go back to work.” James told her as he wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder, giving her a light kiss on the side of the face.

“I’ve also got news,” Amelia told James, suddenly remembering the letter that had come through the post earlier; in her excitement for James she had forgotten it.

“You’re pregnant?” James asked, “I’m afraid to say that I already knew Amelia, you weren’t hiding it very well.”

Amelia rolled her eyes at James before she moved out of James’s arms and walked over to the kitchen table where she had left the letter, she picked it up and handed it to James, who opened it and began reading it.

“We got the house?” He exclaimed loudly, looking to Amelia for confirmation, Amelia nodded. “Oh my God, we got the house.”

“This is like the best day,” Amelia cried happily, “Do you know what would make it even better?”

“If the babies were here?” James asked hugging Amelia, feeling elated from all of the news he had received today. He felt so lucky he was tempted to buy a wizard raffle ticket, maybe he would win a few Galleons.

“Apart from that,” Amelia said.

“I don’t know,” James said looking down at Amelia who was beaming up at him.

“I have booked a table for us both at that restaurant you love,” she told him with a grin.

“The place that sells the incredible burgers?” James asked her; glad that she had decided to have them both go out to celebrate getting the house, and now James’s promotion.

“Of course,” Amelia told him, “So you best have a shower and get ready, we need to be there in two hours.”

“It doesn’t take me that long to have a shower and get changed.” James stated with a small frown on why she thought it would take him that long.

“Maybe I have plans before our shower.” Amelia told him with a smirk as she wrapped her arms around his neck. James raised an eyebrow as a smirk crossed his face at Amelia’s suggestive tone.

“Oh, really, well lead the way Mrs Potter.” James stated as he leaned down to kiss his wife, they lost themselves in the moment as James thought to himself that it was definitely the best day.


“Can you ask her for me?” Fred asked as he looked over at Julie, who was trying not to look over at Fred.

Lucy gave a sigh at the awkwardness that was going on between Fred and Julie, deciding that they were both as pathetic as each other. “You’re not a first year, ask her yourself.”

“I can’t I’m too scared,” Fred admitted, choosing to hide behind his own hands, although he was peering through the gaps between his fingers.

“I thought you were a Gryffindor? Where’s your courage?”

“I traded it for a broom,” Fred said.

Lucy gave a sigh as she shook her head and gave in. “Fine, although I don’t understand why you can’t ask her, you’ve been on a date.” she said.

“Don’t be obvious about it!” Fred called after her; Lucy turned around and snapped at him.

“Your face is obvious!”

She wasn’t sure how this insult was fitting now, or if it made sense, but it needed to be said, Fred looked a little offended so it had done the trick.

“Hey Julie,” Lucy said walking over to where Julie was lurking near a shelf and pretending to clean it, Lucy knew she had been cleaning the same shelf since Lucy had arrived here, which was twenty minutes ago. No one takes that long to clean, especially with the use of magic, she was either insane or up to something, no wonder Fred liked her.

“Hello Lucy, how are you today?” Julie asked, standing up and smiling at her in greeting.

“I’m fine thank you. Quick question though,” She said quickly, “Do you fancy Fred?”

Julie glanced over to where Fred pretended to busy himself with some work, before looking back at Lucy who was looking at her expectantly.

“Er - I guess,” Julie began, her face beginning to go red.

“I can’t have a guess, Julie, I need the truth.” Lucy stated, pointing back at Fred. “Because, Troll head over there, has been driving me insane with his constant declaration of feelings for you.”

Julie felt herself blushing deeper at Lucy’s words, “He has feelings for me?” she asked in a timid voice.

“Such deep feelings,” came Fred’s voice from across the room, he quickly covered his mouth with his hands as he gave a squeak for admitting out loud, and he wanted the ground to swallow him up.

Lucy rolled her eyes before talking to Julie again, “As you can see, he does like you. So Julie, would you go out with Fred? Not just on a date like last time, but boyfriend and girlfriend going out.”

Julie gave a smile as she nodded at Lucy, “Yes. Yes I will,” She said.

Lucy gave her a wild smile and before she could turn around to tell Fred, he gave a loud cheer of “Woo hoo!”

“Now let’s hope that the two of you will actually be able to talk to each other without me being a messenger.” Lucy stated as she shook her head and walked away from Julie, who went back to wiping the clean shelf, although this time with a wide smile on her face.

A/N: Aww such a nice and fluffy chapter for you all :D I hope you enjoy it! More to come soon. :D

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