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When A Siren Calls by lightthecandle
Chapter 24 : Chapter 24 - It'll Be The Longest Year of My Life
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 A/N: Thanks again for reading so far... I was so worried about the last chapter and how you'd react to it. It was one of the chapters that made me all mushy :) Hope you felt the same.

I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely ecstatic, as I remembered that me and Sirius were together! This had only happened in my daydreams but now it was reality and I was so happy.


“Good morning Lily and Marlene.” I said cheerfully in a sing-song tone.
“Someone’s happy for a Saturday morning.” Marlene noted but her smile was just as big as mine.


“I think it has something to do with her new boyfriend.” Lily shouted into the bathroom after me, which made me giggle. I hopped in the shower quickly, washed my hair and face and got out. Then I got to work drying my hair using my wand and putting it up into a high ponytail, after all today was going to be a busy day, moving stuff.


 When I exited the bathroom, I opened my trunk to find what to wear for today and settled on a pair of dark wash jeans and a pink tank top. Then I waited for Lily and Marlene to get ready and we headed out of the dormitory.


 Another good thing about this two week break was that Jennifer and her posse had gone home so I needn’t worry about them until tomorrow when they came back. The Marauders were all lounging round the fire when we reached the common room, Sirius and James were draped over the single armchairs and Remus was sat gentlemanly on the two-seater couch whilst Peter was on the floor eating sweets.


“Morning boys!” I sing-songed. They all turned to face me and Sirius’ face lit up like a Christmas tree that had been fully decked out.


“Good morning love.” He whispered, sauntering towards me. My heart fluttered as he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead and slung his arm over my shoulder, “Are you ready for today?” he asked as we all headed out the common room.


“Yep! I’m all set to move stuff.” I replied, placing my arm around his waist. It felt better now that I was able to do that without him thinking it was weird. We stopped on the third floor whilst Remus, Marlene and Peter carried on walking.
“Why’ve we stopped?” I asked suspiciously.


“We’re waiting for Prongs and Lily, then we’re going to Dumbledore’s office.” He explained, turning us around to face the couple walking slowly behind us. They were absolutely glowing with excitement at the fact they were buying their first house together.


“Are we leaving straight away?” I asked when they finally reached us. We started walking left towards the headmaster’s office together.


“Yeah, we’re having breakfast at my house then going our separate ways before meeting back there.” James explained, looking over his shoulder at us.


“Oh… right.” I replied quietly and apprehensively. This meant I was going to meet their parents, what if they didn’t like me? Or they could sense something was wrong with me?


“You’ll be fine Kataryna… they will love you.” Sirius reassured me, “Just like I do.” He added, making me blush and grin widely.


“You’re such a softie Padfoot!” James teased, hearing what Sirius had said to me.
“You’re one to talk Prongs! Or should I repeat what you said about Lily last night?” Sirius smirked. James turned around with such an evil glare as if daring Sirius to tell everyone. He kept his mouth shut but kept a smirk of his face, “Thought so.” He stated before giving a little smug laugh. We reached Dumbledore’s office soon and entered, he was sat behind his desk just waiting for us.


“Here you are! I see you are all ready.” He said happily, we nodded our heads and headed towards the fireplace. James and Sirius went first,


“Here we go!” Lily sighed nervously and stepped into the fireplace saying the address. My hands were shaking from nerves.


“You will be fine Ms Dutton, now I’m sure they’re all waiting for you, my dear.” Dumbledore said behind me after a minute of just staring at the fireplace. I stepped forward, said the address and went shooting through the floo network system until I landed ungracefully on the floor of a very posh ballroom.


“Oof!” I grunted unattractively as my stomach came into contact with the hard floor.
“You alright?” Sirius’ comforting voice came from above me before his hands helped lift me off the floor. When I lifted my head, I saw James and Lily but I also saw a woman with the same eyes as James but with light brown hair, peppered with a few grey hairs.


“Yeah, I’m fine.” I mumbled, embarrassed by my ‘great’ first impression of myself. Sirius chuckled at me, checking my head before turning around to introduce me.
“Mum, this is Kataryna. My girlfriend.” He said proudly, putting his arm around my waist protectively. His Mum looked between me and him in surprise and then hurried towards me.


“Oh, dear! I was so worried that Sirius would end up alone forever and I’d never get any grandkids!” she fussed over me, pulling me into a motherly hug and brushing my wild hair flat.


“Mum! You’re so embarrassing!” Sirius muttered, whilst his face turned pink. This was the first time I’d ever seen him embarrassed before and I was loving it.
“Nonsense, I’m not embarrassing, am I dear?” she asked, turning to me.


“Not at all, Mrs Potter.” I replied politely, smirking at Sirius who was glaring at me.
“Call me Lydia. Mrs Potter makes me feel old.” She did a tinkering laugh which was so adorable and heart-warming that I instantly warmed up to James’ Mum.


“Mum, can we have breakfast now?” James whined impatiently just as my stomach rumbled obnoxiously loud.


“Yes, yes. Come this way to the kitchen girls, I’ll have to get the boys to give you a tour before you go.” She said looking pointedly at both of them. They obliged but rolled their eyes when she’d turned her back. Lily and I followed her out the ballroom down a lengthy corridor and into a door on the right. My mouth dropped open at the sheer size of the kitchen; I swear it was about ¾ the size of the Hogwarts kitchen, with only a few house elves running around here and there.


“Now, what would you girls like to eat for breakfast?” Mrs Potter asked kindly, sitting down on one of the stools against a kitchen island in the centre. We joined her with our boys on our sides.


“Erm… please could I have pancakes with some fruit please?” I said quietly and as politely as possible, didn’t want to worsen the impression.


“And could I have some waffles and syrup please?” Lily asked, brushing her hair out of her face nervously. Strikingly similar to how James used to be around her.
“Sure, you don’t have to be so nervous girls.” Lydia said reassuringly. We sat, talked and learnt about each other whilst eating our delicious breakfast.


“That was lovely Lydia, thank you.” I said gratefully, getting up to put my plate in the sink.


“No problem sweetheart. You don’t need to wash the dishes, I’ll sort it all out.” She replied, stopping me and placing the dish by the sink for later.


“It’s no problem.” I said. We all got up and ready, James and Lily said their goodbyes as they floo’ed off to find their dream house.


“You wanna have a tour first?” Sirius asked, as we headed away from the ballroom again.


“Okay.” I replied grabbing his hand and intertwining our fingers together. He headed down the corridor and showed me the living room, dining room, conservatory, library and back garden before we headed upstairs. At the top of the stairs there was a huge portrait of man who looked exactly like James except a lot older.
“Is that James’ Dad?” I asked, stopping in front of the portrait.


“Yeah, he died in fifth year. Prongs is still quite sensitive about it, he definitely misses him.” Sirius said seriously, looking up at his face.


“What about you?” I whispered. His face stayed stoic until he turned to me and smiled slightly.


“I miss him too… he was the best Dad ever.” He answered, he wasn’t crying which was good because I don’t think I’d be able to know what to do, “Anyway, let’s continue with the tour and then we’ll get started.” He changed the subject and led me to the right. We went past their Mum and Dad’s room and James’, which he only opened the door slightly for me to see.


“Is it only bedroom’s up here?” I asked as we went past three spare bedrooms.
“Yeah, this one’s mine.” He said before stopping outside the door, “I apologise in advance if there’s anything in there that offends you. I’ve not taken anything down in three years.” He added shyly. He opened the door and the first thing that hit me was the amount of pictures and magazine cut outs that were stuck on the wall. Then it was the amount of scantily clad muggle women that made me uncomfortable.


“Right, what are we packing?” I asked, “All of this or some of it?” he pulled out four cardboard boxes and we began looking round the room.


“Let’s create a system. I go through my stuff and you pack the stuff I want in the boxes.” He explained, “That way you won’t have to touch any of my dirty clothes.” He chuckled as he saw me eyeing a vicariously large pile of smelly clothing. We started with him throwing away most of the things he found because it ‘wasn’t necessary’ he’d said when he threw some old textbooks, but as time went on he wanted to keep more and more things. After 2 hours and 4 packed boxes, we’d officially gone through all his stuff and decided what he was going to take with him.


“Let’s get this packed on the bike and be on our way.” He clapped his hands together enthusiastically before drawing his wand and shrinking the boxes.


“Bike? What do you mean bike?” I asked, as he placed the boxes in his pockets.
“Oh, I bought a motorbike with the money my Uncle Alphard left me. As well as this apartment.” He explained, taking my hand and leading me back downstairs.


“Mum! We’re going now!” Sirius shouted down the hall towards where the living room was, said woman leaned her head out the doorway and shouted back,


“Be careful! And don’t forget, you can always come back and visit!” before waving us off.


“I’ll definitely come back for Sunday roast Mum.” He rubbed his belly appreciatively as she laughed. We climbed onto his bike, me a little apprehensively, and zoomed off down the street. After a tense 25 minute drive, we arrived outside a posh looking apartment building with about 15 floors.


“How much did your Uncle leave you exactly?!” I nearly shrieked, my mouth still gaping open at how posh it was. He wheeled the bike into his own registered parking space and walked with me into the lobby.


 The floor was made out of white marble tiles, with black leather couches off to the left side and a reception desk to the right. It was more like a hotel than an apartment block. There was a young-ish woman; I’d say she was 26, behind the desk. She had blonde hair that slicked back into a tight bun, not too dissimilar to McGonagall’s. Her red scarf was tied fancily around her neck and her white button down shirt was open so you could visibly see her cleavage.


“Good afternoon Mr Black. Are you here to check out your apartment?” she purred when we reached the desk, leaning over slightly. I had to roll my eyes slightly and throw up a little in my mouth; she was way too old for him and not to mention she wasn’t the best of looking. This might just be my jealously talking, I mean, he is my boyfriend!


“No thanks Sherrie. Just moving some stuff in, would you pass me the key please?” he said flirtatiously, which made me a bit angry. I WAS STOOD RIGHT HERE!
“Coming right up sugar.” She smiled too widely, showing off her donkey teeth and turned around in her tight pencil skirt to reach the key that was labelled ‘7G’ and passed it to him, making sure to touch his hand for a second too many. Ugh, bitch.
“Thanks.” He winked. Seriously?! I let go of his hand and crossed my arms angrily, not even looking is his direction. We started walking back out to where his bike was when I just blurted out sarcastically,


“Would you like me to stay here so you and Sherrie can continue your little ‘conversation’?” huffing irritably. He seemed a little taken by surprise before he started laughing.


“Are you jealous?” he stifled his laugh a little as he said this but he was definitely amused.


“No.” I said monotonously still refusing to look at him. He reached out and turned my face to his, he was no longer laughing.


“I told you ‘I love you’ yesterday, and hell, I’ve never said that to anyone let alone taken them home to meet my parents. So please believe me when I say that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.” He reassured me by gently kissing my lips.
“Okay, I believe you.” I sighed after we parted and turned around to get the cardboard boxes and enlarging them.


“Sherrie’s a bitch anyway.” Sirius stated, looking at my smile from the corner of his eyes.


“Why are we carrying these boxes? Why not just use magic?” I asked, struggling slightly under the weight of the two boxes.


“They’re all muggles; we need to make it look like we are too. We can’t just walk in with nothing and carry on coming and going, it’ll look weird.” He explained, carrying his two boxes with what looked like ease. Well, excuse me but I didn’t have amazingly strong muscles in my arms… only when it was the day before a full moon. It was far from that day.


“Oh okay.” I huffed, getting slightly out of breath when we reached the elevator.
“Do you want some help?” he seemed to notice my struggle.


“It would be nice.” I said, before placing the boxes on the floor and blowing out a huge breath of air. Sirius laughed and picked up another one of my boxes so he had three and I had one.


“Are you alright with three?” I asked but he seemed to manage effortlessly.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He replied smirking a little. We reached the seventh floor and headed down the corridor to 7G, his apartment. He placed the boxes onto the floor, used his key to open the door and kicked the boxes in lightly when the door was fully open. My mouth must be tired of being open in shock all the time recently.


 His apartment was exactly like his personality. As you entered through the door, there was a short corridor with two doors off to the side and then I completely opened up to a massive living room to the left and kitchen/dining room to the right. The living room was very minimalistic with two black leather couches, a glass table, a widescreen TV and a magazine rack which was currently empty.


 As I turned to the kitchen, I saw that it had a fully working stove, oven and microwave and all of them were in keeping with the black and white theme. There was a massive kitchen island right in the centre with about 6 stools in front of it and a huge flower ornament in the middle.
“Wow…” I gasped in awe, “This is so…”


“Cool, awesome, amazing, incredible….” He rattled off before I turned my face to his and smiled.
“You.” I replied, coming forward from the entrance.


“Hmm… it is, isn’t it? Wait ‘til you see the bedroom and bathroom.” He hinted with a smirk and the absent blush was back. He led me back into the short corridor and to the door on the right of where we stood. It was the bathroom.


 The shower was massive with some fancy chrome shower head and a huge semi-circular bath-tub, big enough for 3 people to fit in. Across from this was the granite top sink and toilet.


“This is very posh.” I said as I wandered into the room, now seeing the huge wall-sized mirror behind the sink, “Great placing there. You can see yourself shower.” I chuckled slightly along with Sirius. He then beckoned me over to the other side. He let me open the door and when I did; my jaw hit the floor again.


 There was a massive four poster bed right in the middle of the room, back against the wall obviously. It had dark-ish grey bed covers, matching the dark grey carpet. On either side were black, wooden side tables with a touch sensitive lamp on each.


 Then, to the right was a massive window with, obviously, grey curtains that reached the floor. Sirius tapped my shoulder to turn around and when I did, I saw an absolutely massive wardrobe made out of metal with glass panels. It was taking up one side of the wall, minus where the door was, and reached the ceiling.


“Merlin! How much is this a month?!” I whispered, too scared to touch anything or actually talk in case anything broke.


“I think it was £1200 a month but with the furniture added as well, it turned out to be £2000 a month.” He said nonchalantly. My eyes widened at the amount of money he must have had to actually buy the place, I mean, me and my Mum were considered rich but we would never have had enough to buy this.


“Merlin!” I whispered again, he led me back out the bedroom and into the living room as we began unpacking all his things. Most of the stuff was clothes so we were hanging everything up in his closet. When we finished, it was nearly 1 o’clock and Sirius said we could go to a restaurant for lunch.


“Okay, but what if something happens?” I asked nervously, we weren’t in the safety of Hogwarts anymore and that made me scared.


“I promise if anything does happen, I’ll protect you.” he said seriously, squeezing my hand gently and locking his apartment before we headed down in the elevator. As we walked down the street, I swung his hand lightly and started humming a song. I spotted a cute little tea shop across the street and I was automatically drawn to it.
“Sirius, instead of a restaurant… can we go in there?” I asked, pointing him towards my destination.


“Sure, whatever you want.” He smiled down at me as I linked my arm through his and we crossed and entered the shop. The bell tinkered as I stepped through and found a table off to the side.


“This so lovely and cosy.” I sighed happily, shedding my fluffy winter coat and snuggling into Sirius.


“So it is.” He replied distantly, we were soon joined by a peppy, young waiter.
“Hey, my name’s Jason. Have you chosen anything to order yet? The muffins are delicious by the way.” Jason said happily, leaning over me slightly to point at where the muffins were on the menu. Sirius gripped tighter and protectively around my waist, I snuck a glance at his face to see him glaring daggers at Jason.


“Yeah, we’ll have two of those, a ham and cheese Panini and two teas please?” I ordered, hoping Sirius wouldn’t mind what I chose. Jason smiled kindly at us and literally skipped away.


“Ugh… stupid kid.” I heard Sirius mutter and I had to smile, “What are you so happy about?” he said sulkily.


“Nothing… it’s just someone’s jealous of little Jason here.” I said smugly, he just glared at which made me giggle a little, “Don’t worry; Jason’s too happy for me.” I reassured him.
“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m a brooding type?” he teased and I knew he was back.


“More like dark and mysterious.” I flirted, he leaned in smirking.
“Don’t forget devilishly handsome.” He added.


“Oh, how could I forget that?” I whispered before leaning in for a kiss, which turned into a small snog-fest.
“Ahem.” We snapped apart to see Jason, who looked slightly put-off, with our food and drinks, “Here’s your order. Have a lovely meal.” He smiled, which turned out more of a grimace.


“Thank you.” Sirius tried to say nicely but it came out dismissively.
“You’re just so nice Sirius.” I giggled, before tucking into my half of the Panini. Sirius didn’t complain about my choice so I was feeling better and it was another thing that I knew about him. We ate our muffins (which were actually delicious, props to Jason) and drank our tea before returning back to Sirius’ apartment.


“Listen Kataryna… I wanna talk to you about something.” Sirius said nervously as we sat down on the couch.


“What is it?” I asked getting nervous now, he wasn’t about to change his mind about us together, was he?


“I know it’s only been a day that we’ve been together and it sounds ridiculous, I’ll understand if you say no… well you probably will it was a stupid idea. Just forget I ever said anything.” He rambled before I interrupted,
“Sirius, just tell me.” I reassured him.


“Well, I was thinking back in the café that maybe… would you like to, you know, move in with me?” he looked at me hopefully as he asked and my heart stopped beating again. I was stuck on my answer because my Mum may not agree, she would say I was too young then I’d have to wait a whole year before I even moved in because of this trip.


 Plus I’ve still not told Sirius about my condition, I don’t know whether I should tell him or not yet, or what I would do for full moon’s after I leave Hogwarts.
“Yes.” My mouth moved before my brain had fully caught up and before I knew what was happening; Sirius had lifted me off the couch and was spinning me round and round.


“I was so scared you’d say no.” He smiled, resting his forehead against mine and grinning widely.


“I can’t move in straight away though, you know that right?” I reminded him. He sobered up, sitting back down on the couch with me.
“Why not?” he asked.


“Because after we graduate, I’m staying a week with my dad and then I’m leaving for a year on my trip.” I explained, he thought about this for a while before he seemed to come up with an idea.


“I could come with you to see your Dad!” he snapped his finger becoming more and more excited.
“Sorry Sirius… you won’t be able to. It’s complicated.” I shrugged, reaching out to grab his hand. He sighed and was quiet for a while before he whispered,
“It’s going to be the longest year of my life.”


“I know, it will be for me too. But it’ll be worth it knowing that you’ll be waiting for me to come home.” I smiled, nuzzling my face into his neck and delicately kissing his neck.
“I’ll always wait for you.” I could sense his smile as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto his lap. We stayed in silence for a few minutes before he announced,


“I think it’s time we got back to school, it’ll be getting dark soon.” He got up with me, headed down to the lobby and got his bike out again for the drive back to Mrs Potter’s.

A/N: A little insight into Ry and Sirius' relationship there ;) It seemed like a long filler in other words, haha. Hope you enjoy ;) Jennifer comes back full-force is the next chapter... oops, I've said too much!

Lots of Love, Aimee


Sneaky Preview;

“We are going to have this chat Dutton.” Her voice was no longer sweet but it was deadly.

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