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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 9 : Hormones
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       The next morning as Draco awoke, he stretched and looked around for a moment.  The sweet smell of apples mixed with clean sheets hit him and he smiled.  Hermione always smelled like apples.  He supposed it was her shampoo.  He sat up groggily, shaking his hair out of his face and realized he was still dressed.  Had he really been that tired last night?  Waking up a bit more, he looked at the bed he was in and saw it had faint print with an ‘HG’ emblazoned on it.  This was not his bed. 

      Suddenly, it all hit him.  Last night, Hermione told him she was pregnant.  With his babies!  He hadn’t had enough time to think about it yet and his only feeling was enthusiastic.  He loved Hermione, she loved him, and he was going to protect her and his children with his life.  Deciding he should start taking care of her now, he glanced down at the floor where he saw she had apparently slept.  Alarmed and ashamed, Draco sprang up and collected her into his arms.  His love and children were not going to sleep on the floor.

      Guilt wracking him, he placed her gently on the bed beside him, pulling the curtain shut and she smiled in her sleep.  She had probably wanted to give him some space and taken the floor.  Draco’s eyes traveled down to her stomach, barely curved now.  He felt a tug on his heart and placed his hand over the small bulge.  Feeling tears begin to sting his eyes, he wondered what they would look like.  He couldn’t wait for her to wake up so he could catch up and learn everything he could about their children.  Were they girls or boys or one of each?  The suspense was killing him. 

      Somewhere at the back of his mind, he was nervous about being a dad but at the moment, he was too happy to care.  He’d have time for that in the future.  He snapped out of his daydream when he felt a second small, warm hand encompass his own.  Looking up at Hermione’s sleepy face, drooping eyes, and bedhead, he just wanted to tell her he loved her. 

      “Good morning Draco,” she murmured quietly.  He leaned down and kissed her forehead. 

      “Good morning ‘Mione,” he replied, “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.”

      “Oh?  Why’s that?” she asked, sitting up next to him.  He saw concern in her honey coloured eyes before she continued, “Actually hold that thought please, I’ll be right back!” and ran out of the room, hand over her mouth.  Automatically concerned, Draco trailed quickly behind her.  He found her emptying her stomach in the toilet down the hall.  Entering the bathroom, he nervously stepped forward.  Growing up without siblings, he didn’t know what to do when others were sick; Should he get her water or wait for her to finish?

      She interrupted his thinking by croaking out, “Get me a water, would you please?” Thankful for instruction, he immediately grabbed a cup and hurried to fill it before placing it beside her.  He went to stand behind her, still worried, and gathered her hair behind her head into his hands.  She gave him a look of gratitude before leaning over again.  When she’d finished, she just muttered out a quick thanks and accepted the water.

      She stood and brushed her teeth before Draco asked, “Why are you sick?  Are the babies sick?  What’s going on?  Is there something wrong?”

      Hermione just smiled up at his evident concern.  His brow was furrowed and his forehead creased.  Spitting out the last of her toothpaste she replied that it was morning sickness, which was completely normal.

      “I don’t care if it’s normal!  I don’t like it ‘Mione.  I’m taking you to the matron and she’s going to give you a potion or something!” He spit out exasperatedly.  Shaking her head patiently, Hermione replied, “Babe, I’ve already seen her.  Really, it’s healthy.  I don’t like it much either but it’s healthy, I promise.”

      Making their way back into the dorm room, Draco begged to know every detail and Hermione relented.

      “Yes, Draco, I’m really pregnant… Yes they’re really yours… Yes it’s twins… I’m about two months along… I saw Madam Pomfrey yesterday actually… A boy and a girl… No I don’t have names picked out!... I would have told you sooner but I was nervous… Yes I’m happy about it… Yeah, here’s a copy of their picture…  Obviously the blobs are the babies… No one else knows except Luna and Ginny… Yes, but I really don’t need you to worry…”  She answered his every question patiently, knowing he needed any and every detail she could offer him.

      Then he struck her with a question she hadn’t quite thought of yet, “So what do we do now?”

      She thought a moment before shrugging and replying, “Well I suppose I’ll have to begin being careful, not stress, eat better, you know?  I’ve picked up some books from the library but I’d like to get some more.  And for you, just help in any way you can.  Oh and maybe stop bouncing?  I still feel nauseous.”

      Draco gave her a sheepish smile, peering from under his hair and apologizing.  He was just so happy!  They discussed everything from telling people (not yet, only close friends now, the school can wait) to names (not that they could agree on any yet) to furniture (they realized it might be difficult to have babies in Hogwarts but agreed they’d figure it out).

      Hermione heard rustling from the bed beside her and realized Ginny must be getting up.  Luna had spent the night somewhere else.  Probably with Neville, although after the war, students were allowed to sleep wherever they wanted, as long as it was with others of their gender (not that there weren’t ways to get around that).  Houses were mainly just for competitions and how they scheduled classes.  Grabbing Draco’s hand, Hermione led him out through the common room and toward the library. 

      She heard hushed voices from down the corridor and wondered what troublemakers could possibly be walking  around the castle this early.  As they rounded the corner, she supposed it should have been obvious.  Ron and Harry were bent over a map, with Neville trailing behind them.  They were all speaking in hushed whispers, obviously they’d been up to something.  Hermione cleared her throat and they all looked up at her and smiled.  Their smiles soon vanished however when they saw her hand intertwined with Draco’s.

      “Oi, ‘Mione, what are you doing?  Are you together now, then?” Ron was first to speak up harshly, breaking forward from the others and looking angry.  Had he known she had raging pregnancy hormones, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so quick to accuse.

      “RONALD!  Do not accuse me like that!  Yes, for your information, we are together, not that it’s any of your concern.  I cannot believe you would speak to me that way anyway!  I should be accusing you all, sneaking around the castle early in the morning!  I could tell a professor right now and have them find out what you’ve been up to!  Would you like that?  Do you think I’m scared of you, Ron?  Because I’m damn well not!” She advanced forward with every word, poking him in the chest.  He began to look nervous.  Harry and Neville exchanged worried glances at her threat.

      “I was just wondering love, no that’s alright I just thought I should know as I’m your friend and all.  Supposed to tell each other things right?  Are you alright, by the way?  You seem a bit… emotional… I suppose.”  Ron asked, looking uncomfortable but giving Hermione his best puppy dog eyes.  She opened her mouth to reply she was fine, thanks, but burst into tears instead.

      Throwing her arms around him, she sobbed into Ron’s shoulder and felt Draco slightly bristle behind her as Ron automatically responded, holding Hermione tight.  “I’m so sorry Ron!  I didn’t mean it, really you know that!  I just- hiccup- I don’t know!  I don’t know what to do or say and I lashed out because I’m scared and I didn’t like you pointing fingers!  Please don’t hate me, I can’t-hiccup- lose you!” 

       Ron looked altogether confused and concerned now but replied that of course he could never hate her and he hadn’t meant to upset her.  She smiled, teary-eyed at him and went back to Draco, saying they were going to the library now.  A few paces down the hall, she heard Ron mutter, “bloody hell, what just happened?”

      Harry’s voice replied, “She’s a girl, Ron, you’ve gotta get better at this.  It’s probably her monthly.”  Hermione felt herself get red as she turned on her heel and screamed back at them, “IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT THAT, HARRY POTTER.  AND I’M TELLING GINNY!”

      The boys all quickly scurried away, clearly scared of whatever Hermione would say next.  Crossing her arms indignantly, she heard Draco laughing beside her.  Looking angrily up at him for laughing at her, he smiled and kissed her.
            “Merlin, you’re amazing sometimes love,” he said, and all her anger melted away.  He wrapped his arm around her and they both started laughing at her antics.  Nothing could ruin their happiness right now.  Nothing.

(A/N):  Hope you enjoyed!  PLEASE review as it helps me get inspiration for the next chapter!  

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Sudden Blessings: Hormones


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