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Unexpected Blossoming Love by Hermione and George
Chapter 9 : This kid makes no sense
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I made my way to the 2nd floor to meet up with George. I took a detour because I knew that George would be an extra 5 minutes. I got onto the correct floor and waited 2 minutes for George.

Once he arrived, we headed to the classroom in which we were meant to clean. Percy and Penelope didn’t arrive, so we started without them. We stayed in silence while working. I was just about to move on to the next area when George finally spoke to me.

He said, ‘So Hermione, about earlier, um… I suppose you don’t feel the same way…’ I replied, ‘Well, George, I might for all you know!’ I then walked away to the next area.
2 hours later we finished, without saying another word to each other. We walked in a companionable but slightly awkward silence back to the common room. We departed once in the common room and went up to our respective dormitories. I got showered and then went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to Holly complaining about her hair. Ironic. We both have extremely frizzy hair that takes forever to tame. Once she managed to get it into a slightly decent ponytail, we walked down to the common room. We met up with Ron and Harry, then walked to the great hall.

I got a letter in the mail from Professor McGonagall saying that my detention will be served on the third floor tonight, and that Fred will be joining us. It also mentioned that Filch will be watching over us instead of Percy and Penelope. Great! I finished breakfast and walked out of the hall for my first class, flying.

On my way down to the fields, I ran into George. He had got the same letter as me. As I passed him, he gave me an apologetic look. Poor guy.

I reached the fields just as Madame Pooch left the castle to set up today’s class. Half of the class was still eating so I decided to read against a tree to pass the time. 11 pages in, Madame Pooch started the class. This was the second flying lesson we have had. Last lesson, Harry had caught Neville’s rememberall after Draco stole and threw the fragile item after Neville did some serious flying and broke his wrist. Harry had got selected onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team and in that case, he was the only one allowed to fly, for practice reasons only. For a matter of fact, Harry is the youngest seeker of this century! I got 3 meters off the ground, then set back down because I wasn’t allowed to go any further.

After the flying lesson, we had potions. Professor tried to pull a 5 foot essay on us, but McGonagall walked in just at the right time requesting Harry and lecturing Snape about the 3 foot maximum. The class was then dismissed, everyone walking out gossiping about Snape being told off.
We then had lunch and the rest of the day off due to Peeves blocking off several staff room doors. Holly insisted that I sneak out to Hogsmeade with her and Lavender, but I insisted that I needed to start my essay. After all, I would hardly have any time after all of my detentions over the next few nights.

I walked into the Library, sitting at my usual table in my usual spot. I realised that I had left my book from yesterday afternoon in my spot, so I went to return it. When I got to the book’s respective isle, I saw a sight that no first year should have to witness of older kids.

Angelina Johnston and Cedric Diggory were snogging, quite passionately at that. She was in 3rd year, and he was in 4th. She was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and he was a very popular Ravenclaw student. I meekly put the back and went back to my spot, only to find that it had been occupied by the slimy git, Malfoy. I gathered my stuff and went to sit somewhere else. On my way to that somewhere else I passed Fred. I would have said hello but it seems that he was running out of the library, crying. I then tried to focus on the task at hand but found myself thinking that Angelina suited someone more like Fred. I then took that back because if Holly heard that I was thinking that, I would have been hexed into the next century.

I then realised the time, packing my stuff up again and going to put it back into the common room. I only finished about 3 inches of the essay. I reached the common room, put my stuff in its respective area and followed Holly and Lavender down to dinner. They were gossiping the whole trip about how many lollies they purchased at Zonko’s.

After dinner, I walked up to the third floor, and surprisingly George was there waiting for me. Fred wasn’t in sight, so George and I stood there awkwardly waiting. Fred didn’t turn up, so George and I headed into the classroom. We started and 10 minutes later, Fred walked in. His face was tear-stained and his lips all puffy and red, supposedly from biting on them. He had broken up with Angelina. I didn’t even know they were going out! ‘That explains why he was running out of the Library earlier,’ I thought to myself.

George walked over to his twin, comforting him and telling him everything will be ok. I went back to work, seeing as though this wasn’t my business. I started thinking to myself, later realising that he was going out with Angelina and he liked Holly. ‘This kid makes no sense,’ I laughed to myself. I had a perfect plan for Fred to get back at Angelina and for him to be happy again. And it involves my lovely twin, Hollikins.

We finished cleaning and went back to the common room. I gathered my unfinished essay and quill. ‘I have to do this some time,’ I thought to myself. I hate Snape. By the time 12am rolled around, I only had 3 inches to go. Another 20 minutes and I was ready for bed, completed 3 foot essay in hand. I walked up to my dormitory, crashing on my bed still in my school clothes, asleep.

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