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When A Siren Calls by lightthecandle
Chapter 23 : Chapter 23 - You Are Definitely Mine
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 A/N: For all those loving the Sirius/Ry story, you'll be very happy with this chapter... I think...

The last week of the Easter holidays had gone past too quickly, in my opinion, and it was a Friday afternoon. The other seventh year Gryffindor’s, including me, were all chilling outside by The Black Lake, chatting about anything and everything.

 However, when the boys started talking about Quidditch, we girls separated ourselves away and started discussing what I’m going to do in each country.


“Well, I’m starting in Egypt and I definitely want to go to the pyramids and the tombs but I’ve heard that there is a half-human, half-mermaid that lives somewhere there so I’ll spend about a month there finding him/her and gaining whatever knowledge they have, then I’m moving onto South Africa for two months, then Australia for about a month, then Singapore for a month, Thailand; a month, Turkey; a month, Europe for 2 months and finally, America for 3 months and back home.” I planned out on a piece of parchment, jotting down different towns and landmarks to visit, “This is going to be hectic!” I moaned but I wasn’t too bothered about trying to fit all this into one year, it was going to be worth it.


“I wish I could go with you!” Lily moaned, sighing dreamily into the distance, probably about all the different things I’m going to see.


“Why don’t you?” I asked, there really wasn’t anything that was stopping her. If it was money, I had more than enough for the both of us, plus we could always get part-time jobs.


“I have… other engagements.” She said sadly and vaguely. Ever since the beginning of the Easter holidays when they were all called to Dumbledore’s office bar me, they’d been acting really strange and wouldn’t tell me what was happening. I was starting to become really annoyed by it, they were my friends and they were leaving me in the dark about something that could be serious or dangerous.


“Oh.” Was all I replied with, this is what I said whenever my questions were answered vaguely. Lily gave me an apologetic look but I busied myself with planning everything out in more detail.


“Whatcha doing?” Sirius whispered, leaning over my shoulder to see my parchment. The boys decided to then come and join us, but it was kind of awkward because Sirius was sat, sort of, behind me looking over my shoulder.


“Planning it all out before the exams start so it’s not left until the last minute.” I explained, showing him the list of when I’ll be going to which countries, the towns I’m going to and pinpointing them on a small world map.


“You’re very organised.” He complimented, having gotten more used to it by now, I didn’t blush as much and my breathing was still quite normal.


“Thanks, I have to be for this to work. Plus, I promised I’d spend the first week with my Dad after we finish, then I’m off.” I smiled, looking down at the map at all the little red dots marked all over the place.


“Sounds awesome.” He said, although it sounded sarcastic, I knew he was being genuine. His hand then came to rest on my back, making me stiffen slightly. Hoping he didn’t notice a change in my demeanour, I leaned forward and collected all my pieces of parchment together.


“Are you finished talking about Quidditch?” Marlene asked, rolling her eyes.
“That’s offensive!” Sirius whined, using his other hand to cover his mouth in shock.
“Anyway… Lily, Dumbledore’s given us permission this weekend to go and find our new house together. I asked him last weekend.” James said, turning Lily, who was sat on his lap, to the side.


“Brilliant! I’m so excited!” she squealed happily. Her happiness made me beam brightly, forgetting about Sirius’ hand on my back, I leant into him slightly. He didn’t seem to notice though, so it was alright.


“Yeah, he’s also given me permission to move all my stuff from James’ house to my new place.” Sirius added on, he seemed to be directing this at me but I didn’t understand why, “You wanna help me?” he asked suddenly.
“Me?” I replied dumbly, pointing at myself.


“Yes, you.” He chuckled, moving his hand from my back to my shoulder.
“Don’t you want someone strong?” I inquired, Remus was sat right there and, I’m not sure about Peter, but I reckon he could be strong.


“It’s moving a couple of cardboard boxes; the furniture is already set in there anyway. So no building, just moving.” He smiled. I had nothing to do this weekend anyway so I replied,


“Why not?” with a small smile, this was returned a hundred million times wider and brighter by Sirius. Marlene had her date with Matt this weekend and I was so happy they were finally together but Marlene wasn’t quite so sure about dating because of me, even if I did tell her I was fine with a million times. Peter and Remus were staying behind so Remus could tutor Peter with his subjects, bless them, so I would’ve been on my own, had it not been for Sirius’ invitation.


“Who wants to go for a swim?” James smirked evilly before picking Lily up, running to the lake and chucking both of them in. Marlene jumped up and joined them, followed by Peter. Remus, Sirius and myself stayed where we were and I was perfectly happy with it, until,


“Do you wanna go for a swim?” Sirius asked, standing up himself and offering me a hand.
“No thanks.” I declined his offer and watched the others having fun in the lake, splashing each other and having races.


“Ah yes, you have a fear of water, don’t you?” he remembered from fifth year. All I did was nod, not in the mood to elaborate and I was kind of confused, again, by Sirius’ behaviour. It was flirty yet it seemed like he really wanted to move further but didn’t and went back to being friendly in a flirtatious way, and it was annoying me because I wasn’t used to being so confused. Before Sirius, everything was black and white, this was how I was feeling because of this and it was all logical, now it’s all mumbo-jumbo and I don’t know what to feel.


“Do you mind me asking how it happened?” he asked, leaning in slightly and brushing a piece of hair out of my face as he sat back down. See?
“I don’t want to talk about it.” I mumbled quietly, not looking up at him.


“I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” He pushed on, unperturbed by my defensive body language.


“Sirius, just stop.” I said getting up with all my things packed in my bag.
“Why won’t you tell me? I’m trying to get to know you!” he moaned, a little impatiently as I walked away.


“Why, Sirius?! Why are you trying to get to know me? You’re so confusing! You’re just messing with my head! First you’re scary, then you’re nice, then you’re flirty, then you’re scary, then you’re nice and now… now, you’re just plain confusing! WHY?!” I shouted, turning around to face him. When he didn’t reply, I turned back around and continued walking. He was silent for a few seconds,


BECAUSE I BLOODY LOVE YOU!” he yelled loudly, the people who were outside with us, stopped what they were doing to see whether Sirius Black had in fact just uttered those three words. I was halted in my tracks, afraid to turn around but I did slowly.


What?!” I whispered, my breath had completely vanished and the medics may as well have pronounced me dead by how long my heart had appeared to stop beating for.


“I. LOVE. YOU.” he yelled again, “But I’ve been too scared to say anything because I wasn’t sure how you felt about me. Every time I tried to flirt with you, you’d have different reactions and it threw me off completely but I couldn’t stop thinking about you! I still can’t! Bloody hell!” he yelled before marching towards me, grabbing hold of my face with one hand and wrapping the other around my waist and kissing me passionately.


 My arms were practically deadweight by my side as he continued kissing me, but eventually they moved onto his chest and then into his hair. It was exactly how it was in my dream, the desire in my body burning fast through each nerve ending and electric sparks were firing off where his hands were touching. We stayed like that for a good few minutes before I pulled away.


“If you’d have just done that… you’d have known by now how I feel about you, you idiot!” I joked, hitting him on the arm lightly. He laughed, pulling me closer to his body. We seemed to forget that we were outside with other people until James wolf-whistled and yelled ‘finally’ over to where we were stood.
“I hate him.” Sirius whispered against my lips.


“Me too.” I smiled, causing him to smile too, “We have a lot to talk about then.” I sighed, closing my eyes for a few seconds and running my fingers lightly across the back of his neck.


“It appears that way…” he whispered back, sobering up quickly.
“When did you realise that you…. you know, loved me?” I asked, still finding it hard to believe that this was Sirius Black, who loved me.


“Do you remember when we were in the library before Remus interrupted?” he asked, I murmured in assent and he carried on, “That was when I realised. I watched you work on your homework for the whole time and couldn’t stop picturing the two of us together. I thought I should get a girlfriend to get over it but the idea of hurting you, made me sick to the core.” He admitted. My breathing was shallow, this was so weird and hard to hear, it seemed too good to be true and I was just waiting for the ‘but…’ to come somewhere. It didn’t.


“And you?” he asked, making me feel a hundred times better knowing that he genuinely meant it.


“When we went flying on the day I got back after Christmas, that was the day I figured out that I had a crush on you, but I think after hearing you say it to me, it was more than that…” I paused, thinking whether I should say it or not, “I bloody love you too Sirius Black.” I finished cheesily. He chuckled before kissing me again, but this time it was softer and delicate, full of love and meaning. We broke off again and I decided to admit something too,


“You know how you said you couldn’t stop thinking about me… well neither could I. I had a dream last week where we were in a classroom talking about your family and we kissed, ever since that moment you’ve been on my mind 24/7 instead of every time I saw you.” I looked up to see Sirius take a stand back slightly and I immediately regretted telling him, he’d probably change his mind now and think that I’m really creepy and stalker-ish. His eyes widened in recognition and I was a little worried as to what he was going to say.


“Did I, by any chance, say ‘And for the record, I don’t think I could ever forget you’ before kissing you?” he whispered. Then it dawned on me.


“You mean to tell me… that that kiss actually happened?!” my voice had raised an octave by the end of the sentence. He nodded his head in shock; we both stood in silence before he turned really angry.


“Damn! If only we’d known, we could have been together for over a week already!” He nearly shouted.


“You were acting normally so I assumed it was a dream!” I added.
“So did I.” he replied, we both started laughing and then when he calmed down said, “We’re both idiots.” And kissed me again.


“Indeed we are.” I giggled, “I think we should go back to our friends now.” I sighed, pulling away from him to look up at his face properly.
“Do we have to?” he whined, intertwining his fingers in mine.


“Yes Sirius.” I glared jokingly and pulled him with me, to where our, now dry, friends were sat previously. Sirius slumped onto the floor and pulled me onto his lap gently,
“So…?” Sirius said awkwardly. We sat in silence for a few seconds until James and Lily burst out into laughter followed by everyone else.


“Finally.” Lily sighed, smiling towards me and Sirius, who wrapped his arms around my waist and took my hands in his.
“What do you mean ‘finally’?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow. She blushed a little but was saved by Matt walking out to sit next to Marlene,


“So you finally figured it out, eh Ry?” he announced smugly, placing his arm over Marlene’s shoulder.
“Figured out what?” I rolled my eyes.


“Figured out that I loved you.” Sirius whispered, making me blush.
“Oh… that.” I mumbled embarrassingly, I felt Sirius chuckled and squeeze my hands a little, “Matthew Guileman, you knew for over a month and you didn’t think to tell me?!” I shrieked, I didn’t think he was expecting me to shout so he gave me a sheepish smile.


“…Yeah…?” he said quietly.
“You are so dead!” I shouted picking some rocks, no matter the size, and chucking them at him, hoping to hit the target of his face.


“It was so blatantly obvious, I thought you would have figured it out ages ago!” he defended, holding his arms up in front of his face.


“You. Are. A. Complete. Arse. Matt. Guileman!” I chucked one last rock at him before Sirius decided that he’s earned his punishment and held me back.
“It’s okay, at least we’re together now.” He said, making me calm down. James looked between me and Matt with a confused look on his face,


“There’s one thing I still don’t get. If you two dated, are you not mad at Marlene for getting with him straight away?” he asked. Then Remus and Peter look confused too whilst Marlene avoided eye contact with me.


“We never went out, it was all a scheme to make Marlene jealous.” I explained. Now it was Marlene’s turn to hit Matt repeatedly.
“And Sirius!” he shouted, causing them all to look at me.
“Hey, I didn’t know I was using Matt to make Sirius jealous at the time!” I held my hands up in mock-surrender.


“Well, it worked. I wanted to rip Matt’s head off whenever I saw the two of you together.” Sirius admitted, kissing the exposed part of my shoulder a little.
“I’m glad you didn’t.” Matt said relieved that Marlene had stopped hitting him and was now snuggling up to him.
“Me too.” Marlene added.


“Sorry about the bludger thing.” Sirius apologised, Matt looked up in surprise but nodded his head in understanding.
“It’s fine, I would have done the same thing.” He smiled slightly at Marlene. We stayed in silence for a bit, just enjoying each other’s company, until the boys launched into a debate about Quidditch again.

“To be honest Lily, I keep waiting to wake up.” I admitted to the redhead as we walked down to the Great Hall together for dinner. The whole day had been really surreal, me and Sirius had just spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling together, occasionally kissing and acting the same with our friends.


“That’s how I feel with James sometimes.” Lily also admitted, squeezing my arm a little, “But when I don’t, it just makes me happier because it’s definitely real.” She said, her smile becoming more and more pronounced.


“Do you ever think that one day he’s going to turn around and just… forget about everything?” I questioned nervously and partly scared.
“I don’t think he ever will and even if he did, I’d still have all our memories anyway.” Lily replied, smiling reassuringly at me,


“True.” I breathed a sigh of relief, “I still can’t believe it. I mean I’m just me and he’s… Sirius Black… and he loves me.” I said giddily, almost jumping up and down in excitement.


“Hey, there’s nothing normal about you. You’re pretty and Sirius should be lucky he’s even got you.” she reassured me. We reached the top of the stairs and I looked down to see Sirius stood next to James, his hands in his pocket. When he looked up and saw me walking down, his face split into a huge grin and he walked to meet me at the bottom of the stairs.


“Hello again.” He said, taking hold of my hand and leading me towards the Great Hall.
“Hello.” I replied, grinning like a loon. He laughed at my face and whispered,
“You need to stop doing that.” My eyebrows furrowed.


“Doing what?” I asked curiously, my smile dropping from my face.
“Dazzling me with those smiles.” He answered seriously. My mouth dropped open before I promptly shut it in shock, probably looking like a fish. We reached the entrance to the Hall and I suddenly became really nervous, when everyone saw me and Sirius together, that’s when all the rumours would start and people would try to split us up.


“Don’t worry what people would say, we’re together and nothing’s going to change that.” He reassured me, squeezing my hand and leading the way to our spot on the table. As I suspected, people starting whispering after spotting our hands but, like Sirius said, I tried my best to ignore them. Especially the louder ones.


“Everything looks so good.” Sirius licked his lips appreciatively at all the delicious food lay out, “It’s like they know we are together.” He leaned and whispered, making me throw my head back and giggle.
“Yeah right Sirius, they wouldn’t throw a feast because we’re together.” I teased, picking some of the scrumptious looking food up and piling it onto my plate.


“Well… it looks like it.” He stuck his tongue out before digging into his food. All the while his arm stayed protectively around my waist. I looked over to see Marlene sat next to Matt, having dinner with him and Alice.
“Hey Alice!” I shouted when she looked over at me.


“Hey!” she waved back before turning back to the couple.
“I’ve not seen Alice in ages.” Lily said to herself, and then carried on eating.


“We should arrange a girly trip to Hogsmeade together!” I offered, her face lit up and we organised everything, not forgetting to invite Emma from Hufflepuff.
“But… I wanted us to go together as a first date!” Sirius pouted childishly.
“We can always go another time.” I reassured him.


“No we can’t, we only get three trips a year!” he sulked.
“Sirius… you are a Marauder, I’m pretty sure you’ll find some way.” I teased, placing a delicate kiss on his cheek. This made him perk up and return the kiss, but on the lips.
“Plus, you’re helping me move tomorrow anyway.” He smiled giddily, taking a big gulp of his pumpkin juice.


“Exactly, we’re spending tomorrow together so don’t be all sulky.” I chuckled and carried on eating.

Sirius was sat next to me on the double seated couch, with his legs splayed out and I was rested on his side facing away from him. Basically, my head was nearly on his lap with his arm resting over my stomach. I kept thinking whether or not we were girlfriend or boyfriend because we never clarified it. We just kissed this morning,
“Kataryna, what’s up?” Sirius asked, noticing me shift slightly. He was watching me draw in the sketchbook he gave me for Christmas, I was drawing a landscape of me and Sirius sat watching the sunset because he requested it.


“I was just thinking… are… are we officially boyfriend and girlfriend?” I asked nervously.
“Of course we are, why?” he asked curiously.
“No reason, I just didn’t really know. We didn’t clarify it and I just wanted to make sure.” I answered, continuing on with the drawing.


“Well… yes, you are definitely my girlfriend.” He stated with a wide grin.
“And you are definitely my boyfriend.” I replied giddily, he leant his head down a little to place a gentle kiss on my lips. I sighed contentedly as he sat back and relaxed, continuing to watch me draw in my sketchbook.

A/N: FINALLY! 23 CHAPTERS AND THEY'RE FINALLY TOGETHER! :D so, what do you think of Sirius' confession? Let me know in the review box, *hint hint* ;)

Lots of love, Aimee


Sneaky Preview;

“Hey, my name’s Jason. Have you chosen anything to order yet? The muffins are delicious by the way.” Jason said happily, leaning over me slightly to point at where the muffins were on the menu. Sirius gripped tighter and protectively around my waist, I snuck a glance at his face to see him glaring daggers at Jason.

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