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Bound to be Burned by rupertgrintislove
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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 Chapter 11


A/N: HOLA READERS ! :) Another update for you guys. Hope you like it <3 



Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter









Cas shifted in her sleep, her body surprisingly warm against her usually cool sheets. She stretched her arms, opening her eyes slowly. Her eyes were stinging they were so sore, her head heavy and a sense of dread in her heart. Last night had taken a lot out of her, she had put so much hope into finding that led, only for it to be ripped from her hands.




Cas shifted again and was surprised to see the other side of her bed empty. 




“Sirius?” Cas called, looking around her room for any clue that last night was real. She remembered coming home from her mission with Dumbledore completely shell shocked, she remembered how she couldn’t even feel her fingers as she attacked the whiskey bottle. Her fingernails bloodied from her struggled attempt. She sighed and rubbed her face roughly, what a mess last night had been.




Cas left her bed and walked out of her room, only to notice she was only wearing her knickers and Sirius’ cloak. She wrapped it around herself and inhaled the earthly scent of Sirius. Cas stopped herself and shook her head. 




‘What is wrong with me?’ Cas thought, rubbing her head. She crossed the living room when she heard noises in the kitchen.




“She is going to be pissed Evans.” Sirius stated blandly, Cas smirked at his tone and slipped into the kitchen. Her smirk stopped when she noticed Lily was pouring out any bottle containing alcohol.




“What do you think you’re doing lass?” Cas growled, showing her side of Moody. Lily whirled around and gulped.




“Morning to you too cuddle buddy.” Sirius smirked, tipping his invisible hat to her before taking a long sip of his black tea.




“Stuff it Black.” Lily snapped, turning her attention back to Cas. “Morning Cassie.”




“It’s Cas to you Evans.” Cas muttered, walking to pour herself her own cup of tea.




“Listen, I know you’re upset and we just want to make sure you leave the alcohol alone Cas. It isn’t a healthy way of dealing with your problems.” Lily continued, pouring the last of the alcohol down the drain.


“I’m not an alcoholic Lils, I barely drink.” Cas muttered awkwardly, looking into her cup of tea. 




“I have seen your rubbish Cas, it is full of bottles. It is time you smarten up and learn to control yourself.” Lily snapped, tossing the last bottle away. Cas snorted and poured herself more tea.




“What are you laughing at now Cas, you know it is true!” Lily stated, putting her hands firmly on her hips.




“It’s not that Lils, it’s just you sound so much like a mother right now. When are you and James popping your first one out?” Cas joked, causing Sirius to choke on his tea.




Lily’s face turned beat red, her words spluttering.




“Relax Lils, I am only joking. I know you’re Miss. Innocent and never partake in any sexual practices despite what Dorcas tells me she hears every night.” Cas joked again, this time Sirius spit out his tea fully and went into a coughing fit.




“She is lying! That girl, when I see her next I swear to Merlin she will feel the wrath.” Lily seethed, clenching her hands together tightly.




“Sure Lils. Sure.” Sirius laughed, trying to wipe all the tea off the front of his shirt.




“Listen, I am going, don’t change the subject Cas. No more messing around with your booze or you will wish you never met me.” Lily threatened before storming out of the kitchen. Cas shook her head and finished her cup of tea, lost in thought.




“Scary broad isn’t she?” Cas commented after a moment of silence. Sirius snorted and twirled his cup.




“Yeah, she is a tad intense. I bet James loves that in bed.” Sirius thought out loud, casuing Cas to smack his arm lightly.




“Pig.” Cas snapped, taking his empty mug and placing it in the sink.




“She is right though Cas. What I saw last night wasn’t healthy. Promise me you will stop drinking by yourself.” Sirius pleaded slightly, staring at Cas intensely. 




“I promise. No need to be a big girl about this.” Cas joked, rubbing her arms slightly. She wasn’t used to being taken care of, especially after having to live with Death Eaters for the past year.




“But anyways, I have to get going. Training is starting soon, and Moody is just as worked up about the dead end as you were.” Sirius stated, slipping a sweater over his head and ruffling his hair lazly. He yawned, his arms raising above his head, causing his shirt to lift and show his treasure trail. Cas caught herself staring at his toned stomach before snapping out of it with a shake of the head.




“Not a funny pun, Black. Wait for me, I am coming with.” Cas snapped, walking from the kitchen.




“What pun? All I said was that Moody was peeved about the dead e-” Sirius stopped himself when he heard what he had said, “Blimey! I didn’t even realize!” Sirius chuckled a bit. After hearing no response from Cas he chucked again. “I am too funny for my own good sometimes.” Sirius sighed dramatically, swooshing his hair out of his eyes. “Too darn funny.”




“Do you usually compliment yourself when you’re alone Black?” Cas’ voice asked suddenly as she appeared at the kitchen doorway.




Sirius jumped and knocked the mug he was playing with off the counter.




“Cassie! Um no, do not know what you’re referring to.” Sirius lied, his face flushing uncharacteristically. Cas snorted and tied her hair into a pony.




“Sure, for a womanizer you are pretty lame. Actually, a tosser really.” Cas concluded apparating. Sirius growled and followed her.




They landed together outside of the Ministry.




“Am not.” Sirius countered, catching up to Cas. Which was easy since her legs are a lot shorter.




“Are to. A big, fat, tosser.” Cas teased, reaching the entrance to the ministry first.




“Oy! Watch who you’re calling fat, James said I just have big bones. That’s all.” Sirius joked, poking his solid stomach.




“He lied. Still fat in my eyes.” Cas stated, her face stony as she handed over her wand to the wizard at the desk.




“Ah yes, Miss. Morris? 15 inches, made from Purpleheart wood with essence of Phoenix Ash?” The old wizard asked, Cas nodded and grabbed the wand back from the man.




Cas stepped forward and examined the inside of the ministry. It had been weeks since she had been here and she was finding herself missing the rushed feeling of the ministry, the feeling of importance no matter the tedious task. 




“Heard anything back from the ministry back yet?” Sirius asked, pocketing his wand and coming to stand next to her.




“Not yet, but I only just sent in my paperwork. Moody said I should hear back relatively soon given my marks and experience.” Cas replied, shifting her gaze from the fountain to see a gauntly couple walking towards them. “Isn’t that?” Cas trailed off, taking the way Sirius stiffened beside her as enough confirmation onto who she thought they were.




“Mother. Father. How grand of you to bless us with your presence. We are thoroughly honored.” Sirius stated sarcastically, giving a dramatic bow. 




Sirius’ father went to lunge toward him before his wife stopped him. “Not here.” She whispered, her voice cold as ice.




“You would do best to hold your tongue boy. No respect, none at all.” Sirius’ dad continued, spitting at Sirius’ shoes.




“Oy! These were new.” Sirius joked, his eye gleaming with mischief.




“You’re lucky that is all you get boy, I swear to Merlin I cannot wait until get yours. You will be wishing you joined the Dark Lord like you were meant to.” Sirius’ dad muttered, his face scrounged in disgust.




 Cas snorted, causing his parents to snap their attention to her.




“Sirius, please introduce us to your slut.” Sirius’ mom snarled, causing Cas to chuckle even more.




“No need Siriy baby, it is about time I meet your mom and dad. Especially since I am with child with your rebel baby!” Cas cooed rubbing her stomach lovingly. “However, we must hurry, my filthy muggle parents are waiting for us to go get married at the muggle office. Nice to meet you.” Cas snarled, grabbing Sirius and pushing him forward. “Forgive me that we didn’t want disgusting, incestious low lives at the wedding, we are trying to get rid of the dirt in our lives and your names were at the top of that list.” 




Cas pushed on, causing Sirius to burst out in laughter.




“That was- oh Merlin- that was just bloody perfect. You’re bloody perfect. Did you see their faces?” Sirius howled in the lift, causing the ministry offcials around him to glare. Cas smirked and pressed the button for the Auror office.




“Was my pleasure. Honestly, people make me sick these days. I have no idea how you lasted so long in that house, I probably would’ve blown my brains out by the time I could understand what they were saying.” Cas scowled darkly, her arms crossed across her body.




“It was no bloody picnic that’s for sure. Well, that is a lie. It was bloody, tons of blood. But it brought me to my real family and that is all that matters.” Sirius shrugged, his voice strained.


“Still, it must hurt to hear the things they have to say.” Cas added after a moment of silence. The lift stopped and the last wizard other than them left, leaving the two alone.




“Yeah, it isn’t so bad.” Sirius muttered darkly, causing Cas to sigh.




“Yes it is, they’re still your parents. But you should know they are nothing but pathetic, who should be proud of the son they have instead of disgusted.” Cas said softly as the lift arrived at their floor. They were silent as they reached their respective dressing rooms. Before Cas entered she turned back, calling Sirius’ name.




“Yeah?” Sirius asked, his head popping out from behind the door.




“You’re going to be alright Sirius. Remember that.” Cas added, smiling slightly. Sirius smiled and nodded.




“Cas?” Sirius asked.




“Yeah?” Cas responded.




“You will be too.” Sirius added before entering the boys dressing room.




‘Yeah, I will be.” Cas thought before shaking her head and entering the girls side.









Cas’ voice came out in sharp breaths as she reached the side of the arena, her legs giving out from underneath of her. She slipped down the side of the cold, concrete wall and tried to control her breathing.




She had joined the training session not realizing what she was getting herself in for. Her first hint should’ve been understanding what Sirius was saying earlier about Moody being “put off” about the lead. Her second should’ve been when Moody addressed her as “MORRIS!” instead of his usual “Cassie”. 




He ran them hard for two straight hours before finally letting them get a drink of water. Cas smiled slightly as she felt her sore muscles pulse, nothing felt better than knowing you are working toward something. A feeling she had lost for a while now. Cas grabbed a towel from the side and wiped her arms and front of sweat. A tedious task since as soon as the sweat was gone, more was there to replace it. Cas closed her eyes, and focused on her breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.




Sirius slid down beside her, his breath just as harsh as hers.




“That man is bloody Satan.” Sirius breathed, chugging back his water.




“You think you had it bad? I was raised by him. He got kicks out of this shit every Sunday morning.” Cas shared, grabbing the water from Sirius and chugging it only to have to grabbed back.




“Oy! Hands off my water. I am fat remember? I need it more than you.” Sirius joked, chugging more water as if it held all the answers.




“Well fat ass, keep chugging it and you’ll get a cramp and Moody will rip you a new one.” Cas joked, jumping up quickly as she heard Moody’s whistle. 




“Bugger. So soon? I swear that was two seconds!” Sirius complained loudly.




“That’ll be five full suicides Black, for being a pansy!” Moody barked, causing Sirius to scramble up from his spot on the ground.




“Pansy.” Cas faked coughed as she past, causing Sirius’ head to snap up.




“Hey Moody! Cas here was just saying how she thought you were going soft with old age!” Sirius yelled to Moody, causing Cas to swing around and glare.




“Is that so? Cas you can join him then.” Moody snapped, his face smiling at the end of the sentence as he watched Cas jump on Sirius, punching him in the stomach. “Oy! No flirting in the arena, didn’t you read the sign?” Moody yelled, breaking the two apart. “Now run maggots!”




Cas and Sirius started to sprint their suicides, their bodies at the same pace.




“You going to Molly’s for dinner tonight?” Sirius asked between pants. Cas shook her head.




“No? Wasn’t invited.” Cas answered, her breaths coming out sharper with each step.




“Consider yourself invited then.” Sirius stated simply, pushing ahead of her. Cas chuckled and caught up.




“D’you reckon there is actually a sign that says ‘no flirting’?” Cas joked, causing Sirius to bark out in laughter.









“Butterbeer Morris?” James asked, his head in a cooler.




After they had their arses handed to them by Moody, the group had met at the Burrow for some drinks before dinner.




“She will have water actually.” Lily corrected, crossing her arms in a ‘that is final!’ way. Cas rolled her eyes.




“I get plastered and take my clothes off one time and all of a sudden I have a ‘drinking problem’, and I need ‘serious help’.” Cas joked, using her fingers as quotations.




“It was more than once, but no form of therapy could help you out. You’re a real mess up in that head of yours.” Remus joked, causing Cas to laugh. 




“Finally someone who gets me.” Cas pretended to swoon.




“Oy! Hands off Morris, the wolf is coming home with me tonight.” Dorcas slurred boldly, her hand smacking Remus roughly on the arse. The whole group broke out in laughter, causing Remus’ to blush a violent shade of red.




“Dor!” Remus scolded, but after many moments of enduring the ‘Meadowes Pout’ he pulled her close. “Only if you promise not to throw up on mum’s rug again.” Remus scolded, causing Dorcas to nod and pretend to ‘cross her heart and hope to die’.




“Again?” Lily squealed, poking Dorcas in the side. “You messy, messy slag you.” Lily joked, Dorcas swatting away Lily’s hand.




“It was one bloody time.” Dorcas muttered darkly.




“Dinner is ready!” Arthur yelled from the kitchen, turning the attention away from Dorcas.




“I’m just going to put this one to bed, I don’t think she will make it through dinner.” Remus gestured, to the stumbling Dorcas.




“Easy girl.” Cas calmed, grabbing Dorcas before she hit the ground. Remus shook his head and picked her up bridal style.




“Oy Loopy Lupin! Put me down! I am a strong latino woman and I can walk by myself!” Dorcas demanded, causing everyone to burst out in laughter.




“Since when is she Latino?” Cas asked, holding her sides and she laughed.




“Who knows with that girl. All I know is I am hungry! Let’s go eat our weight in food Pete!” Sirius exclaimed, clapping Peter on the shoulder.




“Thought you would never ask!” Peter agreed before rushing in after Sirius. Cas smirked and walked into the over crowded kitchen. An almost bursting Molly ushered everyone in and started placing food on the table.




“Everyone eat up! I made loads!” Molly demanded, smiling and rubbing her stomach. Cas smiled and pulled up a chair beside Peter.


“Pass the beets Pete?” Cas asked, before accepting the plate and loading her own up with everything on the table. Remus joined them shortly and looked exhausted.




“All right there Moons?” James asked, seeing the look on Remus’ face.




“Sober Dorcas is already a handful, but a tossed latino Dorcas is just unmanageable.” Remus muttered in disbelief, causing the table to erupt in laughter.




“Since when has that been going on Rem?” Cas asked once conversation had started up again around the table.




“I guess Sixth or Seventh year, we were never official. Just on and off.” Remus mumbled, loading mashed potatoes onto his place.




“More like in and out.” Sirius joked, causing Lily to smack him upside the head.




Sirius looked around, food in both hands.




“What?” He asked, causing James to shake his head.




“Children are at the table Sirius, I would love if you didn’t corrupt my children so soon.” Molly scolded hotly, gesturing to her three boys at the far end of the table.




“Oh c’mon Molls, they will learn about it soon enough anyways. You want them to be real men do-” Sirius trailed off after seeing the look Molly was giving him. “Yeah James, c’mon there are children at the table. Not a worry Molly, I got this one under control.” Sirius added, nodding toward James.




James laughed and shook his head. “Like you could ever handle this.” James added, gesturing toward himself.




“If only you gave me the chance.” Sirius winked, causing Cas to choke on her pumpkin juice. Remus chuckled and smacked her on the back.




“Rule #230 never being drinking anything when Sirius is talking.” Remus muttered, causing Cas’ head to snap to his face.




“That is an actual rule?” Cas wondered, her mind trailing to the rules that could be before that one in their “handbook”. 




“It is a safety hazard really, along with ‘Rule #454: Don’t stare at Sirius for too long in fear of falling madly, and helplessly in love with him’, poor Pete didn’t see it coming.” Sirius sighed dramatically.




“More like the other way around Pads, I know the looks you give me are more than just friendly.” Peter joked, laughter erupting around him. Peter looked on and smiled, loving the rare attention.




“I thought it would take you forever to catch on.” Sirius muttered seductively.




“Momma, Sirius and Pete love each other?” Bill asked, causing the whole table to erupt in laughter.




“Yes baby, they love each other.” Molly laughed, pushing back her eight year old’s hair back.




“Oy! No! Stop laughing, I can’t have him actually think I like Pete. Listen very carefully Billy boy, Sirius does not love Peter, that way, which would be fine if I swung that way but I don’t, I love a wonderful thing called pus-” Sirius was cut off, thank Merlin, by Kingsley running through the door.




“There has been an attack! We need you all, now!” Kingsley demanded, causing everyone to rush from their seats and throw on their shoes.




“On who Kingsley?” Arthur asked hurriedly, reaching him in seconds.




“Half-bloods.” was all Kingsley said before they apparated. 









By the time Kingsley had returned, the chaos had doubled in size. Cas looked on as she saw muggles running from their burning house and felt bile rise in her throat. 




“We have many muggles trapped in their homes, I want some of you to go in and start clearing out each home and bringing them back to the Burrow. As you can see this is the outskirts of the anti-apparation boarder they put up. You must bring them past the boarder to take them to the Burrow. The rest of you stay out here and help take down these bastards.” Kingsley ordered, his voice vibrating determination. 




She pulled out her wand and ran forth into the battle. She was happy to see that the muggle’s wizard neighbours had stepped up and given this battle a fighting chance. But it didn’t seem to be enough.




More and more Death Eaters kept popping up, it seemed for every Death Eater stunned another two popped up to replace them. Cas sighed heavily and darted behind a building to avoid a curse. She shot a spell back and looked to see her target was hit before moving onto the next house. She kicked in the door and looked to find any muggles.




Finding nothing on the main floor she slowly made her way upstairs, her boots creaking on each step. She kicked in the first door and found nothing, it wasn’t until she made it to the fourth door that she found the muggle family.




They were crowded in the corner, the dad protectively in front of his wife and kids.




“Stay back! I am armed!” The dad bellowed, raising his shot gun at Cas. Cas nodded and slowly put away her wand.




“Sir, I am not here to hurt you. I need you all to come with me, I am here to help.” Cas stated slowly and calmly, her hands still raised to show no threat.




“How do I know you’re telling the truth.” He asked, his voice unsure.




“If I was one of the bad guys, you would’ve been dead by now.” Cas answered honestly. Surprisingly enough this was all the dad had to hear before nodding and pushing his family in front of him towards Cas.




Cas smiled reassuringly at the children before kneeling down to their level.




“Hello loves, we are having a slight problem outside right now but I am here to help you and your parents out. All you have to do is play a game with me okay? Okay! We are going to play Cassie Says, Cassie being me. Now when I say “Cassie says duck!” you drop to the floor and cover your head. If I say “Cassie says freeze!” it means you stop dead in your tracks. When I say “Cassie says statue” you stay in your spot until I come and get you. And when I say “Cassie says ghost town!” that means you cannot make sound. Be quiet as a mouse, not a peep! Is that understood?” Cas asked, and after getting slight nods from the children she looked back up at the parents.




“Is that understood?” Cas asked again, her voice more dominant now. The parents nodded and she gestured toward the door. “Then let’s do this.” 




Cas led them down the steps and whispered “Cassie says ghost town.” The children’s hand flew to their mouth and muffled their breathing. “Good, Cassie says statue.” Cas added before drawing her wand silently. She crept to the main floor and checked the front window. There didn’t seem to be anyone out front, she crept to the back door and returned silently when she didn’t see anyone.




“Cassie says follow the leader.” Cassie whispered, walking quietly through the kitchen. She edged the door open slowly and after a moment of no reaction, opened it wide enough to fit through. The family followed and Cas lead them through the backyard. Just as they were almost outside of the anti-apparation line a Death Eater popped out of no where.




“CASSIE SAYS DUCK!” Cas yelled, throwing a curse at the Death Eater. The Death Eater crumpled with a satisfying thud. Cas looked back and saw with relief that the family had followed her order very seriously.




“Very good! Almost there, Cassie says follow the leader.” The family rose and followed Cas to behind the tree, there Cas held out her hand to the mom.




“Cassie says hold each other’s hands very tight and do not let go no matter what! I want a death grip you hear me?” Cas demanded, putting the Dad between the two small children. “Do NOT let them go, do you understand?” She asked.




“Yes.” The dad answered, his voice thick with determination. With that Cas turned on the spot, her mind on the Burrow.




They landed roughly, the family toppling over. Cas looked up and saw Molly rushing out of the house, her boys trailing after her.




“What is it Cas? Is everything okay?” Molly asked.




“I rescued these Muggles, Kingsley told us to bring them all here for now.” Cas nodded to the family clustered together unsure.




“Of course!” Molly said, turning her attention to the family in front of her. “I am Molly, why don’t you come in for some tea?” Molly added, gesturing toward her house. At that moment Sirius apparated in, a muggle family in tow. 




Before Cas could make her way over to them, the dad from the family she had rescued grabbed her gently by the elbow.




“I am beyond confused right now, but thank you. For saving us, for saving my children.” The dad whispered intensely, causing Cas to smirk.




“All in a days work. Go, have some tea. You will be safe here.” Cas reassured, nodding to his family already standing with Molly. The dad nodded and joined his family.




Cas watched on for a moment before going over to where Sirius was. Before she got there she saw Lily land with a family of her own. Cas nodded at her before reaching Sirius. 




“Ready to kick some ass, Black?” Cas asked before holding out her hand. Sirius nodded and back to the fight they went.









When the two landed back in the town they noticed everything was different. Sure, the house were still on fire, and there was blood shed everywhere, but there were no more Death Eaters.




“This can’t be good.” Cas muttered, raising an eyebrow to Sirius.




“Not at all.” Sirius added. They walked forward cautiously, their wands at the ready.




“There!” Sirius pointed, but it wasn’t Death Eaters. It was the rest of the Order. They rushed forward quickly, stepping over bodies as they did so.




James was collapsed on the ground, the rest of the Order looked stunned. Cas looked around, trying to find a clue as to what had happened.




“It was suppose to be me.” James kept repeating, his body shaking. 




“What is going on?” Sirius demanded, taking the words from Cas’ mouth.




“Sirius, they took him.” Remus’ voice cut through the air. Cas looked at him quickly, noting his pale complexion and his red eyes. As she stared a tear slipped from them.




“Who.” Sirius asked, looking around for who was missing.




“Our brother. Pete.” James muttered from the ground, his body shaking. Sirius collapsed, hugging James close. Remus joined and the two sat on the cold, bloody pavement together.




“We will find him.” Sirius kept muttering, his thoughts full of images of Peter’s lifeless corpse.




“We will find him.” The rest of the Order watched on as the boys supported each other and missed the presence of their brother. They watched on as the boys they had known for so long, turned into men.









“I can’t believe we missed Potter!” A voice complained, waking Peter from his sleep. The room he was in was dark and damp. His body shivered at the coldness and from the deep fear he was consumed by.




“The Dark Lord will be displeased indeed.” A voice drawled. Peter’s ears perked up at the voice, it sounding familiar to him but hard to place. This was wiped from his mind the moment he heard footsteps approaching.




Peter scampered backwards until his back hit the wall behind him.




“Give him the boy, he will be a good enough start for now.” The same voice demanded. Peter’s body lurched in fear as he heard the footsteps getting closer. He didn’t realize he was shaking until he heard the door to his cell open.




“Ah, the boy is awake. Bring him.” The voice demanded again. Peter tried to open his eyes to beat off his attackers, but he found he could not open them. They had been sealed shut. Peter whimpered and tried to fight as two sets of hands gripped him up under the arms and began to drag him.




“Stop fighting it. It’ll only make it worse.” A voice sneered, Peter winced in pain as he was kicked in the side.




Peter did as they said and stopped fighting it. He was dragged for what felt like hours.




“You had to pick the fat one didn’t you?” The voice to his left complained.




“I was aiming for Potter, it is not my fault you can’t follow orders!” The voice to his right countered.




“Enough.” The voice cut through the air like glass, and sent shivers down Peter’s spine.




“The boy my Lord.” The two sets of arms threw Peter roughly forward, his body hitting the ground with a solid thump.




“You may leave.” The voice spoke again. Peter’s body was shaking uncontrollably, he could feel his sweat sink through his clothing.




“Ah, Mister. Pettigrew. Not my first choice, but you will do just fine for now. Let us see how loyal Gryffindor’s really are.” The voice sneered right before Peter felt his body be hit by what felt like a thousand knives.




For the rest of the night, the sounds of Peter’s screams could be heard echoing off the walls of the manor. A scream that not only voiced the pain Peter felt, but also the pain he knew his brother’s would feel once they knew he betrayed them. A scream of a man coming undone.






A/N: SO! What did you guys think? Next chapter should be up by next week! love you all



- Haley



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