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full moon murder by Diezal325
Chapter 2 : birthday surprises and a quarrel
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Soooo. Chapter 2! Yay!! Enjoy!


“Happy Birthday!” I tell our friend, Marlene McKinnon. It was really her birthday yesterday, but we like to celebrate it on the train, when we all see each other. Marlene has silky blonde hair and blue eyes- all of us are jealous of course!

Mary MacDonald- a studious girl with curly brown hair and treacle gold eyes gives her a journal to keep a diary in. Lily, my amazing read headed emerald eyes best friend gets her a silver charm bracelet, and I get her two charms to go on it; a letter ‘M’ which I charmed to sparkle purple- her favourite colour- and a tiny owl with huge eyes- her favourite animal.

Alice comes late, after running through the train to find us, and gives Marlene a big packet of Drooble’s Gum, her short dark hair sticking up and her eyes bright. Finally we are all back together again - the big five. Ok, some people say that odd numbers are real shit to have as a group of friends, but I say different- we’ve done ok so far!


A couple of hours into the journey, a shout of laughter from outside makes me stand up and look around the door. I roll my eyes at the others.

“Back in a min.” I tell them.

I walk down the train a few compartments and look inside. Remus Lupin is reading an old bit of yellowing parchment which seems to have moving diagrams on it. His expression looks slightly annoyed, as if struggling on an exam question or something. He always looks so pale.

Remus looks up and sees me. He quickly taps the parchment with his wand and all trace of ink on it disappears. Tucking it away into his cloak, he looks at me.

“Hey.” I say, “Was that the others out there?”

“Yeah.” He smiles, looking at me from under his floppy dark sandy fringe.

“It must get annoying.” I sit down opposite him, “Have they given up on Snape yet?”

“Nope.” Remus says, popping the ‘p’. “I think they’re only doing it-“

But he’s interrupted as the rest of the Marauders come in.

“Because he’s a slimy git and he called Lily a You-Know-What?” James asks rhetorically. “Yeah, that’s why I’m doing it.”

“James.” I look at him, “I know you’re trying to get revenge and all that, and I’m not saying what he did was right-“

James opens his mouth to speak.

“Shhhh! Fine. It wasn’t right at all, but don’t you think you’re going a bit OTT on it? I think you’ve got a better chance with Lily if you quit pranking Snape and be more… be nicer.” I finish.

“I am nice!” James explodes.

“Huh. If you can call charming spell books to sing at her nice!” I retort.

“Ok! Ok! But I do try!” He protests.

“Sure. Try harder.”


With that, I stand up, step over Sirius’ legs and go back to my own compartment. I really wish that the Marauders were not such jerks sometimes. But I do love them for who they are.


Aha, hope you liked it. I know that nothing really happened in this chapter, but Chapter 3 is way more interesting, I promise. And I’ve just started Chapter 4 as well! Yay! >.< R&R Thank you! Vicky Xx

P.S. Any of the usual, bad? Good? Improvements etc.? Xx


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full moon murder: birthday surprises and a quarrel


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