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Albus Potter and the Sapphire of Slytherin by missatron
Chapter 6 : The Escape
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Riddle House was in a Muggle village and it was hard to find Hogwarts. All he was doing was whizzing round the village on his broom, making no progress at all. All of a sudden Albus came over tired. His eyelids were drooping and he realised that he couldn’t possibly carry on flying. He swiftly landed his Bullet in the middle of a forest.


The trees were like soldiers, guarding him through the night as he shivered in the freezing cold, gazing up at the stars in the black sky. Albus clutched his broomstick tightly thinking of what Harry and Ginny would say when he told them what had happened. He wondered how he was ever going to get back to Hogwarts safely and worried about Scorpius getting on. It was long after midnight until he finally fell asleep.

Albus couldn’t believe his eyes when he woke up in a forest the next morning. He stared at the trees in bewilderment then it all came flooding back to him. Albus grabbed his broom and took off straight away. He looked for the tall, grey Hogwarts towers but none could be found.

As night fall approached, Albus spotted a snowy, white barn owl just like the one his father had at home. He gently stopped the owl noticing that he was carrying a letter. He slid the letter off the owl’s skinny feet and ripped it open.

Dear Albus and James (it read)

How is your first week at Hogwarts going? Are you in Gryffindor Albus? I hope so. Has the Quidditch trials took place yet? Are you on the team? Any news? Hope to hear from you soon,

Lots of love from Mum and Dad.

Albus read the letter in excitement. Hastily, he scribbled a reply on the back of the parchment.

 Dear Mum and Dad

This is Albus; my first week at Hogwarts has been quite eventful. Thankfully I’m in Gryffindor and I have made a new friend Scorpius Malfoy. The Quidditch trials were yesterday and I am a seeker! I’ve got some news and I hope you can help me. You see I was just coming back from Quidditch and a strange woman called Cho Chang took me to Riddle house, apparently for protection. Any way I’ll tell you more details later but I stunned her and left, looking for Hogwarts, on my broom when I found our owl and read your letter,




He gave it to the owl and told him to take it back to Harry and Ginny. As Albus watched the beautiful owl glide through the air he had an idea. He would follow the owl home.


Albus was soaked. The heavy rain was hammering down on him and he was struggling to keep up with Hedwig, his father’s new owl. He gripped the mahogany broom handle, keeping his head down so the rain wouldn’t hammer down on his face aswell. Albus hoped that there wouldn’t be long to go.

He squeezed his hands tightly. They were so cold that they hurt. He looked ahead and saw Hedwig leading the way. This was all Cho’s fault, thought Albus, why, why, why did I go with her?


When Cho woke up she thought back to what had happened. Albus had Stunned her. No, before that, before she met Albus.


“You must. You must kill him,” said Ying.

“I can’t,” said Cho “I can’t betray him.”

“You have to. You’ve got no choice in the matter,” said Ying firmly “If you don’t then we’re all dead, not just him. Be careful not to let him slip of your grasp or you know what’ll happen.”

“Please,” begged Cho.

“You are going to kill him and that’s final,” Ying told her.


And now she had let him go.


At long last Albus was in view of his home, wizarding village. Hedwig swooped down landing on Albus’s house. Albus followed in suit.

While Hedwig fluttered down the chimney, Albus decided that he would go in the front door. He rapped the brass knocker and soon Ginny answered it. She was  shocked to see Albus standing at the door, soaked to the skin.

“What on earth, have you done!” she said at last.


But he was interrupted.

“Have you ran away from school?” she said angrily.


“I should hope so. Then why are you here?”

“I er... it’s a long story,” Albus told her.

“Come in ,” she said “You must be freezing.”

“I am,” said Albus thankfully , stepping inside as Ginny closed the front door.

“Harry!” she yelled.

“What do you want,” Harry called back.

“Just come downstairs! Albus is here!”

“Albus?” Shouted Harry “Coming!”

Harry thudded downstairs into the hall.

“What’s happened Albus?” asked Harry.

“Well you see...”

And he told them everything.

Cho?” exclaimed Harry, when he had finished.

Are you sure it was Cho?” questioned Ginny.

“She seemed such a nice person in the DA. Maybe she’s being threatened.”

“Not necessarily,” said Harry

“Something could have just snapped in her.”

“But she seemed such a good person,” contradicted Ginny.

“Well obviously not now,” sighed Harry putting down his mug of Butterbeer.

“Anyway,” Ginny said turning to Albus “we best get you back to Hogwarts.”

“Cant I stay for one more night?” pleaded Albus.

“No. You’re going to Hogwarts today. I can’t have you mooching around and getting under my feet,” replied Ginny firmly.

Albus glanced at his father.

“Yes,” said Harry immediately “You’re going back to Hogwarts.”

“You’d best get changed first,” advised Ginny “You look a state and you must be absolutely frozen.”

“Off you go then,” said Harry.

“I am.”

“And I’ll get the Floo Powder and we’ll come with you to make sure that you arrive safely; don’t worry we’re not staying,” said Ginny.

“Will we?” said Harry innocently.

Yes,” hissed Ginny as Albus, very slowly, left the room.

Albus shivered as he walked up the stairs and into his room. He hastily donned his warmest clothes then slid down the polished, oak banister.

“Done!” he called.

“Come and do the Floo Powder in here then!” shouted Harry.

“Ok,” obeyed Albus kicking the door open.

“Don’t kick the door like that dear,” Ginny told him.

Ginny gave Harry some Floo Powder for him to go first.

“HOGWARTS!!” yelled Harry and he was took up in to the flame.

Once again, Ginny gave Albus some Floo Powder.

“HOGWARTS!!!” Albus yelled and he too was took up in to the flame.

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