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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 21 : We Know.
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"Draco you said you'd behave," Hermione chided. Her husband had just been talking about how much he wasn't looking forward to tonight.




He rolled his eyes at his wife, "You know how I just love these little get togethers."




"At least they took you up on your offer, that's more in your comfort zone."




"True." Draco had warmed up to the Weasleys quite a bit, he wouldn't admit it but he rather liked Mrs. Weasley. Warmed up does not mean that he liked going to the Burrow. He still felt strange whenever he stepped into the lopsided home. He often feared it would fall over, even though he knew the place was held up by magic. He had offered to have a dinner for everyone out at a nicer restaurant . There was no way he was taking the Weasley and Potter clan out to a fancy place, but it was nice nonetheless. After much arguing the family had agreed to let the Malfoys treat for once.




"You're cute when you're disgruntled," Hermione teased and she went over to straighten his tie. They were getting ready to leave for work.




He looked taken aback, "Malfoys are not cute!" Hermione couldn't help but think how cute he looked at that second, "at least not the male Malfoys." He smirked at her.




She knew that look, "oh no. Whatever you're thinking just stop. We're not going to be late to work again!"




He practically growled at her as he walked toward her. She backed up until the back of her knees hit the edge of the mattress of their bed. She knew she was done. He stalked her like a jungle cat toward its prey. 








He pounced on her, pushing her back against the mattress and landed over top of her. Kissing her in his victory.




She giggled in return, despite herself.




He smirked at her again, "we're gonna be late."










Hermione sat in her office, staring at the phone as it rang. She knew who it would be, who it had been the last six times. 




Why would Ron be calling her? She knew he had been to the Burrow recently, having come back from the States to visit. Never before had he ever tried to contact her in any way. She quite preferred it that way. 




So why now of all times would he be trying to call her? And shouldn't he already back in the States anyway? Mrs. Weasley had assured Hermione that he would not be there at dinner today. She sincerely hoped not because she knew her husband would go absolutly bonkers. Plus she just wasn't up to having to deal with Ron. There was just too much going on currently. 




The phone stopped ringing only to start up again quickly. She ignored it the rest of the day and took an extra long lunch with Draco, just in case he decided to show up at her office when she was free or do something crazy. 







By the time it was time to go to dinner Hermione was extra nervous about Ron. He wouldn't show up, would he?




When they arrived she was happy to see that only the normal crew was waiting for them.




Mrs. Weasley smiled at the couple, "Draco, you know I would have loved to have everyone at the Burrow."




"I know, but I figure that you already do so much that I could cover this one," he put on his best fake smile. He really did try and that's all Hermione asked from him. She knew he liked Mrs. Weasley, no matter how he tried to hide it, but she also knew he hated these things. Draco always had, no matter who it was with. Narcissa had told her countless stories of young Draco being forced to sit at the dinner table when other people were there. 




"I hardly think this is as difficult as what my mother does to make dinner for us all," Ginny Potter rolled her eyes.




Draco pretended he didn't hear her, those two often had arguments just for the fun of it. But tonight he promised to be good. And after the fiasco that was Sophia over winter break it seemed like any normality was welcomed.




"Gin.." Harry warned.




She looked like she was about to speak when he mother sent her a death glare. 




"Draco just thought it would be nice for all of us to go out. Mrs. Weasley you really do work too hard to have us over this often," Hermione smoothed out the awkward moment. In reality the Malfoys didn't attend the weekly dinner that was thrown at the Weasleys. They would go every once and a while when Hermione finally broke down Draco after being finally broken down by  Mrs. Weasley.




"It was nice of you," Harry spoke, nodding at Draco. 




Draco just nodded in response. 




Ugh, men. How hard was it to say "thank you" or "you're welcome"? 




The rest of the dinner passed by as normal. They talked about their kids, what was happening in their current lives, plans for the immediate future. 




"I've been thinking about having another baby," Ginny spoke up.




They all looked surprised, but the man that completely lost the color in his face was Harry. "W-what?"




She shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't just drop a bombshell, "it'd even things out. Lily is stuck with those two boys. I always hated being the only girl." She turned her eyes to her mother. 




"There was no way I was having another child after you Ginevra," Mrs. Weasley shook her head, " it was getting so even the Burrow was getting full." Mrs. Weasley always dreamed of having a little girl…and she had kept having kids until she had one. Once she had she happily gave up bringing more lives into the world. 




This earned an eye roll from Ginny.




Harry took his (crazy) wife's hand in his, "Ginny, I love you…and our kids…but I'm so done."




She did nothing to conceal the disappointment on her face, "but…"




"They're growing up, this wouldn't be for Lily since the age difference would be pretty big anyway.."




"I guess…"




Draco shook his head at the two and shot a look at his wife. They both were happy they decided they were done after Sophia. Draco had never wanted kids and Hermione had been reluctant. Neither of them ever regretted Sophia though, she was truly their world. Even when she was being difficult.






The dinner wrapped up later than Draco would have liked, but he was happy just to be getting home. He just wanted to relax. He had been on edge all night. He wasn't sure as to of why but he picked up a different aura from Hermione after she had gotten home. During their lunch together she was abnormally quiet which wasn't something he was use to. She seemed to recover quickly when she sat down at dinner, but something stayed with him that made him nervous. 




"See, that wasn't terrible," Hermione smiled at her husband who was lounging on the couch. 




He shrugged, not giving her a real response. 




So she continued, "I'm sure they loved going out. It's not something they do often. Thank you for giving them the opportunity."




Again he shrugged.




"Draco, are you even listening?" 




To prove that he wasn't he simply shrugged again.




She smirked, a flawless Malfoy smirk that she had perfected over the years of being married to the man who made it famous. "Next family outing I get to choose, and it will be purely muggle. Does that sound okay?"




A shrug.




She decided to try something else, after seeing his face to what Ginny had said early she knew it would be perfcet. " Draco, I'm pregnant."




She watched his pupils dilate as he snapped his head toward her, "Wait, what?!"




She couldn't contain herself as she burst out laughing. 




Clearly he was confused, "…what?"




"I'm not-" She choked on a laugh, "I'm not pregnant."








"You deserved it, you weren't listening."




"Sorry love," he smirked, "but you were droning and I was thinking about something." His thoughts had been on his daughter. He was contemplating if he should ask one of Potter's kids to look out for anything weird she may be doing. He was conflicted because it would break the trust that they had in each other, but if something was wrong he wanted to be there to help.




She shrugged and turned away from him.








"Sucks doesn't it," she put her hands on her hips in front of him.




"You suck."




"Oooh, real good comeback there," she rolled her eyes, "You're losing your edge, Malfoy."




His eyes flashed with the challenge, she only ever called him Malfoy when she was challenging him. He loved it. That's a big reason he knew their marriage worked; they never got bored of each other. They were too busy bickering or being playfully mean to each other. They loved to play fight. They both had personalities that loved a challenge and they definitely challenged each other every single day. 




"Oh yeah? I'll show you my edge," he growled.




"Awww, someone thinks he's a scary dragon," she spoke in a baby voice. 




Oh hell no. 




He pulled her down onto the couch so she was sprawled across his lap, successfully pinning her down. "What was that?"




She didn't give up, squirming to try to get out of his grip. "Let me go, you prat."




"Say it."




She knew what he meant, "No!"




He glared at her, "say it."




"No way!"




"Hermione, say it."








"Alright you asked for it," before she knew it she was on her back on the couch with him hovering over her. His hands crept up her sides, locating a particular spot where her ribcage stops. 




"NO!" She tried wiggling away again.




"Say it," he have her the opportunity again slowly stroking his fingers across her flesh. 




She looked like she was considering it when she squirmed once more and yelled, "not a chance!"




He narrowed his eyes before smiling widely at her and unleashing his wrath on the horribly ticklish spots of hers.




She laughed and tired to get away from him but he was relentless. She knew he would continue his torture until she gave in. "Fine, fine!" 




He stopped, but continued to hold her down, "yes? Is there something you'd like to say?"




She rolled her eyes dramatically, "Yeah, yeah. You wi-" 






She was just about to say those dreaded words, "You win and I lose", when they heard an urgent tapping on the window.












Hermione had refused to answer any of Ron's calls. He had even tried to have other people call her but to no avail. Ron had decided to stop by the Burrow but no one was there. That was a rarity, usually someone was there. Finally he decided that the only way to get her to talk to him was to show up at her home. Approaching Malfoy Manor was a challenge but he had to try.




Regardless he had apparated to the apparation point before walking up the long driveway to the front door of the manor. The ornate knocker was adorned with the Malfoy family crest and Ron rolled his eyes, thinking how tacky this was. He still had trouble reasoning why Hermione would ever willingly become a Malfoy. Oh well, that's the past. He knew he had more pressing and important matters to attend to. Knocking on the door he heard the echoing sounds that it made. 




And then he waited. It took a while, he was almost ready to give up and turn around when the door cracked open.




Draco answered the door, he looked shocked to see Ron. Ron supposed that he should be. The last time one of them had surprised the other at their house one of them got punched. "This is not the time, Weasley." He went to close the door in the redhead's face.




"It's important!" Ron stopped the door from closing on him by putting one arm in the way of it. It had caught him - he knew he would have a bruise from the heavy door come morning- but it did its job.




"Go away!" Grey eyes flashed at him, instantly angry.




"It's about your daughter!" Ron somehow managed to stun Draco with that enough to push his way into the house. He continued to shout, "Someone terrible has her right now, someone who specializes in the dark arts!' 




A broken voice came from Hermione as she came into the room, "We know." She had a letter dangling from her hand that was resting at her side. Ron would never be able to get passed the broken look that haunted her face. 







-Author's Note-

Heyya lovelies! This is pretty much just filler but I thought it would be something you Dramione lovers would enjoy. This is coming to an end, I can't see more than 3-5 chapters left of this story. So that's exciting/sad. There are quite a few stories I have on the back burner so I am looking forward to showing them to you guys! 



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