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A Blossoming Romance by potterfan310
Chapter 2 : Short Dresses, Awful Dates And A Knight With Messy Black Hair
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Stunning CI by halcyon. @ TDA!


"I have nothing to wear!" I exclaimed as I flung myself dramatically onto my bed.

"Lies," Chloe shot back as she looked in my wardrobe, which was nearly as full as hers.

I had been hoping to find something that was totally un-sexy and would cover up as much of me as possible but what Chloe threw at me was the total opposite.

"I can't wear this," I told her as I held the red dress up against myself.

"Just put it on, it'll be fine," Chloe insisted as I started to peel off my jeans.

When I stood up and looked in the mirror on my wardrobe I gasped, "Chloe, I cannot wear this. It's far too short."

She looked me up and down and went to rummage in the bottom of her wardrobe, before chucking me a pair of very high black heels. "You have five minutes to get ready and apparate."

I groaned in frustration as I reluctantly slipped the shoes on, and then puled on my black cardigan which did a good job of covering up my cleavage that was very much on show.

"Chlo, I look like I should be hanging around on street corners not going on a date that I really don't want to go on. And anyway how on earth did this dress get mum's approval?"

My sister shrugged at me as she shoved a clutch bag into my hands. "What she doesn't know doesn't hurt her. Have fun."

With that I turned on the spot feeling the familiar pull as I apparated.

I came out in a dingy alley which smelt a bit like wee, not far off from where I was supposed to meet Awful Terry. Wrapping my cardigan tighter around myself I came out of the alley onto the fairly busy muggle street.

He was already there, looking up and down the street like a hawk searching for its prey. I scanned the street wondering if I could get away from him, but I was too slow in weighing up my options because next minute I heard him calling my name. I groaned as I forced a smile on my face and walked over to him, since he had started walking towards me.

"Alyssa!" he exclaimed with a big smile and then pulled me into a hug. "Good to see you again."

I nearly choked because the smell of aftershave was so full on it made my eyes water and my nose sting. Oh this date is going to be such a blast.

"Terry," I said and then coughed.

"Let's get you inside before you catch a cold," Terry told me even though it was a warm summer night and slipped his arm around my shoulders to steer me down the street.

I wriggled as I tried not to breath in the aftershave, although I will admit he smelt better than our last date. I dropped my clutch on purpose and he removed his arm as he picked it up for me. Smiling politely like my mother had taught me I said, "Thanks."

He ignored that and pointed out a restaurant up ahead on the right. There was a smartly dressed guy just inside the door waiting to show us to a table, which he did and I was pleased to see it was near a window but on the downside it was near the entrance/exit. So that meant my master plan of 'I need the toilet but I'm really sneaking out' went out the window.

Rather than any other guy he sat down and let me pull my own chair out. I think he noticed this as he stood back up and offered to take my cardigan.

"No it's fine, Terry, I'm feeling a bit cold actually," I lied as I gritted my teeth.

Terry didn't seem happy until my cardigan was on the back of my chair and when he sat back down he got full effect of Chloe's low-cut dress. In most cases I would be pleased with the reaction but because it was Awful Terry I hated every second. I wanted nothing more than to run away screaming and join a nunnery.

Snapping Terry out of his thoughts, both he and I were handed a menu by a smart looking guy. I nodded in return before looking at what I could order, making sure the menu covered anything that was within Terry's eye line. It was hard picking what to have because it all sounded so good, but in the end I went for the barbeque bacon cheese burger, with chips and salad plus a coke.

Terry went for steak with chips, plus another side of chips as well as a side of garlic bread and a pint of beer. I spoke for about five minutes before he went off on one about the price of tickets for Quidditch matches as well as the muggle sport, football, whilst stuffing his face with chips. Apart from speaking to the waiter I said nothing after that.

On and on he went and I was slowly losing the will to live. I'd have rather listened to my little sister Carrie go on about whatever happens in her mad little world. Eating didn't seem to stop him from talking, it just slowed him down for a fraction of a minute so he could chew, gulp his drink and swallow. Yuck.

I picked at the salad and chips, but mainly the salad because I do have a love of chips. I drummed my fingers on the table in the tune to one of the songs that was playing in the background.

I was so going to kill my mother for this.


As Awful Terry droned on about one thing or another I sat staring out of the window thinking of ways I could punish my mother for this. Refusing to give her grandchildren would be the most obvious but since there is no guy that I could give her grandchildren by, that's out of the question.

At the next table there was a couple, a bit older than myself I guess and they both looked a bit awkward. The girl blushed as the guy moved his hand across the table to hold her hand and she giggled slightly. As if getting ideas off them Terry's hand crept across the table but since I had one hand in my lap, with my free one I quickly grabbed my coke and drank some.

Since I had moved Terry quickly grabbed the salt shaker which was in the middle of the table, looking annoyed. I was certainly not going to hold his hand, not after he had picked food from his teeth with it. Honestly I haven't a clue where mum found him and apart from being nearly nine years older than myself, he was far from boyfriend material or even my type.

Whilst he had talked I had come up with a plan.

"Can we have the bill please?" I called to the passing waiter startling him slightly, as Terry stared at me. "Sorry I don't feel so well," I explained.

"But we haven't had dessert yet!"

I did not care for dessert especially as the loved up couple on the next table were sharing an ice-cream sundae and feeding each other it. Somehow I got the feeling that Awful Terry might try that with me.

I got my money out of my clutch bag but Terry waved his big hand and said, "Nonsense I'll pay for you."

Putting my money back quickly I stood and put my cardigan on with lightning speed because I was getting cold and it would stop him from leering at me. I stuck a smile on my face as I excused myself to go to the bathroom which I did and then I phoned Chloe.

"Answer your damn phone, Chloe," I muttered as I paced the tiled floor waiting for her to pick up. "Stop snogging Lorcan and pick up!"


"Chloe, you are dead meat and so is mum for that matter." I hissed and heard her chuckle.

"Why?" she asked.

"You know why, this sodding dress is way too short and revealing. I told you this before I left. Oh and mum is dead because this guy is a total creep, he smells awful and he does not shut up even when eating. I am losing the will to live, Chlo!" There was the sound of male laughter in the background and I was right she had been snogging her boyfriend. "Tell Lorcan to shut up unless he wants to come rescue me."

There was muffled talking between them as she must have moved her phone away and eventually she got back to me.

"S'okay, Lyss, one knight in shining armor is on their way."

I resisted the urge to ask who but decided not to, as long as someone could get me away from him. "Thanks, Chlo, I'll see you in a bit. Bye."

Looking in the mirror I took deep breaths to compose myself. "I can do this!" I told myself.

I left with a clatter of my heels on the floor and headed back to Awful Terry with the knowledge that I had a knight on the way.


"I'd love to do this again sometime," he breathed as we stood outside where I had met him, and I got a whiff of his garlic breath which made me gag slightly. It was even worse than the amount of aftershave he was wearing.

I smiled as best I could; "I'm sorry Terry I don't think so. I'm not really looking for a relationship or anything right now. Sorry."

I made to turn away but he grabbed my wrist. "But I really like you and that outfit is very revealing," he said in a really creepy manner which made my skin crawl.

"Let go," I said as I wriggled my wrist but he wouldn't let go.

Out of nowhere a boy with messy black hair stepped in. "Hey the lady said let go," he said in a menacing voice. "Now leave."

Awful Terry, now nicknamed Terry the creep let go of my wrist which I rubbed at as my bracelets had cut in. The boy in front of me watched him walk off down the street and it wasn't until he turned the corner did he look at me.

"Y-you?" I stammered as I recognised the green eyes instantly.

Albus shrugged. "Knight in shining armour?" he said but it wasn't a question, more of a statement.

I rolled my eyes. "Nice one Chlo."
"Didn't catch that, Lyss?"

"I didn't say anything," I huffed. I had been hoping for Lorcan or Ade (She's quite scary when she wants to be) or even dad. Anyone but Albus would have done. Although I suppose he is a huge improvement on Terry the creep.

Leaving a bewildered Albus behind I made my way up the street, I didn't get very far until realising he wasn't behind me.

"Well come on then," I called feeling like he was my pet dog rather than my next door neighbour.

We walked in silence not even touching except for the occasional brush of arms. Being the brain box that I am, I stated the obvious, "Why are you here?"

"You needed rescuing."

I frowned. "Did Chloe call you?"

Albus looked quizzical as he asked, "Your sister?"

I pulled a face. "No dumb ass the cat. Of course my sister."

He smirked which gave me a weird feeling. "Yeah, 'course she did."

I knew, I knew he was lying. I could always tell when he was lying when we were kids, the way the one end of his smile went up a little and the way he fidgeted I just knew. Raising my eyebrow at him he smirked even more.

"You are so on my to kill list, right after mum and Chloe."

"To kill list?" he questioned. "Is that a bit like a to do list? Buy bread, check. Kill Albus Potter, check. Put the cat out, check."

I laughed and shoved him gently to which he did the same back. It was so strange to be laughing and joking with him again, but it felt nice. Like we had gone back in time to our pre-Hogwarts days. Him chasing me around the garden with the hose pipe in the summer, me getting him back by putting him in a tutu and turning him into a girl.

All those memories, childhood best friends and what now?

Just a guy and a girl living next door, barely acknowledging one another.

A chill ran through me and I shivered slightly, even though I didn't know why.

"Come on, Lyss, let's go home," he took his hoodie off and put it around me as we stopped in an alley, before taking my arm and the world went fuzzy as we apparated.

The second my feet touched the ground I felt queasy, never apparate after eating, eurgh. After a few deep breaths I took in my surroundings, this was somewhere I hadn't been before. In fact it was a bedroom, a boys bedroom. The boy in question was sat on an un-made bed looking at me.

"Sorry, Lyss, closest thing I could get to your house. Your room's over there isn't it?"

Pointing out of the window on the side, I was able to see into mine and Chloe's room although at the moment I couldn't as the blinds were shut.

I ignored this. "So this is the great Albus Potter's bedroom?" I said as I turned in a circle to look around. Bookshelves lined the one wall, a desk with paper and pens strewn over it and clothes piled on the floor. Out of everything there was one thing that I remembered, the one thing that hadn't changed.

And that was all the picture's above Albus' desk. Ones of him and his family, his friends and of course ones of me and him, right from when we were babies up until the summer before we left for Hogwarts.

It felt weird being here, like I didn't belong. "I can't believe you still have all of these, Albus." I mused as I carefully looked at them and moved ones so I could see better as people waved at me from the photo's.

"Memories, isn't it? For when we're old and grey."

That made me sad, we had all those memories together and yet now we have nothing. Isn't it odd how you can be friends with someone you've known since you were little and then you suddenly become strangers.

"I really should be going," I stated as Albus went over to his window to open it for me."Night, Albus, and thank you."

"Night, Lyss," he smiled crookedly.

I  took my shoes off and placed my clutch on Albus' floor before making sure the dress would hopefully stay in place and that I wouldn't flash Albus my knickers. I climbed out of the window and onto the roof of our garage, as I did so I swear I heard him mutter something else along with what sounded like 'Nice Knickers'  but when I turned back he was hovering behind his desk.

"Can you pass my bag and shoes please?" Albus turned back to face me and came over to hand me my stuff, I smiled back at him, "Thanks."

He shrugged in reply, bending to pick them up. Ensuring the dress was still down after Albus past them to me, I carefully made my way across the roof to my bedroom window.

There were loud giggles coming from inside and I pulled a face since it was most likely Chloe and Lorcan, I tapped on the window and got no answer so I banged on it with my knuckles.


The room went silent and then the blinds opened revealing Chloe in her dressing gown, staring at me as if I had grown another head or something.

"Let me in then!" I complained.

She looked a mixture of upset and concern, behind her I was graced with the sight of Lorcan's behind. Lovely. I shut my eyes and then heard more talking from within before I heard the window being pulled up.

"Finally," I huffed, "Here." I handed her my shoes and bag, checking my dress was still down before cocking my leg over the window sill and climbed in.

It was only when I got inside that I realised I still had Albus' hoodie on. By the time I looked back out Albus was gone and his window shut. I sighed before turning back to my sister.

"Chloe I have thankfully been able to say 'no' if ever asked by our mother as to whether you and Lorcan have been doing stuff you shouldn't be and now I'm not so sure I can answer that since I just caught sight of his bare ass!"

Chloe raised her eyebrows at me as her wardrobe door slowly started to open revealing a foot, I rolled my eyes and shut the window.

"I'm going to take a shower since Awful Terry turned out to be Terry the creep and then yes I shall give you details as to why I just climbed through the window," I added before grabbing clothes and underwear, leaving Lorcan to get dressed and Chloe to smuggle him out of the house.

My family is rather insane.

A/N And another chapter down, what do you think of Al and Alyssa's relationship so far?

Edited 01.06.2014


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