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Albus Potter and the Sapphire of Slytherin by missatron
Chapter 5 : Riddle House
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Albus was silent. He didn’t know what to say. He knew where Riddle House was alright, it was the birthplace of Voldemort. Was this some kind of lure to get him into Riddle House? Finally he spoke.


“Why do you want to take me there?” asked Albus curiously.

“It’s purely for protection Albus,” Cho informed him.

“But, you know, Riddle House, I doubt that’s got more protection than Hogwarts.”

Oh, you’d be surprised,” she said, her eyes glinting in the sunlight.

Would I? I don’t know about that,” Albus muttered under his breath.

“The Riddle House has had no occupation for many years and there have been exceptionally powerful spells cast around it to protect you from any serious danger.”

“Yes but-“

“None of that ‘Yes But’ – you’re coming with me.”

“But Scorp-“

“Scorpious is unconscious if that’s what you’re trying to tell me and good riddance!”

“What d’you mean?” asked Albus.

“I mean exactly what I mean!” laughed Cho cruelly “come with me for a Side-Along Apparation. NOW!”

Albus reluctantly stepped forwards and clutched Cho’s arm.

They were both tipped upside down and round and round before finally landing in Riddle House, Albus feeling sick.

Albus peered round the house. It was old and frail, and the floorboards were in need of replacing badly. The few windows that were there were steamed up and cracked. There was a faded, grey threadbare rug in the middle of the room and a broken picture on the floor. Albus picked the picture up and gently placed it back together.


“Repairo,” he whispered and soon it was as good as new. Albus studied the picture focusing on the baby in the middle; he knew who it was – Voldemort. The baby had neat, jet-black hair and a glum expression on his face. The mother and father looked worried; as if they had just been told some bad news. But this wasn’t the thing that intrigued Albus. It was where they were standing. Hogwarts. Or so it seemed.


The tall towers of Hogwarts over shadowed the photo. But it wasn’t a normal shadow. Oh no. This shadow seemed to have a sapphire blue glow.

Sapphire, Albus thought, where have I heard that? Then he got it, the Sapphire of Slytherin. Was this it? No, it couldn`t; how? Albus stared at the picture trying to figure out whether he was imagining or not. He turned round, now facing Cho.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Thought you’d ask that,” she said.


“Honestly boy you’re so full of questions. Could you for once shut up!” she said, her tone icy.

“Take me back,” said Albus after a while.

“Why should I?” laughed Cho “What can someone like you do to me?”

“Well I wouldn’t tell you what I can do because then you’d have your defences about you!” exclaimed Albus “But there’s something I can do...”

“STUPETY” Albus yelled a stunning spell his dad taught him, Cho was stunned. Albus walked over to her.

“That’s what I can do,” he said triumphantly. Leaving Cho in the main room and locking the door, Albus decided to investigate Riddle House.


The first room Albus came across was probably the cleanest room in the house.

Its white plaster walls were spotless and the glass mirror looked as if it was regularly cleaned. It had a large king-size bed with the pristine white covers neatly pulled up. Albus padded over to the other side of the bed. He examined the thick fluffy white carpet which wasn’t on the other side of the room.

Something must be hidden, thought Albus, but what?

Albus ripped back the carpet, revealing an old copy of the Daily Prophet. Albus lifted it up gently. The date on the top of the Daily Prophet was from back when Harry was in third year. The man that Harry had told him all about; Sirius Black. He was laughing in the photo and shaking his head from side to side. There was also another article, small, in the corner of the page.


The legendary school, Hogwarts, is currently being guarded by a number of Dementors. Rumour has it that they are not only guarding the dangers of Sirius Black, but of the long lost, Sapphire of Slytherin. As far as we know, someone is trying to smuggle the Sapphire of Slytherin into Hogwarts. They will not succeed whilst the Dementors are there but be on the lookout afterwards.

Albus looked up from the paper feeling both nervous and excited. He had found out some more about the Sapphire of Slytherin. He gazed out of the cracked window, staring at the full moon. He wondered how he was going to get out of Riddle House. Why had he trusted Cho? He knew he shouldn’t have now, but surely there must be some way home. He stared under the bed thinking. There seemed to be no possible way to get back to Hogwarts. But there must be. The more Albus thought about it, the harder it was to grasp the answer. He thought back to when he was at Hogwarts and he had just got the place for the Seeker on the Quidditch team. That was it! His broom!


Albus rushed back in to the main room where he saw Cho, still lying flat on her back; Stunned. His precious broom was propped up in the corner by the picture that Albus had repaired. Albus took hold of his Bullet and glided upwards and through the window.

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