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When A Siren Calls by lightthecandle
Chapter 21 : Chapter 21 - Extreme Truth or Dare
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 A/N: Longer chapter today... and something very exciting happens ;) That's all I'm saying, you'll have to read on!

“Lily, just calm down! He’ll be fine!” I reassured her again, as we walked down to the Quidditch pitch for the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match.


“How do you know?! The Slytherins always play dirty! Especially if it’s our last year!” she shrieked, biting her nails again.


“Lily?! Calm down, when has James ever been injured in Quidditch?” I asked, shaking her shoulders a little. She opened her mouth to retort but I interrupted,


“I’ll rephrase,” I rolled my eyes, “When has James ever been gravely injured in a Quidditch match? Even against Slytherin?” she seemed unable to answer which shut her up, thankfully. She remained fidgety all the way to the pitch but she never said anything which I was glad for, if there was one thing that annoyed me about Lily, it was that she was an incessant worrier.


 We settled down next to Remus and Peter again, but this time we were all watching the match because it was definitely going to be an exciting game.


“AND HERE COME THE SLYTHERINS!” the Hufflepuff commentator called, followed by cheering from the Slytherin stands and booing from everyone else.


“FOLLOWED BY THE GRYFFINDORS!” and a huge cheer erupted from the crowds, surpassing the boos from the Slytherins. Lily and I leaned over the side as the Gryffindor players were making their way round for high fives; James stopped to give Lily a kiss and flew away.


“He’s just… brilliant!” she sighed dreamily. This made everyone chuckle and she blushed bright pink, sat down in her seat and watched James intently.

“IT SEEMS POTTER HAS CAUGHT SIGHT OF THE SNITCH!” the announcer shouted after 15 minutes of a gruelling match. Slytherin were just in the lead at 120 to 110, a lot of foul play had taken place, from both sides.


 Sirius had been ruthless with the new beater’s bat, knocking 3 of Slytherins players unconscious and replaced. Slytherins beaters were also resorting to dirty tactics, using their fists instead of bats but none of our team had to be replaced as of yet. Although, one of the chasers was playing with one eye because the other one had closed shut due to the swelling from a well-aimed punch.


“POTTER IS ALMOST THERE! WITH REGULUS ON HIS TAIL, HE’S CLOSING IN FAST!” everyone was out of their seat with anticipation.


“James! Catch the bloody snitch already!” Lily screamed at his body, diving hard towards the ground. I had to laugh at how much she was getting into the match; she was almost falling over the side of the stand.


“OH! AND IT SEEMS BLACK FROM GRYFFINDOR HAS KNOCKED TYLER NOTT OFF HIS BROOM!” a huge cheer from the three sides erupted as his body crashed into the ground heavily, I was one of them.


“AND A PENALTY HAS BEEN AWARDED TO SLYTHERIN!” the Slytherin captain flew over to the goals and scored, giving them a twenty point lead.


“Come on James, come on James.” I mumbled over and over, with my fingers crossed hoping he would catch the snitch.


“JAMES POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS, 260 POINTS TO 130!” the Gryffindor stand was louder than I’d ever heard it before. Lily turned to me, squeezing me tight before dragging me down onto the pitch to congratulate the players. James landed quickly to catch Lily in his arms,


“Congratulations!” we both screamed in unison over the whole of Gryffindor stampeding the pitch. James and Lily were spinning around in their little love bubble, kissing and hugging each other as they celebrated.


“Don’t I get a hug and a congratulations?” I spun around to face a smiling Sirius, the smile was soon contagious and I was caught up in the euphoria of winning so I reached forward, wrapped my arms around his neck and shouted,


“Congratulations on winning!” he chuckled and I could feel his body vibrating as his arms wound round my waist and lifted me off the ground. He slowly placed me down and I realised it was the first time that I’d probably spoken to him or even touched him since Hogsmeade.


“Ry! We won!” James’ voice broke me out of the staring contest with Sirius and I turned around to congratulate him.


“I know! You played brilliantly, you should have seen Lily! She got quite violent when she saw you diving for the Snitch.” I chuckled at Lily’s embarrassed face, James nuzzled into her neck as he chuckled too. My eyes drifted to Sirius to find him suddenly looking away from me, what was that about?


“Well, we’re having a party in the Gryffindor common room but we decided to have just a seventh year party in the Room of Requirement seen as it’s our last year and last game.” James smiled happily, leading us all up to the castle.


“We’re going to get changed first!” Lily dragged me and Marlene up to the girls’ dormitory to help us get dressed for the event.


“What are we all wearing?” Marlene looked between the two of us, waiting for us to answer.


“Hmmmm, dresses obviously.” Lily rolled her eyes sarcastically. She dug out another dark green skin tight dress with black heels to wear, then Marlene brought out a pink, skin tight shirt and a mini-skirt with black heels too because she wanted to be different.


“Umm, why aren’t you finding an outfit Ry?” Lily turned to look at me.
“I don’t have any dresses.” I shrugged, sitting down in front of my trunk and pulling out t-shirts and jeans.


“Borrow one of mine!” Marlene exclaimed, chucking a skimpy, black leather dress at me.


“Erm…?” I wasn’t entirely comfortable wearing this, seen as it had just been the full moon too.


“You are wearing that whether you like it or not! Put it on!” Marlene urged, running into the bathroom to get changed. She came out looking absolutely amazing; the skirt wasn’t too short but was short enough to be classified as sexy.


“There you go Lily.” And in went Lily, who came out in the form-fitting dress. It was long-sleeved, coming down to mid-thigh and making her legs look even longer.


“You’re turn Ry, hurry up though! We’re gonna do our make-up and hair now so be quick.” Lily shouted through the wooden door. I started stripping down and pulled the dress over my head.


 The leather dress practically clung to my skin, coming to rest around my mid-thigh too and tightened around my throat. I shivered a little as the dress had no sleeves so I vowed to bring a cardigan with me or something.


 When I opened the door, my mouth dropped to the floor. Lily’s hair was perfectly straight and her make-up was minimal, Marlene’s hair was wavy, her make-up was pretty out there with pink lipstick and smoky eye-shadow.


“Wow…! You look hot Ry!” Lily exclaimed, looking at me from head-to-toe and making me blush in the process.


“Lily’s right!” Marlene smirked smugly, “You know what, keep the dress Ry.” She said, coming towards me with her make-up stuff.
“Really? Are you sure?” I asked apprehensively.


“Definitely, it looks better on you than me.” She agreed, starting to do my eye make-up. Lily got to work doing my hair in some fancy up-do and soon we were finished. I turned to face the mirror, and was shocked by who was staring back at me. The girl I was staring at was thin, tall and had perfect alabaster skin.


 Her hair was curled, put up into a messy bun at the back with a few strands to the front and her pearly blue eyes stood out through the thick, black line of eye-liner all around her eyes.


“Here, wear these heels with them.” Lily said, chucking me a pair of black, studded stilettos that had a peep-toe at the front. I slipped them on effortlessly, walking with the two of them down into the common room. Most people stopped to stare at us and I was a little embarrassed by the attention but they didn’t know it was me so it made me feel better.


“I think the boys are meeting us there.” Lily said, craning her neck to look around the common room and then walking out of the portrait hole, followed by me and Marlene, to the Room of Requirement. We heard the raucous laughter of the boys before we saw them as we rounded the corner.


“There they ar-.” James stopped short when he caught sight of Lily. She blushed but walked towards him, swaying her hips slightly. Marlene and I shared a knowing look and looked back to see her walk into James’ arms, and then into the room.


“Shall we go in then?” I asked, walking towards the other boys.


“Let’s go.” Marlene answered confidently, walking through the gawping boys and into a room which looked exactly like the Gryffindor common room, except without the stairs leading to the dormitories and the bookcases.


“Where did you find this?” I asked in awe at how they managed to find such a room.
“It’s the Room of Requirement; it equips a room to whatever the suitor needs.” Sirius said from beside me.


“That’s really cool, when did you find it?” I looked up at him; his eyes were scrutinizing my face.


“In our fourth year, we were trying to hide from Filch. It was right after our prank on Snivellous, the one where we put him in a dress and put make-up on him, then got the Giant Squid to follow him round holding a banner that said ‘Go out with me Snivellous’.” He chuckled fondly at the memory.


“That was a particularly good one.” I chuckled too; he looked down at me, put his hand on the small of my back and led me to where everyone else was sitting around a table. My back burned where his hand was touching my back and I was trying so hard to stay focussed on walking towards the group, but I was finding it difficult.


“Ready to play?” James asked us, smirking slightly up at Sirius.


“Play what?” I inquired, looking at the shot glasses and the pieces of parchment on the table.


“We’re playing ‘I-have-never’ and then ‘Extreme Truth or Dare’.” James winked down at Lily.


“Well, that’s not gonna be any more fun.” I said sadly.
“Why not?” they all asked curiously.


“Because if someone dares James to kiss Lily, it won’t be any fun because they’ll both want to do it. And we won’t get to see Lily uncomfortable.” I explained, they all laughed but Lily blushed again, she glanced up at James who was smirking between me and Lily.


“Right, let’s start with ‘I-have-never’.” James said eagerly rubbing his hands together. He set out the shot glasses in front of each person, poured a shot of firewhiskey (I learnt it was called) and handed out 3 pieces of parchment each.


“Right, Padfoot. Explain.” James announced.


“Basically, write down three things you’ve never done and place them in the bowl, folded up. Then the oldest will pick out a piece of parchment and read it out, the people who have done the thing it says must take a shot. Then the second oldest will do the same and so on. If you are the only person to take a shot, you have to explain.” He described, picking up a quill and starting to write as soon as he finished speaking.


  Everyone else followed suit and soon the game started. It was hilarious to read some of the things people hadn’t done and hearing the stories behind it, if they were the only one to take a shot.


“Now for Extreme Truth or Dare.” Sirius announced, putting the bowl on the side and turning back to face us. I was slightly tipsy, the kind of tipsy where you find everything funny.


“What makes it extreme?” I asked, giggling a little.


“You have to take veritaserum to answer the truth questions.” Sirius said seriously, I giggled a little more at the fact that I said ‘Sirius said seriously’ in my head and they all looked at me weirdly.


“Let’s start.” I announced flamboyantly. James spun the bottle and it landed on Remus.


“Moony, truth or dare, my old chap?” James asked evilly.


“Dare.” Which made me drop my jaw in surprise, “What? I’m a Marauder, whenever we play truth or dare, we always start with a dare.” He shrugged and turned back to James.


“I dare you to go and paint McGonagall’s classroom bright green!” James exclaimed happily, Remus sighed irritably, stood up and exited followed by James to make sure he actually did the dare.


“I don’t think McGonagall will know it’s Remus, she’s gonna think it’s you two.” I said drunkenly, pointing at Sirius and nodding my head in the direction of James.
“Don’t be so sure, James will make sure we don’t get in trouble.” Sirius smirked evilly.


  We waited for them both to come back and soon enough, both boys entered. James was looking extremely happy with himself but Remus was covered in splatters of green paint and looked like he really wished he hadn’t partaken in this game.


“Shall we continue?” Remus coughed anxiously, itching not to mention whatever happened in the room. He leaned forward and span the bottle, which knowing my luck, landed on me.


“Truth or dare Ry?” Remus looked up at me, my eyes widened in horror. If I chose a dare, he’d pick something either difficult or embarrassing but if I chose truth, I’d have to take veritaserum.


“Dare.” My mouth moved involuntarily before I had any control over it. My horrors were confirmed when Remus’ eyes suddenly acquired a menacing glint to them.
“I dare you… to sneak into the Slytherin common room and change all their furniture to Gryffindor colours.” He finished dramatically. I gulped loudly and was actually quite terrified of doing that.


“Don’t worry, Padfoot’ll go with you, won’t you?” James reassured smugly, I looked over at Sirius to see him protectively nod his head at me.


“Yeah, and we’ll even take the blame for it.” Sirius added on. Relief was slowly creeping in, so I took off my heels because they’d make too much noise and set off to the common room.


“Do you know how to get in?” I asked worriedly as we sneakily made our way down towards the dungeons.


“Yeah. I don’t think they ever change their password…” he said thoughtfully, “At least I hope they don’t, otherwise there’s going to be trouble.” He added as an afterthought. My breathing started increasing and I was pretty sure I was hyperventilating, plus add the fact that I was slightly drunk as well… yeah, that just made everything much better.


“Hey! Hey, it’s alright. Nothing’s going to happen to you, I promise.” He whispered, grasping hold of my hand and squeezing it tightly. He started rubbing his thumb across the back of my hand and I instantly calmed down.


“Thanks. It’s just I’m a muggleborn and everything so it’s not like they need another reason to hate me…” I nervously laughed.


“There’s no reason why, I think, anyone would hate you.” He looked down with a kind smile and my stomach literally grew wings and decided to flap around my general belly area. My feet wanted to do some sort of happy dance but my brain, slightly tipsy, only marginally disallowed it to occur. Didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of Sirius, did I? Although, I did start skipping a little.


“You’re in a better mood.” Sirius commented.


“Now that I have my protector with me, I think I’ll be just fine.” I admitted, swinging our hands back and forth cheerfully. He chuckled heartily and joined in, “Although you didn’t do a very good job of protecting me from the firewhiskey.” I teased, slurring a little.


“You’re cute when you’re drunk.” He stated, making me blush furiously.


“Thanks, you’re exactly the same as when you’re sober.” I complimented back, we fell into a comfortable silence until we got closer to the common room and I could see the stretch of wall ahead of us.


“Kataryna, it’s okay. We’ll be in and out before you know it.” Sirius reassured me again, I didn’t even realised I was hyperventilating again.


“Promise?” I whispered. He grabbed on side of my face, staring deep into my eyes and replied,
“I promise.” And I believed him.


“Password?” the snake-like voice hissed.
“Pureblood.” Sirius replied. I’m guessing it was the right password because it allowed us through but before we stepped in, Sirius placed a cloth over the two of us.


“Just to make sure no-one’s in the common room before we start.” Sirius whispered. Thankfully, as we looked around no-one was sat in any of the chairs but Sirius said that we should stay under the cloth, just in case, and I couldn’t agree more. We were done in less than 15 minutes and it looked a lot different, and dare I say it, better.


“Let’s head back.” He said, heading towards the entrance. We exited and I became increasingly tired.
“I just wanna go to bed.” I yawned loudly.


“Do you want a piggy back?” he asked, looking down at me.


“If you don’t mind.” I yawned again. He led us off into a classroom, took the cloak off us and knelt down in front of a table so I could climb onto his back. Then I flung the material over us again, making sure as Sirius said, to cover his ankles and feet.


 My head was lolling to the side slightly as I was slowly drifting to sleep and I had no idea whether I was dreaming or not but Sirius seemed to be running away from something and heading into an empty classroom.


“Kataryna, we’re going to have to hide in here for a bit. I think Filch’s cat saw me a little.” He whispered placing me down onto one of the tables, making sure I was still covered. The cold of the table against my bare arms made me shiver and I think Sirius must have seen because he sat beside me with his legs crossed and pulled me onto his lap. Instinctively, I curled up and nuzzled my nose into his neck, thankful for the warmth radiating off him.


“Kataryna…” he whispered his tone of voice made me wake up slightly.
“Sirius? What is it?” I whispered my voice husky with sleep.


“I… I-I think we should head back now…” he answered after a few minutes of silence.
“Okay.” I whispered exhausted. As we stood up to leave, a question suddenly popped into my head, “Sirius, before we go… can I ask you a question?” I asked apprehensively, the subject matter was a sensitive topic to approach even when he was sober so I was scared to see what his reaction would be when he was drunk.


“You just did.” He joked but he seemed much more nervous than before.
“Very funny.” I rolled my eyes sarcastically, “But I’m being genuine now…” I drifted, gauging his reaction.
“Go ahead.” He urged me on.


“Back in October… when I told you that you scared me, why were you so bothered to prove me wrong? I mean, I was just a quiet girl who you could so easily forget… why did it matter so much what I thought of you?” I rambled on, his face darkened and I opened my mouth to tell him not to answer when he interrupted,


“My family’s not exactly been the… best at being like Prongs’ parents. They weren’t big on the whole, loving and caring thing.” He explained, sitting down on the edge of the table in front of me, “So growing up in a family like that… it’s scary and you have to develop this hard shell to be able to handle it. Especially seen as I was sorted into Gryffindor, the opposite of what they expected of me. It led to a lot of… how do I put this nicely? Um… punishments.” My mouth opened wide and a little gasp escaped my mouth as I pictured an eleven year old Sirius being beaten by his own mother and father.


“I won’t go into details about it, they were pretty gruesome. So, I ran away to Prongs’ house in fifth year at Christmas, it was the best decision I’d ever made.” Here he smiled, but it soon faded, “But I’d grown so used to having this shell, this wall around me to protect me that I guess it did become scary to some people who didn’t know me.” Then he looked directly up at me and he looked so vulnerable, I grabbed his hand and intertwined my fingers in his, “It was a bit of a shock when you told me that, I couldn’t bear to think anyone thought I was scary. I began thinking that I was becoming like them, that maybe I wasn’t as different as I first thought I was.” He finished with a whisper and dropped his gaze back down to the ground.


“Oh, Sirius… I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” I reached forward for a hug and he immediately wrapped his arms around my waist tightly.


“It’s not your fault, you have nothing to apologize for.” He chuckled slightly. When I pulled back, I placed one hand on his cheek and stroked it with my thumb; he leaned into it slightly and closed his eyes.


“Just for the record…” I felt brace and leaned in closer, “You are nothing like your family. You’re kind, you’re funny, you’re loyal to your friends and, up until a few weeks ago, I learnt that you’re smart; you have more to you than what meets the eye. I never ever want you to ever feel like you’re like your family, because you’re nowhere remotely similar to them… in any way.” I finished, his eyes were open and his arms had slowly inched around my waist again, pulling me closer towards him.


 He was silent as he pulled me closer and closer until our noses were touching, all the while staring directly into my eyes.


“And just for the record, I don’t think I could ever forget you.” He whispered before our lips finally met. He started out kissing me tenderly, making sure that nothing but our lips touched and it felt like an explosion had just taken place inside me.


 Every nerve ending was on fire but it was burning in a good way, like a desire wanting to be fulfilled and it was making its way around my body, spreading fast like wildfire. Subconsciously, I moaned into his mouth and the kiss became deeper and more passionate. His left hand moved to cup the back of my neck and the other stayed where it was on my waist, holding me so I couldn’t run away.


 Like I wanted to anyway. Our tongues danced back and forth as we fought to taste every part of one another.


“Kataryna…” he moaned as he pulled away slightly. His voice made the desire spread fast and my heartbeat picked up, it was like my weakness. The way he said my name could just make me weak at the knees instantly. We pulled back for air at the same time and started laughing.


“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Sirius whispered, leaning his forehead against mine. My lips were slightly swollen and red from our kiss but I didn’t really care at the moment.


“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that.” I whispered back. We stayed in the classroom a little bit longer just trying to regain some self-control. He gave me a piggyback back to the Room of Requirement but found it was deserted with a note that read ‘Padfoot & Ry, you took too long so we played for another half an hour and went back to the dorm rooms. Prongs xxx’.


 Sirius chuckled at the kisses at the end and decided to go back to the dorm rooms ourselves because I’m pretty sure I was about to drop onto the floor asleep. We reached the common room quicker than I expected after Sirius took us through some short cuts and dropped me off at the bottom of the girls’ stairs.


“Good night.” He sighed happily, encircling me with his arms and giving me a final kiss.


“Good night.” I replied, giving him a quick peck and heading up the stairs. Tonight turned out better than expected.


Lots of love, Aimee


Sneaky Preview:

After this realisation, my mood instantly dropped south and I wanted to stay in bed all day to just drown my sorrows eating ice cream and crying. Maybe not the crying, that seemed a little bit melodramatic.

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