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The Alternative by SlightObsession
Chapter 5 : You were warned
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A/N: this is unbeta'd. Dont hurt me XD




Turning the first corner on the way to seeing Professor Dumbledore, Harry stopped,

‘’I haven’t told you what happened in this version, have i? It’s weird, I have two parallel memory sets running in my head and I know what one is real, it’s just that the other one feels real too. Oh well.’’ Harry frowned as he carried on walking with Hermione and Draco.

‘’No, you haven’t. Why, what happened that’s so relevant?’’ Draco grumbled.

‘’A lot…actually. Do you want me to fill you in now or after?’’

‘’preferably now Harry.’’

‘’Okay, right…where shall I start? Let’s start with you Draco.’’


‘’Your family is still rich, you were still a git at Hogwarts, but you weren’t that bad to be honest. Um, you were meant to marry this girl called Astoria but you refused as you didn’t want to settle down yet so your parents cut you off. With the remaining money in your savings,  you started a business but I’m not sure what type it was but in the end, it went bust. You spent too much of the company’s money on…’’

‘’Carry on.’’ Said an intrigued Draco.

Harry sighed, ‘’you apparently spent it on women and booze. There was one line I remember you saying,- ‘I am a free man, a free man cannot be controlled.’ That was two years ago, ever since, no one had heard of you since. You’re broke.’’

Draco sighed and rubbed his head as they walked, ‘’fuck.’’

Hermione looked down at the floor as they walked, she felt sorry for him…sorry that this other version of him became a mess and yet, he had to deal with it now, even though it wasn’t his fault.

‘’Hermione, I only know a few things about the other you.’’ He waited for Hermione to nod, ‘’all I know is that you work at the ministry, you work for the minister actually and that you…’’

‘’I what?’’ Hermione snapped her head up and looked at him as they approached the gargoyle in front of Dumbledore’s office.

‘’You…you dated someone…well known. Well, you fell for him, but let’s just say…he didn’t feel the same.’’ Harry frowned.

‘’Who was it? Do I know him? Did he attend Hogwarts?’’ Hermione frowned, flickering her eyes between Harrys, searching for answers.

Harry looked up at Hermione from the floor, but then his eyes shifted to someone behind her and stayed there. Hermione shook her head but it quickly hit her, she slowly turned and looked at a frozen Draco, then back at Harry.

‘’HIM?’’ she shouted, but quickly put her hand over her mouth.

Harry nodded as he saw the Gargoyle start turning, and one by one (in silence) they all stepped onto the steps and waited as they turned upwards.


‘’Ahh, Mister Potter, Mister Malfoy and Miss Granger, please, take a seat? Lemon drop?’’

All three froze when they saw the aged professor; he was the same as they all remembered. Hermione and Harry both came out of the frozen position they were in and shook their heads, taking a seat while Draco remained transfixed at the blue-eyed man.

‘’Mister Malfoy, is something wrong?’’

Draco shook his head, ‘’no Professor, sorry.’’ He nodded and took a seat next to Harry.

‘’My how you have all grown, right, what is it you wanted to talk about again?’’ Dumbledore sat in his chair opposite them.

‘’Well…professor, we believe we are stuck in a…situation.’’ Harry frowned, not knowing what to call it.

‘’Situation?’’ Dumbledore asked, shaking his head, confused.

‘’Sir, us three, we believe we are stuck in an alternative reality.’’ Said Hermione.

‘’Please elaborate Miss Granger.’’

‘’Well, on the first day, I went to visit my father’s grave but I couldn’t find it so I went for my last drink at the pub. I got my usual and drunk it, as I went to leave, I noticed that something was different about Draco, his Dark Mark was gone.  We tried to figure out what was going when we got this strange letter saying how this person put us in his ‘game’ as we are from different sides of the war that happened in our reality. We believe this is some relation to a potion that Gellert Grindlewald had created, but one more powerful, like he enhanced it.’’

‘’I know the very potion you are on about Miss Granger. Please, do tell me, how did Mr Potter get involved?’’

‘’After receiving the letter, I thought it be best we go visit him and see if he knows anything. We went there and he didn’t know who I was, nor Draco. He knew we were in the same year as him, but that is it. We managed to tell her our version of reality and he believed us but he didn’t remember us. That’s when we asked for your help.; when we got here, we visited the chamber of secrets, apologies if you don’t know what I am talking about sir, but after seeing it, he remembered.’’

‘’If what you are saying is true miss Granger, you realise that you could be in  a lot of danger. This potion, I was there when Gellert made it, it is very powerful, even the amount he was able to do, it took a lot of power to do so. I recommend you be cautious for now. Do you know how this potion could have been given to you? Do you know anymore?’’

‘’No Sir, we have no idea. This is why we came to you.’’ Draco said.

‘’I will need to have a study on some of the books I have but I will get back to you Miss Granger. You may go at your pleasure.’’ Dumbledore stood up out of his chair and walked up his stairs, humming  a tune to his self as he started to look through the books.


The trio got up out of their seats and once again thanked the old Professor before leaving and returning back to Hermione’s.

‘’Right, does anyone want any coffee or tea?’’ Hermione said as she let them into her apartment.

‘’Tea please Hermione.’’ Harry smiled.


‘’I’m okay thanks.’’ He waved her off and followed Harry into the living around, surprised at how nice Hermione’s place was.

They both sat down opposite each other, Draco-not liking the awkward silence, decided to speak up.

‘’Err, so, Po-Harry,  what do you mean me and Granger, ‘went out’?’’ Draco shuffled uncomfortably in his seat.

Harry took in a deep breath, ‘’well…you went through this rough patch and you were going through a string of girls when you found Hermione. You and her dated and apparently things got pretty serious, it was in the paper that you were going to move in her with her. You had been dating a few years with her so everyone thought that you would finally settle down, but you didn’t like this. In the end, Hermione caught you cheating on her with a Greengrass.’’ By this time, Draco’s head was hung, but it snapped up at the mention of Greengrass, ‘’she was in the below us or something.’’

‘’Was her name Astoria?’’ Draco felt his heart getting faster.

‘’Yes, I think that was it. Why?’’ Harry frowned.

‘’Eurgh nothing. Nothing that matters now anyway.’’

They both looked up as Hermione came in the room, carrying two mugs, she set them down and sat next to Harry.

‘’So Harry, what do you mean me and Draco dated?’’ she furrowed her eyebrows and took a sip of her tea.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Draco shake his head the slightly, taking what he meant, Harry spoke;

‘’Well, all that was in the paper was that you two dated for a while and that was it really. You just sort of broke up.’’ Harry shrugged.

Hermione took aback, ‘’is that it?’’

‘’Yes.’’ Harry said, not too quickly, not too slowly.

‘’Hmm…Okay. It’s nice of Dumbledore to help us. The old man might of not believed us. Its nice to see him again.’’

‘’I…have to go and do som-‘’ Draco went to say, but he was interrupted by a letter flying through the door. hed They all turned and watched as Draco caught it and tore it open;

I told you, only one person can know.

I was going to go easy on you but looks like I will have to play the hard version, more fun for me I suppose.

You shall know the consequences when they happen. They will carry on until there is no more to punish.

Yours truly.’

Draco put the letter down and frowned, ‘’what does that mean?’’

Hermione gasped, ‘’something’s going to happen to Dumbledore. Don’t you remember? When Harry found out, we got a letter saying he was the one we chose and no one else could find out. Well, we told Dumbledore and now something bad is going to happen. I think we need to go back to Hogwarts.’’  Hermione looked up with wide eyes.

‘’We need to get back to Hogwarts. Now!’’ Harry stood up and turned on the spot, knowing that Hermione would know where to go.

‘’where did he apparate too?’’ Draco said as he stood up quickly.

‘’I know. Take my hand.’’ Hermione held out her hand and watched as Draco took it, feeling a weird warmth flood her. She blanked her mind and focused hard.

Draco and Hermione landed with a thump to the closest part to Hogwarts they could apparate. Draco and Hermione saw Harry running up to the castle and they followed suit, hands still linked. It was only when they reached the castle that Hermione looked down and saw their interlaced hands that she pulled away.

Draco’s head snapped down as he felt the cold wind brush on his now unoccupied hand. He frowned as a strange feeling started to creep up on him, but he quickly shook it away as they started walking in through the gates. They turned the corner and saw Harry standing still in front of the great door halls. The pair frowned as they caught up with Harry, wondering why he wasn’t moving, but they soon saw  why.

Inside the hall was Dumbledore in the air, lifeless and limp like a rag doll. Hermione’s vision went blurry as the memories of the real Dumbledore’s death came back to her.

The trio watched as they saw his body fall to the ground and land in a heap on the fall, blood started to pool the ground around his head.

Hermione’s vision had started fading, she could see black spots around her, the last thing she saw was Harry running forward screaming something, and a mess of blond hair coming towards her before she felt the coldness of the ground and what felt like something leaking from the back of her head.




guys im so sorry for the long wait.

Im going tot tell you the truth, and it's a big deal for me to tell you all.

After i uploaded the last chapter, i got diagnosed with depression and i havent been coping very well. It has been hard for me to sit down and right something good and something that you would enjoy as i dont want to be a bad writer.

I know this chapter is short, but all of them will vary on lengths, so please, no hate for the length. I have the next chapter planned out in my head, so i will be able to start writing it soon.

I hope you all had a brilliant christmas, thankyou for sticking by me <3

love you all,

SlightObsession xx

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The Alternative: You were warned


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