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Inevitable. by AutumnRed
Chapter 8 : Chapter Seven: Heart Attack.
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 Chapter Seven: Heart Attack.


“Awful, terrible, inconsiderate, prick, so embarrassing, bloody insane….”

“What the hell are you muttering about, Wood?”

I whirl around, honestly ready to explode someone into oblivion with whatever vicious spell popped into my head first. But then I see who it is….

“James,” I roll my eyes and keep walking, hoping he won’t follow. Okay, so half of me wants him to leave me alone… the other half, eh, not so much. A few steps off, I notice he’s still trailing behind. I stop, but leave my back to him. “James, what do you want?” It’s a lot easier to be mean to him when I don’t have to look at him.

“Genuine? To hear you grumble to yourself about someone again,” He chuckles, “It really was entertaining, I don’t know if you realise that or not, but—“

That’s it. I turn on him, holding my wand to his (incredibly chiseled) chest. I’m looking at him now, and it’s difficult to stay as furious as I feel, but the fact he can do that to me actually starts to irritate me more. So I go with it.

“James Potter, I have every nerve to kill you right here and accept my fate in Azkaban! And you know what?! Maybe I’ll be happier there! I’m sure I’ll have better luck with the Dementors than I do with any Wizard! Or Muggle for that matter! I’m sick and tired of you being around, pissing me off, and making me fucking insane just because I can’t resist—“

I catch myself mid-sentence—thank Merlin!—and freeze for a short moment to observe James’s reaction. To see if he’d caught on. Even though he looks absolutely boggled, I’m almost positive he knew what I was going to say. He opens his mouth to say something, but I carry on before he can. I’m even angrier now that I’ve almost spilled out my feelings… especially in a not-so-romantic manner.

Maybe I can fix this... “No! I don’t want to hear you say a word! Malfoy has upset me enough for today and I don’t need you making it worse!”

Why is it that only James sees me off my rocker like this?

Oh right. Probably because he tips me off the rocker!

James’s face is getting redder and redder, and I have a feeling he got that from Ginny, seeing as Harry’s always relatively pale. I have a feeling he’s about to explode. “Are you finished?” He growls through gritted teeth. He snatches my wand and puts it in his pocket. I shrink away and feel probably about the size of a Billywig. My face is burning, no longer out of anger, but from embarrassment.

“Now what did Malfoy do?”

Really? Out of everything I said, he asks me what Scorpius did to me? Boys really are as daft as they seem, aren’t they?

I sigh, “Nothing. I dunno.”

I go to walk away and he grabs my wrist and spins me back around. It isn’t as harsh as Scorpius had been when he did the same thing, but I still don’t like it. In most cases, I would have loved for James to grab me and pull me back to him, because I would be hoping for a passionate kiss afterwards… but not today. I tear my arm from James and storm off down the trail back to the castle.

The hike back is kind of long, but I don’t mind. It helps me blow off steam.

As I get through the gates, I hear my name being called.

I know I’m safe when I hear, “Quinn!” Instead of, “Wood!”

Albus is running to catch up with me. At least it isn’t James. “Hello, Al…”

“Where’ve you been all day? I haven’t seen you since breakfast!” Albus is charming, and one would think I would fall for him out of the two Potter boys. He’s handsome with his black hair, electric green eyes, and mischievous smile. He’s a brave soul, determined, and cunning. He loves his friends and would kill for them, but doesn’t bother with anyone else. If he interacts with those outside of his social circle, it’s to play pranks on them.

Rose and I instantly hit it off when we met our first years, but Albus didn’t seem to even notice me for a while. We never saw him much during the year anyway, because he’s in Slytherin. Albus didn’t befriend me until the first Christmas we all spent together. I helped him play a joke on Lily, and after that, our trio was formed.

“I’ve been… around.” I mutter. I let him tag along as I go into the castle and head for the Gryffindor common room.

“Around?” He runs ahead and stops right in front of me. “What do you mean around?”

“Around as in, I walked around Hogsmeade.” I leave out the part about going on a date with his best friend, who I later slapped across the face. I also forget to mention my rant-fest toward his brother, who I almost murdered.

He raises a skeptical eyebrow, and scrutinizes my face for any sign of the truth. After years of friendship, he can tell when I’m lying. “Did you go on your date?”

“How did you—did he tell you?!”

Al nods, that stupid little smirk on his face. I have the urge to rip it off; it reminds me too much of James. “Did he also tell you that he practically threatened me?!”

His expression transitions into an angry shock, “he did what…?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” I shove past Albus and retreat into the common room.

I wait in my dorm for Rose to get back so that I can tell her everything. Although I figured I’d regret telling Rose my feelings for her cousin, I don’t at all. In fact, I’m thankful to have someone I can confide in. Otherwise, all my insanity would just build up and build up until I erupt and have to be taken to the loony bin.

It’s been nearly an hour and I’m nearly sleeping when Rose bursts through the door, “Oh thank Merlin, you’re in here! Do you realise how worried I was when I couldn’t find you at Hogsmeade?! I had to ask dozens of people for your whereabouts! But turns out, no one really knew because you’re somewhat of a ghost or a superspy or something! Because you just bloody disappeared! I even asked Scorpius, who you were supposed to be with, and not even he knew! He said you ran away from the date! He looked awfully distraught about it too… his hair was all wild looking and I bet a hippogriff dancing with a tambourine couldn’t get that boy to laugh when I saw him! What did you do to him?! Anyway, James didn’t know either. Said he saw you going back to Hogwarts and you went all bonkers on him and ran off! Again! Finally I was lucky enough to find Albus levitating a first year by his underwear and Peeves laughing his arse off! He said to check the common room, which I probably should have done in the first place, but I figured I’d check everywhere possible before checking the obvious. That’s my mum’s genes, I suppose. Really though, what happened to you?!”

It’s rare that Rose goes off into one of her tangents, but when she does, it’s hard to get her to shut up. Luckily she stopped herself before I had to throw something—for her sake, hopefully a pillow. I groan and sit up, letting my face fall into my hands.

“Rose, it was terrible!”

“I’ll say! I mean Holy Hufflepuff, you fell off the face of the planet… or at least the Wizarding world. For all I knew, you were probably conforming to Muggle life and being boring without a wand and—“


Red colouring rushes into her cheeks. She shrugs and smiles sheepishly, “Sorry… you know how I get. Go on then…”

“I slapped Scorpius.”

“You what?!”

“I slapped him. We had our date and everything was going perfectly fine and… I thought… I thought he was going to kiss me. He leaned in and I closed my eyes, waiting for him… and when nothing happened, I opened my eyes to see him counting my freckles, for Merlin’s sake! So I got all upset and embarrassed and when I left, he followed me. We argued and he grabbed my arm a little too firmly and tried to force me to say why I left, even though he knew! So… I hit him.”

Rose sits on her bed, looking somewhat in shock. “Bloody hell, I don’t blame you a bit. He had it coming if he thought he could treat you that way. I mean, couldn’t he tell you have a temper? He should have known better.”

I’m not sure if I’ve been insulted or not, but usually when Rose says something like that she’s just being blunt, so I don’t take offense.

“And I may or may not have threatened to kill James…”

Rose clears her throat and folds her hands properly in her lap, “Erm, Quinn… have you ever considered… erm… counseling?”

I just look at her. I can’t tell the expression on my face, but I know the best word to describe how I feel is incredulous.

It’s pretty bad when even your best friend thinks you’ve gone mad…

Smart Quinn, you have a point.

“It’s crossed my mind.” No, it hasn’t. I just embrace my crazy, and that’s usually the first step, right? Acceptance? “I almost told him.”

Her eyes grow wide. “No, you didn’t.”

I nod, “Rose, do you think I should? All these pent up emotions aren’t doing me any good whatsoever. Maybe if I tell him…?”

Rose sighs and her expression softens, almost saddens. “Quinn, I need to tell you something….”

Oh no, this can’t be good.

Has she already told him? If so, what did he say? It must be bad news by the way she’s acting. He must have said he wouldn’t be with me even if his life depended on it or something.

My stomach is in knots. I could be sick if I’d let myself, but I try to keep calm. “What?”

“Erm, well…”

“Rose, tell me!”

She flinches, “Are you sure you want—“


“I saw James snogging Imogen Bell and I think they may possibly, I don’t know for sure, but probably they might be… together….”

This is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.

I don’t know what a heart attack feels like. But if it feels anything like a heart break, I hope I never have one.



Awwww, sad day for Quinn.  What do you think will happen next now that James is unavailable and Scorpius is apparently a total jerk? Cause there's noooo other guys in Hogwarts, right? Lol.

Let me read what you think! Review and tell me your ideas and opinions! Who knows, maybe I'll use some ideas from you guys!

I need input first though! 

Love as always,

Autumn Red.

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