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Glory & Gore by megababes
Chapter 1 : We Built Another World
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Disclaimer: We do not own the title "Glory and Gore," seeing as it belongs to Lorde, nor do we own anything in this story except the parts we made up, as that belongs to J.K. Rowling.

"There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours."

- Jean-Paul Sartre

Remus rushed through the crowd of people in the train station, headed towards the familiar spot between platform nine and platform ten. People darted out of his way, fearing that he would run them over in his hurry. Though he hardly had time to weave his way through the crowd carefully. He naturally assumed he was late, as he seemed to be every year, without fail. Especially with all the time that argument with his parents had taken up. Typically, they saw him off, but he assured them that he was fine on his own this year, and after much negotiating they had agreed to drop him off. He was mostly anxious to reunite with his friends, as he hadn't seen them in far too long.

His trunk wobbled uncertainly on the cart he was pushing, accidentally bumping into someone in front of him. "Sorry," he mumbled half heartedly, not even bothering to look at the person he had hit in his rush. He looked at the muggle watch that hung loosely on his wrist, sighing in relief when he saw that he had plenty of time to spare. He slowed to a leisurely pace, stopping only when he saw a familiar face.

A few yards away, a tall girl stood arguing with a man who Remus knew to be her father. He couldn't hear what they were saying over the rushing sound of voices around him, but he had heard enough of their arguments to imagine what was happening. And though she was facing away from him, he could picture her bright blue eyes flashing angrily, in stark contrast to her tan skin. Her curly brown hair bounced as she shook her head vehemently at her father, completely ignoring the younger girl that stood next to her.

The younger girl scanned the station, apparently zoning out the argument happening in front of her; she was far too used to this sort of thing, having witnessed what felt like hundreds of their arguments. Spotting Remus, she grinned widely and waved at him, standing on the tips of her toes to see him easier. Though she was eleven, she was far shorter than average. He grinned at the younger girl, amused by her excitement.

"Oi! Lia!" he called loudly, walking over towards the trio, and interrupting their argument. She whipped her head around, startled at the sound of her name. Her frustrated expression transformed into a wide smile when she saw who was yelling for her.

The two hadn't seen each other in weeks, which was rare for them, having lived next door to each other for years. Remus smiled back at her, anxious to talk to her after so long apart. He was more accustomed to seeing her daily, but her father had decided that they all needed a vacation towards the end of the summer, much to Lia's disdain.

Lia ran towards him, meeting him half way, and throwing her arms around his neck in a hug. Her arms tightened around him, burying her head into his neck. He welcomed the hug readily, melting into it nearly immediately, wrapping one arm around her waist, and settling his hand on her lower back. Remus reluctantly let go when she ended the hug as quickly as she had initiated it. She pecked him on the cheek as she pulled away, completely oblivious to the half-smile that it brought. She launched into one of her infamous rants, and he tried to resist the urge to hug her again.

"Apparently because Lola is a first year, I have to endure the responsibility of year long babysitter. I mean, I was completely fine alone during my first year. And each year after that, for that matter," she said, not stopping to take even a single breath. Remus listened attentively, an amused smile playing on the corners of his mouth. He nodded as she continued, explaining how her younger sister was nervous about the sorting, and how their father was insisting she was to watch out for her.

It was a common occurrence for Remus to hear about how Lia was expected to watch out for her younger sister. Especially since the oldest Foxe daughter, Annette, had moved out the year before. Lia's words washed over him in a blur as he studied her face, mostly ignoring all that she was saying. He had probably heard it all countless times before anyways. Long lashes accentuated by copious amounts of mascara, eyes outlined in black eyeliner, her hair falling in her face. She scrunched her nose up as she said something, though Remus hadn't caught whatever it was.

"...Honestly, I just want to get on the train and get out of here," Lia concluded, finally taking a break from talking, and breaking Remus out of his reverie.

Remus took the opportunity to cut in, "Well, perhaps we could get the luggage you left with your dad and get on with it," he suggested, gesturing towards the trunk, topped with a particularly small owl in a cage, that Lia had carelessly left behind with her father.

Lola looked at the two expectantly, waiting silently, but impatiently, while her father just glared. Lia let out a groan, annoyed with the prospect of having to interact with him again. She cut her eyes to Remus, making sure he knew of her absolute reluctance. He tried to hold back a smile. Merlin, he had missed her.

She stalked over to them reluctantly, leaving Remus waiting patiently behind. As she reached for her trunk, she immediately fell into another argument with her father. Remus rolled his eyes and sighed, walking over to interject. There were prefect duties to attend to, he had no time for this. He placed a hand on Lia's shoulder, somehow halting her speech.

"Could I steal Lia, Mr. Foxe? We really do have to get to the train. Otherwise it might leave without us," Remus told him, despite the fact that the train didn't leave for a bit yet. He watched Mr. Foxe expectantly, hoping that the time the train left was included in his lack of knowledge on the wizarding world. Despite the fact that two of his daughters ended up being wizards, their muggle father had little to no interest in learning of wizardry. Thankfully, he seemed oblivious as he nodded, leveling Remus with an even glare. Remus just stared blankly back, being far too used to Lia's father for an annoyed look to intimidate him.

"Yeah, daddy! We really have to dash. Let's go, Lola," Lia agreed, holding her hand out for her little sister to grab.

"C'mon, Calypso. Work with me here," Carter muttered, trying and failing to shove her purple cat into a cage. Calypso hissed angrily, digging her claws into Carter's arm, attempting to get away. Carter groaned in annoyance. Why had she thought getting a cat her first year was a good idea? Her brother had tried to talk her into getting an owl, but no. Carter had insisted on a purple cat. So what if an owl was more practical? The cat was purple. Little did she know at the time, it was also evil. Carter silently cursed her naive, eleven year old self, cursing her cat aloud.

"Need some help?" she heard a deep voice say behind her. She glanced behind her to see Sirius leaning against the door. He smirked at her, amused. Carter glared at him, hoping it would scare the smirk off of Sirius's face. Unfortunately, as per usual, it did not.

"I got it. Thanks," she said, sarcasm dripping from her tone. Calypso took Carter's momentary distraction to her advantage, squirming from her hands. Using Carter's shoulder as a step stool, she attempted to leap away, only to be caught effortlessly by Sirius. He walked over to the cage and locked Calypso inside, ignoring Carter's stunned look and Calypso's angry yowls.

He looked down at Carter, who was still kneeling on the floor, "You sure?" he asked teasingly, grinning at her and ruffled her hair. The smile on his face didn't falter as she looked at him with annoyance.

She stayed silent, sitting down on one of the two benches in their compartment, and smoothing down her wavy, dark brown hair. He plopped down next to her and nudged her shoulder playfully. "You're terrible at hello's, you know," he said, turning towards her, eyes sparkling with amusement. Not that she was looking at his eyes, of course.

She rolled her eyes at him, the corner of her mouth twitching as she fought back a smile, "Never once have I heard the word hello come out of your mouth," she said, trying to look as stern as possible. That only lasted a few seconds before a grin broke through her angry visage. As much as she'd like to continue to feign anger at him, she couldn't help her excitement at seeing him after an entire summer apart. She turned and hugged him tightly, burying her head in his shoulder. He returned the hug, inhaling the scent of her floral shampoo as he rested his chin on top of her head.

"Aw, did someone miss me?" he asked as they pulled apart.

"Can it, dumbass," she said, despite the small smile she couldn't seem to drop.

Before he could retort, the door slid open and they were interrupted by Lia and Remus, who were still absorbed in a conversation that must have begun in the hall.

"And that's why I don't go near public bathrooms anymore," Lia was saying, followed by an exasperated sigh.

"Is that why you made me take you all the way back to the hotel in the middle of the day?" Remus asked, looking incredibly annoyed, but slightly amused nonetheless. Lia stuck her tongue out at him in response, before turning to Carter and Sirius with an excited, open-mouthed grin on her face. Carter leapt from her seat, and the two shrieked excited greetings at each other, grabbing one another in a bone-crushing hug. Sirius shook his head at the two. Honestly, he had no clue as to why girls reacted the way they did after such a small time apart. All it did was give those surrounding them a piercing headache.

"Sure, you tell her hi," Sirius muttered. Carter ignored him, and continued talking animatedly to her best friend.

"Merlin, Lia! I can't believe you didn't visit all summer!" Carter exclaimed.

Lia rolled her eyes, "You know very well that you could have visited me," she said good-naturedly. Their voices drowned out Remus and Sirius's greetings to one another as they continued admonishing one another for not visiting.

Finally, Lia took a seat next to Remus on one of the benches, "So what did you do all summer, anyways?" Lia asked.

"Oh, I went to visit Nate in Africa!" Carter said, speaking of her her older brother, Nathaniel. Despite the fact that he was five years older than the rest of them, they all knew him well from the two years he had been at Hogwarts with him. "He's training dragons on his own now. It's totally groovy. He has a pretty bad burn on his arm from one of them though. The genius thought it would be useless to put on his protective gear to show his little sister the most gentle one."

"Ah, yes. We all know of Nate's usual assumption that he's actually invincible when he's showing off," Sirius remarked. He squirmed in his seat, trying to find a comfortable position before giving up and sprawling out across the bench, using Carter's lap as a pillow. He watched her, looking for a sign that she was about to smack him for laying in her lap. But it seemed she was either too invested in her conversation, or she genuinely didn't mind. Sirius watched her a moment longer before deciding that it was most likely the first of the two.

"That we do. Remember when he tried to show us how great he was at hitting bludgers in his seventh year and got a broken nose?" Lia said, grinning at the memory. They had all found him incredibly cool when they were younger, watching in awe as he recklessly flew around on his broom. Especially Lia, who had developed a crush on him when she was fourteen. Though that dissipated quickly, when she tried to kiss him on one of her many stays at the Edevanes' home.

Carter glared at her, clearly not appreciative of all of them poking fun at her brother. "Anyways," she said loudly, steering the conversation away from stories of Nate making a fool of himself. "What did you do over the summer?" she asked, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

Lia's face lit up at the question, "Remus's mum and dad took me to Venice with them," she said, obviously still excited about how the trip went. Though that wasn't a surprise. Lia spoke excitedly of any time she spent away from her own family and with Remus's instead.

"I went too, but apparently my presence wasn't as memorable," Remus joked, elbowing Lia. She ignored him, launching into a story about their trip. Carter raised her eyebrows, patiently listening to the incredibly detailed recount of Lia and Remus eating gelato as they strolled across the Rialto Bridge.

"And your father was okay with that?" she questioned as she glanced down at Sirius. The two knew very well how strict Lia's father could be. Especially when it involved anything magical. And that included the Lupin family. The idea that Lia had left the country with them and with her father's permission was highly unlikely.

"He thought I was at St. Agatha's summer school. He gave me the tuition money and everything. Apparently it's necessary that I get a proper, normal education as well," she said, rolling her eyes at her father's view on how her life should go. "Though it wasn't hard at all to get out of. Didn't even bother to see me off at the airport, the git," she said, muttering the last part darkly, as she clearly still wasn't over her father's actions.

Knowing Lia could go on for quite a while, and not interested in hearing stories he already knew quite well, Remus cut in, "What did you do, Sirius?"

"I had a pretty shitty summer. I'd rather not talk about it," he said quietly, avoiding eye contact with the three, who all looked at him with concern. He stared at the ceiling, purposely avoiding Carter's obvious gaze.

"Are you-" Carter began worriedly, only to be interrupted by James bursting through the door.

"So, I saw Lily on the platform and she rejected me. Again! Can you believe that? You'd think that after five years you'd expect me to land at least one date!" he exclaimed, skipping over any formalities and completely unaware of the heavy atmosphere in the room. Still concerned about Sirius, it took them all a moment to realize that James had even spoken. Lia kept her eyes on Sirius for a moment, trying to decide if this was one of those things that she would bring up later on when the two were alone.

Carter was the first to recover and reply, "You're right, we didn't see that coming at all," she deadpanned, not even gracing him with eye contact as she played with Sirius's long, messy hair.

"Thanks for the boost of confidence, Carter. I knew I could always count on you," James snapped back before turning to Sirius. "Plan on making some room for the rest of us any time soon, mate?" he quipped. Sirius sat up from his position begrudgingly, letting James sit down in a grumpy manner. He was obviously still stuck on whatever had transpired between he and Lily on the platform. He'd probably be replaying the conversation in his head for quite awhile, trying to find where he had once again gone wrong. Though it was surely better than him reciting the entire argument to them out loud. They could all do with missing a play by play of Lily and James's fights every now and then.

"Well, it sure is great to see all of you again," Remus announced sarcastically, cutting in before a real argument started. The door rolled open again, halting the conversation yet again for a moment as Peter lumbered in, looking terribly disheveled. Sweat stains graced the side of his grey uniform jumper, his blazer and robe tucked underneath one arm and a bag in his hand.

"You'd think after that expensive watch I got you for Christmas you'd be on time for once," Lia remarked as he stuffed his bag in the luggage compartment. It took him more than a few moments, as he clumsily tried to force it to fit.

Remus slid closer to Lia, squishing her against the wall, so that Peter could sit next to them comfortably.

"It's a muggle watch, Lia. How do you expect me to work that thing?" he whined, awkwardly trying to put his blazer and robe on, elbowing Remus in the head in the process. Remus rubbed the side of his head, wincing and watching Peter out of the corner of his eye. Why is it that he could never remember to put that stuff on outside of their already cramped compartment?

Carter looked at the scene before her with disdain, "At least you aren't one to surprise us," she replied, earning a few laughs from the other four. Peter sighed miserably at their laughter, reluctant to be the cause of such amusement, as he usually was. He looked at the floor uncomfortably, waiting for the laughter to stop.

"Practice, Peter. Practice," Lia said, drawing everyone's attention to her as the laughs died away. "I spent forty pounds on that watch and you haven't used it once!" she admonished.

"Lia, I hope you know that no one in this compartment has any fucking idea how much forty pounds is," James snapped, taking his annoyance at Lily's rejection out on his friends once again. Carter sighed at him, far past finished with his pouting over a girl he'd asked out at least ninety-seven times since their fourth year.

"I know how much it is," Remus supplied, not catching James's annoyance. James glared at him evenly. "Hey, it's not my fault you can't get into Lily's pants," he said defensively, shrugging his shoulders at James's menacing look. Lia let out a chuckle, quickly sobering up when James's glare turned towards her again.

"Don't worry, mate," Sirius said consolingly, supportively clapping a hand on James's shoulder, "She'll come 'round one of these days." Carter and Lia both snorted at their unwavering confidence.

Carter rolled her eyes. James would be better off giving up and snogging with a random girl from potions class. Considering he was quidditch captain, they all fawned over him anyways. Carter wasn't sure why he was always so fixated on Lily anyways. She was painfully uninterested. Before she could even open her mouth to voice these thoughts, Lia beat her to it.

"Some of us share a room with her and will definitely hear about this tonight. And we can guarantee she won't be implying that it may happen someday," Lia said, her eyes on Carter. Carter nodded in agreement, grinning at the comment. It seemed that she and Lia always had to deal with hearing detailed recounts of both sides of the story. They'd much rather unpack in the quiet than listen to Lily griping into the night. Though their fourth roommate, Gwen, always seemed anxious to hear any gossip Lily had to offer.

"You guys are just so supportive. It's inspiring," Remus commented, shaking his head at them.

Lia whirled around in her seat to face him. "Oi! The king of sarcasm today, aren't we?" she said, pinching his cheek as she looked at him teasingly. He gave her a goofy grin for a few moments, only to be distracted by the tiny owl flailing about the cage in Lia's lap. Lia reached her fingers inside the cage, stroking it on the top of the head.

"I see we still haven't upgraded to an actual owl yet," Sirius said, eyeing it with disgust. Lia had gotten the owl back in her first year, but it had hardly grown past the size of a baby. Though tiny, Atlas was incredibly serious about his job at delivering messages. Not that he even did much of that. The bird glared at Sirius, as if knowing that a snide remark had just been made about him.

"Don't fuck with Atlas, Sirius. You remember three years ago when he pecked your eye and you had to go to Madam Pomfrey and tell her you got injured because you insulted a bird," Lia retorted defensively, her eyes not leaving her disgruntled owl. Sirius put a hand over his heart in mock offense, scoffing loudly at the insinuation that that had ever happened.

"How dare you bring up such a troubling time for me?" he said in a mock hurt tone.

"You guys weren't there to see the travesty," Remus added good naturedly. "He actually cried before he got it fixed," he said, biting back a laugh at the memory. After making a haughty remark about the bird's size and demeanor, Sirius had spent the next few minutes howling in pain and clutching his injured face as tears streamed down his face, while Atlas seemed to look as triumphant as a bird could.

The girls didn't even bother trying not to laugh hysterically the second the sentence left Remus's mouth. "That's a lie if I ever did hear one!" Sirius said in defense, making himself heard over their laughs.

"Unless you were chopping an onion beforehand, those were definitely real tears," James added, laughing along, his mind finally off Lily. The rest doubled over in laughter, the mental image of Sirius crying over a bite given by what could possibly be the tiniest adult owl in existence was far too amusing to even try and stay quiet about. After all, if it had happened to one of the other's, Sirius would have never stopped talking about it.

Even he couldn't really be mad about all of them reminiscing to the time in their third year, recently after the girls had joined in on the marauder's close knit friendship. "My own best friend!" Sirius yelled. "How could you?"

Carter's laughs subsided immediately, clamping a hand over Sirius's still open mouth, "Oh, tone down the drama, Sensitive Sally, before the prefects get all over our asses," she said sternly, not removing her hand. Sirius glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, gauging her mood, before licking her hand in a juvenile manner, trying and succeeding to get her hand off of his face. She shrunk back, shrieking in disgust.

"Did you just lick me?" she inquired, half in disbelief, and half in horror. She wiped her saliva covered hand on his shirt, not even wanting his spit to touch her pleated skirt.

"Now who's gonna get the prefects all over our asses?" Sirius replied smugly, a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Trust me, Sirius, I have no interest in touching your ass," Remus retorted.

"God, this takes so long. If it weren't for Lola, I would be ditching it completely," Lia said with a sigh as the group settled into the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. Everyone surround them was getting ready for the sorting, some of them anxious to find out where the new students would end up, but more of them looked as if they would rather watch grass grow than listen to yet another sorting ceremony. And who wouldn't after five years of sorting ceremony after sorting ceremony? Amongst their group, only Remus watched the swarm of first years nervously. Particularly the young Lola Foxe, whose eyes were darting around the room in frightened curiosity.

"I mean this is the sixth time I've had to sit through this. Can't we just skip ahead and eat already?" she said, staring at the empty table in front of her. Next to her, Peter rubbed his belly, seeming to agree with every complaint that came out of Lia's mouth.

"C'mon, Lia, you know the first years are always excited about this," Remus said from the seat on her other side, nudging her shoulder with his own.

"But can't they be excited after the food," Carter whined, wiggling in her seat impatiently. Sirius shook his head at her, opening his mouth with a teasing remark ready, but he was cut off by the sound of Dumbledore clinking his glass.

The six of them barely paid any mind to his speech as the old and tattered hat was presented, marking the start of the sorting ceremony. Some of the students watched attentively throughout the entire thing, but the majority of them lost interest as the names were read out, followed by the booming voice of the sorting hat calling out houses.

They soon got to the 'F's and the name Elodia Foxe was yelled out. All six of them looked towards Lia's younger sister with alarm and curiosity. Lia watched anxiously, torn between wanting Lola sorted into the same house, or in a different one. On one hand, if she ended up being a Gryffindor, Lia knew that she would have to deal with her trailing behind her in the common room, forcing Lia into the role of year-long babysitter that she so desperately wanted to avoid. Then again, if she was in a different house, she would hardly see her sister, and she wouldn't be able to protect her as she instinctively wanted to.

She watched attentively as her sister, who looked and acted much like a younger version of Lia, strode across the floor to sit down. The hat sat heavily on her head, slipping over her eyes. Her cheeks were visibly red in embarrassment, as she held the hat up so she could see. The hat took a moment before decidedly yelling out, "RAVENCLAW!" loud and clear. It took more than a moment for it to register in Lia's mind that the two of them would not, in fact, be in the same house. She glanced at the others, who were looking at her expectantly while Lola staggered to the Ravenclaw table, clearly alarmed that she would be without her older sister.

Remus looked at Lia, concern in his eyes, "You okay with that?" he asked, knowing how protective Lia could be over her sisters, as much as they did annoy her. After all, when she found out she was going to Hogwarts when she was ten, he recalled her excitement being weighed down at the thought of leaving her sisters alone.

Lia took a moment before answering, contemplating. She nodded slowly, still a bit torn on the situation. She turned in her seat to see her little sister surrounded by blue and silver-clad students. Tiny and timid, Lola stuck out like a sore thumb against the older students.

"Should I talk to her or something?" Lia asked Remus quietly, trying to keep the others out of the conversation. She didn't want too much input, confusing whatever decision she arrived at even more.

Remus watched Lola for a moment, her blue eyes wide and nervous, much how Lia had been her first year. "You should probably go talk to her," he murmured back.

Lia sighed, "That's really not the answer I was looking for, Remus," she replied, turning back towards the table in front of her to wait through the rest of the sorting ceremony. Remus shrugged. The rest of the names were called in a blur, all of them uncaringly ignoring it. Eventually, Dumbledore was beginning his annual beginning of the year speech.

"I'd like to start off this year by welcoming our new first years. I do hope you will enjoy your time at this school. We're all looking forward to giving you a proper magical education provided by our professors. Speaking of, I'd also like to introduce our new divination teacher, Solomon Leander," Professor Dumbledore said, gesturing towards the only unfamiliar face amongst their teachers.

"He is a hottie," Carter said quietly, ignoring Dumbledore's continuing speech. Lia turned to Carter, her attention also dropping away from their headmaster, unlike the other students surrounding them.

She cocked her head to the side, squinting her eyes as she looked at their new professor, "Yeah, I suppose so," she decided, taking her best friend's side. Remus tried to ignore the two's chatter, attempting to keep his attention on the loud speech booming through the Great Hall.

Sirius, however looked at them with wide eyes. "Honestly, how old is that man? Fifty?" he whispered with utmost disbelief. He was used to the two of them talking incessantly about various attractive classmates, but never a professor.

"Oh, don't be ridiculous, Sirius. He's, like, thirty-five. Tops," Carter replied, rolling her eyes at him. Sirius shook his head at her. The room filled with conversation as Dumbledore finished up his speech. Sirius dropped his argument with Carter, instead turning to the food that had magically appeared before them, shoveling large amounts of shepherd's pie onto his plate.

"Well, you'll have to throw out any hope of being with him, anyways. Considering he's a teacher and all," James piped up, loading his plate with slices upon slices of turkey. Peter and Remus gave small words of agreement, before turning their attention towards filling their plates. Listening to the long winded speeches at the beginning of the year always left a gnawing hunger in all of their stomachs, despite having filled up on snacks on the train. The remainder of the meal was spent chatting animatedly about the new divination teacher, N.E.W.T. subjects, and on James and Carter's part, quidditch.

"I hope we crush Slytherin this season," Carter said, taking a bite out of her gateau. Dessert had just popped up, and everyone was scrambling to grab what they wanted before it got passed to the other end of the table. "I don't think I can take another year of seeing that stupid smirk on Savina Ewing's face every time I pass her in the halls." James nodded in agreement, his mouth too full to speak.

"Ah, I love quidditch," Sirius said with a sigh, earning a surprised look from both James and Carter, their eyebrows raised in question. James swallowed his mouthful of pie before speaking, "You've never seemed to care about it before," he replied.

"That was before I was given a free pass to the girls' locker room to check up on my dear Carter, " Sirius replied, looking at Carter with a teasing smirk.

"You most certainly do not have a free pass!" she exclaimed, her cheeks turning a bit pinker than usual. She glared at him indignantly, daring him to challenge her on it.

Sirius sighed dejectedly, "Sure, ruin the dream," he said, disappointed by her absolutely revolted reaction.

"Guess it'll have to stay in your dreams," Remus cut in.

Lia rolled her eyes at their antics,"I, however, still have very little interest in quidditch," she said, examining her nails distractedly. "The only thing quidditch games are good for is giving Callaway Strauss and me a reason to snog behind the bleachers."

"So that's where you've been disappearing to when we're playing!" Carter exclaimed, her voice growing shrill. She had always noticed Lia at the beginning of the games, but somewhere throughout it, she always mysteriously disappeared. Even though Carter had brought it up multiple times, Lia always deflected the question.

"No need to raise our voice to octaves only certain animals can hear, Carter," Lia said, quirking an eyebrow. She didn't think Carter would actually be annoyed at her for skipping out on their games.

"Well, excuse me for expecting my best friend to watch me while I play my favorite sport," Carter retorted, sounding more angry than sad.

"Don't worry. Sirius will watch you get ready for your favorite sport, apparently," James mumbled, not intending for anyone to hear him. Though Remus, sitting across from him, cracked a grin at the remark.

"Now, now. As much as I love to watch girls fight, we have a tower to get to, I believe," Sirius interjected quickly, before Lia could throw back another snide remark. They looked up from the table, no longer preoccupied by their own conversations and ignoring the glare Carter was still shooting Lia. It seemed that most of the other students had left the Great Hall quite a while before. Remus jumped to his feet, stumbling a bit as he rushed to get out of his chair, before running out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Lia called after him, furrowing her brows at his frantic rush. She didn't see what the big deal was. They could always get the password from someone else.

"Prefect duties!" Remus called over his shoulder as he tried to catch up with Augustina Caverly, who hadn't bothered to wait for him before escorting the first years to Gryffindor Tower. Remus tried not to groan in annoyance at her behavior as he chased after her. It seemed that she still wasn't over the rough break up they had had at the end of their fifth year. His friends laughed in amusement at him, standing from their seats and following him at a leisurely pace.

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