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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 29 : Epilogue
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Hermione loved her honeymoon with Draco. Every morning Draco would wake her up with coffee and breakfast and then they would go for a swim afterwards in first the sea outside the cottage, then on secluded beaches around France and Spain and Italy. She loved every minute of it. On the last day Hermione woke up earlier than Draco actually reached her with her breakfast but he wasn’t inside the bed with her so she knew he must have been making her breakfast already. With a lurch of her stomach she slipped out of bed and ran across to the bathroom and was violently sick.

As she was brushing her teeth Draco walked into the bathroom with a questioning look on his face. Hermione finished brushing her teeth and then cleared her throat.
    "Are you okay Mi?" Draco asked as he brushed a kiss over her shoulder as he wrapped his hands around her bare waist.

     "I’m fine," Hermione smiled. Draco’s grey eyes met Hermione’s brown ones in the mirror.

     "You sure?" Draco asked. Hermione sighed and turned around in his arms and kissed him softly.

     "Yes I’m sure. Now is breakfast ready?" Hermione asked. Draco grinned and nodded.

     "Yup, it’s waiting for you on the bed... If you can get to it," Draco said cheekily. Hermione raised her eyebrow as she stepped back from him and eyed him standing in the doorway. Draco folded his arms over his chest and Hermione sighed, before she apparated to the main room and snatched a piece of bacon off the table. Draco was in the room in seconds and he was staring between Hermione and her wand and back again.

     "How the hell did you do that?" Draco asked.

     "Do what?"

     "Apparate without a wand," Draco clarified as he flopped down on the bed next to her and stole a piece of bacon for himself.

     "I’ve been able to do that since I learnt to do wandless magic,” Hermione winked.

     “Well you are a little can of surprises aren’t you," Draco grinned. Hermione winked and took a forkful of eggs.


Their day passed much the same as every other day on their honeymoon until Draco collapsed on the bed next to Hermione and pulled her against him as his heart raced. Hermione sighed contentedly before she sat up propped herself up on his chest and looked at him seriously.

     "Draco I need to tell you something" Hermione murmured. Draco’s eyes snapped open and he looked at her worriedly. "It’s nothing bad Draco," Hermione quickly said as she worked out his expression in the moonlight. Then she paused. "Well… I mean… It’s only bad news if you think it’s too early… I don’t know how to say it Dray," Hermione whispered. Draco brushed Hermione’s hair over her shoulder and then ran his thumb against her cheek.

     "Just tell me love," Draco murmured. Hermione caught his hand and then lay down on her back.

     "I can’t… But I can show you," Hermione whispered. Draco frowned as he turned on his side and looked at her. He felt it when Hermione let her occlumens walls down and when she met his eyes he felt himself inside her mind and could feel everything she could. So when he felt Hermione’s magic shoot through her body and focus on her lower abdomen, he could feel a pulse there that he couldn’t explain. It was strange, because the pulse was magical energy but part of it belonged to Hermione but it wasn’t under her control and the other half…that half was his own magic.


Hermione broke her eye contact with Draco and allowed her walls to spring back up before she hesitantly met Draco’s eyes which were bright with curiosity.

     "What… what was that?" Draco whispered.

     "I… Draco I… Oh for fuck’s sake why can’t I say it!?" Hermione suddenly burst out. Draco jumped.

     "You’re pregnant?" Draco whispered. Hermione stared at him.

     "Yes, im about a month along I think," Hermione whispered as she stared at him. Draco fell back on the bed in shock and Hermione quickly flipped over so she could look at him. He had his eyes closed and his expression was blank and Hermione worried her lip as she waited for a response.

     "Wow… I’m… I’m going to be a dad…" Draco whispered. Then he pulled Hermione to him in a tight hug and kissed her.

     "Wait… you’re okay about this?" Hermione asked nervously when they pulled apart

     "Mi, I couldn’t be more okay with this!" Draco exclaimed. Hermione suddenly laughed out loud with relief. Then she froze.

     "It’s not too early is it?" Hermione asked as she lay back. Draco turned over and traced her features with his fingers.

     "No. I’ve always wanted children. It doesn’t matter when I get them," Draco murmured before he placed a soft kiss on Hermione’s mouth before he lay down and pulled Hermione close to him. "Just sleep for now, when we get home tomorrow we’ll figure everything out," Draco murmured sleepily. Hermione felt herself calm down and then started to fall asleep feeling safe in his arms.

*****Time Gap*****

     "Professor Malfoy?" Camilla Evans a seventh year was at the door to Hermione’s office.

     "Yes?" Hermione called. The girl entered the room holding a book open precariously as she balanced a silver goblet on top of it.

     "Professor Malfoy I need your help," The girl murmured sheepishly.

     "Help with what Evans?" Hermione asked as the Slytherin entered the room completely. Hermione stood up with a sigh and ran her hand over her stomach as she felt a twinge across her very pregnant belly.

     "Well… I’ve… I need you to reverse the transfiguration on this goblet," Evans murmured.

     "Why. What was it before you transfigured it?" Hermione asked sternly.

     "Professor Malfoy ma’am," Evans whispered.

     "WHAT?!" Hermione suddenly screamed. Losing all her composure as she figured out what Evan’s meant. The girl jumped and backed away from the desk, being very well versed with Professor H. Malfoy’s temper which had gradually gotten worse as she reached the full term of her pregnancy.

     "I didn’t mean to Professor, it was an accident, I lost my temper with the grade he gave me and I lost control of my magic," The girl stammered.

     "Put the goblet on the desk and…" Hermione suddenly leant forwards against her desk and cried out in pain as she clutched her stomach. "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no," Hermione whispered as she felt her waters break.

     "Professor? Are you okay?" Evans asked softly.

     "No!" Hermione screamed. "I’m going into labour, my baby is on its way and my husband is a FUCKING GOBLET!" Hermione screamed. The door suddenly banged open revealing Professor McGonagall. Hermione sat down on the floor and started to cry.

     "Professor Malfoy whatever is the matter?" Professor McGonagall asked alarmed as she rushed to where Hermione was sat in front of her desk in tears.

     "Baby… Baby’s coming and, and Draco…Draco is the goblet," Hermione cried before crying out as another contraction passed through her. Professor McGonagall turned around and saw Evans cowering in a corner holding the silver Goblet.

     "Give it to me, and I suggest you find yourself back in your common room and expect a detention later Evans," McGonagall said sternly as she held out her hand for the goblet. Evans placed it in her hand and then ran from the room and McGonagall placed the goblet on the floor and waved her wand at it causing it to transform back to a very angry Draco Malfoy.

     "Draco!" Hermione yelled with relief and Draco jumped turning around to find his wife on the floor in tears clutching her stomach.

     "Hermione, love is it time?" Draco asked. Hermione simply nodded and allowed Draco to pick her up in his arms. McGonagall sighed and with a wave of her wand, the wet mark on the floor was gone, then she locked the office door and followed after the couple.

After twenty minutes in a painful labour Hermione held her first child, a little baby girl with the biggest grey eyes she’d ever seen but she barely had any time to enjoy it before another painful contraction coursed through her.

     "What’s happening?" Hermione cried. The midwife who was working with Madam Pomfrey gasped in shock.

     "It appears you’re actually having twins Mrs Malfoy," The midwife said softly.

     "WHAT?" Hermione yelled. Her yell managed to startle the baby girl who was lying in Draco’s arms and she started to cry. Hermione collapsed back against the pillows and covered her face.

     "Mi… Mi… Hermione," Draco called as he shushed the baby in his arms.

     "Yes Draco?" Hermione answered in a quiet voice. Draco moved closer to her and put his mouth near her ear.

     "I know you’re tired love. I know that you’re fed up with being pregnant and I know you’re in pain, but you only have one more hurdle to go and I know you can do it. You need to be that brave, strong Gryffindor woman I know you are," Draco whispered. Hermione sighed as she felt him brush her hair from her sticky forehead and then when she felt his lips at her temple she felt another contraction pass through her body and she pushed on automatic. She let her mind work around the pain and let her body work as it wanted to, to she deliver her second baby in less time. And by the end of it she held a baby boy in her arms. A boy with her brown eyes and what looked like her brown hair with Draco's texture.

     "What do we call them?" Draco murmured a time later.

     "Scorpia Narcissa Jean Malfoy and Xander Carlos Richard Malfoy?" Hermione suggested sleepily. Draco looked at his children with his head to one side and then nodded.

     "Okay then," Draco grinned. Before he leant forwards, and being careful of the babies in their arms, kissed Hermione softly. "Now you get some sleep. I’ll watch the babies and contact the others while you sleep," Draco murmured. Hermione nodded and then placed Xander in his crib next to Draco and fell asleep on her side facing her family. She honestly couldn’t believe she’d come as far as she had in a year and a half. The broken replica she had once been was now fixed and fully functional and she drifted to sleep with a tired smile on her face.

Author’s Note

Andddd that’s a wrap!!! I’ve spent the best part of a year working on this story and to be honest I’m pretty pleased with the result. I know I’ve had some exceptionally long update times making some of you think I may have abandoned the story, but I never did and never could because the characters would haunt me.

For some reason I had real trouble copying and pasting this story into the editor as it decided that it wanted to completely take sections out and shove them in weird places, so ive had to use the simple editor which doesn't like indentations so this chapter may look a bit weird and I apologise.

Now I’m going to write a sequel, about their kids. It needs to be done for the characters to stop haunting me so I hope I’ll see you all in “Completing the Jigsaw”.

Thanks for reading, please leave me reviews and shtuff and I hope you enjoyed the story :)

~eden xxx


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