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Mindset by SwiftPotterhead
Chapter 8 : Revelations
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Disclaimer: You guys know the drill; I own nothing, J.K Rowling is fab etc. etc. See you at the end, enjoy! X


I was 13 minutes and 38 seconds late to Transfiguration.


Professor Mcgonagall gave me a harsh look, but otherwise my tardiness wasn't mentioned by her. Alaska, however, did take notice of my lateness and dishevelled appearance, and I was met with a raised eyebrow as I took my seat on her left.


I shook my head at her, silently letting her know that I'll tell her about it later and she shrugged and continued doodling on her parchment in response.


Class passed by very quickly, and I didn't even consider picking up the one quill I got out of my bag to take notes. I was too distracted by the images of James and I together flooding my mind, and I can't shake the feeling of his hands on my hips or his lips on my neck. His lips on my neck... shit. Using my peripheral vision, I glance down quickly and spot a blooming hickey between my collarbone and neck. I swiftly pull my hair over my neck and wrap the scarf I keep in my bag around it for good measure.

Dammit James, he's going to pay for that.


But not before I deal with Alaska. After the bell rings signifying the end of the school day, I take my sweet time carefully packing (I seriously regret only pulling out that one quill) and rearranging the items in my bag. I frown as I notice a huge ink stain on the bottom of my bag. Most probably resulting from when I carelessly dropped my bag to the ground in order to wrap my arms around James.


Alaska is waiting for me by the door, her foot consistently tapping as her patience grows thinner. I take a deep breath in, mentally preparing myself for the conversation I am about to have. You can do this Nina. You are fierce and fabulous.


“About time.” Alaska says when I reach her at the door. She gestures for me to go through the doorway first and I oblige, with her quickly falling into step with me as we walk towards our dorm.


“So, care to explain why you were late? Ravenclaws are never late to class, Nina.” I roll my eyes at the dramatic stereotype and stay quiet, silently planning an explanation. I probably should have crafted one instead of talking myself up in my head. Whoops?


“I was talking to someone.” It's best to stick to the truth as much as possible.

“Who?” Shit. I did not plan on her asking further questions. Would her just dropping it be so much to ask?

“None of your business.” Good, keep it vague.

“You said that out loud.” Well, I'm screwed. Someone tell my family that I love them. Its been nice knowing you all. I sigh in defeat and check to make sure the hallway is empty before dragging Alaska into an alcove.


“Romantic. You aren't planning on taking advantage of me, are you Nina? 'Cause I don't really swing that way.” Alaska smirks as she leans casually against the wall of the alcove, her dark hair falling over her shoulder in a wave much like how a curtain drops at the end of a performance, as she cocks her head to the side.

“I'm not going to tell you who but, I kind of hooked up with this guy at James' party.” Alaska's mouth falls open as she squeals

“Finally! Is he cute? Which house is he in? Why am I only hearing about this now? Does Caroline know? Are you guys going to meet up again? Is he a g-” I place my hand firmly against her mouth to stop her questions. She darts out her tongue and licks me, and I recoil in response, wiping my hand on her robes.


“Here's what you need to know: He was cute, Caroline doesn't know and I would appreciate if you didn't tell her yet thanks and it was just a one time thing, that's what we were talking about before class.” I explain in a single breath.


“You spend almost fifteen minutes talking about the fact that it was a one time thing?” Alaska eyes me suspiciously and I feel a sheen of sweat begin to lace the top of my forehead.


“Yep.” I answer (hopefully) cooly as I inconspicuously wipe the sweat away with the back of my hand. Alaska shakes her head at me and pushes herself off the wall. She loosens my scarf and lightly traces the mark on my neck with her ring finger.


“Sure you did.” she whispers lightly in my ear when she brushes past me on her way out of the alcove.


Okay, Now I'm screwed.


The letter lands spot on in my glass of pumpkin juice like it does every single time, a newspaper landing with a thump next to it. I sigh to myself as I fish the dripping parchment out. My nose wrinkles as a few drops manage to fall on my waffles while Caroline wordlessly pulls out her wand and fixes the mess and Alaska watches my old, snowy owl fly away in amusement.

This has been our routine every time my family sends a letter for years now. My gorgeous owl Jakunicorn (Jaku for short), bless her, is kind of an idiot and manages to consistently land my letters right in my juice. Whenever I don't have a juice she'll just drop it in Alaska or Caroline's. One of these days I'm going to get everyone in the hall to have no juice, just to see what would happen. Her head would probably explode.

Alaska holds out the suspicion that she isn't stupid, and is actually an evil genius, purposefully drenching my letters just to annoy me.

But I've seen that owl fly into windows practically every day for as long as I remember, and I doubt she has the mental capacity for such a plan.


I use the knife I was using to eat my waffles to slice open the letter as Caroline unravels my paper and starts reading. My eyes scan the letter quickly as my shoulders fall in disappointment.


We just couldn't turn down such an opportunity! Cairo's been Dad's dream since he was 17, I hope you understand!


My parents aren't bad people, really. They don't forget mine or Leo's birthdays, they don't hurt us intentionally and they do legitimately love us.

They're just misguided and constantly jetting off for my dad's work. I'm not even sure what it is he does. Whenever I ask, I just get a vague, muttered half- answer that it has something to do with numbers or runes. I quite like the mystery of it all.


“Where are they this time?” Alaska smiles sympathetically while Caroline sets down the paper.

“Cairo.” I state simply, fishing pieces of newspaper out of my juice with my spare hand.

“Where are you staying?” Caroline questions. I shrug and hold up a finger as I finish reading.


I've arranged for you and Leo to stay with the Potters over the holidays. You know I work with Ginevra and, well, I mentioned to her that we were going to Cairo over the holidays and she offered to let you and Leo stay with her and her family! She said it was no trouble seeing as she has already met Leo before and has heard all about you from her son (you never told me you knew the Potter boys!). I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time with all of your friends!


Your father and I love you so much, we'll talk on Christmas.


Mum x x


My eyes widen and I suddenly let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I immediately look over to the Gryfinndor table and see James laughing rowdily with his mates. He senses my gaze and looks up at me, a small smile forming on his face as he winks at me. A blush settles over my face and I drop his stare, biting my lip as a shy smile makes its way onto my face.


Caroline frowns at me in confusion, probably because I have yet to answer her question, but I ignore her as I stand and walk over to my little brother, letter in tow.


“Hey, sis.” greets Leo, his mouth packed full of toast. I visibly recoil in disgust and hold up the letter from mum. He snatches it from my hand and scans it quickly. He opens his mouth to say something but I quickly silence him.

“Swallow.” I command sternly. He rolls his eyes and obeys before reopening his mouth to speak.

“Sorry, mum.” He laughs at his own joke and high fives Louis, who is sitting opposite him.

“Good one.” I roll my eyes and grab the letter back off him.

“What's in Cairo?” Leo asks once he has composed himself.

“Numbers, runes, I don't know” I shrug as I start fixing Leo's breakfast into a flower shape. Leo snorts at the picture but still helps me make petals out of pieces of egg and bacon, pausing to say goodbye to Louis as he heads off to class.


“I can't believe they're missing Christmas.” Leo sighs sadly when he finishes his tomato sauce grass. I scoot over on the bench and put my arm around him. His head falls to my shoulder and I lean my own on top of his.

“Hey,” I begin after a moment when I lift his head up to look me in the eye, “We have each other and pictures made of food.”

He smiles at that, his hair falling into his eyes. 

“Christmas will be perfect.” I brush the hair out of his face, like I used to do when he was younger, “Okay?”

Leo nods and returns to his breakfast, dipping the sausage stem of the flower into the tomato sauce grass before putting the whole concoction into his mouth.

“And I hear that their grandmother makes a kick ass ham.” I grin as I stand and ruffle my brothers hair. He grins back at me as I head back over to my table.


On the way, I catch James' eye again. He motions towards himself before pointing to me, followed by him pointing down while mouthing “You, me, now.” This time it's me who winks at him. He beams at me as I grab my bag and say a quick goodbye to my friends.


I walk out of the Great Hall with James covertly trailing behind me. I turn into the first empty classroom I see and sit on a desk, waiting.


James walks in and I immediately stand and walk over to him.


“Hey.” He greets me as he grasps my wrist and pulls me towards him

“Hey.” I return as I lean into his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck and studying a few, light freckles dotted on his nose that I hadn't noticed before.

I watch him as he pulls his wand out of his back pocket and magically locks the door behind him.

The last thing I see before I slide my eyes shut is James' hands on my waist, and his eyes on mine as he fits his mouth to mine.


“I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Caroline screams as she slams our dorm room door shut. I jump suddenly as though the tremors from the door have travelled across the room and run up through my body.


“Hey Coco, what's up?” Alaska asks casually as she swings her legs back and forth while lying on her bed.


“DON'T EVEN START WITH ME ALASKA ERIN SWIFT” Caroline raises her arm and dramatically points at Alaska as she stalks the distance of the room over and over again. Alaska carefully puts down her magazine and army style crawls over to the fort we tried (and failed) to make together earlier, where I am sitting doing my homework.


“I think she knows.” Alaska raises her hand to her mouth and stage whispers this in my ear.


“Knows what? You didn't tell her about the guy did you? Why would you-” Alaska stops my freak out mid way by roughly clasping her hand over my mouth. I seriously hope she washed that thing.


“I mean about the date with Louis.” She explains as she removes her hand from my face. It takes me a moment to remember what she's talking about, and when I do my face relaxes into a grin.


“Oh. Well, good luck my friend” I laugh as I pat Alaska on the knee and rise to leave. Caroline abruptly stops pacing and stares at me with a sinister look in her eye.


“STAY EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE NINA LILY SUMMERS” I instantly drop back down, missing the pillows and instead landing on the hard floor.


“What's with the middle name treatment Caroline Katarina Sammes?” Alaska asks apathetically as I rub my injured booty.


Caroline shifts her gaze to Alaska and storms over to her. Her hands are pressed tightly into fists, causing her knuckles to turn white. This could be my only chance. I rapidly stand and dive towards my bed, landing on it with a thump. I bury myself under the covers with only my head poking out at the foot of my bed to observe the action. Safe. For now.




Alaska looks alarmed for only an instant before she composes her features into a relaxed expression. She interlocks her fingers and leans back into the sheets that make up the walls of the semi fort.


“Ah yes, that would be because I promised him that he could go on a date with you. I'm sorry, is that a problem?”




“Really? I know he's a little young but he's fairly fit and completely head over heels for you”








“Why is it a problem then?”




“What 'reasons',” Alaska makes quotation marks with her fingers, “Would stop you from going out on one, little date with a cute fourth year?”


Caroline's face scrunches up as she mentally struggles with how to answer the comment.




Alaska's jaw drops open just as I erupt into a smile and squeal excitedly. I try to untangle myself from my sheets and manage to trip over them multiple times as I rush to hug Caroline. It quickly becomes less of a hug and more of a tackle as Caroline and I both fall to the ground together.

“OH MY MERLIN CAROLINE, YAY!” I pull myself off of Caroline and begin dancing around our dorm. Calbus lives!




“Whoa, wait, hang on everyone.” Alaska says as she too rises from her seat and cautiously heads over to where Caroline and I now stand, “What exactly is going on here?”


Caroline begins to answer, but I quickly do it for her.




“WHAT?” Caroline and Alaska exclaim at the same time. Alaska is staring inscrutably at Caroline, who mimics the same facial expression while looking at me.


“What?” I respond as I frown at the pair.


Oh. Right. Caroline doesn't know I saw her and Al making out. And Alaska knows nothing about anything. Except herbology. She's weirdly good at herbology.


“What did you just say Nina?” Caroline asks carefully.


“Um, I believe it was 'what?'.” I reply with an innocent smile as I slowly inch away from the pair.


“How did you know about Al and I?” Caroline inquired, taking a step towards me.


“Excuse me, how did I not know about you and Al?” Alaska yells as she crosses her arms across her chest.


“It's like how I didn't tell Coco about James, Allie! Don't be mad!” I exclaim in an attempt to placate things.


Wait. Fuck.




“What about James?” Caroline's face is scrunched up in concentration as she tries to put the pieces together.


“Wait, is James the guy you hooked up with on Halloween?” Alaska speculates, her eyes widening as though she just made the biggest scientific breakthrough of the century.


“You snogged someone on Halloween? And it was James? What?!?”


“Ha, that's a funny story actually.” I take a breathe and make to continue my sentence.


That's when I ran.




Didn't I just thank you for 1000 reads?




I actually have 2014 reads right now which I think is just lovely and fun and totally fitting.


I know you wont see this until well after (It is currently the 21st) but Merry Christmas guys! I hope you guys all got amazeballs presents x x


Stay festive (Christmas music is always acceptable- never believe otherwise) and I'll see you in 2014

- Adi x

P.S- Sorry this is so late I visited my family over Christmas/New Years and then went on holidays with my friend almost straight after (with no wifi) and completely forgot to post this chapter! Also, while I was away we hit 2500 reads! I don't know how you guys did that so quickly but I have chosen not to question it. Thank you so much! x

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