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The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : The One With The Love Potion
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I had spent most of my day attending classes, mainly because that was something teachers expected of me at Hogwarts. Otherwise there would be no point in me being here. Although I suppose that this could become a holiday camp of some sort. A place where we can all have parties and games. If we ignore the fact that I would never go to any of this parties or games as I’m not that great at talking to people.

Speaking of talking to people, Michelle is now talking to me again.

It was in our second lesson of the day that Michelle actually began talking to me again. I knew that our little bicker from earlier was forgotten. I let us both ignore it, it was easier to have her talking to me again than it was to not have her around. Our first lesson of the day was a bit awkward, we just sat in silence really whilst I tried to think of a way to get her to talk to me again. I’m not sure what actually made her start talking to me again, but I’m not complaining.

I didn’t much like having my lessons alone, or in total silence because I had no one to speak to. I had already been making excuses for Michelle’s behaviour earlier by telling myself that she was just tired. Lame, I know, but what else was I going to do? Accept the fact that my only friend in the world doesn’t seem to want to be around me?

Michelle seemed a lot happier once we had arrived at our last lesson of the day, which was Potions. I think she was just happy that soon the first full day of lessons would be over. It meant that she could finally corner Lucien and get him to listen to her talking about Quidditch. It was the first day back and she was already thinking about Quidditch trials that wouldn’t even happen for another few weeks. I would have told her to calm down, but it made her happy. It also kept her occupied enough, to not bring up the fact that James Potter was in this lesson with us. He didn’t seem to have noticed that I had walked into the room and had taken a seat at a desk near the front of the class. I wasn’t going to turn around and make a fool of myself by being caught staring at him. So I settled for getting some parchment out of my bag as Michelle handed me a quill, putting a pot of ink between us so that we could share it.

A sudden sweet smell filled my nose and I looked in front of my desk, noticing a cauldron for the first time at the front of the room and near the teacher’s desk. I wondered what was in it and why it smelt so god damn delicious. Chancing a look around the room, I saw that I wasn’t the only one who noticed the smell that was filling the room.

“Are you trying to stare at James?”

I whipped my head back around to the front and turned to Michelle as I shook my head at her.

“Of course not, I was just wondering who was in the lesson that’s all.”

“Sure, you were,” Michelle said with a small laugh.

I gave a sigh and put my head in my hand as I looked at the cauldron again. I was trying to ignore the fact that I was wishing Michelle wasn’t talking to me at that moment. Mainly because I wouldn’t have had to feel embarrassed to look around the classroom as I had done.

Hearing a commotion at the back of the classroom, I knew that the teacher had arrived. I heard him walking to the front of the classroom as my fellow students took their seats so that the lesson could begin.

“Quiet down class and pay attention,” the Potions teacher, Professor Noble, called to us. Professor Noble was in his forties, tall and had black hair that was beginning to go grey.

Professor Noble moved straight to the cauldron that was emitting the beautiful smells. I wanted to just spend the rest of the day in this classroom. “Congratulations on achieving a good enough O.W.L.s grade to continue this class. We’ll jump straight into work, shall we? Can anyone tell me what’s in the cauldron in front of me?”

I looked around the classroom as everyone went silent. I couldn’t say that I knew what the potion was, I wasn’t sure that I had ever seen it before. There was silence for a few more moments, before James laughed and said, “It’s a potion, Professor Noble.”

A few people laughed around him and James nudged one of his friends. I was trying not to laugh at James’s words as Michelle shook her head next to me. Professor Noble gave James a tight smile before telling the class to quieten down again.

“Very true, Potter. But can you tell me what the potion is?” Professor Noble asked him with an eyebrow raised.

“It’s a love potion, Sir,” James told them. One of his friends made a comment that I couldn’t hear and they began laughing again. Michelle seemed more interested in this potion now that she knew what it was; I hoped she didn’t make a comment on me being able to use it on James. “It’s said that the smell emitted from it varies depending on the person who smells it.”

“You’re right, James, a love potion smells different to each individual person. Perhaps you would like to tell the class what it smells like to you?” Professor Noble asked him daringly.

James gave a shrug, before stepping away from his desk and moving forwards to the front of the class and near my desk. Once he stopped in front of it, he took a deep breath, his eyes closing and a small smirk filling his face.

I couldn’t help but watch him.

“I can smell -” He took another deep breath, “-Honey, parchment, strawberries and.... ink?” James said with a small frown with his last words as he opened his eyes again, he shook his head and gave a laugh.

I was amazed that James willingly told the class what he could smell. Especially in front of his friends, Barry Ingle and Elijah Morse, who were laughing and mocking James over what he had described smelling.

“Parchment? Who on earth smells parchment?” I heard Barry laugh, as he shoved Elijah. Elijah began to start snorting from the amount of laughing he was doing. I rolled my eyes at their behaviour; James seemed to be ignoring them.

“Be quiet,” Professor Noble stated, repeating himself, “Maybe you’d like to tell the class what you smell in the potion, Ingle?”

“No chance,” Barry Ingle snorted, crossing his arms across his chest and shaking his head. His dark eyes still held laughter in them.

“Didn’t think so,” Professor Noble said, “Thank you for that, James.”

James nodded before going back to his desk; I looked away from him, not wanting him to catch me staring at him.

“Now, if you all take your places back around your desks, you’ll all get your own chance to find out what true love smells like to you. As for this lesson we are going to be learning how to make this.” Professor Noble waved his wand and instructions began to appear on the board behind him. “Instructions are on the board, you best get started.”

I turned to Michelle, who was already muttering about the ingredients that we would need. As I got the cauldron ready, she dashed off to the cupboard the other side of the room. It was nice to know that her competitive streak wasn’t lost over the holidays, not that I expected it to. In fact, I think it might have gotten worse since she found out that she hadn’t become Captain of the Hufflepuff team. I knew that she was going to try and show that she would have been the better choice.


“So, what do you smell?” Michelle asked me as she took a whiff of the potion that we had finished.

I leant forwards and took a deep breath, the smell of chocolate filling my lungs, mixed with a hint of apple and coconuts. I could smell parchment, just like James did, as well as rain. That’s weird.

“Er...” I faltered, not sure if I wanted to tell her. I suddenly became insecure and I knew that if Michelle found out about the parchment smell I’d hear no end to it. She already thought that my crush on James was hilarious. “Chocolate, coconuts and apples. How ‘bout you?”

“Grass, soap and polish.” Michelle told me, she seemed almost smug about something. “That’s clearly a sign that I’ll love a Quidditch player.”

I felt almost bad that I didn’t divulge the last two fragrances that I could smell, but I knew that she too was holding back. I tried not to let it bother me.

I gave her a smile before we heard giggling from near us. We both turned to see that Elijah and Barry were whispering to each other with a vial in their hands. I saw Barry slip it into his pocket before looking over at the teacher. I turned to look at the teacher as well and saw that he was having a serious word with James about something that was in the potions book that James was holding.

I turned back to Michelle, who was putting her stuff back into her school bag, whilst we prepared ourselves to leave when the bell would ring.

“I think that Barry has slipped a vial of the potion into his robes. Should we tell the teacher?” I asked her.

Michelle shook her head. “It’s got nothing to do with us, so just ignore it. We don’t want to make them hate us or draw attention to ourselves do we?” she answered. “Besides, it’s not our problem.”

I deliberated for a moment as the bell rang around us and my fellow students began moving towards the door. I followed Michelle as I decided that it wasn’t my problem. It probably wouldn’t be long before Barry and Elijah were caught with whatever they had planned and they would be suitably punished by a teacher.

“Ouch!” I cried, my hand flying to my head as I felt my hair being tugged from behind me. I turned around quickly and in anger; how dare someone pull my hair? But when I turned I saw that the closest person behind me was walking in the opposite direction. Unless they had super human speed it couldn’t have been them. I turned back around and saw Michelle waiting for me with a concerned look on her face.

“What’s up?” She asked me as I neared her, still rubbing the small sore spot on my head.

“It felt like someone was tugging my hair,” I told her. “But I couldn’t see who it was.”

“It was probably Peeves,” Michelle said as she looked up to the ceiling as though Peeves would be floating around. I looked up with her and saw that the corridor was void of the Poltergeist.

“Maybe it was. What’s the point in that though? What is pulling my hair going to achieve?” I stated, feeling annoyed the Poltergeist chose me as a victim today.

“Let’s just put our stuff in our dormitory and then come down for dinner,” Michelle told me. I agreed and we began walking towards the Hufflepuff common room. “Try not to worry about it, Peeves doesn’t have a reason for most of the things he does around here.”

I nodded at her words, knowing that she was right.

“Oh, actually on second thought, can I just meet you in the hall? I see Lucien and I want to talk to him about the upcoming tryouts, try and get my input in,” Michelle asked me. I gave her a nod and told her to go. She bounded off, leaving me to walk to the common room on my own. I didn’t mind, I could now go down to dinner a bit later; I wanted to make sure that my cat was okay. I tried to ignore the fact that I wasn’t that far away from becoming a crazy cat lady. One that couldn’t stop thinking about her cat during the day when she was away from him.

After checking on Snowball, who was still fast asleep where I had left him on my bed at lunch time, the lazy sod. I began walking to the Great Hall, wondering if Michelle was in there yet, or if she was still talking Lucien’s ear off about Quidditch.

In the short walk I had to the Great Hall, I could feel a presence behind me for most of it as though I were being followed. I turned around quickly, scared that Peeves was around again to pull my hair, but when I turned I saw that no one was there. With a frown I turned back around, intending to carry on my walk to the Great Hall when I noticed that James Potter was blocking my way.

“Oh, hello,” I said, giving a nervous laugh, “Can I just get around you please, James?”

“Do you know how wonderful you are, Abigail?” James asked me, ignoring my question and not even moving out of my way.

I looked at him in shock before I gave a laugh before I could stop myself. What on earth was James playing at?

“Good one, James.” I said, managing to move passed him and make my way again to the Great Hall, wondering just what James was doing.

“I’m being serious, Abigail Higgs, you’re all I ever think about. I want you, Abigail, I need you... In fact, I think that I may just love you.” James called after me.

Well, that stopped me in my tracks very quickly. I turned around and looked at him as my eyes began widening in shock.

“You... what?” I asked him, I had to be dreaming. There was no way in the real world that James Potter would declare his love for me. This surely had to be a trick. My eyes darted around me looking for anyone else around that might have some sort of answer to whatever the hell was going on.

Within seconds my eyes fell on Barry and Elijah, who were looking at James and I in shock. I could faintly hear Barry hissing to Elijah, “We’ve got the wrong person.”

That’s when it hit me what was happening, I had seen them putting a vial of the love potion in their bag. They had put the love potion in James’ drink and now James was declaring his love to me, why?

I thought back to the pull on my hair that I had felt earlier, realising that it must have been one of them pulling my hair out to use on the potion. Those bastards, those absolute bastards, this was all a prank on me and on James.

I could feel the tears of humiliation beginning to prickle at my eyes as I looked back at James, who was smiling at me in adoration. Smiling at me as though I were his whole world, not realising that it was just the potion making him feel this way.

“James, listen to me. Your friends have given you a love potion; I need to take you to a teacher.” I told him, trying to keep my tears at bay as I realised that Barry and Elijah had disappeared. The cowards weren’t even going to help me; they had left me to face a love struck James alone.

James took hold of my hand and gave it a kiss, “I’ll go anywhere with you, Abigail.”

I wanted to believe him; I wanted nothing more than for it to be true. But I couldn’t let James make a fool of himself, I couldn’t let my own feelings get in the way of this. I needed to get him help.

“James, I need to snap you out of this. You don’t love me; it’s just the potion talking.” Even as I said those words, it felt like they were stabbing at me to know that the only time he would ever have feelings for me would be under the influence of a potion. He would never feel anything for me otherwise.

“I do love you, Abigail,” James told me as I tried to pull my hands out of his grasp. I hated this. I hated seeing my daydreams of James beginning to come true and knowing that it was just a cruel trick. He looked hurt that I had taken my hands out of his grasp and he fell to his knees as a pleading look crossed his eyes. “Please believe me, I do love you. I want to marry you, I want to have kids with you, and I want to grow old with you. Why won’t you believe me? We could be so happy together, Abigail. I know that we would, just give us a chance.”

I was shaking my head at him as I tried to back away. I wondered just how I was going to get him to a teacher and try to get him to stop declaring his love for me. Thankfully I saw James’s best friend, William Sutton, storming down the corridor and towards us. He had a look of absolute thunder across his face, he did not look happy in the slightest.

“James, come on, get up off the floor.” William stated, grabbing hold of James’s arm and helping to get him off the floor and onto his feet. “Let’s get you to the Hospital Wing.”

William turned to look at me and I saw an apologetic look cross his face. “I’m so sorry about this, Abigail.”

I gave a nod at him, “It’s not your fault, William,” I told him with a small shrug as I began to feel the humiliation that other people would know about this, fall over me. I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

“No, it’s those two douche bags.” William said, nodding over to Barry and Elijah who had come back; they had obviously been getting William to help them stop James. The laughter had gone from their faces.

“Do you have any idea how serious this is?” William yelled at them; they had the decency to look sorry. “Did you give any thought to what you’ve just put Abigail and James through with this little stunt of yours? How this will make them both feel? You should both be ashamed of yourselves.”

“Sorry,” Barry muttered, his hands finding his long blonde hair nervously. Elijah nodded along with his words as though he was agreeing with them.

“Come on, James. Let’s get you to the Hospital Wing,” William said, tightening his grip on James, who was trying to hold my hand again, I felt so sorry for James for going through this.

“But I want to stay with Abigail.” James stated, smiling at me before turning to William and whispering, "I love her.”

“Abigail has got to go to somewhere, so how about you and I go and get her a present, yeah?” William said to James, who had managed to grab for my hand again and pulled me closer to him.

“Is that what you want, Abigail? Do you want me to get you a present?” James asked me, holding my hand with both of his and holding it to his chest. He was smiling at me as though I were his whole world again and it was killing me inside.

I nodded as I tried not to let the tears form in my eyes, trying to pull my hand from his again, but he didn’t seem to want to let me go. “Yeah, James, I would love for you to get me a present. How about you go with William and I’ll see you later on?”

James nodded and he finally let go of my hand, as I looked down at my hand. I didn't want to look at James anymore because I knew that I couldn’t handle the look in his eyes anymore, not when it was a lie. I felt a hand touch the side of my face gently before feeling James kiss me lightly on the side of the face. He pulled away from me and I looked up in shock to see that William was managing to pull him down the corridor.

“If my Abigail wants a present, I shall get her the best present I can find,” he told me before I lost sight of them both.

I didn’t stay in that spot for long, running away as soon as I could. I sprinted towards the Hufflepuff common room as all thoughts of food left me and tears blurred my vision. I hated Barry and Elijah, absolutely hated them.

How could I ever face anyone again? How could I ever face James again?

A/N: That was a long chapter for you all! More to come soon, I promise. :D Poor James and Abigail! Who here hates Barry and Elijah? Let me know what you think! I love getting all of your reviews and I shall respond to them as fast as I can. 

Thank you to my wonderful Beta Sam! :D

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