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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 39 : Chapter Thirty-Nine
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A/N Sensitive topic/theme ahead.

I had finished tying up my package for Oscar's eighth birthday and watched Hallow fly away until she was just a speck, hoping that she would get there in time for tomorrow for his birthday. I was late sending it due to having an exam this morning, I've only got three more left: my practical potions one which is on Friday and both my written and practical for Defence which are Monday and Wednesday and then we graduate on the Friday. So I only have ten days left at Hogwarts, well technically twelve because we don't actually get the train home until the Sunday.

Sighing I left the owlry after giving the little golden scoops owl a stroke on the head and made my way back across the grounds. I waved to Professor Scamander who was outside Hagrid's hut with a group of students, thirds years by the seem of things as there were a group of hippogriffs in a paddock near by.

Aside from Charms and Muggle Studies, Care of magical creatures is my third favourite subject and I was sad to drop it when I started home schooling with Mrs. Samuels. Just a shame our pets don't qualify as magical.

The entrance hall was quiet as everyone was in class, it felt weird being able to hear only my footsteps echo. I knew Al, Scorp and Rose were all in the library getting ready for their Ancient Runes exam which is tomorrow and since I had a free period before lunch I decided to head to the dorm to catch up on some sleep because of my sleeping pattern being messed up due to nerves and worrying.

Something felt wrong when I entered our dorm and the second I saw Dom slumped on the floor at the bottom of her bed I just knew.

"Dom," I snapped getting her attention as I knelt in front of her. "You have got to stop this! I know you regret what you did but you can't keep doing this to yourself. It's happened and it's now over, sweetie."

She looked at me through her bloodshot eyes which were all puffy. "It takes away the pain," she said raising the bottle to her lips to drink.

I felt so frustrated I wanted to scream at her, but I knew it would be no good. There was only one way this would get solved, she needed help and there were only two people I knew who could do that: Scorpius and Madame Pomfrey.

I took the bottle from her before she could take another sip and went to the bathroom, making sure she could see I was tipping it straight down the sink.

"Enough is enough, Dommie. Stop punishing yourself, you've hurt enough now you have to heal," I told her feeling wise beyond my years. I left the empty bottle in the sink and then as Dom attempted to stand I started to search her trunk, bedside cabinet and under her bed for any more bottles.

Surprisingly under her bed I found six bottles of firewhisky,  I knelt on my knees brushing the dust off before standing up and proceeding to empty the lot down the sink. Once I was done and had emptied the other eight bottles I had found in various places I got a glass of water and took it to Dom.

"You need help, Dom, it's beyond my control now. I've tried," I muttered as I passed her the glass, helping keep it steady as she gulped the water down.

"Not him, he can never know," she sobbed.

I stroked her hair. "Okay," I said despite knowing he would have to know. "Not him. Come on lets see Madame Pomfrey she'll help you, Dommie," I said as I stood up and bent back down to help her.

Dom was wobbly on her feet but I managed to get her to sit on the end of her so I could put shoes on her, I managed to wrap a blanket around her as well whilst she sat still because she was shivery. Once her shoes were on Dom got up herself and started to leave the dorm, nearly tripping down the stairs until I caught her arm and held her back.

"Careful," I said as I shuffled past her so I was able to get down first whilst she wobbled her way down, in a way she reminded me of the way Bentley and Aubri used to wobble like that when they first started walking and it made me smile.

"Come on," I coaxed her as we left and started to make our way across the common room.


By the time I got Dom up the grand staircase I was exhausted, she had tripped a few times coming up the stairs and she could barely walk in a straight line no matter how much I kept her steady. Classes were still on and I was glad no one had saw us and if they it would seem Dom was ill since I had wrapped a blanket around her.

I was thankful the library was closer than the hospital wing and when we were just a corridor away I found one of the alcove's that's hidden behind a tapestry. Coaxing her in I told her I would be back soon, before I left she slid down the wall into a heap on the floor and sighed. I felt so bad for her but I knew I had to stay strong right now as I was going to defy what she had said.

I left Dom hidden there as I knew it wouldn't be a wise decision to take her in there especially with Madame Pince lurking around. As I suspected Rose, Al and Scorp were sat in the corner at a table just a window, Rose seemed to be bombarding the boys with questions which they were hesitant in answering.

Rushing over to them I slipped into the spare chair next to Rose. "Scorp, I need a word please," I said as I looked at him.

He frowned his pretty blonde eyebrows at me before he hesitated in saying, "Um okay, Flick."

"Bring your stuff, it's important," This time it wasn't just Scorpius looking at me like I had two heads, Al and Rose were to. "Please," I added desperately before he started to pack his stuff away.

I was tapping my foot softly hoping he would move a bit quicker until Al put his hand on mine and muttered, "Stop tapping, Fliss, you okay? You seem really worried and tense."

"I'm fine, I think. I just need Scorp to help with something," I lied as I chewed the inside of my cheek. "Ready?" I asked as Scorpius stood up, he nodded in response. "We'll see you guys later."

With a quick bye we moved away from their table. "I know everything," I told Scorpius in a low voice as we left the library passing a group of fifth year who were complaining about one of their exams. "Dom's the blonde, you and her hooked up. Not only that, Rose needs to know the truth."

From the look on his face he thought he could deny it and just as he was about to he sighed obviously changing his mind. "I know Rose does, Flick, but it will kill her to know. Is she okay?" he added and I shook my head as we came to the alcove and I moved the portrait aside revealing Dom curled in the corner, her arms wrapped tight around herself. "Shit!" I heard him mutter as he dropped down in front of her. "Dom, speak to me."

"Flickk, I told you not him. Never him," Dom murmured looking past Scorp and straight at me.

"I'm sorry, Dommie, but he needs to know. We need to get her to Madame Pomfrey she's been drinking, way too much than you're meant to," I said aiming the last part at Scorpius who nodded.

"I'll carry her if you can get my bag."

With that he went over to Dom who was babbling away to herself and scooped her up in his arms, I made the sure the blanket was still wrapped around her and picked up his bag as we left and headed to the hospital way. My nerves were becoming more frazzled by the minute and I was feeling sick with worry.

"Flick?" Came a voice I partially recognised, as I turned around I saw the familiar blonde hair, it was Louis, Dom's little brother, "Is that Dom? Issheokay?" he asked in a rush as he ran over from his friends.

Scorpius stopped next to me, his eyes going wide as he looked at me, I nodded slightly meaning that Louis had to know. "Yeah it's, Dom," I told him softly. "She's not well so we're taking her to Madame Pomfrey."

I had never seen his face look so worried as he said, "Wait there I'm coming with you," Louis rushed back to his friends and then came back over to us.

With Louis in toe we set off again, I went ahead and entered the hospital wing first. I could see Madame Pomfrey was in her office through the little window and I practically ran down the ward, knocking on her door.

"What is it child?" she asked when she saw me, nearly doubled over as I caught my breath back from running the way.

Madame Pomfrey helped me into the chair opposite her desk and bustled about getting a glass of water which she handed to me. "Dom," I said when I got my breath back. "She needs help, Scorp and Louis are coming now."

No sooner than the words were out of my mouth they came onto the ward, Pomfrey left me and started barking orders at Scorpius. "Get her on the bed immediately. What's happened?" she asked aiming it at me as came out of her office and hurried over to where she was stood.

"Drink," I replied. "Too much firewhisky, vodka and god knows what else."

"I need room to work Mr Weasley, Mr Malfoy."

The boys moved whilst the matron hooked Dom up to some machine and started casting spells and waving her wand around, saying incantations I couldn't hear.

"Will she be okay?" Louis asked eventually once Pomfrey had stopped.

"She will be but she needs complete and utter rest as well as a lot of potions to stop the alcohol from damaging her system and insides if it hasn't done so all ready as well as a healing potion." With a sigh she looked at me and I could see there was something she wanted to ask, but perhaps not with Louis or Scorp there. "Would I be able to have a word in my office please once I have seen to Miss Weasley, please."

I nodded as the matron got  to work in her store cupboard. Louis sat in the chair next to the bed and held Dom's hand looking so worried, Scorpius kept glancing at me and I knew why. I knew his secret, one that could pretty much destroy him and Rose for ever. Dom was muttering in her sleep when the Matron came back carrying three different potions, one clear, one blue and one yellow.

"Boys could you wait outside please, Miss Saunders." She raised her eyebrows at me as I moved and pulled the curtains around the bed, standing near where Louis had been sat minutes previously.

Handing me a hospital gown, she woke Dom up before helping her get changed. "Now, Miss Weasley, I need you to drink all three of these potions. You will have to do so, three times a day for the next three days until I know that everything is out of your system."

Dom mumbled a reply and looked at me with sad eyes. "Don't cry, Flick, it's my own fault."

Until Dom had said it I hadn't even noticed that I was crying, I wiped them away with my sleeve whilst I watched her drink the potions. She pulled a face with the yellow one and started coughing afterwards. I poured her a glass of water from the jug next to the bed and handed her.

"Thanks," Dom said softly, as we helped her into the bed. She was so weak that I had to help her with the glass of water.

As soon as Dom was settled down under the covers, her eyes fluttering between open and closed, Madame Pomfrey nodded towards her office and I followed. Louis went and sat back by Dom whose eyes grew wide at the sight of him but she managed to murmur a reply to him, "Lou-lou go back to your dorm, I'm fine honestly just tired."

Louis looked like he didn't want to move from her side but he nodded slowly. "What about Vic?"

"Don't tell her please, Louis. Just go back to your dorm. Loves you little brother."

I wasn't the only one crying as tears were trickling down his pale cheeks. "Loves you too, Dom, I'll be back in the morning," I hugged Louis before he left just as Dom shut her eyes.

I looked at Scorpius and he looked right back at me as Madame Pomfrey came over. "A word please?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and spoke, "It wasn't just what she drank tonight, she's been doing it all year I think. I've gotten rid of all the bottles I found in the dorm."

"But why?" Scorpius asked.

I was about to answer but Dom spoke in a hushed voice, "You knocked me up."

Scorpius' grey eyes became the size of saucers. "What?" he choked.

Dom sat up slightly. "I never got over what I did," she said speaking directly to Madame Pomfrey who was watching her. "It's been eating me alive since the day it happened. The drink just took the pain away."

Scorpius was doing a great impression of a gold fish before he found his voice again, "You were pregnant? With my child?"

Dom scoffed sounding like her normal self. "No shit, despite what I've heard about myself I wasn't sleeping around."

Pomfrey didn't even scold Dom for her language she was just looking at her and Scorp with curiosity, "You never told the father, Miss Weasley? Who I assuming is Mr Malfoy?"

"How could I? He's dating my cousin. It wasn't supposed to be like this, just a one time thing. But that didn't happen did it?" Dom yelled at Scorpius who flinched slightly. "Because I fell in love with you, I was nothing but a shag to you. Now you're all loved up with Rosie and I'm racked with the guilt of what I did."

I was surprised Scorpius hadn't said anything, I mean not only had Dom just told him she had been pregnant but she told him she was in love with him. He sat in the chair next to Dom and put his head in his hands. "It's all my fault," I heard him mumble as Madame Pomfrey spoke to Dom.

"You should have come to see me, Miss Weasley. I could have arranged counselling sessions for you. I'll do it now and you will have to attend every week, I'm here to help, Miss Weasley, not judge," The matron explained. "I'll be back shortly."

With a quiet "Thank you," from Dom, the Matron left us to go to her office.

"I don't know the full of it but you have really messed up Scorpius. Not only has this broken Dom, it will break Rose's heart," I told him the truth, deciding not to sugar coat it was the best because honestly shit will go down either way. "She has to know and it has to be one of you to tell her before someone like Hattie finds out and does it for you."

"I know that, Flick," he spoke as he looked up at me. "I'm such an idiot and I shouldn't have messed you around, Dom. I had no idea about any of it, you pushed me away remember."

I glared at him, that was so not the best words to use.

"I did it because what we did was wrong," Dom practically screamed at him. "I couldn't be with you because I knew what it would do to Rose. I've chosen Rose's happiness over my own, I chose not to tell you because I thought you would have gotten with me because of the baby and dumped Rose. I chose to keep it from you because I'd have rather seen Rose happy," Dom sniffed and I put my hand on hers as I carefully sat on the end of her bed.

"She's loved you since forever Scorpius and I was not going to ruin what she had left with you, despite our thing. I knew I couldn't keep it and adoption was out the question. It was my best option at the time. I think you knew in a way I loved you but yet you still used me. Just go, Scorpius, please." With that Dom rolled onto her side, looking away from him.

"Can't I even process this! Isn't it bad enough Flick has kept not one but two huge secrets from Albus but even you lied to me about it. That was our child, Dom!" Scorpius said his voice rising. "I'm not saying you didn't make the right choice I'm just saying I had a right to know about it. I would have been there. Just like Albus has a right to know about them, Flick," he added looking at me.

I swear if Dom hadn't already of know I would have slapped Scorpius on the spot.  "Don't you bring me into this, I have my reasons for not telling him Scorpius and I've already told you and nearly everyone else who keeps asking me. I'm telling him at graduation!" I growled at him.

Dom rolled back over to look at him. "Just like Flick I had my reasons, you know now so just go. I'm no longer in the mood to put up with your shit, Scorpius, I loved you, you used me and broke my heart so just piss off and leave Flick and Al out of this. And before you opened your big mouth I already knew, not that you care about keeping Flick's secret right now."

I gave my best friend a small smile and squeezed her hand again. "Thanks," I whispered before looking at Scorpius with my best death glare. "If you tell him, Scorp, I will never ever forgive you, it's my secret to tell not yours. If you have to tell anyone anything it's Rose, she deserves to know the truth."

He sighed as he stood up. "I've been through this with Dom before, Rose can never know."  With that he left the hospital wing, the door banging shut.

Myself and Dom didn't exchanged any words, we just knew what each other was thinking. I sat in the chair and held her hand until she fell asleep.

With my potions exam over hours ago I had gone into Hogsmeade with permission from Minnie so I could see Ria and the twins. It didn't really come as any surprise to me that James was with her, although I did wonder why he wasn't at the shop or playing Quidditch but as he explained it wasn't until the end of June he had to go away to start training for the summer matches.

I closed the door of Minnie's office behind me leaving her to mark students work and headed down the corridor feeling happy. Not even the annoying sixth years who were up against the suit of armour were going to spoil my mood. What made it even better was when I used my wand and the couple split apart leaving them both looking utterly confused.

Smiling to myself I took a secret passage way just as the bell went and all the other years came spilling out the classrooms. I was confused to see someone a pair of feet sticking out of one of the alcoves so I ran to make sure that they were okay.

Looking down at the person I saw the familiar messy black hair and smiled, what on earth was Al doing slumped in an alcove fast asleep?

I bent down and put my hand on his shoulder, shaking him gently as I did so. "Al, wake up."

"Huh?" Came his sleepy reply. "Go away mum I don't want to get up."

I sniggered as I shook him some. "Al, it's Flick wake up," He muttered in his sleep again so I pulled out my wand. "Aguamenti." A steady spout of water came flowing out the tip of my wand and landed right in the middle of Al's head. He shot up cursing but stopped when he saw it was me.


"Yeah, Al."

"Why am I sopping wet?"

"Why are you asleep in an alcove in one of the secret passageways?" I retorted.

He looked around in confusion and then back to me as I sat down next to him. "Um I think I was going to the library but I didn't sleep so well last night because of worrying about the exam, you know potions isn't my strongest subject," I nodded in response, since I'm crap at potions as well. "I dropped my bag so I guess I must have dozed off.

I lent on his shoulder forgetting it was wet. "Ew," I moaned, but Al soon fixed that with a heat spell and once he was dry I lent my head back down. "It's scary knowing that after this we're adults with the big wide world at our fingertips."

Al squeezed my hand. "It'll be fine, Fliss, chin up we've been offered places on some of the best Quidditch teams out there. We'll have the time of our lives."

"But, Al, I turned them both down, as much as I love Quidditch that's not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I can't afford to get hurt. I have responsibilities which is why I want to be a healer. I have since I was little, either a healer or a nurse," I told him as I stared at the opposite wall. "Come on we're supposed to meet the others in our dorm."

I stood up, dusting off and smoothing my school skirt down. I picked up my bag as Al looked at me for a moment and then stood up, grabbing his own bag before offering me his hand which I took. As we came out onto a corridor next to a suit of armour I realised what I had said about responsibilities yet Al didn't question it at all.

Looking at my watch and saw it was one o'clock, everyone was still in fourth lesson so the corridor's and common room were still empty except for the odd fifth, sixth or seventh year who had exams or a free period. Even down in the common room I could hear some sort of yelling, frowning I headed on up to the girls dorm where we were supposed to be meeting the others.

Al was behind me so when I stopped due to the amount of shouting coming from within, he bumped into me. I exchanged looks with Al and like me he looked worried, but also terrified. I guess with a family full of women you learn not to argue with them or piss them off.

I pushed open the wooden door and the scene appeared before us. Rose was pacing the room, her hair practically crackling with power as she yelled at Dom. Looking over at Dom I saw she was sat on her bed sobbing her eyes out, protecting herself with a pillow. Since Tuesday and her trip to see Madame Pomfrey she was doing better and today was her last day on the potions. She had, had a meeting Wednesday night with the counsellor who had come from St.Mungo's, I went with her for support and I think she's going to be on the right track now.

"What's going on?" I asked although I had an awful feeling about what it might be about.

Rose rounded on me with her wand pointed out, tears streaming down her face which had an angry expression. "HER!" Rose screeched at me whilst pointing at Dom. "She's ruined everything."

Well crap, I thought, I think Rose may know.

"I'm sorry," Dom sobbed. "I'm so, so sorry."

I looked back at Rose who had moved so myself and Al could come in. "Ro, put your wand down please. Can't you talk about whatever happened?"

Al was looking at me with a confused expression. "Um what?"

I shook my head at him before going over to Dom and hugging her. "I tried to put it right, Flick, I really did but she won't listen to me," she blubbered into my shoulder.

"You're no cousin of mine any more, Dom, she slept with my boyfriend!" Rose roared at Dom who looked up at her with tear stained eyes.

"Ro, let her explain. Please."

Rose nodded at me and tucked her wand back in her pocket, she didn't stop pacing the room and carried on ignoring Albus who was looking confused as hell.

"I never meant to, Rose, he came to me. I offered once when we were drunk because he was nervous about you and him doing it for the first time. It was him who took the offer, it was supposed to be one time, but ended up as more," Dom explained in between her hiccuping sobs. "I ended it even though I loved him. It was never supposed to happen. I wanted to tell you but he didn't want to. He's played us both," she finished just as I heard the door go.

Thinking it was Rory, or even Hattie or Didge I didn't know how we could explain what was going on but I knew when I saw the murderous glint in Rose's blue eyes that it was Scorpius and boy was she going to give him hell. Not that he didn't deserve it, I had to agree it wasn't right what he did at all. He messed up real bad.

Scorpius entered and I think he may have caught on to what was happening when he saw the scene, Rose lunged straight for him and there was a giant 'crack' from where Rose's hand had slapped him hard around the face.

"You lying, cheating scum, no wonder you're a Malfoy. 'Don't get friendly with him', dad had said. I'm starting to think he was right!" Rose yelled at him as she proceeded to try and hit every bit of Scorpius she could reach until Al wrapped his arms around her and pulled her off.

"Is someone going to tell me what the fuck is going on here?" Albus asked as a dazed Scorpius was trying and failing to calm Rose down.

I sighed before explaining. "Scorpius cheated on Rose with Dom because he was nervous about them having sex for the first time so they hooked up as a drunk mistake. Instead of being a one time thing it went on a couple of times. Dom ended it and wanted to tell Rose, Scorpius didn't and here we all are now," I finished, leaving out the whole part about Dom being pregnant, somehow I think that might just add fuel to the fire.

Al released Rose and he did something I had never ever expected him to do, he punched Scorpius right in the middle of his face and then again. There was a crack sounding like a broken nose and I appeared to be correct as blood trickled down his face.

"I hate you both, especially you," Rose screeched at Scorpius who was doing nothing but standing there looking dazed at the fact his best friend had punched him and that his lies had comes out. "We're over and we're never, ever getting back together. I don't want to see your slimy face again!"

Before I could think of doing anything Rose came over and slapped Dom hard, she gave me a look and nodded at me. Understanding that it meant she was still my friend I nodded back and she went over to the boys. Al was looking down at his hand and knuckles which looked a bit funny, with one last glare at Scorpius Rose swiftly kicked him right in his manhood causing him to double over in pain and land on the floor.

Rose left our dorm, slamming the door hard behind her just as Scorpius called a pathetic, "Rose, wait."

I didn't know what to do, I was stuck in the middle of it all. Dom was my best, best friend, Rose was one of my best friends and Scorpius was my best guy friend. Al appeared to be only one who had stayed sane and he was glaring at his best friend.

When he spoke I was scared because I had never seen Al act like that. "They're both my cousins, both are like sisters to me and you fucked with both of them?" Al said as he knelt in front oh Scorp, it wasn't a question, it was a statement. "Honestly, I thought you were better than that. No wonder you're in Slytherin." After raising his arm and bringing down to hit Scorpius who groaned slightly, he stood up and Al left the dorm without looking back.

Scorpius raised his head and looked at us. "What have you done, Weasley?"

"I told the truth, something you should have done last year. Get out, Malfoy," Dom yelled across the room.

Pathetically and slowly Scorpius got to his feet, he pulled off his t-shirt and bundled it up, pressing it to his face.

"You need to see, Pomfrey," I stated. "Don't go after Rose either."

He looked at me with a nasty look in his eyes. "Don't think your so innocent, Flick, has it not occurred to you Al might just got bat shit crazy when he realises what you've kept from him for over a year."

I simply looked right back at him. "Don't you think I don't know that Scorpius, just leave and get yourself sorted out." Leaving the dorm like a dog with his tail between his legs myself and Dom were alone, "Well," I said trying to lighten the mood. "That could have gone better."

Dom let out a small laugh and I smiled. "Yeah it could have," she replied and hugged me.


Albus' Point of view.

I had no clue as to what had just happened, I couldn't believe that my best mate had been playing both of my cousins.

The second the girls dorm door had closed behind me I had a feeling of where I would find Rose, I had to find her she was my cousin and not only that she was like a sister. I knew that Flick would be dealing with Dom and right now I didn't care what happened to Scorpius.

I legged it across the common room and passage way before coming out into the corridor. I set off sprinting up the grand staircase, I didn't pause to think and I didn't stop running as I carried on the the seventh floor. I was sure that Rose would be in the room of requirement, right now she needed me more than anyone.

"Oops sorry," I muttered to the dark haired girl I had just bumped into, she muttered something and then I realised who it was. "Oh it's you."
"Yeah it's me," she sneered. "Remember me?" Hattie asked sarcastically.

"I don't have time for your shit right now."

"Are you okay?" Hattie asked sounding generally concerned.

I raised my eyebrows. "Do I look it."

Shrugging she said, "Fine, but you can't say I didn't ask." Walking off up the corridor I watched her go and then shook my head.

What the hell is happening? She's being nice, Scorpius has messed up and two of my cousins are in pieces. The only thing going right lately seems to be my exams and mine and Flick's relationship. I think that the muggle studies trip has made us closer, even if it was weird having to look after a fake baby.

As I was lost with my thoughts I had forgotten where I was going but surprisingly I was already up on the seventh floor. I carried on down the corridor and once I was outside the tapestry I shut my eyes and paced three times thinking of what Rose would want. When I opened them, the handle was there and I pushed down and entered.

"Fuck off!" Rose screamed as a book came flying my way, I ducked so it missed my head and it flew right into the corridor. Shutting the door behind me I raised my arms in surrender.

"Rose, it's me. Albus," I told her just as she got ready to throw another, she put it down and turned around as I looked around the place.

It was like a giant library, nearly every inch of the walls were covered with shelves and books. The one corner held a kitchen with a door off it which I guess was a bathroom, Rose was sat amongst a bunch of giant beanbags and pillows crying her eyes out.

I went straight over to her and pulled her into my arms. "Shh, Rosie, it's okay."

"N-no i-it's n-not," she sobbed into my shoulder. "How could he have done this to me? And with Dom as well, she's one of my friends as well as my cousin."

"I know," I told her as I stroked her red curls, because I was unsure of what to say.

"We've been together four and a half years, why now?"

I sighed. "I'm honestly not sure Rosie. But you'll get over him, I know he's my best mate although right now it doesn't feel like it, but you will find someone better."

"This can't come out," Rose hiccuped. "No one can know what really happened, just that we broke up otherwise the Prophet will go crazy."

I let her cry into my shoulder for what felt like ages, eventually Rose sat up her eyes all red and bloodshot and looked at me. "Everything will be okay, Rosie, I promise. We haven't got much longer left here and after that we're free."

"Thanks, Albus," Rose sniffled. "You're the best cousin there is." She hugged me again and I had no idea how long we stayed there in the room, me telling Rose things would be okay whilst she spilled her heart and soul.

A/N And so Rose knows the truth! Scorpius certainly has a dark side, don't you think. Maybe he truly is his father's son.

Just so you know the next three chapters are all set at graduation/the same day but I've split them up.

Up next - Graduation and a face from the past turns up.

Edited - 28.07.2014


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