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Awake and Alive by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 3 : Looking for Harry
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aigue-marine @ TDA.


Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger had guts, Theo had to give them that. He was starting to think that only them three would be stupid enough to do whatever it was they were doing in the long run, if breaking into the Ministry when it was controlled by Death Eaters was one of their plans. Everything had been coming in dreams since the beginning of August, growing stronger and longer with each day, and all Theo really knew was that they wanted the locket that kept coming up.

The real one. But what is it?

There had to be magic surrounding it, he'd felt it in his dreams and it certainly wasn't good, and he couldn't deny that it was important, even if it had looked like a cheap bit of gold - but he hadn't gotten a good look at it, only briefly seen the S on the front, so he wasn't actually sure what it was like or how valuable it was.

A small part of him had hoped it would be worth selling if he found it first (he'd been keeping an eye out), because the money he had had was all but gone now, but he knew immediately that he'd find a way to get it to them... he could've have asked how they were eating on the run and copied them instead.

But no, that odd thought was pushed away once Theo dreamt of them breaking into the Ministry and stealing the locket from Umbridge. He hoped knocking her out had hurt the evil woman, even just a little - that thought made his days better.

It was when September rolled around that the dream of them breaking in became so strong and clear that Theo had woken up knowing it was going to happen in the next day or so. His dream had been mundane at first, one of his own - him and Blaise Zabini were doing homework in the library, while Astoria Greengrass, who had already finished, played lookout for her sister. It was a normal day at Hogwarts, the place he should be and would have gone to if Dumbledore hadn't been killed. The memory of seeing his old headmaster lying dead on the school grounds was a harsh one, filled with fear and loathing. He'd ignored the prickling feeling in the back of his mind that told him there was something more to the story and focused on the reasons why he hated everything to do with the war. That was the night he'd thought about running away, his father telling him about his meeting with Voldemort just pushed him into doing it - if they could get Dumbledore, no one was safe.

Theo pushed back the memory and focused on the television screen in his room. He was low on funds when he bumped into a girl called Charlie in the street, enough for fast food to last a week maybe, but not for a room. She was a nice girl, in a way - she was pretty, with light blond hair and soft blue eyes, and she was very willing to give him a room, but a different price had been paid.

He didn't care.

The morning of the break in, he'd persuaded her to leave him alone in the room; she always did eventually, she had to work behind the front desk of her family's hotel, but she tried to stay with him until noon. With her gone, he was able to keep track of his visions without her noticing his magic and asking questions. Questions would force him to leave and he had no idea where to go. And, deep down, he knew he'd miss the company; he'd been alone for two and a half months and he was beginning to feel a little crazy.

Mostly, he missed Blaise and Astoria; the guy wasn't the easiest to get along with, sometimes driving Theo crazy, but he was always there, and Astoria made sure he stayed in line. She'd met them through her sister Daphne and made a better impression. They were his friends; he hoped they were okay in Hogwarts - they'd both chosen to stay neutral in the war, and though Theo hadn't Seen anything, he often feared that their lack of participation would only save them if they survived to the end, given who was running the school.

"Please be okay," he whispered, closing his eyes and looking for them, just for a moment and then he'd look at that locket again. He wanted to know why it was so important.


That moment turned into an hour of flashes; his friends were huddled in a corner in the library, ignoring what was going on in the school, but were otherwise fine. He couldn't remember when he had fallen asleep, but an hour of using all that magic had drained him and he'd welcomed it. Until he'd woken up and been painfully reminded of the fact that he'd been on the floor.

Theo sat up and stretched slowly, the bones in his back clicking in places he didn't think could, and wondered what Charlie would get him to eat. She didn't really want him wandering around the hotel in case her parents caught him and they found out that he wasn't paying for a room, but if she wasn't up in an hour, he would be careful when going down and ask her if he could look at the menu their little dining area had.

He spent the time watching more of the television, loving the magic box with the moving pictures and sound more and more, every time he found something that he liked; he wasn't much of a fan of daytime TV dramas or soaps, as Charlie had called them, although they weren't as questionable as late night TV, but he loved the movies and was quickly becoming a fan of Muggle sports. Rugby was fun, fit blokes beat how violent it sometimes looked, but football was his favorite. He knew a little about it after watching Muggle boys in his neighborhood play when his father wasn't home, but that didn't compare to seeing a real game. He hoped he could see one live one day, like when he went to the Quidditch World Cup - only this time his father wouldn't invite him as an alibi when the Death Eaters attacked.

Theo smiled sadly at his reflection on the screen, knew that he loved the box so much because it distracted him from what was happening out in the world for a while. Distraction was all he really had; he had no idea what was truly going on on either side and his visions were not helping. If fate wanted him to help, to do anything, they would give him something... helpful, like an actual vision, rather than just flashes. They'd show him something that he could follow, use. They'd give him a purpose.

But no, he was hiding in some room, sleeping with the owners' daughter while talking to himself because he missed his friends, admiring sports players he didn't even know and dreaming of Harry Potter. All of those things were just helping with his theory that he was slowly but surely losing his mind.

He dropped back down onto the floor. "I'm screwed," he told the ceiling, foolishly hoping for an answer back, telling him what to do.

The answer came in the form of a vision he wanted but wasn't prepared for; the sudden rush of images in his head had him crying out, as though something was pushing itself through his skull. Then he was in a forest and Harry was sat in front of a tent. He looked tense, his jaw locked and his back stiff. Theo was afraid one touch would cause him to explode. Every so often he would close his eyes and take a breath, and Theo hoped that would let the anger he was holding in go, but when he opened them, Harry's green eyes seemed darker than before and Theo's hope vanished.

Hermione came, but it didn't help; Harry snapped at her and demanded things she couldn't give, wanting to leave. He jumped when he heard the radio and Theo knew then that hearing it was what was pissing Harry off, at least part of the reason.

His whole demeanor changed when Hermione demanded that he take the locket off, and though he didn't apologize for his outburst, he looked apologetic and that seemed to be enough for Hermione. She went inside the tent, leaving Harry - and Theo - alone in the trees.

He jumped up, his breathing heavy but his mind clear. He'd had a real vision, one like his dreams only while he was awake - he saw an actual event, with movement and speech and a story, not flashes. It was like watching the television, only much clearer and more vivid, more... real.

And he knew what he had to do.

Quickly, Theo stood up and packed his stuff, found his jacket and snuck out of the room. He heard voices both above and below him, but thankfully the stairway was clear. He managed to get to the ground floor with ease, it was getting out that was more of a problem - Charlie was at the desk, had her back to him but still had a clear view of the door. He'd grown to like Charlie a little and he felt like she deserved to know that he was leaving, but she would ask why and how he knew he had to leave, and he couldn't tell her that he'd had a vision of a guy he had to help. He couldn't tell her that he had no idea where he was going, that he was just following his magic and his instincts.

If he did, she would start thinking he was crazy, too.

Theo waited until he had the perfect opportunity to leave, which came almost ten minutes later when an elderly couple came asking for something; feeling a little guilty, Theo pulled his wand out from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the old woman's bag so that it opened and everything fell out.

He ran while Charlie helped pick them back up and prayed he found the right place, wherever they were.


Apparating could be dangerous when done properly; Apparating without a destination in mind, only a gut instinct guided by a vision, had Theo bleeding a number of times, on different parts of his body. He was grateful he hadn't been splinched and that his healing spells were getting better, but he was still left with jagged pink marks that would take a while to heal and some that would likely scar. There was blood all over his clothes and on his skin, he was tired and dirty after walking around all night and a lot of the day, and all he wanted was to shower and sleep.

Does their magic tent even have a shower?

He pondered the question throughout his journey. It helped him to not think about the fact that they had no idea who he was and probably wouldn't let him near them, let alone stay. He'd only ever seen Hermione Granger in the library, she'd sat in front of him once and asked if he'd needed a book by his side, but he'd never so much as shared a glance with the other two, not even when they'd shared classes. He was a stranger, one they didn't have to trust, and he was invading their privacy, letting himself join in because a dream - almost - had told him where to go.

But that's the only reason why I'm coming; the dream. It must be important or it wouldn't be bringing me to them.

Theo remembered that the rest of the way, told himself out loud without caring if people heard him when he got to an opening to a large forest his magic had brought him, a little voice in the back of his mind telling him it was the right place to be. Theo glanced around; there was a small village nearby according to a sign, but it didn't tell him where he was because he didn't know the name. He only knew a handful of places in the world - his manor in Essex, Adam's comic book store in London, the Nott holiday home in the south of France and Hogwarts. He was nowhere near any of those places.

He thought about delaying his mission for one more day, finding a place to stay in the village, but he didn't have the money for a room and sex was the furthest thing from his mind. Taking a deep breath and summoning as much courage as a Slytherin could, Theo stepped into the forest and searched for their camp. He figured it would be protected, which wouldn't be a problem once he found it, he just hoped that Hermione Granger wasn't so good that he couldn't find it - they were safe from Snatchers because they weren't likely to be looked for here and a lot of the Snatchers were too thick to think to feel for magical signatures if they did come here, but Theo had been brought to them so he just had to find magic.

He needed to find them soon; he felt like his body was shutting down and it would get dark again soon enough.

It took almost two hours and he was drained again from using magic to sense and find them. Theo almost cried out in relief when he felt strong traces of magic that was not his own; he put his hand out and felt the wards shiver beneath his palm. It was a familiar trace, one he'd felt many times in school - Granger was here.


He couldn't see or hear him, but imagined they could hear him if they were listening - they'd want to listen out for trouble, wouldn't they? He thought about calling out to them, only stopping because he had no idea what to say. After a pause, an idea coming to mind, Theo decided to break their wards and go through; it would get him into some trouble with them, but it would be worth it once they saw that he was useful and could be trusted.

Theo was quick; he'd spent many nights breaking into his father's things for money and alcohol, he could break wards and put them back faster than anyone he knew, except perhaps Dumbledore, though he only guessed based on the man's reputation - he couldn't imagine their headmaster ever breaking into things when he was alive.

When the wards were back up, stronger than before now that they were renewed, Theo stopped to listen - no one came. He knew why after taking a few steps; Harry was snapping at Hermione, just like in his dream. He waited for the radio to start, and then for Hermione to demand the locket be taken off, letting the dream play out exactly as he had seen it. When he was sure Hermione was inside the tent, Theo stepped forward.

Harry saw him quickly and with amazingly fast reflexes, probably helped by playing the Seeker position for six years, he had his wand pointed at Theo's chest. If only to show his cooperation, Theo dropped his back onto the floor carefully and held up his hands in surrender.

"I fixed your wards," he said, loud enough for the others to hear and show them all that he was willing to remain unarmed and outnumbered.

Hermione was clearly confused and both her and Ron were instantly suspicious, the redhead more so, but they stayed behind Harry with their wands out. Theo's gaze met theirs for seconds each before going back to Harry; he was in this position to help him, after all. He looked so much older than his years, more like a man than the boy he saw last; he too was suspicious at first, and though it didn't go away completely, it gave way for surprise and confusion. Something seemed to click in Harry's mind and his green eyes, once narrowed, widened. He kept his wand pointed at Theo, but pulled his elbow back a little.

"How the hell did you get in here?"

A/N: Hello, guys. New chapter. And we're finally with Harry, Ron and Hermione, too. I've decided to get chapter images for this story, because I saw one that was perfect for chapter three and really wanted it, so now I have to get chapters one and two as well, because not doing so would be a little weird. :P

I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know what you think. :)


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