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L&L: The Dark. by signedheart
Chapter 20 : Confrontations.
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Chet had met Greyson and Sophia at the lobby of his hidden building. "And what do I owe this pleasure to?"


"Sophia wants to talk to you about something."




 Sophia nodded.


"Then come on in and we'll talk." He then looked at Greyson, "alone".


"Really uncle, I'd like to go with her," Greyson countered. 


Chet just smiled, "No, she's a big girl. She can handle this on her own." He turned to Sophia, "Can't you?"


"I suppose so…" But she seemed uneasy, nervous to be leaving him behind.


"See?" Chet pointed to his office door, "go in, I'll be with you in a moment. I just have to speak with my dear nephew first."


"Okay…" Sophia did as instructed and walked into his office, closing the door behind her she gave Greyson one last glance. It worried her that he didn't meet her eyes. 


Chet joined her shortly after, "You wanted to discuss something?" 


"Yeah…I just had a problem is all." She was nervous, it was plan as day.


 Chet watched her squirm, mashing her palms together. "Yes of course! Take a seat and we'll talk about your concerns." He gestured to the seat in front of where he sat on the edge of his desk.


She sat and Chet smiled wickedly as he flicked his wand upward. Before she had time to react she felt something cold and metal slithering around her appendages. Looking down in a panic Sophia saw that chains were coming up from the floor and binding her to the very chair that she was sitting in. She pulled against her bonds but to no avail, she was stuck. Chet started laughing at her, "You fool, did you really not think I would find out about your little plan?"


"I don't know what you're talking about," Sophia said in an innocent voice. 


He rolled his eyes, "My Hogwarts spy says otherwise." 


"A spy?"


A door  towards the back of the room opened to show a figure in the shadows. A low chuckle was heard as he stepped into the light. No, it couldn't be!


"Garret!" Sophia yelled in a completely shocked tone, anger rising quickly in her. "Why!?"


"I told you Sophia," he walked over to her, crouching in front of where she was seated, "I told you that you would regret choosing Greyson."


"Why? How?!" Sophia was at a lost. 


Garrit chuckled softly, "I overheard your little plan, Sophia. Then I came back here and told Chet. I've been working for him for the past few years. I knew exactly what Greyson was, who he was. I tried to warn you, you're too good for him. But you didn't listen and here we are."


"You work for him?" Her voice dropped low, "so what makes you think that you're good for me if he isn't?"


"Because I don't fail. He can't do anything right. That is until you came along." Garrit smiled at her, "that's why you would have been perfect with me. We would have made the best team."


"In your dreams," she spat at him.


He rolled his eyes before looking at Chet, "may I?"


Chet nodded silently. 


Sophia watched as Garrit stalked towards her, coming too close to her person. He gave her a wicked smile before he placed his two hands on the neck of her shirt. 


"What are y-"


She was cut off by the sound of ripping fabric. Garrit slowly tore the shirt away from her body, leaving her too exposed for her to be comfortable. Her pale skin contrasted with the black wire that was wound around her waist, the microphone resting against purple lace. 


"A muggle wire," Chet rolled his eyes, "how quaint".


Sophia's eyes had gone wide. She was caught and there was nothing she could do about it. 


"Did you really think you would get away with this? What had you even planned on doing exactly? Try and get me to admit something? Use it as blackmail? Don't you remember who really holds the power here?" He glared at her as he questioned. "I am the king of blackmail."


"I..I don't…" Sophia started but couldn't make her thoughts translate into spoken words. She felt a rush of terrified tears prick her eyes. 


"You are stuck here. Your parents may be safe for the time being, but not for long. And your two little friends may just be paid a visit by some of my men. They are very pretty girls…who knows what will happen to them," there was an evil gleam in his eyes. 


"Take her away, Garrit. Throw her in one of the holding cells, do whatever you want with her. But make sure she stays alive. I plan on using her for something." Chet dismissed them, but before Garrit moved Chet whispered something low to him, Sophia could have sworn she heard Greyson's name. Garrit seemed annoyed but nodded. 


Garrit smirked at her, "She'll be alive alright." He reached into her pocket and grabbed her wand, placing it into a pocket on he inside of his cloak. He winked before grabbing her wrists, pinning her down. The chains that had been holding her slithered back, releasing her. 


At once she tried to run, but Garrit was too strong."Ah, ah." He easily captured her and pinned her arms behind her back, forcing her to walk towards to door. 




"You tricked me!" Ron spat at Carla who was leading him to her boss as they spoke. 


"Yeah well you've done worse to me, you completely abandoned me." Carla rolled her brown eyes at him. 


"I was going through a tough time." 


"Weren't we all?" Carla turned to look at him with great sadness on her face, she had aged considerably and looked ridiculously unhealthy. The once plump woman was now skeleton thin, eyes lacking any sparkle. This was partially the reason he agreed to help her, he felt bad for her. She had told him that she had escaped Chet and all of his dirty business and was in the process of moving and was asking for his help since he had managed to get away. This was a trick, she was just leading him to the place he had barely escaped from. Would he be able to do it again? 


"Right in there, in case you forgot." She pointed to Chet's door. He remembered…too well. He watched as she turned around and left him standing there without another word. 


As Ron went to knock on the door it opened and he came face to face with a short teenager. He recognized the face immediately. He could see so much of Hermione in it, even with the shock of blonde hair given to her by her father. What was she doing here? Her shirt was torn down the front, exposing her chest - Yeah, definitely Hermione's daughter - and hanging only from her shoulders. Around her waist was a black wire which puzzled him. He then noticed another teenager about Sophia's age guiding her roughly out of the room. 


"Excuse me," the boy glared at Ron. 


"Oh a tough little shit," Ron thought to himself. Still what was Hermione's daughter doing here? She was obviously in trouble as she was being dragged away. 


He entered Chet's office, "Hello Chet." 


"Ronald Weasley. It has certainly been some time." Chet smirked.


"Since when do you let kids in here?" Ron joked stiffly. 


Chet looked up from the paperwork he was shuffling,"Huh? Oh, her? Eh, she's just my nephew's little plaything." He gave a dismissal wave. 


"Was that kid your nephew? " Ron remembered the whole scandal of Chet stealing the boy. He wasn't working for him then, he had already moved to America, but he had heard about it through the grapevine. He knew that Chet was undoubtedly to blame for the mysterious death of the boy's parents. 


"No, no. That was another one of my workers. She just thought that she could come and go in this business as she pleased and had to be disciplined. Much like you had." 


"Right." Ron narrowed his eyes. He remembered the night he was "disciplined", he had been left inches away from death. A cold shudder ran through his body. He had to get Sophia out of there. 


"Anyway, you live in America now." It wasn't a question so Ron didn't answer. "Well instead of being angry that you tried to run away from me, I'm giving you another chance."


"I don't want one."


"This isn't optional." 


And just like that Ron knew he was stuck again. 


"Since you live there I thought what better opportunity to branch out to the states. You will be doing minor business. Simply tracking when a shipment comes in and helping to make sure we do not get found out. Okay?"


It didn't sound that bad honestly, compared to what he had done in the past, but Ron knew there would be more. But he also knew he had to help save Sophia. He couldn't let someone who was flesh and blood of someone he loved be hurt, even if she was also flesh and blood of someone he hated. "Okay." 


"I thought you'd see it my way." Chet smiled, knowing he had won, "when do you plan on leaving to go home?"


"Within the week."


"Perfect, you're dismissed." Ron got up to leave but before he reached the door he heard Chet speak again, "and Ron? Don't try anything stupid ever again. Okay?"


Ron nodded, "of course," before leaving the room. His heart was pounding because he knew somewhere in the building a girl was being tortured. 



Sophia's palms hit the cold cement floor of the room she had been so carelessly tossed into. She noticed the stinging in her left knee, looking down she noticed it was bleeding from being scrapped across the floor. The blood seeping through her thin jeans. 


Garrit followed her in the room, shutting the door and casting a slew of spells on the room. "Finally I have you all to myself." He picked her up by one arm roughly, pulling her to her feet. She stumbled and he caught her. Before she could even get her balance he forced his lips upon hers, forcing her mouth to open and violating her mouth with his tongue. 


He tasted like alcohol and caramel. 


"Stop!" She screamed as his hands went to her chest. Pushing away from him, but he held on to her shirt, pulling it from her body.


Her torn shirt came off with ease in his hands. The rags left hanging there as she made her way to try and escape.


Trying the door was useless. The second her already scraped and bruising skin made contact with the cool metal and electric current raced through her body. Shocked she fell back to the floor. 


She was absolutely terrified. Her pulse was pounding in her ears, sure she would go deaf from it. Her entire body felt ice cold. She was shaking now, whether from it being so cold in the room or just because of how scared she was she wasn't sure. 


Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Sophia heard a familiar voice come from outside the door. "Garrit, Chet wants to see you." 


"Can't it wait?" He didn't remove his eyes from Sophia's chest. 




Garrit gave Sophia one last bruising kiss, causing her to whimper in pain.  She felt the blood start to pool inside her mouth from where her lip had split open. "Duty calls, my love. But I'll be back in no time." He promised her as he pulled himself up. He broke the spell on the door and opened it, watching Sophia as he did so. She couldn't have gotten up to run if she wanted to. Her body was falling into shock. 


As Garrit slipped out the door she turned her head to watch the door. Through the crack, for a brief second, she made eye contact with Greyson. 


The door shut. 






Chet watched as Sophia's retreating figure walked into his office, closing the heavy door behind her. Her turned viciously on his nephew. "I know all about your stupid plan. Care to explain yourself, Greyson?"


Greyson rolled his eyes, "Well obviously you know, I was counting on it." 




"If you didn't know then you'd be slipping, old man," Greyson chuckled. "I brought her here for you. She isn't loyal to us. She wants out." 


"So why would you bring her here? After all isn't she your pet?" Chet was genuinely confused.


Greyson shrugged nonchalantly, "She's rather cute, and I have grown fond of her". He looked into his uncle's eyes, "but she's not worth losing my sister. I know the rules this time. So before she can mess this up I brought her to you. Doing damage control before the damage is even done."


Chet looked impressed as he looked his nephew up and down. "My, my, how the boy has grown up", he thought to himself. 

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