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The Weasley Pensive by PinkTori13
Chapter 5 : Roxanne's Memories
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“No the nose has to go on the face!” I protested as Fred tried to push the carrot into the snowman.

“I can’t reach!” He reached as high as he could.

“Give it to me.” I snatched it from his mitten-clad hand. “Now help me up.”

“No Roxy, you’re gonna ruin it!” Fred protested. After a few minutes of arguing I was standing on Fred’s back while he knelt on his hands and knees.

“There!” I said shoving the carrot into the front of the snowman’s head. I carved a big smile underneath it with the tip of my thumb. “He needs eyes. Fred, do you have the buttons?”

I glanced down to see my brother hang his head. “I put them in my pocket.”

“So? Hand them to me.”

“I can’t!”

“Just balance with one hand.” I instructed.

“You’re hurting my back!”

“Hurry up!”

He lifted a hand off the ground and pushed it into his coat pocket, pulling out two buttons, one green and one brown, and extended them up to me. I leaned over to grab them and instantly regretted it as the shoulder I had stepped on hit the ground, launching me into the snow.

“Fred!” I shouted, brushing the snow off the front of my coat. Fred just laughed.

Just as I was about to throw a handful of snow at his face
I heard Mum call us from the house. “Soup’s ready!”

“You better watch your back.” I whispered as we entered the house.



The music pounded and colorful lights flashed as the people on the dance floor below moved to the beat. I leaned against the bar and took another sip of my drink. It was
one of those fruity concoctions that tasted sweet in your mouth and burned going down your throat.

James and Dominique had insisted on dragging Fred and I to a muggle club in London for our birthday. It had required quite a bit of planning on their part too. They’d convinced our parents that we were going to James’s flat after a traditional birthday dinner at the Burrow, which we did only to change into the “club worthy” outfits Lily had packed for us. Even Athena had been dragged into the scheme as well as Albus and Lily who were actually staying at
James’s flat in case anyone made an unexpected visit.

I suspect that Lily had way too much fun planning our attire as I was currently wearing a skintight gold dress with a single lace sleeve and a stack of gold bangles on the opposite wrist that covered a third of my forearm. My feet ached in the matching gold heels, but I couldn’t complain. Dom had done my makeup with gold eyeliner that accentuated the flecks of gold in my hazel eyes and brought out the cinnamon highlights in my wild curls. I have to admit I looked pretty hot.

I finished my drink and started toward the stairs to the dance floor, scanning the crowd for the low-cut turquoise number Dom was wearing or the little black dress Lily had
forced Athena into.

The club was basically a square dance floor surrounded by a raised seating area with the bar on one end and a short staircase leading to the dance floor on the other. I was halfway to the stairs when I felt a large hand close around my wrist, whipping me around.

“You don’t look like you’re having much fun, love. Why don’t I take you somewhere you’ll really like?” He was tall, blonde and drunk. Even in my heels I was only eye level with his scruffy beard and I suppose he would have been attractive if he weren’t pinning me against the safety rail of the seating area.

“I’m fine.” I said trying to pry my wrists from his grip.
No luck.

“Come on.” He persisted. “We can go back to my place and-“

“That’s not happening, and you need to let go of me.”I said, pulling my arms away with more force than last time.
I finally got them free and was about to walk away when he blocked my path.

“Don’t be difficult love. We both know you want to come
with me.”

“No I don’t.” I insisted. I’ll admit I was starting to get a bit nervous because although I’m perfectly capable of defending myself, six inch heels don’t really lend themselves to judo-flipping larger blokes. So, I let out a huge sigh of relief when Fred’s massive form appeared behind him.

“Is there a problem here, baby sister?” The blonde bloke turned around, obviously expecting someone much smaller as the remark he’d been about to spit out caught in his
throat. Fred crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow.

“No, I was just helping her find the door.” The bloke said smartly.

“I think I can take it from here.” Fred said taking my hand and leading me away.

“Thanks for that.” I said once we’d gotten far enough away.

“You have to be careful Roxy. There are some seriously messed up people out there.” He said.

“I could have handled him.” I retorted, pride overshadowing my relief.

“Well, luck for you, you didn’t have to.”

“Thank you.” I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around his waist.

Fred returned the hug and planted a kiss on the top of my head, “You know I’ll always have your back.”


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The Weasley Pensive: Roxanne's Memories


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