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The Phoenixes by Fawkes_hp
Chapter 2 : New Abilities
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  Disclaimer :Anything you recognize does not belong to me !!!

Ginny ?? Now that is a surprise ! A pleasant one .


A year ago she couldn't be alone with him in a room and now a letter?? The truth was that she had become more confident around him and he really wanted a friend to talk to , someone who wouldn't push him to talk about his feelings for Sirius' death . He was happy that this friend would be Ginny .


P.S. I found Hedwig outside my window three nights ago . She spents a lot of time here so don't worry if you don't see her for days .


“Hedwig , you like Ginny , don't you ?”

She gave him a tweak on the hand as if she wanted to say 'yes'.
Harry sat on his desk and started writing a reply .


Ginny Weasley was sitting on her bed reading .Well , at least she was trying to .She was thinking about the letter she sent to Harry Potter . They weren't the best of friends but they had become friends during last year , well mostly because of the D.A. But they were friends and friends owl each other , right ??


A tic-tic sound pull her out out of her thoughts. It was Hedwig , Harry's owl that was causing that noise . She got up and opened the window to let her in .
“Hello , girl .How are you ?” 
As an answer the owl wve her a tweak on the hand. Ginny smiled and took the letter from her leg .




Dear Ginny ,


The truth is that I'm way better than anyone can believe . I was surprised to say the least when I received your letter . Don't get me wrong , it was a very nice surprise . And yes , you're right . I do need someone to be my friend without being pushy , at least at the moment .
I know that Ron can be quite the prat , so you can use Hedwig whenever you like . This is gonna be our secret , promise . 
My summer has been has been quite interestin so far . I've been working out , it's a nice way to clear your head and spent your time. Also , I've learned some cool stuff , but I can't write them , just in case this letter doesn't reach you . I'll tell you when we meet , promise. 
How is your summer so far ? Oh , just to know your dear brother wants to do some nasty things to some bloke – oh , wait I think he said Dean Thomas . I'm not sure why . How is the rest of the family ?


Take care ,


He counts me as a friend !! He needs me  and I'll br there for him no matter what !!




That night Harry found himself on a living room - no , it wasn't just a living room . It was Gryffindor's common room.
"Why we are here ?" he asked .
"Well , two reasons ; first we have Family-History hour and second you have to learn  something new tonight and this is gonna help , now sit ." Sirius said and Harry did as he was told.
"Good. Now you need to know somethins about your family . Some centuries ago , Proteus Potter Fall in love with a girl . Her name was Catherine Gryffindor . They got married and had a family and a wonderfull life blah-blah-blah ...."
"What?" Harry asked confused .
"You are the Heir of Gryffindor. that means  a lot of things but the most important is that you can claim castle's loyalty. You probably don't know that it has a name., it is Helena.
"WOW !!"
"Indeed. Now the next time you go to Grogott's ask for a blood test. You'll learn the families you come from . Oh , and you'll discover that your mother is from a reaYou'd be surprised as to who your very great grandmother is."
"I'll go on the 25 June , for your will , so I'll have it then ."
"Oh , good " Sirius said .
"Tell me more about my family ! "
"Well , you  Potters have a 'saving people ' thing ."
"Really ? Ithought I was the only one ."
"Oh, no! Alloff the Potters have it. "Sirius replied , rolling his eyes.
"What else ?" Harry awsked .
"Well , Catherine was a redhead and a metamorphomagus. And she told me a spell to unlock your abilities if you have .That's for later.Years later their great grandson , Micheal Potter , became the Duke of Driochta . Ithink he saved the Queen or something As for the Potter Garden , I think it was Amelia Poter who build the place. I have to talk to your mather's side later. I can'y yhink of something else right now ."
"Wait a minute ! Am I an Earl or something ?" 
"Oh , yes , since James is dead you are the Duke of Driochta. Not that it is a big deal , it will pull some strings at the Ministry and things , Though Cornilius would love to forget it . Now you can really be a pain on his ass!" Sirius said with a grin.
"Great. So about the spell ..."
"Of course !"Sirius put his hand on Harry's forehead and murmured something."The spell needs some time so we will know tomorrow night if tou have the abilities or not. But tonight we will teach you how to apparate ."
"Are you serious ?"HArry exclaimed.
"I am Sirius , what's your point ?"
"Ha ha , very funny" they laughed.
"But yes  I'll teach you how to apparate l."


By the time they were done with the theory Harry had a head ache.
"Okay , I think it is enough for tonight.Let's relax."
"Incredible idea."
"So ... tell me about your pen pal."
"Ginny ?Whot do you want to now ?We became friends last year , she is a great dueler and the only one who is not pushing me to deal with my emotions . She is a great friend."
"Uh-huh. Just a friend ?"
"Merlin!O)f course we are just friends!"Harry exclaimed.
"Just saying ... Don't forget she is a redhead !"
"Just friends !"
"Okay , I believe you .But now I have to go , I have to visit someone else too . See you kiddo."


'Just friends' yeah right ! Come on Harry you are a Potter !!Let's see what she has to say. 
Sirius smiled to himself and landed on Ginny's dreams.He chose the common room  to have their talk and then he summoned her.The next second she popped to the couch next to his armchair.
"Hello Ginny."
"Sirius?" she asked confused.
"The one and only."
"How ? Am I ..."
"No , relax. I'm just visiting. So , how is life?"
"Normall. We all were really sad when you died . We miss you a lot. It's nice to see you again."
"Thanks , you too. So tell me about your pen pal ."
"What is there to tell you about your very own godson?"
"I don't know , you tell me ."
"Well , he is sweet and a very nice guy. And of course he is a brilliant friend. Annd an amazing teacher."
"Just a friend ?" he asked with a grin.
"Yes , Sirius ! Friend."
"Okay , then .Listen , I want to ask you a favor."
"Me ? Okay , if I can."
"I want you to kepp an eye on him and to be there for him. He is gomma need you."
"Of course I will! You didn't need to ask."
"Thanks . I'll come again .Untill then , take care kiddo."
"You too."
And with that said Sirius left.


The next morning after his daily routine, Harry began to to practice. After about an hour.he decided to write to Ginny. He needed to tell her some things.


That morning Ginny was on her bed , thinking of her dream . It wasn't just a dream. That's for sure. Sirius Black visited her .
She snapped out of her thoughts because something flew in to her room.
"Hey girl."she took the envelop from Hedwig's leg and the owl went to her spot .


Dear Ginny ,


Well to begin with I think that the Order is watching me . I'm not sure yet  but I suspect it . I'll let you know what I found.
Next super topic! I might be like Tonks , you know the 'm' thing. Pink hair.I hope you know what I mean , can't write it ...  Also I've learned some interesting things about the founders.
There is another thing. In about 2 weeeks I'll go to the reading of Sirius' will. You are the only one to know , just in case .
So , how are things there ? Is Ron still a prat to you ? Do you need any help ? I you do just let me know .


Take care ,


Like Tonks? The 'm' thing? Pink ... Oh wait a minute he is a metamorphomagus !!Cool! I wish I could be one too !! But how in Merlin's name he is gonna go to the Diagon Alley without anyone knowing ?
After a little thought she wrote back.


That night Harry was over the moon. He would learn how to apparate. before his 16th birthday !
Tonight's scene was McGonnagal's classroom.
"Good evening kiddo , ready ?"
"Okay , let's start. Im agine the place you want to go . Let's say that corner. Now focus on it , and imagine yourself popping there.
Harry was focusing for some minutes before managing to apparate, and even then he landed on his head . Seeing that Sirius burst into uncontrollable laughter. 
"It's not funny you know !"Harry exclaimed.
"Oh , that's what you thonk ! But don;t worry try again.
After about an hour he managed to apparate properly . 
"Great now , try doing that facing me ."


By the end of the lesson , Harry could apparate from room to room , facing where ever he wanted.
"Okay this is so cool!" he said.
"I know. So do you know what time is it ?"
"No , what ?"
"It's time to check if you are a metamorphomagus.!"
"Oh , yes , what do I do ?" Harry asked.
"Close tour eyesand imagine your self ... I don't know ... let's say with blue hair. Concetrate on your magic and imagine your hair turning blue."


After five minutes Harry opened his eyes and saw a serious Sirius (A/N; I know this can't be happening !)




A/N : Sorry it took so long , but I couldn't update because of the Holidays. Tell me what you thing of the chapter , tour ideas and what you'd like to see next. Thanks.






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