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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 8 : Chapter Seven
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Saturday morning, I went down for breakfast with Freddie. He still had a dribble stain on the side of his mouth. I’d told him about it but all I got was a zombie like murmur in response. Yeah Freddie and mornings don’t really go well together, which is probably one of the reasons why he hated me so much as Captain… I’m not even sorry about that though –evil laugh-

I matched Freddie’s slow pace as we walked through the great hall. We were required to sit on the quidditch table all the time now, well until the rest of the schools were gone.

“Who’s Cora sitting with?” Freddie asked using his arm to motion to where she was sitting. I looked to where he was pointing; I couldn’t work it out from here. It was definitely a boy though. I speedily walked down the hall, Freddie begrudgingly trying to catch up with me. Cora was laughing so much her face was red, her eyes were crinkled in. No I’m not jealous of this black haired idiot. Not at all.

As I got closer I saw who it was. “Bloody Krum” I cursed. I knew they knew each other, I just didn’t think they knew each other like that. I walked over sitting on the other side of Cora.

“Morning” I said announcing my presence being as how neither of them had looked up.

“Oh hey” Cora said turning her full attention to me, her face was draining of colour now, but a small blush had appeared on her cheeks. I smirked.

“James!” Elyan said happily “long time no see, brother” I reached over Cora and shook his hand. “I would say it’s good to see you, but you’re the competition” I said grinning at him.

“At least you see us as competition” he laughed back. Yeah I did see him as competition in more ways than one. Freddie eventually plonked himself on the opposite side of us, he still looked half asleep.

“Krum” he nodded before resting his head on the table.

“Is he alright?” Krum asked.

“He doesn’t do mornings” Cora filled in for him, he nodded understandingly. Krum checked his wrist watch, before jumping up from the bench.

“It appears my lovely lady, I’ve taken up too much of your time. We have first practise, so I’ll see you around” he winked at her, before grabbing her hand and placing a delicate kiss on top. Both he and Cora laughed before he quickly walked away.

Cora turned back to me, her cheeks still hot. “So…” she said awkwardly.

“You’re friends with Krum?” I asked.

“Yup, our families go way back” see if this was the old me I probably would have made a joke about both of their families supporting the dark lord, but I let it slide, knowing I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her.

I nodded picking up a piece of bacon of Cora’s plate. “You dare” she warned. Slowly I placed the ration into my mouth. Cora’s own mouth opened in shock. “You’re a twat” she told me, so much for not getting on the wrong side of her this morning.

“What’s the big deal?” I said my mouth still full of her delicious salty bacon. “There’s a whole plate full over there!”

“Exactly! A whole plate full that you could have helped yourself to! Not mine!” she huffed. I swallowed and laughed. “It’s not funny” she said with no real threat behind it.

“Urh-hmm” I hummed. “Is this your drink?” I asked motioning to the goblet in front of her.

“Ye-” she started. I picked it up and took a swig, swallowing down the rest of the bacon. I placed it back down slowly, a small smile tugging at my lips. “Unbelievable” she slammed her head down on the table. I heard a small groan escape from her lips. I laughed.

“Did that hurt?” I questioned.

“Yeah” she drawled, still with her head of the table. The thud was loud enough to wake Freddie up though, he jumped up in surprise. He looked around lost, like he’d just woken up from a twenty year coma. “What?” he let out confused. I laughed before handing him Cora’s goblet.

He nodded, thanking me before gulping down its content. He didn’t even seem suspicious of me handing him a random goblet, I could have poisoned him for Merlin’s sake. Cora slowly raised her head. There was a red mark across her forehead from the impact. “Is that my drink?” she almost screamed.

Freddie dropped it instantly as I just sat there laughing. She turned to me giving me “the look”. I stopped laughing.

You moved slightly and I couldn’t help but flinch. “Stop being a wimp Potter, here” she handed me a piece of paper and then handed Freddie one. “Our training schedule, be on time” she warned before getting up and storming out of the great hall.

I looked over at Freddie who was staring at me in amusement. “What?” I shrugged.

Classes were weird. There were so many new students it was hard to keep count. The worst part was, seats I’d sat in for years were now filled with somebody else’s bottom. It didn’t seem fair.
Ancient Ruins was my last class of the day, a double. I didn’t mind Ancient Ruins though, don’t tell anybody but I actually enjoy it. I think if the whole quidditch dream fails, I would happily go into curse breaking. I got an O at O.W.L.S top of the class, you’ll never guess who came in second, by one mark…. If you guessed Little Miss Greengrass you’d be a hundred per cent right.

I walked into the classroom. Everybody was stood up. I groaned inwardly. This could only mean one thing… seating plans. Absolutely brilliant. Usually I sit on my own in this lesson. Not by choice mind you. Freddie dropped out of N.E.W.T ancient ruins earlier this year, saying he couldn’t be bothered anymore. Professor Thomas was happy to get rid of him, he only just scraped an A at O.W.L.s so he was struggling with the work load. It also didn’t help that he never did it either…

“Alright class” Professor Thomas said. The class quieted down almost instantly “Now I thought being as how one of the main reasons for this quidditch cup is international friendships, I thought I’d help motivate you all. So I’m going to be putting you next to somebody you don’t know, in hope you’ll make some good friendships out of this opportunity”. I heard Cora groan next to me, she was late! The git snuck in.

“You’re late” I told her.

“You didn’t see anything” she told me smirking.

“OK” Thomas started listing off the seating plan. Our N.e.w.t class was usually quite small but now it was like being in first year all over again.

“Cora Greengrass next to Elyan Krum” You’re joking. I felt like shouting they were already friends so they didn’t need to get to know each other. I swear that’s just my luck. Now I’m going to have to watch them flirt back and forth for the next year. How fantastic.

“Midnight Lore and James Potter” my mood suddenly changed. This could work… I grinned as I took the place next to Midnight, she didn’t look very impressed, in fact she looked bored.

“Hi, I’m James” I told her.

“I heard” was all she said in response. Well, this going well.

Cora and Krum were at the table in front of us. And they were getting along just fine.

Professor Thomas handed us our work sheets for the lesson she was smiling at how well some students were getting along.

We had fifty questions to do. They got progressively harder as the questions went on, I got to thirty seven before I started to struggle. I looked over at Midnight who was chewing on the end of her quill (don’t worry it was a sugar quill).

“Have you done question thirty seven?” I asked trying to get a peek at her work. She looked at me slightly alarmed, like she’d forgotten I was here.
“Oh, urm yeah” I looked she was on forty two. So she plays quidditch, she’s part veela, she’s clever… if it wasn’t for her bitchy personality she would be a catch. She showed me thirty seven. “Do you need help to understand how I did it?” she questioned.

“Urm no, I get it. I translated the wrong ruin, it looks too much like and M” she smiled at me showing me her perfectly straight teeth.

“I did that too” she laughed. I grinned at her; maybe I should take back the bitchy comment…

“So it ancient ruins like this at your school?”

“Pretty much, our teacher’s started giving us wooden puzzles to solve now with ruins on to open them, they’re pretty much impossible, over two hundred wooden slacks each with their own inscription” we did that last term, it took us the whole term to crack it. I remember Greengrass got so frustrated with hers near the end that she just threw it. She threw it so hard it cracked open. Thomas wasn’t impressed. Saying that she only had seventeen slacks left, there was a little ruin in the middle too. You’d think after going through so many layers it would be worth it, that there would be a cure to cancer or something in there, but no. The piece of paper in the middle said well done.

“Have you cracked it yet?” I asked curiously.

“No” she laughed “the last time I even touched it was when I smacked with a beaters bat and no it didn’t open” I laughed. Freddie wanted to do that but Thomas disobeyed him and also created the rule that they puzzle’s weren’t allowed to leave the classroom, just in case.

We ended up working through the last ten questions together. They became a lot easier, with two brains. Midnight was actually a pretty decent person. Actually she reminded me a lot of Cora. Which possibly isn’t the best comparison to make.

Professor Thomas dismissed us, she seemed pretty happy with how the lesson went. Everyone eventually got talking with their partner, and to be honest it was probably down to how hard the last few questions were.

“I’ve got practise now, but I’ll see you around?” Midnight asked me giving me a dazzling smile.

“Sure” I grinned. “Do you know how to get to the quidditch pitch?” I asked, my gentleman instincts kicking in.

“Yeah, we had practise yesterday too. But thank you!” she smiled at me one last time before descending, and making her way to practise.

Greengrass was waiting for at the end of the corridor. She was smiling. “Sooooooooooo. When’s the wedding?” she asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“You and Lore obviously” she grinned, why did she seem so happy about it.

“Very funny… when’s yours and Krum’s wedding?” I quipped back, yeah I know it was terrible but I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I’m thinking a July wedding, that way I’ll have something to look forward to after the quidditch cup” she laughed. “I think we’ll have Andie as our flower girl. McGonagall as our minister, she has a license doesn’t she?” she asked curiously. I shrugged. Not really listening to her rambling. What? I didn’t want to listen to her wedding plans with Krum even if she was joking.

“What’s wrong with you James, jealous?” she asked a smirk plastered across her face.

“WHAT? NO!” I shouted.

“Somebody’s in denial” she laughed.

“I’m not in denial” I muttered angrily. My eyes were focussed in front, I was doing my best to ignore Cora.

“Whatever you say” she whispered into my ear before placing a quick peck on my cheek. I turned alarmingly at her before she was already off in front skipping away.

What the hell? I wondered. I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks…


BUT ANYWAY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, GOOD OR BAD LET ME KNOW!! I love to hear it. You'll be introduced to new characters shortly, so you have that to look forward to...
What did you think of Midnight Lore and Elyan Krum, do Cora and James have competition come on let me know!!!

as always I don't own anything, most of it probably belongs to good old J.K so bear that in mind.

lots of love will update soon (ish) xxoxoxox

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